Raglak ff- Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode: 7 Humsafar Mein to Hai Humsafar Hai Nahi)


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I know that you all wish to know who this mystery person is. But guys, patience! All I can tell at this point is that whoever he/she is, is totally unexpected. And dangerous. He/She didn’t care much and poisoned Ragini. And this person knows well how to manipulate her. Ragini is dealing with a psycho here.

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Coming to the story, let’s begin the most dreaded and looked forward to part of the story……………………………


It has been 4 months since I married Lakshya. A lot has happened since then. He and I had become closer. I had fallen even more deeply in love with him. And he still hadn’t. He cared for me though. The thought brought a smile to my face.

Since the day I collapsed, he had started behaving in a strange manner. He would wake up before me(amazing!), bring bed tea, prepare a warm bath for me, brought me my breakfast and ensured before leaving for office that I had taken my medicines. He had managed to offend Maa, Chachiji, Uttara and Swara by telling them again and again what had to be done for me. They obviously thought that they didn’t need his suggestions. But my dear dumbo had no clue.

“RAGINI!” I heard him scream. I sighed. Why did he always have to shout my name? I turned to him. He was waving two slips of paper at me, grinning as though he had hit the jackpot. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“This Saturday, we are finally going to that Amusement park which I had wanted to take you to earlier before the………………” he left it at that.

Somehow, Lakshya had a great problem talking about that incident. He hated listening to it and got angry and upset if anyone mentioned about it.

His mood had visibly darkened. In an attempt to divert his mind, I asked him about those papers.

“Oh, they are our tickets! Why, I have bought the unlimited rides package! We can do any ride any number of times and we can even do boating. I am SO excited!” He couldn’t disguise his joy.

I smiled pleasantly at him. His excitement was rubbing off on me.
I asked him about his plans for his designing passion.

“As you suggested, I have decided to do freelance interiors first to build a clientile. I have applied to join a firm which would outsource some of its work to me and I would have to pay 10% commission to them when I am paid. Isn’t it brilliant Ragini? I am starting my dream. And this is all because of you! You encouraged me, you supported me. Really Ragini, you are the best! ” He hugged me tightly as he finished this speech.

Butterflies again started fluttering inside me. His hold on me was a bit different. We were closer to each other than we had ever been. Lakshya held onto me tightly. From where my head was placed on his chest, I could hear his heartbeat. It was so soothing and so intimate that I couldn’t help but smile at him. How convenient it was, how right, how amazing. At that moment, the world had stopped. I forgot my worries and just stayed there in his arms.

“The consequences won’t be good.”

Remembering that man’s words, I pushed him away and made some excuse and tried to leave. But I couldn’t help but turn back and look at him.

I saw him looking at me with a smile on his face. I blushed a bit and ran way, hearing him laugh as I ran through the corridors………


I had decided that I would confess my love to Ragini as soon as she recovered. But I had no idea how she would react. On the day of our marriage, her Dadi had claimed that she loved me. I had been told by my mother, Swara, and many other people that she loved me. But she had never said so herself. It had been almost 4 months to our marriage but never had she said that.

It brought doubt to my mind. What if it had been just an attraction like I had for Swara? What if she had moved on? How would she react to my confession then? Would she accept me? Or would I even lose her friendship? I couldn’t afford that. I could not live without her. No. She wouldn’t refuse. Think positive Lakshya. Everything would be okay.


“Destroy them! Destroy their files. Destroy the Maheshwaris!”

I closed my eyes in pain. His words kept ringing in my ears. He had called me an hour ago to inform me of my new ‘assignment’ and since then, only his words were on my mind. I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything else.

He had come to know that I was helping Lakshya in his work and wanted me to manipulate it and create losses. I had begged and cried, telling him not to ask me to do this but it had not worked.

I knew that it had been Swara who had tried to poison me. He had told me of it himself. He said that his man had switched the original drug and that had resulted in me collapsing. He warned me that if I didn’t follow his instructions, the next time, it would be REAL poison in somebody else’s plate.

I was now convinced that somebody from the house was helping him. His words had been carelessly spoken and that meant that he had spoken the truth, albeit, unintentionally. Additionally, his knowledge of the fact that I was helping Lakshya could only be due to someone informing him of it. And only someone from the house who passed by our room could have known. But who was it? Sanskaar? Adarsh bhaiya? Uttara? Pari bhabi……..No! Why would anyone of them do it? They were all part of the family. Why would they want to destroy it? Sanskaar had tried once upon a time but I was sure he was not behind this now. It must be one of the servants. I needed to find out.


The utter failure of our plan and Ragini’s condition had put a damper on our hopes. Swara had become afraid to do anything. For her, RAGINI was more important. I really couldn’t understand her. She was worried for someone who didn’t even care about her, let alone love her. Somebody who had tried to kill her. She loved Ragini but she couldn’t love me.

I have been in love with Swara for a long time now. Who wouldn’t fall for her? She was beautiful, kind, funny and had a heart of gold. A heart which beats for another heart which is made up of stone. Ragini’s heart.

Everyone had started becoming normal to Swara but her family, except for her mother and Dida , did not want to even see her. It had been a blessing that no one had pointed fingers at Swara about Ragini’s condition since it was she who had served Ragini. If that had been done, it would have become more complicated.

Sometimes I wondered what would happen if we are able to succeed in our mission. Would Swara leave as originally planned? Or would she stay back and give a chance to me, to us? But I couldn’t become selfish. I would try and expose Ragini myself. Swara needed to be reunited with her family. And I would do anything for her happiness……………


The weather was good today. No sun. The sky was cloudy which indicated that it would rain today. And today was a perfect day to be outdoors. Which was precisely what I and Lakshya were going to do. Because today was the Saturday date to the amusement park.

I got ready in a plain red sari and kept my hair open with soft curls at the ends. I wore just my mangalsutra and my ring, no other accessories. I wore a red lipstick to match my sari and as I was putting a small red bindi on my forehead to complete my look, out came my husband from the washroom, looking dapper in a crisp white shirt and blue jeans. His shirt’s upper three buttons were open which exposed his chiselled chest. He had arranged his hair in a casual way and wore his brown aviator sunglasses and a silver watch. He looked very handsome. I had a hard time putting my bindi in the middle of my forehead. It kept reaching my nose somehow!

“Like what you see eh, Ragini?” He smirked. I went red and hurriedly checked myself once and composed myself before turning to him and saying, “Let’s leave.”

We reached there at 3 pm and started our rides. The first was the ‘Download’. In that ride, we were made to sit down and we were taken up painfully slowly. And then we reached the top and waited for 3 seconds after which, ZOOM!………..we came down suddenly with force. It stopped my heartbeat. Next to me Lakshya was trying to act cool and was trying to smile like a cad but it came out more as a grimace. This instantly made me happy and I proceeded to enjoy the ride. After a few times, we got accustomed to it and no longer had any issues.

Lakshya gave me the freedom to choose the next ride. I smiled devishly and dragged him near to the entry where I pointed to a brick structure with an overdone green banner which had the words ‘Haunted House’ written on them in red in some creepy form. Lakshya looked at me with a scowl on his face and I gave him a smile as sweet as that of the Rasgullas that he loved shoving down his mouth.

As soon as we entered to stand in the line which waited to sit in the train, just above Lakshya, out of nowhere, came a spider. Lakshya shrieked loudly and jumped on me and ended up in my arms. So anyone who saw us at that moment could see me highly amused, holding Lakshya in my arms, bridal style. The damsel(or knight, I should say!) in distress, Lakshya, had his eyes squeezed shut in fear and was holding onto me as if I was a branch on which he was hanging to save his dear life.

I rotated him in my arms and he shouted, “Nooooooooo” and everyone around us came out of their shock and started laughing loudly. Lakshya opened his eyes and then flushed red in embarrassment. I put him down, patted his cheeks and then pulled them which earned us more laughter. Lakshya looked at me amused and we had an eye lock.

Jeene laga hoon
Pehle se zyaada
Pehle se zyada
Tumpe Marne laga……….

Main, Mera dil aur tum ho yahan
Tum kyun ho palke jhukaaye wahan
Tumsa haseen, pehle dekha nahi
Tum, isse pehle thhe Jaane kahan?

Jeene laga hoon
Pehle se zyada
Pehle se zyada
Tumpe marne laga

Hohoooooo, hohoooo X6

Our eye lock was broken when we were pushed into a cart on the train. Lakshya took a deep breath and held my hand in his tightly. I gave him a small smile and squeezed his hand. Suddenly, the cart started moving and Lakshya fell on top of me, his face inches way from mine……….

“Aaaaahhhhhh…..” Came out a fake anguished cry and Lakshya whipped his head around to find himself surrounded by laughing skulls, dancing skeletons, cloaked ghosts and a bad imitation of The Joker. I found it bad. Lakshya, not so. He actually made a crying face and then, when we entered the phase where devils were trying to scare us with their spears and forks, Lakshya actually fainted!

Twenty minutes later, a traumatised Lakshya Maheshwari and a smug Mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari came out hand in hand from the building. He had become white as a ghost and had trouble speaking. I wasn’t worried for him though. I knew that the moment he smells food, he would revive.

And that is exactly what happened. We reached the cafe and the aroma of coffee and sandwiches filled our noses. Lakshya regained his colour and gave a smile as huge as Swara gives when she sees chocolates. I found it disturbing how eeringly similar these two are……….

“Ragini, I am not really hungry. So I am just going to order a double espresso and an extra large double cheese veg shami kebab sandwich. And a slice of cheesecake. What about you?” Lakshya’s voice broke my thoughts. And made me look at him in amazement.

I gave him a ‘Duh…….only this much?’ look which seeped of sarcasm and muttered, “A double poison for me.”

Lakshya who was taking out his wallet and apparently did not hear me(thank heavens!) looked up and asked, “What?”

“Even I am not that hungry. It has been only two hours since our lunch.” I said pointedly at him but the dunderhead failed to get my meaning. Shaking my head at his daftness, I continued, “Only a small glass of hot chocolate for me.”

Lakshya did a double take and asked, “They are serving hot chocolate too? Forget the espresso, I am also ordering a big glass of hot Chocolate for me!” He gave me a thankful grin and rushed to stand in the billing queue. I sighed and debated whether or not to bang my head against the wall.

We had our ‘snacks’ (a whole meal in Lakshya’s case but he denied that) and then went out to continue our rides. We clicked some cool selfies, played ball with some kids and then, went to our next ride.

Rollercoaster. It looked amazing as we waited for our chance as the next batch. The long train had people sitting next to each other as a pair and it would go round a curvy path at a great height with a very fast speed. I was very excited.

When our chance came, we sat down and fastened our seat belts. Lakshya looked like a kid who has been told that Santa is his neighbour. He looked at me with a wide smile(honestly didn’t his cheeks hurt?!) and asked, “Ready Ragini?”

I gave him a dazzling smile of my own and showed a thumbs up. Five minutes later, we were in the air.

Throughout the ride, Lakshya and I screamed like maniacs. Not because we were scared. But because it made the ride even more thrilling. We laughed as the euphoria of being so up high and at such a great speed made us giddy. We held hands, shouted and screamed and then started giggling and roaring with laughter. Behind us, everyone did the same. We ended up creating a big ruckus.

When we came down, Lakshya helped me out of the seat and then gave me a high five. He put an arm against my shoulder and we walked away, like friends. Like partners. Like a couple. Like lovers.


My plan was ready. It had been so easy that I actually slapped my head when I came across it. I had been checking my old messages to delete the ones which I didn’t need. And then I came across the chat which I and Ragini used to do when we both planned against Swara and Lakshya.

They were all the proofs I needed in the world. There were messages from Ragini which clearly showed how she was conspiring against them. There were plans, Swara’s conditions and Ragini’s hopes for the future in those messages. When I showed them to Swara, she was happy but then pointed out that everyone may think that I fabricated those. I decided then and there to make Ragini confess while she thought that no one was present. But I would ask everyone to hide.

Tonight would be the end of Ragini’s deceit and lies. Tomorrow’s morning would bring a new day of happiness for my Shona. I smiled.


After a few more rides, we came across one which looked interesting. There was a big pole which had a lot of arms and each arm had four seats back to back such that there were two seats next to each other while the other two seats were facing the back. So if two people sat on the two seats, they wouldn’t know that two other people were sitting with their backs pressed to their own backs. It was convenient.

Each arm moved in a circular motion and moved up and down simultaneously and the seats rotated at the same time. The arms would come a feet above the ground and stop and then suddenly go up and the seats would rotate meanwhile. It looked risky and fun.

While we sat down, I was asked to remove my mangalsutra as it would come off and drop due to the crazy motion of the ride. I hesitated at first and looked at Lakshya. But he gave me an encouraging smile and I removed it slowly. It did not feel right. My intuition was telling me not to do it. But I ignored that little voice in my head. Little did I know that my intuition would prove right some hours later. That for a long time after that, I would not be able to wear it again.


The ride was excellent. I had such fun and I kept on shouting, no doubt, destroying Ragini’s eardrums in the process. She was deathly quiet and I was worried that she had fainted or gone numb. I checked and found her just smiling wickedly. But she looked a little worried. Maybe for her mangalsutra………….

I smiled. She was probably not comfortable without it. And that boded well for what I had planned for her tonight. I planned to take her somewhere and confess to her. And with this incident, the hope in my heart that she would accept, began to multiply.

After the ride, we walked hand in hand together to the restaurant outside. The day at the amusement park had been great. It was exhilarating. I had never had so much fun before and nor had Ragini, judging by the expression on her face. I looked at her lovingly. Just a few more hours Ragini. Then everything would change. Little did I know that miles away from me, one of my kin was at work to do exactly that, however, in a way totally different from mine………………………….

We entered the restaurant and asked for a table for two. The waitress was looking at me admiringly(chep girls, clinging all the time!) and then looked at Ragini. She gave her a quick over and seeming dissatisfied with Ragini’s obviously superior beauty and grace, ignored her completely.

We made our way to the table and placed our order. I ordered a little as I had no appetite, too excited for my plan. I just ordered two naans, a bowl of veg pulao, a plate of malai kofta, a plate of mixed veg and a plate of dal makhni for myself, not wanting to eat too much and ruin any chance of dessert. I looked at my wife expectantly, and asked her about her order.

She gave me a surprised look and asked, “Wasn’t what you ordered for the both of us?”

I shook my head at her innocence. How could we both share so less food?

She looked at me with disbelief and then ordered a plate of red sauce pasta for herself. That was it. Wait…….only that much? Wasn’t she hungry?

We ate our food while I kept on asking Ragini repeatedly whether one plate of pasta was enough or not. She gave me an annoyed look which sealed my mouth shut. The rest of the meal went on in relative silence.

After our meal, we ordered a dessert (I wasn’t so hungry so I just ordered a big bowl of mint choco chip ice cream with strawberry scones while Ragini ordered a slice of apple pie).

As we awaited our dessert, the lights went off and there was an announcent for a couple dance competition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that restaurant. A white spotlight came on the centre of the empty space of the restaurant. I looked at Ragini and offered my hand to her. The atmosphere was romantic, our stomachs were filled and I wished to be close to her.

She looked at me in surprise. For a split second, I was worried that she would refuse. But she put her hand in mine and I escorted her to the dance floor.

The music started and I kept her hand on my shoulder while I placed mine on her waist.

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin.

I smiled at her and looked into her eyes. Perfect song. I had a lot to say to her and if I was lucky(my name was but I meant myself!), she had something to say to me too.

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

We matched our steps and glided across the floor gracefully. I didn’t know Ragini was such a good dancer. I guess I was lucky, I had a really talented wife!

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khawabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahara bano
Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi

As the above lines had started, I had held her hands and did some footsteps with her. All the while looking at her intensely. She blushed a pretty shade and kept her head down.

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi
Bhiga dengi jab baarishein
Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon
Aankhon mein apni
Adhuri si kuch khwahishein
Rooh se chahne wale aashiq
Baatein jismon ki karte nahin

My favourite lines. I and Ragini had yet to become intimate. But it didn’t matter. We were two bodies but a single soul. Complete with each other. I twirled her and lifted her and rotated her in my arms. She smiled widely and I was lost in her. She looked beautiful.

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

As the song came to an end, I dipped her and we had a beautiful eye lock. It was broken by a thunderous round of applause by the people and I reluctantly pulled her up and adjusted myself. I could see everyone smiling at us and that waitress looking as if dung had been shoved below her nose(take that!). The anchor came to us and said to the audience, “Woah……..the temperature has risen! A big round of applause for this beautiful couple. Congratulations sir and ma’am. You have won hands down. I present you with this trophy and your bill tonight would be reduced by half. Congratulations and may God keep you both happy.”

We thanked him and took the trophy which had a man in a tux and a woman in a pink gown dancing in each other’s arms. Ragini excused herself to go to the washroom and I went back to our table.


That had been beautiful. Oh God! That had been so amazing. Everything had been so great. Like a fairytale. We had danced so beautifully and I had felt sparks fly when we came close. Lakshya had looked at me intensely and for a wild moment, a thought came to my mind that maybe…..he liked me too. As I stood in front of the mirror and held onto the counter and steadied my breathing, a message popped up in my phone.

It was him. My enemy. It read. ‘Hello dearie! So, best couple in the block, aye? My, my, I have to admit, that was hot! You two do look good together. But hey, we had a deal. Seems like you forgot. No worries, since you danced so well, I will be good enough and repeat myself: Stay away from that idiot. If you want him alive, that is. Clear?’

I froze. He was here? No, that couldn’t be. I peeped out from the door and looked around. No, I couldn’t spot him. When we had entered, I had looked around while Lakshya was ordering a table. Even while collecting the award, I had looked everywhere. But I didn’t see him. So how had he come to know what happened just minutes ago? Maybe he has spies. I need to be careful. I couldn’t risk anyone’s life.

I came back and completed my dessert, never raising my eyes to meet Lakshya’s and avoiding his attempt at conversations. The dream had ended. I was back on the ground. And it was paining.


Something was off with her again. After returning from the washroom, she had been avoiding me. I tried to speak to her but nothing worked. I gave up. She would have to talk to me later anyways. She had to, after what I had planned for her.

I drove the car to my destination. Ragini was looking out of the window. It was raining heavily and she was looking outside with a small smile. I looked at her. She looked calm but I knew it was a facade. She was worried. About what, I didn’t know. But I knew I had to divert her mind. I stopped the car.

She looked at me confusedly while I removed my seatbelt. I went out of the car and then opened her side of the door and pulled her out.

We stood like that facing each other in the rain. She looked down and I put my thumb under her chin and made her look up. She looked up at me and I couldn’t make out whether it was the water drops or her tears which ran down her face. I smiled gently and closed her eyes with my right hand and held her right shoulder with my left one. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Sanson ko sanson mei dhalne do zara
Hmm…hmm..hmm…hmm lalalalala

Sanson ko saanso mein dhalnedo zara
Dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do Zara
Lamho Ki guzarish hai ye paas aa jaaye……….
Hum, Hum Tum…….Tum, Hum Tum.

I rotated her so that her back touched my chest. I encircled her waist in my arms. I Nuzzled her neck and heard her gasp. She smelled wonderful. Like flowers.
Ragini freed herself from my grasp and tried to run. I held her wrist and stopped her.

Aankhon mein humko utarne do Zara
Baahon mein humko pighalne do Zara
Lamho Ki guzaarish hai ye pass aa jaaye……………………………

Hum, hum Tum. Tum…………hum tum.

Salvatein kahi……..karvatein kahi
Tham jaaye kajal bhi tera.
Nazron mein ho……guzarata hua
Khwaabon Ka Koi kaafila………

I came forward and place my hand on her waist and looked down at her. She looked up and gave me an innocent look. I held her face in my hands and stared at her, moving my thumbs in circles on the apples of her cheeks.

Jismo ke rooho ko jalne do Zara
Sharmo-Haya ko machalne do zara.
Lamho Ki guzaarish hai ye paas aa jaaye…………

Hum, hum tum. Tum…….hum,tum.

I pulled her towards me and hugged her. She was shivering. I twirled her thrice then held both her hands and pulled her to me, placing her arms around my neck.

Chhoo lo badan, magar is tarah
Kaise surila saaz ho.
Hum hi the jhuke, Ki zulf mein
Kholo Ki raata zaad ho……

Aanchal ko seene se dhalne do Zara
Shabnam Ki boonde phisalne do Zara
Lamho Ki guzaarish hai ye paas aa jaaye………………

Hum, hum tum. Tum………….hum tum!

Her faces inches away from mine, I looked at her eyes. Looked for answers. Looked for her questions. Looked for her worries. Looked for love. Just a pinch of love, that would be all for me.

She looked at me, as if questioning me whether I could be trusted or not. I bared myself. I bared to her all my fears, my worries, my insecurities and my painful past.

She opened her lips as if to say something. Suddenly, thunder struck. Our moment broke up. She closed her mouth and I felt a pang of disappointment. She didn’t trust me. She didn’t trust me enough to share her worries with me.

I let her go and walked to my car. I turned to her one last time.

Ragini had wrapped her arms around herself and had turned her face toward her right. She looked up and saw me and gave a sad smile. I smiled back and then went inside.

I saw a message from Sanskaar which read, ‘Come back home ASAP. Urgent. Bring Ragini too.’ I frowned. Hey, just because Ragini and I had an awkward moment doesn’t mean I let go of my plan. It was still on. And ruined too, now.

The rest of our ride went in silence. Ragini went inside the house while I parked the car. Another message popped, ‘Come by the window in the kitchen and don’t make noise. Just wait and watch. And hear. We need to tell you the biggest truth of your life.’

I frowned again. What? What was going on? Ragini had just gone inside. Was it related to her? Maybe the reason for her worry? I needed to know. So I decided to do what Sanskaar had said. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

When I entered, I saw Uttara already there, peeking out. I gestured to ask her what was going on. She looked at me in sadness and held my hand. I got confused.

Then I heard it. Voices. I could clearly make out that they were of Ragini, Sanskaar and Swara. Swara was pleading Ragini to tell everyone about the truth once everybody comes back from the temple. Sanskaar then threatened her that if she doesn’t reveal to everyone that SHE had been the one who broke my marriage with Swara, he would show me the messages he had kept as the proof.

I was shocked. Ragini? No, that couldn’t be. She couldn’t have done this. I waited with bated breath to hear her reply. What I heard shattered me.

“No one will ever know what happened that day. No one will know that it was I who had helped Sanskaar in ruining Swara’s reputation. No one will come to know that it was I who pushed Swara in the river so that she doesn’t marry Lakshya. I will not tell anyone anything. I won’t tell about that fake MMS. I won’t talk about those drugs. And I need not fear about those messages. Nobody would believe you.” Her cold voice came to my ears.

My heart broke into a million pieces. It had been Ragini. My Ragini. She had done all this. What for? To marry me? Was she so much in love with me that she didn’t think before trying to kill her sister? Had she become such a monster that she saw nothing?

No. This was not my Ragini. She couldn’t be.

I could hear everyone gathering in the drawing room, coming out of their hiding places. Yet I couldn’t move an inch. I stood there numb. I heard Ragini’s father and Dadi give her tight slaps and screaming at her. I could hear Ragini crying. My heart ached for her. My heart ached because of her. I felt like I was drowning. I could just see darkness. I crushed the glass that I had in my hand and blood started pouring out. Tears flew down my eyes and I went out of the window, took my car and drove away to an unknown place. I could hear my family calling for me but I wasn’t interested. I drove away and then, in middle of a forest, stopped my car and came out of it.

I recalled all my memories with Ragini: her kindness, her care, her smile, her laugh, her eyes, her lips. Our Saturday dates, her helping me with work, the bathroom scene, when I kissed her- everything. I started crying and fell on my knees and shouted on the top of my lungs.



Done. Done. Done. With Lakshya’s POV no less.
*Pats myself on the back*

Please do tell me how you found it. Plus, I am having an opinion poll.

Which song would you prefer Lakshya singing for Ragini at a gathering?

1) Hasi Ban Gaye: Hamari Adhuri Kahani (I associate it with Raglak).

2) Baarish: Yaariyaan(Beautiful lyrics).

3) Tum Hi Ho: Aashiqui 2(Everyone’s favourite).

Any others? Please do comment and tell.

Up next: Lakshya grows into an obsessive Devdas, Durga Pooja celebrations. Ragini realises something.

Credit to: Bela

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