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Hi guys, Bela is back!!!!!

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Seriously, your comments ignite in me the fire to do better. I have my basic blueprint of the story ready. It will be a 10-15 episode ff. Each episode marking a new character trait of our protagonists. I will keep my updates generally long and some episodes may include other POVs now. As I mentioned in the precap, this episode now marks the beginning of Lakshya’s romantic feelings.

Until now, we followed the usual pattern of friends first, best friends later, confidants and partner in crime after that. This episode starts the phase of flirting and romantic scenes. I have it all systemized. And the rest of the precap…….hmm, time for my biggest truth.

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Coming to the story, let’s begin Raglak’s real story………


It had been a month since we had opened up to each other. Somehow, before that day, we had been best friends and I had thought that it was the best arrangement. But now, a month later, I know that it had been nothing. After that night, something between us had changed. We were now like soulmates. Humdards. Humsafars. We understood each other well even without the use of words. Just eyes were enough. We deciphered each other’s mood and acted accordingly. We had become close in another way too……..

After Lakshya had recovered, he had started sleeping on the couch again. One night, as he had become accustomed to sleeping on the bed, he rolled sideways and promptly fell down. His back ached and I insisted that he sleep on the bed and I, on the couch. But being the stubborn mule he was, he refused to let me sleep on the couch. So we made a deal. We both slept on the big bed with a string of cushions to act as a border. The right side of the bed was his and the left was mine. Although, I had no idea why we used cushions.

Every morning I would find Lakshya sprawled on three-fourth of the bed and if my luck was bad(or good, I had no idea), he would be holding me by my waist and sniffing me around my neck. This had made me very conscious of my body odour and I had started applying a mild floral perfume before going to sleep………………………..

I smiled. It disturbed me sometimes how much I loved Lakshya. I was ready to die and kill for him. I was ready to fight for him and even leave him for his happiness. And I would have let him go if not for that day………………………

“RAGINI!” Lakshya bellowed. I started immediately. Had he slipped in the bathroom while dancing again? I had warned him a million times not to do it. Lakshya thought that he was a hero(he was definitely my hero, but I didn’t tell him that for the fear that he would start flying high and I would lose him to the skies!). His vanity was becoming my vexation. He sang in the bathroom using his blow dryer as a mike( he sang pretty well) and danced in the shower. That had been the reason for his sprain. And I swear, if it had happened again………..

I pushed open the bathroom door to see the matter. And went numb with shock and widened my eyes. Before me, in all his glory, stood Lakshya Durgaprasad Maheshwari, naked as the day he was born!

Both of us looked at each other with shock and at the same time, gave a high pitched scream. I turned around instantly and covered my eyes with my hands while he wore his boxers hurriedly, all the while muttering profanities.

“I swear Lakshya, I did not do it intentionally. The bathroom door was open and I thought you had slipped…….I…..I. Am sorry. I did n..not see anything……..I swear………..”
I stuttered and gave an excuse.

I could hear Lakshya coming close to me. Maybe he was dressed now. Still, I dare not open my eyes. I felt his hand sneak up my waist and his smooth voice came into my ears.

“Why didn’t you see anything Ragini? Why? I wanted to show you so many things……………….”

I immediately opened my eyes and they widened. Did he actually just flirt with me. OMG! Lakshya flirted with me. First I saw him naked(I won’t go into much detail, he is my husband, not yours!). Then, he was flirting with me and acting as if it wasn’t a big deal. This was a day of wonders.

I turned around abruptly and pushed him, yelling at him about being cheap. But his hold on me was so strong that as he stumbled backwards, he dragged me with him by my waist and we ended up in the shower together. And the shower was running. And I had already had a bath. And my new dress was now wet. And Lakshya was soon going to be dead. Perfect.

As I looked up at him to start my rant, I saw him looking at me with…………love? No, it couldn’t be love. No. Must be something else. But he was looking at me. And I couldn’t help but look back…………….

Naina nu pata hai
Naina di khata hai
Saanu kis gal di phir
Mildi sazaa hai

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave
Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan (x2)


Mann mann ki sunta jaaye
Sunta nahin mann waalon ki
Mann hi mann mein banaye
Duniya ek khayaalon ki..

Paas koi aave, door koi jaave
Hota hai kyun ye, koi samjhaave

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan (x2)

We were coming close. Water was dripping down on us and we paid no attention. Lakshya’s hand was on my waist and my hand was on his chest………….His chest! It was bare. Oh. My. God. Lakshya was shirtless and I was touching him.

I came to my senses and pushed him away. I went out of the shower and started shouting at him. He just continued staring at me. I huffed in indignation and stomped off to the bedroom to change. Blushing hard and smiling all the way.

Lakshya followed me outside. He held my arm and turned me towards him and started apologising. I threw his shirt at him which he caught but didn’t wear. He came closer to me to say sorry. But as we had both been wet, water had dripped on the floor. And he slipped on it and fell forwards towards me and we landed on the bed together, him on top of me, and the bed cracked.

As if this wasn’t enough, Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari chose that moment to come inside our room to call us for breakfast. Without knocking. And saw us in that position.

Seeing her, we both tried to get up and fell on the bed again. And this time, something even better occurred. I hit my head on the bed and Lakshya fell on top of me in such a way that he accidently pecked my lips. And Swara saw that too. Great. Absolutely fantastic.

To say that I was embarrassed would be an understatement. I was dying of mortification. We finally untangled ourselves and I told Swara that we may take a few minutes. She looked at the doorpane interestedly and told us to take our time. And then ran off. We could hear her giggling.

“Gave her quite a show, didn’t we? What is it with you sisters and not knocking…?” Asked Lakshya in a teasing voice. I gave him a murderous glare and threw a cushion at him which he caught easily. He smirked at me and went back to the washroom to change while I was left alone in the bedroom, wondering what exactly had happened.


What the hell? Seriously…..WTH?
I was smiling like an idiot. I had just kissed Ragini. Not exactly a kiss, but it was close enough. And I liked it. Hell, I positively loved it! I had called Ragini to ask her for my towel which I had left in the room mistakenly. I just forgot the tiny detail that I was naked. Ragini had come and I had been surprised so I shouted. She had turned around and started apologising like a kid who had stolen candy. I would know, I have done it a lot in my childhood. I have no idea what came over me that I flirted with her. And that shower had been…………..hot. The water was cold, idiots. The experience had been hot. Ragini looked beautiful. The water made her red sari cling to her body and her wet hair did strange things to my body. And those chocolate pools………everything had been so brilliant. Like in movies. I felt amazing. And that Swara incident………gosh, it was too funny!

Surprisingly, Swara’s presence in the same house did not bother me in the least. I was now convinced that she and I weren’t meant to be. I obviously did not love her nor did she, judging the alacrity with which she ran off from one marriage to the other. She and I had been immature and we lacked the passion that was required to sustain a relationship. The passion that Ragini and I shared.

Since that night when we had opened up to each other, Ragini and I had become inseparable. We spent a lot of time together, went on weekly Saturday dates, shared everything- good, bad, funny,sad- every information. I did my internship smoothly because she handled everything else. She made excuses, completed the housework, completed the office work and then explained to me at night about it so that I could explain the work to my team the next day. I would make dots on my designs and explain to Ragini what was to be done and while I was in the office, she would complete the design the way I told her. When I came back, I would put finishing touches on it and she delivered it to the headquarters the next day. Our plan was working smoothly and we were very happy.

Surprisingly, Ragini was a very clever woman. She was excessively smart and very sharp. She picked up things fast and did her work efficiently and in correct time. She was focussed and applied a business sense that could rival my dad’s. She was people smart. She correctly guessed people’s thoughts and minds and made the products accordingly. And she was honest. Her perfect work had been making me the centre of praise at work and I would bring her chocolates everyday as her share of the praise.

Yet, despite that, she was mysterious. Something about her was off. She would often stare at nothing and grow scared if I came by. She would weep at nights and mutter about something I couldn’t make out. And THAT bothered me. I liked to think that I was the first person she came to with anything and her being secretive about something, despite my efforts to make her say the truth, were disturbing me.

I liked Ragini. I liked her more than a friend does. I was attracted to her and then, I liked her. No, it was not love. But yes, she was special. There was something unspoken between us. Kuch to hai hum dono ke darmiyaan…………


Lakshya and I came down ten minutes later. All of them were smiling widely at us(except Papaji who was staring at the Aloo paratha in such a way that if it had been alive, it would have come on its own to his plate!). Maa gave us a coy smile and said, “Beta, it is okay sometimes. But do not make a habit of it!” And then she, along with Uttara and Pari bhabhi, started giggling like schoolgirls.

Lakshya gave his ‘toothpaste ad smile’ and said, “Don’t worry Maa. We won’t take more time from now.” Which caused another round of giggles from the aforementioned ladies.

I glared at Swara who gave me an innocent look. As I sat down to eat, Papaji (who had attacked the food as soon as I touched my chair) spoke, “Annapurna, what were you talking about before Lakshya and Ragini came?”

“Ji, I was just saying that I may need to call the carpenter. Some furniture of the house needs to be changed.”
The above statement was made to Papaji but she looked at us all the while.

Pari bhabhi started giggling while Adarsh Bhaiya,who had been drinking water, choked on it and started coughing. Chachiji made a face and Chachaji gave a proud smile to Lakshya. Sanskaar raised an eyebrow at both of us while Swara looked at us both and gave a neurotic smile. Uttara was desperately trying to chew her paratha and failing miserably.

I blushed hard and did not raise my head for the rest of the meal. Soon, the men left for office but before that, Lakshya winked at me secretively, which was noticed by all the ladies and they again started giggling. It was settled. Lakshya would be dead soon.


I was happy for Ragini. She was moving on with Lakshya. I could feel her happiness. I had come to terms with the fact that Lakshya was never mine. He was meant to marry Ragini and despite his efforts and mine, we couldn’t change destiny. He ended up with Ragini, even if it was by force and deceit. He never loved me. And I didn’t love him too. I thought I did but that was before I married Sanskaar.

My relationship with Sanskaar was as complicated as Ragini was. Ragini was twisted, as I thought that she hated me, she convinced Bade Papa to allow me and Sanskaar to live in the house rather than in a tent outside. This made me question my belief. When I confronted her about it, she said that it was her duty to unite the family as a daughter-in-law of the house. She did many things for me, albeit secretly. She never came out to take credit. I once caught fever and drank a kadha which she brought for me, saying that Maa had sent it from Baadi. Later, when I called Maa to thank her, I got to know that she did not even know that I was sick. It was then I realised that it had been Ragini. My Rago.

When I confronted her and begged her to admit her mistakes, she had cried and claimed that she was helpless. I had no idea what she was talking about. But something wasn’t right.

Even Sanskaar was having doubts about her. He had grudgingly admitted that now she had what she wanted, she was no more a threat. I agreed. But still, I had to make her realise that she had to admit the truth. I had been surprised to know that she had convinced Baba and Dadi to let Maa stay with them. Yet, that didn’t solve the problem. Baba was still angry at Maa. And this misunderstanding had been created by her. She needed to unite our parents. And I would make sure that she did that by exposing her.

All these months, Sanskaar had been a great support. Starting off as friends, we had developed a deeper bond. A bond of love. Yes, I loved Sanskaar. Truly and madly. I realised now how Ragini felt for Lakshya. And this is why I sympathised with her. Today’s events have convinced me that even if the truth came out, Lakshya won’t leave her. They had come very close. He won’t ditch her……………….will he?


I entered the dimly lit room. I had been called immediately and I had to leave the house with the excuse of meeting a sick friend. And I had to drive myself. Somehow, my instincts told me that today wasn’t going to be good………………………

“Well, well. If it isn’t Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari herself.” A voice drawled out. I clenched my fists in anger. That voice! I hated that voice! He was the reason of my unhappiness. He had made me into the monster that I am today. My enemy.

“Why have you called me here?” I rudely asked. Wrong move. I felt a hand on my cheek and I fell down on the ground hard.

“Be in your limits. You are my puppet. Tell me, getting close to hubby, are we?” He asked with a sneer.

“None of your business. He is my husband. What happens between us is none of your concern.” I replied defiantly.

He slapped me again. This time, blood came out of my mouth.

“He is your husband because of me. You married him because I blackmailed you. Do not forget that. Ever.” He said venomously.

Tears came to my eyes. It was true. This man in front of me was the root of all the problems. I remembered that day clearly……………….


It was the day before the wedding. Ragini was extremely happy. Finally, her wish was coming true. She had been unsuccessfully trying to dissuade Sanskaar from stopping Swara’s marriage with Lakshya. He had finally told her to stop everything as he did not want revenge anymore. He obviously had no idea that she had been double crossing him all the while.

Right now, she was out to buy some flowers for the wedding. After the purchase, as she was rounding the corner, she felt a hand clap her mouth. She tried to scream and thrash but she felt a sting on her arm and everything went black…..

She woke up some time later in a dim room. She was tied to a chair and in front of her stood a tall man in a long black coat. She screamed at him, “Who are you? And why have you brought me here?”

He laughed and said, “Good evening pretty lady. I am a friend of yours. And your friend Lakshya’s greatest enemy. I hate him so much that I want to kill him and and his most prized possession. His fiance. Your sister. Swara.”

Ragini screamed at him. “Shut up! You are lying. You can’t do this to them. You cannot.”

“And why can’t I? I kidnapped you in daylight from a market. How much time does it take to put poison in the shagun ke ladoo which the married couple feeds to each other? One spoon and both of them will be finished.” He motioned his hand to his neck in a swipe.

Ragini started crying. “Why are you doing this? Please don’t do this. Kill me, please but spare them. They are the two people I love the most in the world. Please don’t do this.” She cried.

“Awww…………….cutie loves them? Okay then. Since I am your friend, I will give you an option. Either you agree to it and do it. Or prepare two funeral pyres for your sister and your love.” He tsked.

“I will do anything you say. Anything for my Swara. Anything for my Lakshya.” Ragini said.

“Good girl. Now here is the plan……”

******END OF FLASHBACK*******

“You forced me to push my sister into the river…..”

“And I saved her and took her to the hospital, as we had agreed.”

“You forced me to make a fake MMS of Swara with drugs…..”

“Lakshya would not have married you otherwise. What would become of the plan then?”

“You forced me to expose Sanskaar….”

“That guy had to be eliminated. He was a big threat. Too smart for his own good.”

“Because of you, Swara has to suffer daily…….”

“There is something wrong with her kundli. She has all the burdens of the world on her. And her jasoosi skills don’t help her at all.”

“Because of you, my parents are separated……….”

“No offence, but I think Sharmishtha Gadodia is better off without a man who leaves her alone at every opportunity.”

“SHUT UP! I hate you! ”

“I am not crazily in love with you either, babydoll. Stop wasting my time. I called you here to tell you that don’t become too close to Lakshya. Stay away from him. I am your friend, I am telling this for your benefit. It will be easier for you when the time comes to say goodbye to your love.”

“Why are you doing this with me? What is my fault? Why……..”

“Listen. I know you really love Lakshya. And that you can do anything for him. But don’t forget that not all has been done by me. YOU had been helping Sanskaar till the time that nightclub incident happened. It doesn’t matter whether you changed your mind or chickened out. Or that you realised that Lakshya’s happiness is more important than yours. YOU were wrong too. So stop blaming me for all this. Had you continued, I would never have to step in and do the dirty work. So just get lost. It is already late. I have to go out for lunch today. Remember my warnings or the consequences won’t be good. Bye sweety, take care” the devil left me there alone to battle my grief.

I was alone. I had everyone on my side yet, this was my battle. I had to fight it alone. Without anyone. Without Lakshya. I had to do this. For my Swara. For my Lakshya. I had to do this.

*Gives Evil Laugh*.

Guys, this is the real Bela. This is the real me. And this is the real story. All of you were worried that Ragini would be exposed. But hey, I never said that, did I? I just said that the truth comes out. And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the truth. The basis of my story. Ragini’s true love for Lakshya. Her willingness to put everything at stake and live a life of uncertainty and a marriage devoid of love, just to save her love and her sister.

Swaragini isn’t back guys. It was there all along. Ragini, out of pure love, is ready to take the blame for someone else’s misdeeds. She is ready to be the villain if it keeps her Lakshya and Swara alive.

Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Ragini Ka readers? The lady is ready to ruin her life. Do you think that it is easy for her to stay enemies with her beloved sister? Is it easy to live with Laksh knowing that she may not be with him forever? She is giving herself pain. For her loved ones. This, my dear friends, is the intensity of her love.
I sign off here with the hope that you get my meaning. Please comment and tell me what you think.

Up Next: Lakshya is in love! 😀

Credit to: Bela

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    1. Exactly! To show Ragini as really guilty of everything would have ruined the initial phase of Ragini. In my view, Ragini is a character made out of love. She loves with a full heart and hates with a vengeance. No half ways. All the emotions are extreme. I have shown that Ragini supported Sanskaar earlier. That will be the criminal side of her and her psychology will be explained in another episode. Right now, it is more about how she is trying to fight herself and her feelings and failing miserably.
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