Raglak ff- Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode: 6 Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya)


Hi guys, Bela is back!!!!!

Guys, phew……….that was great! Your lovely comments and support brought such a huge smile to my face. It is such a comfort to know I have managed to put my point across. But guys, the suspense is not over. In fact, it is far from it. There is more to come. Since the ff focusses on Ragini’s unconditional and irrevocable love for Lakshya……..IT WILL BE EXACTLY THAT!

Hope you are able to digest my next suspense. Hope your love doesn’t turn to hatred. Cause as I told Amna……this is a psychological thriller. But a love story nonetheless. A Raglak love story.

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Coming to the story, let’s begin Lakshya’s journey of love………………..


I had stayed away from Lakshya after that day. I spoke to him, we still went out but now, I tried to be less involved. I couldn’t risk his life or Swara’s. They were the reason I survived throughout this madness. And the reason I was in the madness in the first place! But I won’t dwell on that………………

“RAGINI!” I heard Lakshya scream. I sighed. Why was he making it difficult for me? I had been surprised to know that he HAD noticed that I was avoiding him. And he seemed displeased about it. He constantly tried to talk to me but I gave him the royal ignore. Sometimes I wish things weren’t such. I wished to talk to him, laugh with him(and at him), play with him. Be with him. But my helplessness was stopping me.

“Ragini. Have you lost your sense of hearing. I have been calling you for a long time now……….” Lakshya said with irritation.

“Ten seconds.” I replied, cutting him off. “Ten seconds only. Not such a long time.”

“Whatever! Listen, I have no idea why you are ignoring me. I just wanted to tell you that this Saturday, we would be going to the new amusement park. And then, dinner. To celebrate the completion of my internship! So you will have the morning free.” He said with excitement.

I wanted to refuse but then thought better of it. So I just smiled at him. He went to his side of the bed, adjusted the pillows and wishing me goodnight, dozed off.

But sleep was the farthest thing on my mind. It had been more than 3 months since our marriage. We had come close. And now, suddenly pushing him away seemed a Herculean task. A task which I was not prepared to do………………………


I was running. Running behind someone. A woman. Beautiful one. I couldn’t see her face, but hey……I could say she was beautiful, I had seen enough of them to recognise them.

She was giving a tinkling laugh as she ran away from me. Wearing a pristine white sari, with her hair open, she looked no less than an angel from heaven. The place was no less than heaven too. Trees were surrounding us, the air was fresh and crisp, the sky was a deep purple and blue. There was a river next to us, carrying fresh water. It was as if I was in paradise.

I sped up faster to catch my lady. As I reached her, I tool her soft hand in mine and pulled her towards me. Her face collided with my chest and she hugged me tight, while I took her in my arms. I could feel her smile against my chest.

“I love you” I said to her with a huge smile on my handsome face(I know that I have a handsome face, why deny that!).
She smiled wider and I held her shoulders and pushed her a bit to see her. She dropped her face and as I touched her chin with my right hand and pulled it up, I could see deep chocolate brown eyes looking at me lovingly. Her face was angelic. However, I had seen her before.

She was Ragini………………

With a start, I woke up. It had been a strange dream. And what actually disturbed me more was the fact that I had been having the same dream for some time now. I couldn’t understand it a bit. I turned over to watch my wife as she slept. That face, it was the same as my dream. Every single detail was accurate.

She looked cute while sleeping. No worries, no tension, nothing. I smiled at her. She was mumbling something in her sleep. I scooted closer to her to hear it.

“No Sanskaar, that is not a mango. It is Swara in a yellow suit! You can’t eat her! I won’t allow you to eat my sister. She is not a mango.” She mumbled in her sleep.

I started chuckling. Oh god! It was too funny!

“I don’t care if you are hungry Sanskaar. Go eat a real mango then. Leave my Shona alone…………”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst out laughing and my voice woke her up. She looked at the clock and then at me in concern and with a fearful voice, started chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. She then looked at me defiantly and said in a croaky voice, “Whichever aatma you are, leave my husband alone! Why have you possessed him? He is innocent.”

This prompted me to laugh harder. She. Was. Too. Funny. She thought I was possessed? Great, it was payback time now for the Conjuring 2 debacle………………..

“I won’t leave him alone! His soul is mine! I will destroy him and take his spirit with me….” I rolled my eyes in a strange manner and said in a deep voice.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Ragini was scared. Good, served her right! However, what happened next was totally uunexpected……………

Out of nowhere, she procured a broom and started beating me with it, all the time muttering some mantras. It was so painful. For such a petite woman, she sure could hit hard! I screamed which further scared her and she started beating me harder.

The whole house had woken up. Everybody rushed into the room to look at the matter and stumbled upon the strange sight of a flustered Ragini, muttering something to herself, beating Lakshya with a broom!

With a great effort, I escaped from her clutches and hopped off the bed, and stood on the couch. She made her way to me and I cowered in fear, but before she could attack me again, someone held her hand.

God bless his soul!

“Ragini, can you please explain to me what is happening here?” Came Sanskaar’s voice to my ears.
My brother. My saviour. My true friend!

I hid behind him while Ragini stuttered, “In par aatma aa gayi hai. He is possessed by some evil spirit!”

Okay. Enough. I decided to end this charade.

“No Ragini,I am not possessed. I had been laughing but you mistook me for a ghost! So I decided to scare you a bit!” I explained to her.

Ragini’s face showed a lot of emotions. Her face first turned doubtful, then relieved, then happy, then confused, then red with anger. What happened next was again, totally unexpected!

She again started beating me with her broom. Shouting at me about some decency and compassion for her innocent soul. Gosh woman! You are not innocent. No one who beats like this could be. Except perhaps a washerwoman…………

I yelped and tried to control her but it seemed that SHE had been possessed. She hit me wherever she could and I begged my family to help me.

Sanskaar just shrugged and said in a casual tone, “We won’t come in between you two lovebirds. Your matter, solve it on your own!” With that, he took Swara and went out of the room.

Everyone shook their heads in agreement with him and started dispersing one by one. As she reached the door, Uttara(that little devil!) turned back and said in a coy voice, “Waise Bhai, next time you want to romance, try and look for some traditional way. Such unique methods don’t work always!” she winked at us and went off!

I begged Ragini to stop and ran all around the room. Finally, after a few minutes, we both became tired by running and she plopped down on the bed. I apologised to her but she paid me no heed and went back to sleep.

I was hurt. It was becoming difficult to stay like this. Ragini, in these months, had become everything to me. I had become habitual to her care. And now that she was not bestowing it in me, I had no idea how to move on.

With a last look at her, I pulled on my covers and switched off the lights. For quite some time, I tried to understand why she was behaving like this. And I could find no reason.


The time had come for the master plan. I would force Ragini to do it. She already was helping that dumb husband of hers in his work. I would force her to destroy it. Destroy the assignment. Destroy the presentation. Destroy her husband. Destroy Durgaprasad Maheshwari. Destroy the entire Maheshwari empire.

I called my man and told him to pass on this task to her as soon as possible. This was the beauty. As it was he who always contacted her, she had no idea who I was and what was my purpose. It made blackmailing her so much easier……………………..

I put my hands behind my head and lied down on the bed. Tomorrow’s morning would bring in a new chapter to the Maheshwari story. The chapter of destruction…………………


I was sure this would work. I knew this was wrong. But I did not have much time left. Within 3 months, my marriage to Sanskaar would be over. And I still had no idea where we were now. I was sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Sanskaar. But I was unable to bring myself to tell him. The thought of Kavita and our mission always came in between. And though I thought that Sanskaar liked me too, I don’t think it was enough to want to stay married.

And Ragini showed no signs of revealing the truth herself. So I knew I had to do it. Sanskaar supported me, like always. He knew the complications and the danger this plan involved. But he still stood by my side. He had researched a bit and found the perfect dose which would bring no harm to Ragini. We were all set.

We would give Ragini the same drug which she had given to me to make my fake MMS. The difference was that I was doing it to bring out the truth while she had used it to hide the truth. We would execute the plan tonight at dinner. The plan was on……………..


Everybody had sat down for dinner. Ragini was serving the food, and in that process, totally avoiding me again. Seriously, I had to do something. This was killing me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to do something about it after dinner.

While Ragini was serving everyone, Swara served her. Ragini was surprised. So was I. And everyone else. But no one commented on it and she sat down to eat with us.

Within five minutes of consuming the food, suddenly, Ragini started huffing. It seemed as though she couldn’t breathe. I became numb. My mind stopped working. I did not know what to do. Ragini clutched her neck and then, started vomiting blood…………

I jumped up. I shook Ragini and then, when I got no response, I took her in my arms and carried her to my car. I immediately drove to the hospital, all the time praying for my Ragini. No, nothing could happen to her. I won’t let anything happen to her. I can’t lose her. I drove faster while looking at her now and then. She had become pale and blood came out of her mouth.

Tears came to my eyes. I couldn’t bear to see my Ragini in such a state. I had no idea what had happened. I just hoped that everything would be fine.


I opened my eyes with a bit difficulty. But something was wrong. I was somewhere else. The room had white walls and it looked like a………hospital. It WAS a hospital. I tried to sit up and found a pair of strong hands instantly on my shoulders, giving me support. Lakshya. I looked up at him.

His face was pale and his eyes were red. It was obvious that he had been crying. I asked him what had happened and got a detailed description of my sudden collapse. I had consumed potassium which I was allergic to. Hence the reaction. I tried to remember when I had eaten anything with potassium in it. I couldn’t remember. I stopped trying.

Lakshya was still telling me about how scared he had been. How he had acted quickly(Aww….my hero!) and had brought me here. His voice quivered as he narrated how torturous it had been all the while I was in the operation theatre. Soon, everyone came in to meet me. Maa, Papaji, Dadimaa, papa, dadaji and everyone. Lakshya left my hand and went out of the room to give me some privacy.


I Am in love. Really, I, Lakshya Durgaprasad Maheshwari, am in love. With my wife Ragini. I had realised it when she had been taken to the operation theatre. My heart had stopped beating and I had felt like dying. I had been praying for her and had broken down. The thought of living without her killed me. And as I was trying to think what to do, it struck me. I loved her. I loved Ragini. Truly. Madly. Irrevocably. Crazily. Unconditionally.

It had never happened before. I had never felt like this before. Somehow, she was a part of me now. A part of who I was. I was Ragini’s husband. And it was a part of my definition. I was nothing without her. Just her avoiding me had made me so insecure and vulnerable. If she went away from me, I would not be able to live. I wanted to be with her all my life. Live with her, have children with her and grow old with her. I wanted her. I needed her.

Now I understood certain things. I understood my uneasiness over Ragini ignoring me. I understood my need to stay close to her. I understood the strange dreams I had every night. I understood my wish of being with her forever.

I was in love! And the fact that I had realised it just as she was in a critical state made me more desperate. I had to tell her. I had to tell her as soon as I could. I could not continue like this.

I had no idea why Ragini was drifting away from me. But I would not let her do it anymore. No power in the world could stop us from uniting now.


“What is this Sanskaar? You told me that one dose was okay. Then what happened to my Rago? How did this all happen?” I asked him while crying.

“I don’t know Swara. The doctors are saying that she ate something which had a high amount of potassium in it. Since she is allergic to it, she collapsed. But I have used this drug before. I remember that potassium was not in it. Then how did this happen? I have no idea.” He replied, confused.

“Sanskaar, are you sure you brought the right drug? Maybe it wasn’t the one we were planning to give……” I asked hesitatingly.

“No Swara! I am sure I brought the right drug. Don’t you trust me? I have been helping you since the beginning. Why would I lie?” He said a bit angrily.

“No Sanskaar. Nothing like that. It is just that I am tensed for Ragini. It is good that Lakshya took her to the hospital on time. Or else she might have………………….” I left the sentence incomplete. I couldn’t even think of it.

I opened my drawer to take out my mobile phone. And there, I saw something which rendered me numb. I grew scared as soon as I saw it.

“Sanskaar……..” I said in a feeble voice. Sensing that something was wrong, Sanskaar rushed to my side.

As soon as he saw the contents, he gasped and then looked at me in shock.

In the drawer, was the medicine which I had given to Ragini just a few hours ago. Or rather, I had been supposed to give. But I had picked it up before dinner. If this was here, then what had I given to Ragini? And most importantly, how did the drugs get exchanged? Who exchanged them?

Sanskaar and I looked at each other, scared and muttered at the same time, “Ragini has been poisoned. And the culprit is someone from the house!”


Really, those two idiots actually thought that nobody would hear about their plan? Considering how they had been discussing it inside their room, it was wonderful no one knew. But I did. Unknown to everyone, I am watching them. Their every move, their every conversation. Everything.

I had switched the drugs when no one was in the room. I had hidden the correct drug in the drawer so that it couldn’t be located and kept the wrong drug in the front.

It wasn’t that I had anything against Ragini. After all, she was the pawn in my game. Or shall I say, the queen? She was walking all the places with my command. It was just that I couldn’t afford to let the truth come out. Not right now. So I had to do this. I am sure that they must have seen the drug by now. And received my message: Stay away from Ragini.

I chuckled. The game was becoming interesting. But I was still leading. Checkmate Swaragini!


So guys, any guesses? Don’t expect me to say anything. I will tell when the time is right!

Up Next: Amusement park. Rainy romance. Swara exposes Ragini.

Credit to: Bela

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