Raglak ff: Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode 13: Tera Hone Laga Hoon)


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Let’s start the episode………….


It has been a week since my ‘late night adventure’. Lakshya had become normal again and had started the mission of being more clingy and annoying than before. Any moment spent at home was spent with me. He followed me like a lost puppy, inside the kitchen, inside the rooms, to the market, to the Baadi, everywhere. In fact, it had taken a punch in his stomach from me to stop him from following me to the washroom too!

We were alone quite a lot of times this week but I never saw Lakshya in his………………….other form again. He never became like that again. At times, I could see him struggling but he would suddenly become normal. And make me even more confused than I already was.

I tried to provoke him. Many a times, I would become angry at him or upset to test his behaviour. However, he showed no signs of violence. In fact, he acted in his usual confused manner. Meanwhile, I had done some research on his symptoms on the net and found disturbing articles which also pointed towards what I already suspected- Split Personality.

I am scared. I don’t know what to do. He seems normal. So I have decided to just let it be till Swara’s wedding. I would pursue the matter after that.

Swara and Sanskaar’s wedding is just a few days from now. Preparations are on in full swing. Today is the sangeet. I am wearing a royal blue velvet blouse and baby pink lehnga with gold work on it. Lakshya loved it so much when I tried it and showed him that I was half-worried that he would demand the dress for himself! He acts very kiddish at times. I smiled. He was truly a kid at heart!

“RAGINI!” I heard Lakshya shout. I sighed and turned to him.

“Aren’t you ready yet? Ragini, you women take HOURS to get ready! If you don’t want to reach the party after it is over, get a headstart right now!” Lakshya explained to me. I nodded my head at him and went to change.

“Ragini…….” I heard him call out. I turned around and saw him. I raised an eyebrow at him to ask him why he called me.

He shook his head with a smile on his face, looking at me adoringly. I gave him a smile in return and went to the washroom to change.


“Sajna Hai mujhe, sajna ke liye…….” I sang as I wore my necklace. It belonged to my mother in law. She had given it to me on my muh dikhayi and I thought that it was perfect to be worn at my son’s sangeet.

“Arrey Sujata…….please check which donkey is braying inside our room!” I heard my husband calling from the bathroom. I huffed in indignation and replied, “Koi donkey na Hai. Main hoon ji………….!”

He came out of the washroom, towelling his hair. “You are no less than a donk………….” He stopped abruptly, seeing me all decked up.

His mouth opened wide while I smirked. Donkey? Let’s see who is a donkey!

“Ji, close your mouth, otherwise a fly may enter it.” I giggled while he looked at me in confusion. He snapped it shut a few seconds later.

“Umm………….I am going out to see if Sanskaar is ready yet. You………you get ready and come to his room.” He stutterd and turned to go.

My heart sank in disappointment. Ram and I had an arranged marriage but since then I had fallen in love with him. He loved me too, he confessed it himself when I had told him that I was pregnant with Sanskaar. Years later, the love was still there though his sarcasm and my loud mouth dominated our relationship.

“Sujata………” I heard his voice. I turned around and saw him standing by the door with a smile on his face.

“You are looking beautiful!” He shyly said and then hurried off. But that was enough for me. I smiled widely and started dancing in excitement and rotated and came out of the room in sheer happiness.

I collided with a table drawer kept in the corridor and the camera kept on top of it fell down. I cursed myself and picked it up and inspected it. I pressed a few buttons to check if it was still working or not………….

“Sujata………..come here, the decorator wants to know which flowers you prefer for the tables.” I heard Jiji calling for me. I hurriedly kept the camera back on the table and replied, “Coming Jiji……….” and ran towards the hall.

I didn’t notice that the camera had made a beep sound and was emitting a green light to show that it was switched on and recording.


Damn Lakshya. Damn, damn him! One week. One full week! I had so many chances to finish Ragini off in this week but that fool resisted me so brilliantly that I was unable to come forward. I guess today I am lucky that I was able to come out but I know that I will not be able to do my job as there are so many people here.

I went to a corridor where no one was lurking. I took out Ragini’s phone from my pocket which I had stolen after she went inside the washroom to change. I checked her internet history.

I was enraged and scared on seeing it. Her main searches this week were on Multiple/Split Personality disorders and the various symptoms associated with it.

“Ughh…………Over smart woman! So smart yet so foolish. Still doubts about Lakshya’s split personality. Anyone sensible would have been convinced by now. Ragini wants to stay in denial. Let her be so. By the time she realises the truth, she will be already dead! She will never realise that I am Lakshya while Lakshya is me. Or rather, Lucky is me! The woman won’t realise that I inhibit his mind and control his mind, body and soul. She won’t realise that it was I who was blackmailing her all along to marry Lakshya and push Swara into the river. She won’t realise that though I am a part of Lakshya, we are two different people! This is so much fun! I would love watching her die!” I thought out aloud while fingering her phone.

“Lucky………..where are you? Come, I have to get ready! Help me.” I heard Sanskaar call out.

Quickly, I changed back to Lakshya and let him cover up. I ran to Sanskaar’s room and didn’t notice the camera kept on the side table beeping continuously and its screen flashing……………….


I entered my room to look myself over and comb my hair. As I entered, I saw Ragini in front of the mirror, trying desperately to tie the strings of her blouse from the back.

My breath hitched. She looked amazing. Her face was bowed down and her hair swinged when she moved. Her fingers were fluttering across her back and she made such cute faces that I felt like pulling her cheeks. Her chest heaved excruciatingly slowly and I watched her, transfixed by the beauty in front of me.

Ragini saw me through the mirror. “Lakshya, can you please call someone to help me with it.” She asked me.

I continued staring shamelessly at her with my mouth agape. She snapped her fingers in front of me. I came back to my senses and replied to her question, ‘Everybody is busy. I am the only one free. Shall I help you?

Ragini looked apprehensively at me. I smiled comfortingly and raised my hands to indicate that I am free.

After a few moments of indecision, Ragini nodded her head at me. I walked towards her.

She looked down shyly as I came near. I removed her hands from her back and held the strings in both of my hands. I stroked her back with my knuckles and looked at her through the mirror. Her eyes were closed tightly and a blush was creeping throughout her neck and face. I smiled at her and started tying the strings, pulling her closer to me with each knot.

As I tied the last knot, I pulled her towards me completely, her back pressed to my front. Her eyes were still closed. She had a small smile on her face. I leaned towards her and took a long whiff of her scent. Roses. I smiled and whispered in her ear, “The angel is ready to descend to the earth!”

Ragini opened her eyes and looked at me through the mirror. We stood there, looking at each other through the mirror, with I standing behind her, my one hand entwined with hers while my other hand placed on her stomach. Her other hand was placed on my hand which was on her stomach. We looked perfect.

“We look good together, don’t we?” I asked her. She smiled shyly and ran inside the washroom. I scratched my head and smiled goofily. I turned to the mirror, finger combed my hair and set it and then went outside.


“Shona……..Mera bachcha! I am so happy for you today. Tomake dekhte bheeshon bhalo lagchhe!” Dida was praising me for the past half hour. Initially I was loving it but now it was getting on my nerves.

“You are so lucky Swara. I was so worried for you after what happened with you earlier. Thank god that Sanskaar came into your life. If not for that Ragini, you would have been a married woman today………” Dida’s friend remarked.

I gritted my teeth and made a ball with my fists. Control Swara! Control!

“Yes Sharmila! That Marwari girl tried to ruin our Swara’s life! But our Swara has a strong luck. She is getting married to such a good boy. But I wish that Ragini never remains happy in her life!” Another friend remarked.

That’s it. I lost my cool. How can they curse my Ragu in front of me? I am alive. I will not tolerate this nonsense in my presence.

“Just stop it! Who are you all to wish whether my sister remains happy or not? Why don’t you go and mind your own family? Don’t poke your nose into my business. And don’t say anything about Ragini. I won’t allow it.” I screamed at them.

The ladies, including Dida, stood there shocked. They had seen me throw temper tantrums before but they had never seen me angry. But soon they recovered and smiled at me.

“Our Swara is so large hearted! She considers that girl her sister despite what she did with her. Let God bestow a sister like Swara on every person!” Sharmila aunty remarked.

“And a sister like Ragini on no one!” Remarked someone.

“GET OUT NOW!” I screamed at them. The ladies understood belatedly that I was indeed VERY ANGRY. Too bad, I didn’t wish to see their faces now. I gave them my fiercest glare and they scrambled off, leaving me alone with a heavy heart.

Why am I so stupid? Firstly, I didn’t believe my sister. Secondly, I told everybody who lend me a sympathetic ear about what Ragini did to me. This is one reason why these ladies knew. Dida must have shared her ‘sorrows’ with them. I huffed in anger. They were cursing Ragini because of ME. If something bad happens with Ragini, I would be the one responsible for it………………

No! Swara, you don’t believe in all this. They are just superstitions. Ragini won’t have to encounter any evil. You are being paranoid. Just chill. Everything is going to be okay.

Little did I know that a merely a day later, Ragini would have to face the biggest truth of her life alone and she would be on the verge of losing her everything.


“Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight we are all here to celebrate my brother Sanskaar’s wedding sangeet with Swara. Please give a round of applause for the chubby…….err, I mean lovely couple!” Lakshya spoke into the mike. Everyone laughed at his ‘slip of tongue’ and clapped wholeheartedly for Swara and Sanskaar who descended the steps together, holding hands.

“Sanskaar, mere Bhai! Have you arranged something special for your bride?” Lakshya asked him slyly.

Sanskaar smiled and then signalled a waiter who came forward carrying a tray. It had a single rose on it. Sanskaar picked it up and knelt down before Swara.

“Swara, you know that I am not good with words. But I just wanted to tell you that you are the most amazing woman in this world…….you and Mom as well!” He added hastily when Chachiji slapped his head from behind. Everyone laughed.

Sanskaar continued. “You changed me and you changed my meaning. There was a time that I thought that I would never move on from Kavita but you came into my dull life and filled it with your bright colours. Thank you for being with me and making me love again. As Ragini says correctly, we found love in the most hopeless of all places- in Maheshwari Mansion! Will you do me a great favour by accepting this ‘Stupid Sanky’ as your life partner?”

Swara had tears in her eyes. She nodded a big yes and took the rose quickly. A ring rolled down from its petals and came to her feet. She looked at it and then at Sanskaar who smilingly picked it up and made her wear it. There was hooting and Sanskaar hugged Swara who hugged him back.

Tears came to my eyes seeing Swara so happy. She deserved it. She had gone through so much in life that now, she deserved every happiness of the world. As a tear rolled down my cheek, a finger came up and captured it. I turned and found Lakshya. His finger had my teardrop on it. He looked at me tenderly.

“Ahan, precious! These aren’t tears, they are pearls. Pearls from the most beautiful woman of this earth. ” He said. I smiled through my tears.

Lakshya wiped my tears and hugged me. I placed my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I wished for the moment to never end.

“Come on guys, let’s start the dance performances!” Uttara announced. We separated and Lakshya gave me a final squeeze on my hand.

Adarsh Bhaiya and Pari Bhabhi opened the dance floor with a couple dance on Meherbaan. They looked so sweet! Next, Uttara danced on Sun Saathiya. I smiled as I had choreographed the entire sequence. She was doing everything to the perfection.

The older couples came forwards and shook their legs to Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Everybody tried to contain their laughter seeing Papaji trying to romance Maa who was blushing as if it was her first night. Sometimes I wondered how could Lakshya be the product of these two…………………

After all the performances, it was our turn. Lakshya stretched his hand towards me and I took it and was escorted to the centre. All the lights went out and a single white spotlight fell on us.

Janam janam janam
Saath chalna yun hi
Kasam tumhe kasam
Aake milna yahin.

Ek jaan Hai bhale, do badan ho Juda
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna aalvida

Meri subha ho tumhi,aur tumhi shaam ho.
Tum Dard ho, tum hi aaraam ho.
Meri duaon se aati Hai bas ye sada
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna Alvida.

Lakshya twirled me around while my ghagra spread out beautifully. I smiled widely and looked at him who was looking at me intensely. Lakshya and I came closer to each other. He touched my cheek and I closed my eyes, relishing the feel of his hand against my skin.

As soon as the ‘Ahaaaa……’ part started, Lakshya lifted me up in his arms and rotated me. I felt like I was on top of the world. I looked down at him and found him adoring me which made me smile harder. Seriously, all this smiling is hurting my cheeks!

Teri baahon mein, hain mere dono jahan
Tu rahe jidhar, meri jannat wahin.
Jal rahi agar, Hai Jo ye do tarfa
Na bhuje kabhi, meri mannat yahi.

Tu meri aarzoo, main teri Aashiqui
Tu meri shayari, main Teri mausiqui.

I danced around Lakshya, lip syncing the lyrics. He held me by my waist and my back pressed to his chest. He placed his cheek in contact with mine. We swayed a little and he started singing:

Talab, talab, talab, bas Teri Hai mujhe
Nasho mein tu nasha ban ke ghulna yunhi
Meri mohabbat Ka karna tu haq ye adaa

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna Alvida


Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna Alvida………

As soon as the song was over, a shower of rose petals fell on us. I looked up surprised and felt so happy. Lakshya smiled at me asked, “How did you like it?”

Around us, people were smiling and clapping. I looked around shyly and turned to Lakshya. “Umm………nice!” I managed.

Lakshya pouted. “Only nice? Not fantastically superbly gorgeously adoringly heartwarmingly awesomely brilliantly sweetly romantically nice?”

I stared at him. My god! He knew English! He possessed a vocabulary! I had grossly underestimated him. My poor baby………………

“Je kya bol raha Hai chhorra?” Chachiji’s voice came to my ears.

“Rehne de Sujata, thhaare bas Ki baat na Hai!” Chachaji replied. She huffed and crossed her arms. He smiled. “Waise whatever he is saying, is good only.”

“Then say the same thing to me as well!” Chachiji demanded.

Chachaji folded his hands. “No, please! I don’t want to lie but if you really want to hear all that for you, I need to be drunk before it!” He said, resulting in laughter from everywhere.

Lakshya smiled at them. “One day, we both will be bickering like this too. In front of our children. But don’t worry, I will keep on praising you.” He said to me.

“Our children will think that their parents are gross.” I replied.

“No. They will be smart, just like their father! They will realise that their father loves their mother unconditionally and for eternity.” He said, looking at me with a lot of love in his eyes.

My eyes welled up. I didn’t want to cry in front of him so I excused myself to go to the washroom. Lakshya smilingly asked me to come back soon to watch Swara and Sanskaar’s dance performance. I nodded and rushed off.

Swasan danced on Jeena Jeena. All the while, Lakshya sang along by looking at me. He smiled beautifully when he came to the part, ‘Aasma mila zameen ko meri, aadhe aadhe poore hain hum.’ I shyly looked the other way.

After all the performances, I was conversing with the guests. A man of about Lakshya’s age came to me and started becoming chep. He would keep on talking to me, smiling and complimenting me after each line on my beauty, dancing, smile, hair, event management etc.

I wanted to get away from him but didn’t want to seem rude. I was becoming increasingly frustrated. He came closer while conversing and I stepped back. He came closer again and I took another step back. He touched my shoulder and asked, “Are you all right?” I yanked my shoulder away from his hand and looked up at him.

“No, she isn’t okay. She is missing me!” A voice came from behind me. A voice I recognised well and loved immensely. Lakshya.

Lakshya came closer to me and put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, glaring daggers at the man who seemed put off. I snuggled closer to Lakshya and smiled contentedly.

“So, I heard you praising my wife for her superior qualities and I couldn’t agree more. However, you failed to compliment her on one important factor.” Lakshya said to him.

The man gave a tight smile and asked what he had missed. I looked up at Lakshya inquisitively and saw a mischievous gleam in his eyes. He looked down at me and smirked.

“You failed to point out her superior choice! No, no. You praised her superior choice in clothes, decorations, food and songs. But you didn’t praise her on her superior choice of a husband!” Lakshya smiled widely at the man, giving his ‘Toothpaste Ad Smile’.

I suppressed a chortle. Trust Lakshya to show his insecurity and praise himself at the same moment! No wonder I fell in love with him. I smiled up at him and he winked at me. We turned to the man who had become a mixture of red and green. He politely agreed and then excused himself. We gave an insincere smile to him and as soon as he was out of hearing range, we burst into laughter.

“That pig! How dare he come so close to you? Doesn’t he know that you are my wife? Huh. Despo!” Lakshya whined. I smiled sweetly and pulled his cheeks while he gave me a horrified look at my act. I giggled.

“Ragini, couldn’t you just shake him off?” He asked me. I smiled at him and replied, “No. Because had I done that, I wouldn’t have seen you so jealous and possessive!” I pinched his nose and ran away, leaving him to complain about being embarassed and all!

The night was a success. Everyone congratulated me for organising the event so beautifully while Lakshya stood beside me, smiling proudly as if he was the one getting praised! He would smile beatifically at anyone who praised me and would scowl at anyone who complained about some small issue. It was entertaining.

When everybody went back home, we had a family dinner and discussed the wedding preparations. After that, it was time for Swara and my family to leave. I was to accompany Swara and stay at Baadi till the wedding to help with the mehndi and haldi. I went upstairs to fetch my bag.

When I was coming downstairs, my eyes fell on a camera which was kept on the side table. I decided to take it with me, charge it and see what was inside.

As we were saying our farewells, Lakshya was giving me longing looks. I looked at him and waved. He smiled sadly at me. He came closer and asked, “Do you really have to go?”

“It is just a matter of two days Lakshya! I will be back after that.” I replied.

“Exactly Ragini! Two days! 48 hours! How am I suppose to survive without you for 48 hours? Plus, I don’t know why, but I am feeling uneasy. As if something bad is going to happen…………..” he said.

“Of course, I know what bad is going to happen. You aren’t going to wake up on time and go to office! You will be scolded by Papaji. Come on Lakshya. You will be fine. I will be fine. Everything will be fine. I am sure of it.” I said to him. I decided not to tell him that I was having the exact same feeling and I was also worried.

Lakshya kissed me on my forehead and I stood there, shocked. Papa cleared his voice behind us and then asked me, “Shall we leave Laado?”

I nodded mutely and ran inside the car and sat down. I looked out of the window one last time and saw Lakshya grinning idiotically at me. I stuck out my tongue at him and drove off, leaving him to laugh at my antics.


“How was the day Lucky?” Sanskaar asked me. We were sitting in my room, dreaming about our loves. He was sprawled on the couch while I was sitting on the bed lazily.

“Brilliant. In fact, you will be proud of me when you get to know how much I flirted with my Ragini today!” I replied to him. He rolled his eyes at me.

“You don’t need to. It was obviously obvious that you were leaving no stone unturned to use an opportunity to make passes at your own wife. Everybody knew what you were up to.” He said. I smirked and he smirked back.

“Waise, I flirted with every woman of the family today. I flirted with Maa who seemed shy, I flirted with Chachi who gave me her ice cream in sheer joy, I flirted with Uttara to show her how REAL flirting looks like and got a punch as a gift, I flirted with Shomi Maa who smiled prettily at me and I was enjoying it till Shekhar papa came and gave me a glare fiercer than what my own father gives and I had to run to save my life and marriage! I managed to flirt with Pari bhabhi too who didn’t have a clue about what I was doing. I wonder how a married woman can be this innocent! I also flirted with Dadi and came to the shocking realisation that my jaan’s eyes are similar to that Hitler’s! I had to control myself so hard. But it wasn’t much of an issue because she seemed in a good mood today and was giving me all the lead! And I even flirted with Swara……….” I added slyly, watching my brother’s face turn red.

Sanskaar eyed me dangerously while I shrugged nonchalantly. He threw a pillow at me and I threw it back. Thus, we started a pillow fight.


“His name is Sanskaar. With a double ‘A’. Yes. Sanskaar.” I told the woman who was doing my mehndi. She nodded and then wrote his name on my hand. I smiled in satisfaction.

It was my mehndi function. Everyone was having a good time- eating, drinking, dancing, talking or having their own mehndis done. Ragini had as usual, surpassed herself in her management.

Speaking of Ragini, my poor baby sister was currently stuck with a desperate and clingy husband who was trying very hard to impress her by showing her his biceps. Ragini was smiling serenly and saying something which caused Lakshya to erupt into a wide grin and he started trying harder to show his triceps to her. I decided to bring her our of her misery and called out to her to come by my side.

If looks could murder, I was sure that I would have been long dead by now since Lakshya was glaring at me as if I had snatched his food right from his mouth! He scowled at me and I gave him an innocent look. Ragini reached my side and we began to chit-chat.

“Ragini, why don’t you apply mehndi to your hands?” I asked her.

“No, not now. I have so many things to see to tonight. When the function ends, I will apply it on my own.” She replied.

Lakshya popped out of nowhere and cried out, “No! You cannot do this! Have your mehndi done right now! I want to see it. Don’t worry about the arrangements, I will help you. You just get it done.” He said.

Ragini looked as if she wanted to protest but a single look from Lakshya made her quiet and she sat down with me to have it done.

Lakshya sat beside her and started admiring her hands and the design of her mehndi. He would talk to both of us but mostly, he would focus on the mehndi, leaving us to talk to each other without somebody disturbing us.

“What name should I write in your mehndi?” The woman asked her. Ragini blushed while Lakshya looked as if he had been given a promotion.

“Lakshya. Write Lakshya” he said to the lady who looked inquiringly at Ragini to confirm. Ragini nodded and the lady completed her mehndi by writing ‘Lakshya’ on her hand. The said man felt pleased and pumped his fist in the air and shouted ‘Yoohooo’ while Ragini smiled at him. I shook my head at them, wondering at the status of Lakshya’s sanity.

When the evening was over, everyone went to their houses and I retired to my room with Ragini. We laid on the bed and started discussing things.

“So, in less than 24 hours, you will become Mrs. Sanskaar Maheshwari. How do you feel?” Ragini asked me.

“Bored.” I replied to her. She looked taken aback for a moment but soon got my meaning and smiled widely.

“Aren’t you nervous? Excited? Butterflies in your stomach?” She asked me again. I shook my head. Ragini gave me a winsome smile.

“I was very nervous before my marriage. Very nervous and very scared.” She whispered.

I gave an involuntary gasp. I recalled all the events leading to her marriage, what she had gone through etc. My heart ached for her.

“Were you nervous because you were marrying Lucky or were you nervous for your………………task.?” I asked her.

She looked at me, understanding my meaning. We don’t feel nervous when we are sure that we are marrying the right person for us. So did Ragini know that she was marrying the person who was always meant to be hers?

“Both. I was very scared because I was doing something horrible and nervous because I thought that Lakshya was YOURS not mine. So I had no idea what a future with him would have been like, that is, if I managed to have him for that long.” She said.

I snorted. Every person knew that Lakshya was hers alone. They were always meant to be. No one can change destiny.

We continued chatting for about half and hour more and then I went to sleep as I was tired and I needed the beauty sleep.


I started the recording again. I watched it. Still the same. I started it again. Still the same. Every time I started it, it was the same as before. Lakshya was still coming on the screen and still saying the same things. Every time I started the recording, I was seeing the love of my life in a different avatar. Every time, my doubt was turning into a reality.

I had doubted that Lakshya had a split personality but it had seemed unbelievable and false. But now, after watching this video, I was sure. Lakshya was mentally ill. My love was not fine. And what was worst, the other part of my love was trying to kill me and was the one who tried to ruin me.

A lot of times in the past month, I questioned myself. Why was I with Lakshya still,despite knowing that he was the one who blackmailed me? Why did I forgive him even though he had given me so much pain? Why did I love him so much even though I was in trouble because of him? And all these questions had only two answers.

The first was that I loved him. To my death. I was ready to sacrifice all my happiness for him. I had never expected anything from him in return before and I didn’t expect anything now. And the second was that my heart refused to believe that my Lakshya could do something so evil and sinister.

I smiled bitterly. Seems like my heart and my mind, both were right. My mind had said that it was Lakshya and it was him only. My heart had said that it wasn’t Lakshya and truly, it wasn’t him. Confusing, isn’t it? But not more confusing than the feelings inside me right now.

I am worried. Not for myself. For him. My poor baby had no idea what is happening to him. He used to complain to me about having lapses in his memory but I would attribute it casually to his confusion. He has suffered so much! Right that moment, I felt so guilty.

I am shattered. I don’t know what will happen and I don’t know what to do. I have no idea how Lakshya and the other family members will react on knowing the truth. Lakshya would be broken. But he has to know.

I wiped my tears and looked at the picture of Lakshya in my hand. I had been given this photo when Lakshya’s marriage proposal had come for me. It all seemed too far away now. Although it was only close to a year, it seemed as if a lot of time had passed. Everything has changed. Everything.

I recalled an incident that happened when Lakshya was with us in the Baadi.


Nobody was at home. Swara had gone out with her friends, Maa-Papa and Dadi had gone to a wedding and Dadaji was in Bikaner. Lakshya was trying to dance like Hritik Roshan and failing miserably.

Ragini came inside the room and stifled a laugh. Lakshya had his hands in fists near his crotch and was jerking his hips to a catchy tune but from where Ragini stood, it seemed like he was trying to fit into his jeans! For a few minutes, she was successful but soon, she burst into laughter.

Lakshya stopped and turned around. He glared at her. She stopped laughing and looked at him innocently.

“Stop laughing! Do you know how tough hip-hop is? No. Then don’t laugh.” He said irritably.

Ragini apologised profusely and Lakshya forgave her after she offered him a bowl of custard. After he finished it, he asked her, “Don’t you dance?”

“I do. I know Kathak and I can dance on Bollywood songs too. But I don’t know any western form.” She replied.

Lakshya looked thoughtful for a moment. “Is there any dance form that you wanted to learn but weren’t able to?” He asked her.

Ragini smiled. “I always wanted to learn a form of couple dance. Salsa, Waltz, ballroom dancing, anything. But if I had to choose one, I would say waltz.” She said.

Lakshya brightened up. “Why, I am the right person for this. I have a lot of practice in couple dances. Wait. It came out wrong, didn’t it? Never mind. I know a little waltz. Do you want to learn from me? I can be your partner.” He said excitedly.

Ragini looked at him. “Aapke saath dance? Hum? Aap sikhaenge?” She asked innocently. Lakshya nodded and Ragini smiled. He stretched his hand and she took it.

Lakshya switched on the music. Tera Hone Laga Hoon from Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani started playing. Both of them smiled and started dancing in each other’s arms.

That day, Ragini realised that her love for Lakshya was infinite. It was unconditional and never ending. That night, Ragini didn’t wait for her mother. She slept soundly, dreaming of her Prince Charming in a black tux, dancing with her in his arms.

*End of Flashback*

I smiled. That had been just once. Lakshya didn’t know that I practised the steps he taught every night before I went to sleep. He had praised me after our dance in the restaurant and I had just smiled. I didn’t tell him that it was because of him.

I saw him in the picture, facing the camera and smiling. I would do anything to retain that smile on his face. I don’t know about others, but I will not leave his side. I will stay with him throughout this journey.


“Sujata……….haldi le aao!” I mimicked Maa in an overly sweet voice, prompting laughter from everybody.

“LAKSHYA!” I heard Dad shouting at me. I turned and mimicked him, “LAKSHYA!” He glared at me and I glared back, like a faithful copycat. He shook his head and muttered something and went away. I did a victory dance while everyone congratulated me on my success at driving him away.

Chachi brought the haldi and started complaining, “Please, let us be quick and do Sanskaar’s haldi. The same haldi has to be sent to Swara. They will be waiting. Be quick! Sanskaar, come and sit here. Jiji, I will start. SANSKAAR! Come here right now if you want to get married!”

Sanskaar, on hearing the last part, ran towards her with alacrity and we made fun of him. Soon his haldi started. Sanskaar made weird faces while haldi was being applied on his face and Uttara, Adarsh Bhai and I mimicked his expressions. We had a lot of fun and clicked many pictures.

“Lakshya!” I heard her sweet voice behind me. I turned abruptly and saw her standing in a yellow sari, smiling at me. She stretched her hand towards me. She looked beautiful.

I gave her my hand and she kissed it. I smiled widely and came closer to her. She moved back. She turned around and ran away. I followed her. She was laughing loudly and turning back to look at me while I ran faster to catch her.

She entered our room and then fell on the bed. She smiled and looked at me. I fell beside her and propped myself on my elbow. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. As she laughed, I watched her. She looked so enchanting, with her beautiful smile and eyes. I raised my hand to touch her.

Suddenly, she vanished. I looked around and saw no one. I realised that I was imagining her all the time. I sighed. These two days were so long!

Maa told me to give the haldi to Swara. I controlled myself from smiling like an idiot. I agreed and took the haldi. Here I come, Ragu-jaana!

I was treated very poorly at the Baadi. They all seemed more interested in the bowl of haldi than their jamai. But I don’t care. I wished to see only my wife. Who was nowhere to be found. I searched for a while and then gave up. I went to the kitchen to steal a pakora and drink some juice. And there, my search ended.

Ragini was cooking something delicious(it had to be delicious, after all, Ragini was making it!) and her total concentration was on it. I gave my best smile to her and whispered, “Mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari?”

Her head snapped up and she frowned and then went back to her work. My smile vanished. What? She was ignoring me? Huh?

I went to her and heard her muttering something. I came closer to hear.

“Uff, Ragini! You have gone mad. 1 day and you have already started seeing him everywhere! At least use your brain! How can he be here? He is in the Maheshwari Mansion with Sanskaar. Don’t start your wishful thinking again!” She muttered to herself while furiously moving the spoon in the bowl.

She is imagining me too? Yipee! Yay! I danced like a person does in a baraat behind her. Then, I placed my hand on her stomach and crept closer to her from behind.

“Hiiiiii Ragzzzzz!” I spoke in a fake whiny voice. She looked at me. Our faces were a mere inch away from each others and I could easily see her chocolate brown eyes. I noticed that they had flecks of black in them………..

“Laado……..be quick, don’t you want to apply haldi to Swara?” Her Dadi shouted. The moment broke and I stepped back. Ragini called out to her that she will be there in a few minutes. She then turned to me and poked my chest.

“Dekhiye……..stop troubling me! I am seeing you everywhere. I am having difficulties in doing my chores. Stay away from me and go away! When the real Lakshya comes, I will be happy then.” She said angrily. Then, she turned around and walked away!

I placed my hand on my head and ruffled my hair, smiling goofily. Ragini……..Aww! Don’t worry, I will come for real and then I will surely make you happy. But right now, I have to go…………

My eyes fell on the food Ragini had been preparing. Raita! I took out a bowl, transferred some to it and started eating. When it got over, I put it near the big bowl and left a note:

Dear Ragini,

Missing me? Same pinch! Raita was tasty but requires a bit more salt.

Your dashing husband

P.S. I love you xoxoxoxoxox


I looked into the mirror. I saw a man in a cream and golden sherwani and a magenta salwar, with his smooth hair styled to look voluminous. He sported a great stubble. To the world, he was Lakshya Durgaprasad Maheshwari. But I knew that, at this moment, he wasn’t.

Ragini needs to be removed from our lives. I have discovered that I am able to surface only when Lakshya is feeling upset and lonely. And that happens now only when Ragini isn’t in his presence. Ragini has been in the Baadi for two days and I have been able to take over his mind easily and plan my attack. Tonight, Ragini or not, I will appear . Appear, never to go back again.

“Lucky………stop staring at yourself in the mirror. It is my wedding, not yours!” I heard Sanskaar’s voice. I slipped away, hopefully, for the last time.


“Ragu…………come with Shona quickly. It is time for the muharat.” Maa said to me. I nodded and she went away.

I turned to Swara who I had readied myself. She was dressed in a red sari as a Bengali bride. It had been decided that all the functions would be in Marwari style but the wedding would be a traditional Bengali ceremony, just as Swara had dreamt of when she was a child. Swara looked beautiful.

I walked up to her where she was sitting in front of the dressing table, staring at her reflection. I stood beside her and placed my hand on her shoulder. She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at me through the mirror. Our eyes met.

I was wearing a cream and golden lehnga with some magenta pink designs on it and a magenta blouse to go with it. My hair was open and styled in waves which turned into soft curls at the ends. Swara smiled at me and said, “You are looking amazing Ragini. Lakshya wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you.”

“This day is yours Swara. Not mine. I will not spoil your special day again like I did the last time.” I told her. She shook her head at me. I smiled back.

“Ready?” I asked her. She looked at herself in the mirror once more and then squared her shoulders and nodded. She stood up and I held her by her shoulders and we went down.

As we came down the stairs, everyone looked up at us. They were awestruck and we both looked at each member of our families and smiled. My eyes then fell on the man who was standing next to the bridegroom.

Lakshya was looking extremely handsome in his matching outfit. He was looking at me and smiling. I recalled the note he had left for me in the kitchen and blushed. Our eyes met.

Moh moh..
Moh moh ke dhaage

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe

Swara and I reached the foot of the stairs. Lakshya was looking at me. I was seeing him after so long. My heart started jumping in joy.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

Swara and I reached the mandap. I made her sit down and went aside. Lakshya was standing opposite to me, and we were facing each other. I remembered my mission today to expose Lakshya and tell him the truth.

Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna

Lakshya looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He was the sweetest person on this earth. It was a miracle that he understood the intensity of my feelings for him and fell in love with ME. Not some beautiful, modern and talented girl. But me. My mind was in a turmoil. I didn’t want to hurt him but I had no choice. Tears welled up in my eyes thinking about what would happen in a few hours.

Tu din sa hai, main raat
Aa na dono mill jaayein shaamon ki tarah

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

Lakshya came towards me by moving round the mandap, looking at me constantly. I moved in the opposite direction, all the while, looking at him. To anybody who saw us, it seemed we were taking pheras around the circular mandap, but with half a circle’s gap between us.

Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle toh na tha
Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle toh na tha
Chitthiyon ko jaise mill gaya
Jaise ik naya sa pataa
Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle toh na tha

Khaali raahein, hum aankh moonde jaayein
Pahunche kahin toh bewajah

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

As Lakshya came closer, I kept on moving away. He raised his eyebrows and I smiled blushingly and looked away. I turned back and saw him looking at me intensely. I stared back.

Ki teri jhooti baatein main saari maan loon
Ki teri jhooti baatein main saari maan loon
Aankhon se tere sach sabhi
Sab kuch abhi jaan lu
Ki teri jhooti baatein main saari maan loon

I wondered how I was so easily affected by him. It was so strange to realise that a man, who I didn’t even know till a year back, had so much power over me and I had an equal power over him. I understood him just by looking at his eyes and recognised him so easily. It was other wordly.

Tezz hain dhaara, behte se hum awaara
Aa tham ke saanse le yahaan

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

“Ye vivah sampann hua. Aaj se aap dono pati-patni kehlaayenge.” Panditji announced. Everyone clapped and the noise broke my chain of thoughts. I saw Lakshya looking at me and smiling. I smiled back.

The rest of the ceremony went well. Every guest found the bride very beautiful and the bridegroom very handsome. It was a match made in heaven.

I managed to steal Sanskaar’s shoes and was gifted a diamond ring as the shagun. My smile at being given the prize was so wide that everyone started laughing. I saw Lakshya looking at me with amusement. Swara pouted and complained, “I never got a chance to rob my Jiju like this!”

Everyone tensed. While I had been generally forgiven, the incident had still not been forgotten. Swara realised her folly and bit her tongue. Before anyone could say anything, Lakshya replied to her, “Shona billi! You wouldn’t have been able to rob me. I would have brought an extra pair and if that didn’t work, I would order another pair from Snapdeal! I am smart, unlike your husband!”

Sanskaar slapped his forehead and then scolded Lakshya for not advising him earlier. Lakshya gave a fake pout.

Everybody laughed and the atmosphere cleared. I looked at Lakshya gratefully and he inclined his head at me with a smile. Then everybody sat down to eat. We weren’t having a bidaai for Swara as the wedding was in the mansion itself. After everybody had eaten and the guests and workers had left, we were preparing for the other rituals. Every member of the two families was inside the house. I slipped away.

I connected the camera to the laptop which was connected to the TV in our house. I came out and said to Papaji, “Papaji, if you don’t mind, can I show you all something? It won’t take much time and it is important.” He gave me the permission to do so and I switched off all the lights. Then, I played the recording.

There was a pin drop silence in the hall. I was crying watching the video. Everybody looked at Lakshya who looked at the video, confused and aghast. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. I looked away, unable to meet his eyes. Everyone continued watching the video. As soon as it got over, I switched on the lights.

Everybody looked at Lakshya fearfully. And the fear turned into horror. Lakshya wasn’t where he had been standing anymore. Everybody looked at me, or rather, behind me with fear. I turned around slowly and saw Lakshya,or rather, his alter ego, standing behind me with rage in his eyes and carrying a knife. He raised it to stab me.

“RAGINI!” I heard Swara scream. I dodged the knife and staggered backwards. He came forward.

“Tch.tch. Over smart woman. Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari. So you did it? You are smarter than I gave you credit for. I had been so sure in the hospital that you would never be able to prove that I exist and I would finish you off easily before you find a way to do so. But that foolish Lakshya resisted me. But not today, no! Today will be the last day you breathe!” He growled out. Sanskaar screamed at him, “Lucky, what are you doing?”

Lakshya turned to him in anger. “I am not your brother Lakshya. I am not him. And I am trying to kill her, don’t interfere!” He raised me by my arm and held the knife at my neck. “Don’t come closer. Don’t come closer or I will kill her right in front of you all!” He said.

Swara started crying while tears flew down my eyes too. Lakshya continued, “So shall I confess? Okay. My name is Lucky. I am the man who blackmailed this pretty lady over here to push her sister into the river and marry Lakshya. She had been helping Sanskaar but then left it because she loved her useless sister too much. So I had to intervene. I am the one who tried to kill Lakshya too. Remember the truck accident? I did it.” He said proudly.

“Lakshya, why? Why are you doing all this?” Maa asked him.

He looked at her with disgust. “Shut up Mata Maheshwari! Finally opened your mouth, aye? Where were you when Lakshya was tortured every day? Where were you when he was lonely? Where were you when your sorry excuse of a husband was BEATING Lakshya with his belt?”

Everybody gave a gasp and looked at Papaji who had his head bowed down. Maa was crying heavily.

Lakshya continued. “Nobody knows? You hid it well. Yes. Lakshya was beaten up by his father with a belt at the farmhouse when he was just fifteen. I had to come after that, otherwise he would have committed suicide. So, mataji. Where were you then? If you had opened your mouth at that time, I would never have come.”

“Lakshya, please. Look around you. See. No one will harm you now. Leave Ragini. Please, turn back to normal. Everything will be alright.” Sanskaar tried.

“No! Nothing will be alright. Even if I leave and Lakshya takes control of his own mind, you all will blame him and hurt him again. Just like you always do. He won’t be able to take it. He doesn’t even know I exist. Nothing will be fine. I will kill this Ragini and then, Lakshya and I will go away. Far from you all.” He said. Everybody was pleading with him to release me but he laughed like a maniac and shook his head.

He slowly moved backwards, taking me along with him by holding the knife against me. I moved back with him. Everybody started moving forwards. I closed my eyes.

I could hear Swara crying and begging Lakshya to let me go, I heard my Dadi praying loudly to God to save me, I heard Shomi Maa crying and cursing herself for not believing me, I heard Papa shout at Lakshya and then cry that he was a bad father who never understood me. I heard Dadaji sobbing, I heard Maa and Papaji trying to reason with Lakshya. I heard Uttara, Pari Bhabhi trying to pacify Chachiji who seemed in shock and Chachaji and Adarsh Bhaiya calling the police.

We reached the garden. Lakshya was still holding the knife and I was moving with him. I opened my eyes and looked at everyone. Everybody had tears in their eyes. I smiled sadly.

Suddenly, I heard a CRACK above me. Lakshya fell backwards and while doing so, the knife in his hand accidently slashed my neck. As blood seeped out, I saw the horrified faces of everyone. The last thing I felt, before slipping into darkness, was falling to the ground…………….


Ho gaya. Yipee! *Dances like Lakshya*
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