Raglak ff: Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode 12 Hum The Mile Tumse Na Jaane Kyun?)


Hi guys, Bela is back!!!!!

Thanks to every reader who commented on my previous chapter. I had a fun time typing the rap and the scenes. The point was that I felt that it suited Swara’s personality as shown initially in the show. Lakshya, being Lakshya was a confused personality. And my brainchild, the alter ego of Lakshya……………phew! I love him.

Today’s episode has the cameo of very well loved characters of Indian TV. I debated between Arjun/ Radhika of Manmarziyaan, Raman/Ishita of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Abhi/Pragya of Kumkum Bhagya, Arshi from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and even RK/Madhubala from Madhubala(then sadly realised that they are supposed to be dead). Such confusion! I love them all!
Finally, I chose none of the above but characters I personally like very much. Actually, three of them. Hope you like it.

And this episode has the part where Ragini finally, gets to know about Lakshya’s condition. And I tried to make it a bit filmy(as in a bit unbelievable). And I would like to dedicate that particular scene to my dear reader Fats. You love romantic filmy scenes don’t you? Then this one’s for you love………………

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Let’s start the episode………….


“And I love you Sanskaar. I just love you.”

Ragini’s words kept on ringing in my head. She loved Sanskaar. Sanskaar. My brother. The love of my life loved my brother. Why? Why does everyone love Sanskaar? Why not me?

Tune Jo Na Kaha
Main WO sunta raha
Khaamakha bewajaa
Khaab bunta raha………

Jaane kis Ki Hume lag gayi Hai nazar
Iss sheher,mein na apna thikana raha.
Door Chahat se main apni chalta raha
Khaamakha bewajaa khaab junta raha

That single sentence has turned my life upside down. Till now, I had a hope that she loved me. And now, all my hopes and dreams were crushed. Now, I can feel Ragini’s pain, what she must have felt when I told her I loved Swara. The pain of realising that your love loves your sibling. But hey, Ragini loves Sanskaar. Not me. So she mustn’t have felt the pain at all.

Dard pehle se Hai zyada
Khud se phir ye kiya vaada
Khamosh nazrein rahein bezuban

Ab na pehle si baatein hain
Bolo to lab thar-tharate hain
Raaz ye dil Ka na ho Bayaan.

Ho gaya ye asar Koi humpe nahi
Humsafar mein to Hai Humsafar Hai nahi.
Door jata raha, paas aata raha
Khaamakha bewaja khaab bunta raha.

Earlier, there used to be the pain of not being one. Now, the pain is a thousand times more since now I know that we can never be one. Ragini, despite being my soulmate, was not mine. Right now, they both were standing in front of me. Shocked. I took a last look at Ragini. She seemed a bit alarmed but wasn’t really scared that I had come to know about her feelings.

Aaya WO phir nazar aise
Baat chhidne lagi phir se
Aankhon mein chubhta
Kal Ka dhuaan.

Haal tera na humsa Hai
Is khushi mein kyu gham sa Hai?
Basne laga kyun phir woh jahan.

Woh jahan door jis se gaye the nikal
Phir se aankhon mein karti Hai
Jaise pehal.

Lamha beeta hua, dil dukhata raha.
Khamakha bewaja, khaab bunta raha.

Tune Jo na kaha, main WO sunta raha
Khamakha bewajaa khaab bunta raha

I recalled each moment we spent together. I recalled my each dream of living happily with her. All was for naught! All the memories were like shards of glass which pricked my heart. I turned around and went inside my car. Behind me, I heard Ragini calling me. I ignored her. I couldn’t face her just now. As I was about to start the car, Ragini banged on my window. I rolled them down.

“Lakshya, what happened? Where are you going? Look, your hand is bleeding. Please bandage it….” She said in a hurry.

What happened? WHAT HAPPENED? You fell in love with my brother, is what happened. Where am I going? Somewhere you won’t be able to find me. Somewhere I can cry my heart out for my pain and loss. My hand is bleeding? Great, even my heart is bleeding. And THAT hurts Ragini. It will only be healed with the balm of your love. Which you have given to Sanskaar……………..

Jaane kiski Hume lag gayi Hai nazar
Is sheher mein na apna thikhana raha

“Lakshya……..are you even listening to me? Why are you being so stubborn? Come out! Now!” She screamed.

I felt anger rise up inside me. I started the car and drove away, leaving my love standing there all alone. Oh, not totally alone. Sanskaar was with her alright.

Door chahat se main apni chalta raha
Bujh gayi aag thi, Daag jalta raha……


What the…………? Ragini loved that stupid Sanskaar? How did this happen? I was damn sure she loved Lakshya. Then from where did this Sanskaar come in between?

Oh god! The situation would still have been under my control if she had loved Lakshya. I could have taken over his mind. But what do I do about Sanskaar? Shall I kill him? Yes, that would be good. NO! Ragini could suspect me. Everything would be over then. Ughh……what should I do?

Ragini. You didn’t do right. No, you didn’t. Lakshya is broken because of you and I have to see him cry like a baby as his heart is broken. I myself am shattered. But I won’t let you go so easily. Sanskaar loves Swara. And you are still Lakshya’s wife. That fool may do anything for you but I won’t. I will not let Lakshya divorce you. You are mine. Just mine. And you will never be able to get rid of me.


I called Lakshya again. Again he didn’t pick it up. God! What was his problem? Why was he ignoring me? Where was he? He had been so normal before he had come and……………..

Wait. He came in just as I was hugging Sanskaar and saying I love you to him. Did he misunderstand us? Oh no! How can he be so foolish? Sanskaar loves Swara and I………………I have never loved and can never love a man other than Lakshya. He is my EVERYTHING.

I kept on trying his number. Finally, he picked it up.

“Hello? Lakshya? Where are you? Are you okay?”


“Lakshya, are you upset with me? What for? What did I do? Look, it is late at night. Please come back home. We can talk about it. Please?”

“What is there to talk about Ragini? You love Sanskaar. What is there to talk about? And why should I come back? To see you with my brother? No Ragini. I can’t do this. I cannot watch you with someone else.”

I frowned. Lakshya was definitely drunk. And in a pub. I could hear songs in the background.

“Lakshya, are you at a pub? Where are you? You are drunk. Please come back home. I will come and pick you up. Please?”

“I am not coming anywhere with you. Leave me alone!” Lakshya whined and disconnected. I tried calling him again but his number was switched off.

I was shocked. Lakshya actually thought that I loved Sanskaar? How can he do that? Doesn’t he trust me? Is this his love? Where will I find him now?

I told Maa that I was going to the Baadi and Lakshya may be late as he was in the office. And then, I quickly set out to find him.

Mid way, the car broke down. I had no idea where he was, the car had broken down and I was stranded alone on an isolated road. There was no network so I couldn’t call anyone at home. I waited to take a lift from someone.

Some goons came towards me. They were obviously very drunk. I ignored them while they made vulgar remarks.

“Hello beauty queen! What are you doing alone here at night?” One man slurred. I looked at him in disgust.

“Aww…….the baby doesn’t like you! I am sure she would find me more handsome. Won’t you sweety?” Another man came closer.

I stepped back and said, “Stay away from me. Don’t come near me.”

They all started laughing raucously. I started running away from them and they started following me. I ran for a mile and then fell down by tripping on a rock. My forehead started bleeding. I turned around to find the men surrounding me.

“Oh……we have caught a PT Usha! You run fast babe! But enough warm up. Let’s start the real action……”

I started screaming while they advanced on me. God! Please help me. Please! Somebody help.

One man came closer and tried to remove my sari. I resisted. I kicked him and scratched his cheeks. He slapped me hard and I fell to the ground.

Blood oozed from my already bleeding forehead. My cheek had bruised, I was sure of it. I closed my eyes. Images of Lakshya swarmed my mind. I did not know what would happen with me now. I had no idea whether I would survive or not. Tears came to my eyes.

CRACK! I heard a noise just above me. I slowly looked up to find a man fighting with the goon who slapped me. There were three of them. They were fighting with the goons. Since the goons were drunk, they were no match for the other men who were well bodied and good fighters. Soon, all of them ran away.

One of them came closer to me. I scooted away from him. He stepped back.

“Umm……listen. I don’t wanna scare you much but the thing is that your head is bleeding. I think it requires medical attention.” He said to me.

I touched my forehead and winced.

“You think? Seriously? You THINK? Obviously she needs medical attention! And we are not qualified to do the job.” The second man shouted at the first one.

The third man had been quiet all this while. He came closer to me.

“Hello. I am Kunj Sarna! I don’t want to hurt you like those men. I want to help you. Can you please cooperate with us?” He asked me gently.

I felt comfortable with him and nodded my head at him. He seemed familiar…………

“How does he get along so well with everyone? Except that jerk Yuvi, of course!” The first man asked the second man.

Kunj looked at him, irritated. “Mr. Kabir Kumar! Stop your nonsense and help me! We need to get her to a clinic or something.”

Kabir slapped his forehead. “Oh yes! Sorry. Okay. I will switch on my charm! Hello lady. I am Kabir. I know I am handsome and dashing but I just wanted to tell you that I am already married to a feisty girl named Nisha Gangwal who will kill you and me both, if you tried anything with me…….” Kabir was unable to complete his sentence as the second man slapped him on his head.

“Shut up! That lady is married as well. And before you ask me how I know this, she is wearing a mangalsutra and sindoor. And you are not the only one married here. All of us are. Kunj is married to Twinkle, you are married to Nisha and I am married to Ishaani. Stop gloating about it. I have been cursing my fate since I got married!” The second man told Kabir.

“Leave him Ranveer. Stop it you two! Can’t you just help me get her to the car. She needs first aid.” Kunj said.

Ranveer and Kabir came forward to help me stand up while Kunj went to the car and opened the door. I was made to sit in the back seat with Kabir while Ranveer drove the car with Kunj beside him.


The music was blaring from the speakers while everyone was dancing around me. Hippies, most of them. I was sitting on a barstool and drinking my whiskey, watching the men and women dancing sensuously on the floor.

Ragini. Why? Why did you do that? I laughed bitterly. Seems like there is something wrong with my stars. Whenever I plan to propose to her, something wrong happens. Something which breaks my heart. The first time, Ragini’s truth came out. The second time, she rejected me and I met with an accident. And today, I had planned to take her to dinner alone and confess again in a grand manner and I came to know that she felt for my brother.

Life has never been easy for me. As a child, I was overlooked in favour of my brothers and constantly made to feel inferior. And then, there was my stuttering problem. In school, I was the ‘rich spoilt child’ for everyone and so, was hounded by people who cared more for my money than me. And as soon as I was out of sight, I was made fun of because of my stutter.

Kavya. My first girlfriend. Everyone had warned me against her but I, like a fool, had ignored them and run after her because she seemed like she cared. Of course she didn’t. Cared more for my wallet. I had been heartbroken when I had overheard her converstaion with her friends, mocking me for my stutter and stammering problems. I had been mortified. Yet I continued seeing her. I was afraid that I would be alone if we broke up. But soon, she herself broke up with me. Left me for my best friend. That had been the ultimate betrayal.

What I don’t understand is why anybody cannot love me? What is wrong with me? Am I not handsome enough? I know I can be a bit stupid but can’t Ragini ignore that? Why……..


“Ugh……the music is so loud! Damn the DJ! ” I took a swig of my whiskey and looked around. The place was cool. Gorgeous girls in short and skimpy dresses, swaying their hips to the music. It was so hot.

Beside me, a girl took a seat. She was wearing a black minidress which hugged her bust and hips and showed ample cleavage. She had smokey eyes and red lips. In short, very hot!

I turned to her. “May I buy you a drink?” I asked smoothly.

She smirked at me. “Uff………..the usual pleasantries! Why don’t we come straight to the point?” She asked seductively.

I smirked back. I grabbed her by her waist and took her to the floor. We started dancing sensuously.

I placed my hands on her pelvis while she hooked them around my waist. Our fronts touched and we started grinding together. I brought my face close to her and leaned towards her lips………

“Lakshya!” Ragini’s voice came to my ears in a whisper. “Lakshya!” I heard it again, a far-off voice.

That voice. I turned around and saw nobody. I remembered this particular tone as she had used it when Lakshya had been stuck in the car after his accident. Damn it! Lakshya was thinking about her and trying to stop me from hooking up with this girl.

Ragini. He cannot live without her. She is everywhere. She has made the both of us powerless. Here I am, a hot girl standing in front of me, willing, and he is worried about Ragini. No, it wouldn’t do. I will enjoy tonight. Damn Ragini tonight!

I took the girl with me and we went to the parking lot, groping each other frantically. She was tugging at my shirt and kissing my neck while I was giving her love bites.

I opened my car and she hopped in the backseat. I entered after her. I came closer to kiss her and sniffed her fragrance. It was lavender.

Suddenly, I felt an acute pressure in my head. I felt as if someone was pulling me out. Oh no! Lakshya was trying to regain control. He would spoil all the fun I wanted to have with this chick. No! I have to stop him. But it was a bit difficult. Slowly, everything turned hazy…………….


Throughout the ride, Kabir kept chattering away. I liked him. He reminded me just of Lakshya, with his innocent face, bubbly looks and chirpy attitude. I felt a pang in my chest. Lakshya………………

“And then Nisha and her cousins added me to their WhatsApp group ‘Cousins’ and now I am an active member of it.” He finished his tale happily.

I smiled at him. I looked at Kunj again. He seemed familiar………….

“If you don’t mind, can we know your name?” Ranveer asked me.

“Ragini.” I replied. I didn’t want to take my full name as it would alert them to who I was.

“Ragini…….nice name. What is your husband’s name? Sur? Taal?” Kabir asked me.

Ranveer and Kunj rolled their eyes. I gave a look to Kabir who shut up.

Ranveer stopped the car and looked at me with shock. “You are an amazing woman! You have achieved the impossible! You have shut up Kabir Kumar.” He said.

Kabir faked a pout while Kunj chuckled. Ranveer smirked and started the car again.

“Are you all new to Kolkata?” I asked them.

“Actually we all are childhood friends. Kabir went to London and I shifted to Amritsar so we lost contact. But now all of us live in Mumbai where I and Ranveer have our business and Kabir is a choreographer.” Kunj replied.

Kunj Sarna from Amritsar. Punjab. Yes! He was the same Kunj with whom I and Sanskaar had done a project with in a College exchange program. We had talked to each other via Skype some times but Kunj mainly corresponded with Sanskaar and was his good friend.

“Kunj, I am Ragini Gadodia. Do you remember me?” I asked him slowly.

Kunj jerked backwards. Kabir and Ranveer gave us confused looks.

“OMG! Ragini? You? So nice to meet you again!” Kunj exclaimed and shook my hand.

We explained to the others how we knew each other. Kabir nodded in understanding while Ranveer asked us questions about our project.

I came to know that Ranveer Vaghela was in fact the famous businessman RV. Kunj Sarna was also a known name in the business circles. And Kabir was a choreographer for Bollywood movies and dance reality shows. They had come to Kolkata with their wives for a quick trip as Ranveer and Kunj had to sign a deal here.

“What were you doing alone at night in such a place?” Ranveer asked me.

“Went to look for him.” I blurted out unthinkingly, lost in my thoughts.

“Who?” Kabir asked.

“My husband.” I replied.

Kunj looked at me strangely. I smiled sadly at him. I knew that they had questions in their minds. A lot of them. And I wanted to share my sorrow with them but I was afraid.

“Umm…………wait a sec. Is your husband a ghost?” Kabir asked me. I looked at him strangely.

He elaborated. “You were in an isolated road with no one next to you. Normally ghosts dwell in such places. So is your husband a ghost?”

I looked at him. “Aap bachpan se hi aise hain ya abhi abhi aapki wiring kharab ho gayi?” I asked him.

Ranveer and Kunj burst out laughing. Kabir looked at me as if I had told him that he was a worthless piece of crap.

Kunj looked at me while wiping his eyes which were full of tears due to excessive laughing. He then turned to me seriously and asked, “Where is he Ragini? Your husband?”

“I don’t know. He misunderstood me and went away without informing anyone. I tried calling him but he isn’t responding. I don’t know where he is.” I told them. I felt lighter.

Ranveer looked at me thoughtfully. “Where exactly were you going to look for him then?” He asked.

“We have a farmhouse some 15 km away from here. I was going there to check.” I answered.

“Farmhouse? Does it have a farm? Are there chickens in there?” Kabir asked excitedly.

Kunj hit him again and Kabir stopped.

“So after we have your first aid done, do you want to go and check there once?” Ranveer asked me.

“It is kind of you to offer. But no. I have decided to go back to my father’s house and stay the night there. I would return home the next morning. Hopefully, he will be back by then.” I told him.

Ranveer nodded. “It is a good idea. But it won’t solve your problem. I know by personal experience that it is better to confront your spouse as soon as you can. Time may heal wounds and cool him down but you will be harming your relationship in the long run.”

“Should I not give him space?” I asked.

“What space? He is the one who misunderstood you. You need to question him! Ragini, a marriage is a very important institution. Both the members have to participate fully to make it work. Your husband cannot run away from his responsibility but he did. And now, you are doing the same.” Kunj told me.

Ranveer continued, “Some things are better left unsaid. But you need to talk. This misunderstanding right now can change into a full doubt some time later and then, an obsession. I did that once. Misunderstood my wife. Thought that she was having an affair with her ex fiancΓ©. Chirag Mehta. He showed me some pictures in which they were close. I believed him because I was insecure.”

I gasped. “What happened then?”

“I treated her horribly. I was………..shot on the night of the Karwa Chauth. She had kept a fast for me. I wanted to die because I thought that she betrayed me. But she prayed and I got well. But I treated her horribly. It happened a few years ago.” He said, lost in those memories.

Kunj put his hand on Ranveer’s shoulders who came back to reality.

“Ragini, I know that right now, you may be upset and even angry. But if you want to save your marriage, you have to take a step. It will save you from a lot of heartbreak.” Kunj said to me.

‘He knows I love him. He loves me. Why can’t he trust me then? Why should I bow down?” I asked him.

Kabir smiled at me. “You know what? Ego is a very dangerous thing. In a marriage, it is feasible not to have it. But even if it does exist, make sure that it is only present in one partner. If both of you bring your separate egos in between yourselves, you will reach nowhere. Or rather, you will reach the end.” he said wisely.

“And how can you be sure whether he doubts you or not? Just because he needs to be alone doesn’t necessarily mean that he is doubting you.” Kunj added.

They were right. Lakshya had been drunk when he had accused me of loving Sanskaar. He wasn’t in his senses. I had a very strong feeling that had he been sober, the conversation between us would have been different.

And well, he had come at the wrong time. Had he listened to my entire conversation with Sanskaar, he wouldn’t have misunderstood. It wasn’t his fault. It was the situation which was at fault.

We reached a hospital where I was treated for the cut. Although it was a minor cut, some amount of blood had been lost and there was a chance of infection. So I was asked to stay under observation for the night. Ranveer completed the formalities while Kunj and Kabir called up their wives to inform them.

Kunj: Twinkle, actually we are in the hospital. No, nobody died. Actually a woman was injured and was being harassed by some men. We saved her and brought her to the hospital. Yes, I fought like Akshay Kumar. Yep. Gave a few kicks and threw some punches.

Umm, yep. She is beautiful. Yes, very beautiful. Shut up! She is married and so am I. I love you. I can’t even think about anyone else.

Haan, kya karoon? Siyappa queen ke saath rehkar main bhi siyaappe karne laga hoon! It may take some time. You go to sleep. Bye. Love you Twinkie!

Meanwhile, at Kabir’s side……..

Kabir: Nishu, yaar ek panga ho gaya. No, I didn’t do anything this time, I swear! Actually a woman was being harassed by some goons and she was injured. So we saved her and brought her to a hospital.

Now she is okay. A bit weak. No, we thought to inform you that we may get a bit late as the hospital proceedings take time. Yes. You sleep. Bye. Muah. Miss me? No? Koi nahi. Is Dard ko bhi seh Lenge hum, is gham ko bhi pee Lenge hum! Bye. Love you too.

Ranveer came inside talking on his phone. “Haan Ishaani. Lag jaayega time. No, not yet. After this call, we will call her family. For God’s sake Ishaani! I didn’t run her over with my car. I didn’t do her accident. You were joking? Meh. Did you take your medicines? Okay. Good girl! Okay, I will disconnect now. Take care. Love you too!”

Ranveer asked me for my family member’s number. I gave him Swara’s number. He went out and made the call. He returned a few minutes later and said, “Your sister would reach in about half an hour. You can rest till then.”

The loss of blood and my heavy conversation with Kunj, Kabir and Ranveer had made me tired. I slowly went to sleep


WTH? Ragini doesn’t smell like lavenders. She smells like roses. Fresh red roses. I smiled goofily thinking about her fragrance. I drew in a long breath. And then made a face.

Lavender. Again. How is this possible? I opened my eyes and received the greatest shock of my life.

In front of me, lying on my car seat was a scandalously dressed woman, making a weird face as if she was in heaven. How did she reach here? How did I reach here? Wasn’t I in the club, drinking? And most importantly, WHY WAS I STRADDLING HER?

I leapt away and hit my head on the car roof. I yelped in pain and rubbed the sore spot. She opened her eyes and gave me an annoyed look.

“You can’t do it, you know. You cannot. Because I am not her. I am not the one you want in your arms. It is obvious. I understood it as soon as you backed out from kissing me!” She said to me.

I looked at her, head to toe. Obviously you aren’t the woman I want in my arms! I want Ragini. And you aren’t Ragini. She is beautiful, with chocolate brown eyes, a cute pink pout which she paints red, long brown-black hair, cute button nose and long eyelashes and very good hands and pretty knees…………….wait, what? Pretty knees? Huh. Where did that come from? I must be really drunk! But now that I think of it, she does have really pretty knees…………………

The woman snapped her fingers in front of my face. I came out of my pleasing thoughts and looked at her, annoyed. She raised her eyebrow. “Do you or do you not want to do it?” She asked me.

What? What is she talking about? What would I want to do with………her? She could have been my type a few months earlier, before I had met my Ragini. But now……………………..NEVER! And what is she talking about anyways? And how did she come here in the first place………………..?

She huffed in annoyance and went out of the car. I poked my head out of the window to ask her what she meant. Before I could speak, she turned to me and asked, “What is her name, by the way? The one you are craving for?”

“Ragini.” I replied smilingly. I am sure that I looked like an idiot.

“Is she pretty?” She asked apprehensively.

I closed my eyes and imagined her. Large chocolate eyes blinking up at me, her full lips turning into a shy smile, her long fingers combing my hair affectionately, her round cheeks turning red whenever I was near and her silky smooth hair fanning my face every morning.

“Beautiful!” I whispered, my eyes still closed. I smiled widely.

She huffed again. “Then I have no idea what she is doing with you!” She spat and walked away.

I frowned and opened my eyes. Ouch! That hurt. I was reminded of today’s events and I grew sad. I took out my mobile phone and looked at her picture. It was of our engagement. We both were sitting together. I was smiling at the camera while Ragini was looking at me and smiling.

I saw that she had called me 51 times. I felt guilty. Suddenly my phone flashed. ‘Shona Billi Calling’ it read. I picked it up and regretted it instantly.

She screeched into the phone about my careless behaviour and stuff while I listened, bored. Her coming words though, shook me to the core.

“Do you even know what has happened? Ragini lied at home to say that she was going to the Baadi but she went somewhere else but then was attacked by some goons who tried to harass her. She was saved by some men. Her head was bleeding and they took her to the hospital. And you are in the office, doing God-knows-what! Come fast to City Hospital! Sanskaar and I are already in our way!” She screamed.

I dropped the phone in shock. Ragini was in the hospital? She was hurt? She was attached by some rogues? She had been alone and had gone somewhere. I think I knew where.

She had gone to search for me. Tears came flowing from my eyes. I started the car and drove fast, praying for my love.


Is she crazy? She went out alone at night to find Lucky, without informing anyone. And to top it off, she lied. I had managed to douse Swara’s questions by telling her that I didn’t know why she did that. But I knew why. Lakshya.

He must have misunderstood us. I and Ragini. But how can he manage to do that is what eludes me. RAGINI LOVES HIM. Crazily. Intensely. The entire world can see that. Then why doesn’t that fool does?

I drove the car inside the hospital grounds. Let him come. He will have to answer a lot of questions.

I went to the reception and asked for Ragini. Swara called up Ranveer. We were escorted to a room. We entered and Swara went to Ragini’s side, sobbing.

I shook hands with a man who introduced himself as Ranveer and I introduced myself. On hearing my name, Ranveer smiled. He pointed out another man to me who was standing near the wall and smiling at me.

Kunj. We hugged each other and the three of us went out to talk and Kunj and I started reminiscing our old days. Kunj told me about their conversation with Ragini which confirmed my suspicions about what she had been up to. I explained the scenario to Kunj and Ranveer who agreed that it was all about bad timing.

The nurse came to inform us that Ragini was awake. We went inside her room. We saw Swara force feeding Ragini slices of apples while another man sat behind her, slyly stealing the slices from the plate and shoving them inside his mouth.

“KABIR!” Ranveer admonished the man who dropped the slice of apple and looked at us, alarmed. Swara, realising what he had been doing, started beating him on his back and he started yelping while Ragini smiled at them.

We all talked for a while and then, Kabir, Kunj and Ranveer decided to leave. The shook hands with me and Swara and then turned to Ragini.

“Remember what we said.” Ranveer told her, squeezing her hand.

“Take care Ragini. Do think about what we said.” Kunj told her, patting her head.

Kabir made a fake crying face and wiped imaginary tears from his eyes and said, “Alvida, meri dost! Let’s hope we meet again.”

The three shared their numbers with Ragini while I and Swara stood there, amazed. It seemed as though they had become very good friends. Ragini seemed genuinely sad that they were leaving. She made them promise that they would bring along their wives for a dinner before leaving Kolkata. They did and then went away.

Swara looked at Ragini. “New friends?” She asked.

Ragini smiled. “Friends for a lifetime!” She replied.

Kabir popped his head inside. “Ragini, umm if you don’t mind……………”he stuttered.

Ragini smiled prettily and replied, “Oh sure! Why not Kabir? Take the packet of biscuits with you! I don’t want to eat them.”

Kabir smiled like a child and snatched the pack of biscuits from Ragini’s tray and ran outside, waving his hand and blowing kisses while Ragini gave a peal of laughter.

I looked at Swara and we shook our heads. Ragini attracts the weirdest of people!

Half an hour later, Lakshya Maheshwari made a grand entry inside the room. He banged the door open and then slipped on the tiles and fell on his bum. He cried out in pain and muttered profanities while I covered Swara’s ears and scowled at him. Ragini looked at him sympathetically while the nurse who was checking Ragini shouted for the doctor, screaming that someone from the Mental Ward of the hospital had been let loose!

Lakshya scrambled on his feet and rushed to Ragini and held her hands and started stroking her face.

“Ragini, meri jaan! Are you all right? Oh my god, such a large bandage! Who told you to roam around alone at night? Are you stupid? Who does that? Why were you………AAHH!” He shouted in pain when Swara slapped his bum with the tray.

“Were you drinking Lakshya? You cheat! You told Ragini that you were in the office but you were drinking! Ughh……….you are disgusting!” She screamed at him.

Ragini tried to play peace maker and was given a deadly look by her elder sister. She, being a wise woman, shut up promptly.

I told Swara I would speak to Lakshya and then dragged him outside. We came to the compound of the hospital.

Lakshya shrugged and said to me, “Thanks a lot Bhai. That crazy woman……….how do you handle her?”

I gave him a dark look. He gulped.

“Lakshya…….were you drinking? No need to say. Your breath is enough! Are you mad?” I berated him.

“What do you think? How would you feel if you got to know that the love of your life loves your brother? I was devastated and not thinking clearly.” He mumbled.

I slapped him hard. He looked up at me in shock.

“You dumb idiot! You actually think that Ragini loves me? Are you stupid? How can you Lakshya? Ragini loves YOU. Although, I don’t know why, despite seeing herself that you are so foolish. But she loves you. We had been talking and she randomly said I love you to me. As a friend. Not as a lover. And you misunderstood us. You fool! Do you have any idea what she had to go through tonight? All because of you! What if something had happened to her? Would you be able to live with yourself? Come on Lucky, you know
it isn’t true. Why are you so insecure?”

“I don’t know Bhai. I don’t know. I love her but I don’t know if she loves me or not. She hasn’t told me. Plus, something strange is happening with me. I don’t remember things. I reach a place but I don’t remember how and when I did. And today……I found a girl inside my car, hugging me but I didn’t remember letting her in.” He said in a broken manner.

That explains why he is smelling of lavender. I shook my head at him. “Lucky, you need a break. As soon as Ragini gets well and I marry, take a break and go on a vacation with her. You are stressed.” I told him.

He nodded and I took him inside. Swara glared at him while he looked at Ragini who was sleeping peacefully. I took Swara out with me to give them privacy.


Ragini loves Lakshya. Ughh…..god knows how sick I am of hearing this again and again. She loves that fool. That fool who cannot differentiate between normal clothes and women’s lingerie. That fool who likes shy and traditional girls than the modern chicks. That fool who instantly got attracted to her rather than Swara. That fool who I have been protecting for so long now.

I looked at her from where I sat on the sofa. We were alone in the room. She was asleep on the bed.

She is becoming dangerous for both of us. Because of her, Lakshya is growing more and more independent and is able to resist me. And because of her, I am losing my head. So much that I even tried killing Lakshya. She has disturbed the balance between us.

Lakshya is in love with her. And I want her too. We have started a war for her. This isn’t supposed to happen.

Ragini and Lakshya share a connection. A connection I will never be able to have with her. And I cannot tolerate it. She has to go. If she can’t be mine, I won’t let her be anyone else’s. But the problem is that Lakshya won’t let her go easily. There was only one way left.

I picked up the cushion kept on the sofa and moved towards her. She was sleeping. It was perfect. She wouldn’t be able to cry out and no one will know. I smirked.

I pressed the cushion on her face. She woke up and started struggling. I pressed harder. She tried to scratch my cheeks and hands. Her nails dug into the cuts which Lakshya had gotten when he had been pricked by the rose. I felt pain and moved my hand away. She sat up on the bed and looked at me, shocked.

“Lakshya?” She said in a hoarse whisper. She was obviously shocked and in disbelief that her Lakshya could do this to her.

I don’t care. She is anyways going to die. So I think it cannot be an issue if she gets to know who had been her enemy these many months. I took out the knife that was kept in the fruit basket and advanced on her.

“Tch,tch. Ragini darling. I am not Lakshya.” I mocked her.

“Lakshya? What are you doing? You……..” She tried harder.

I laughed like a maniac. “I am NOT that idiot! I may be in him but we are different. He loves you, I am just obsessed. But don’t worry. You won’t live to tell the tale. I will keep my promise to you. I will kill you. And this time, I will be successful. Because this time, it won’t be potassium. It will be this knife!”

Ragini’s eyes grew wide in realisation. That was fast! She understood. I laughed harder.

“Y….yo….you black……blackmailed me?” She asked fearfully. I nodded slowly, enjoying this confrontation.

“You aren’t Lakshya! I have had this feeling before too. Who are you and where is he?” She asked in anger.

I laughed even harder. This is entertaining! Poor girl, she is going to die in such suspense. She didn’t understand?

“He is here…..” I pointed at myself. She shook her head vehemently.

“No you aren’t! My Lakshya is not like you. Your eyes are different and he doesn’t use his left hand like you do. Where is he? What have you done with him? Since when have you been in his place? I am asking something. Answer me. WHERE IS LAKSHYA?” She shouted.

I heard commotion outside. The doctors and staff were coming! Oh shit! I don’t have enough time to kill her and run away. My plan has gone kaput. I glared at her murderously and slowly went away. I will finish her off at the first chance I get later. No one will believe her anyways. Let Lakshya handle this in his usual confused way.


I blinked. I blinked again. I was in Ragini’s room and she was sitting up on the bed and looking scared out of her wits. I reached out to her and tried to hold her hand. She flinched and moved away. I gave her a hurt look while she looked at me closely, confused.

Swara and Sanskaar came inside with the nurses and looked around. Swara went to Ragini and asked her, “Why were you shouting? Lakshya is here only. Why were you asking where he is?”

Ragini paid no attention to her and kept on staring at me. She looked at me in disbelief. I went to her and cupped her face.

“I was here Ragini. On that couch. Are you upset because you thought I went away? I won’t leave you. Ever.” I hugged her. She stiffened in my embrace and then slowly, hugged me back and relaxed.

Swara smiled at us and sat down on the couch. Ragini looked up at me curiously.

“Lakshya?” She asked slowly. I smiled at her and stroked her hair. “Are you okay?” she asked me.

I nodded at her. I kissed her on her forehead and lulled her to sleep.


Oh God! What is happening? What was that? I was sure that he wasn’t Lakshya. But right there, in front of my eyes, he transformed. And I am sure that the man in whose arms I am right now is my Lakshya. What is going on?

Was he acting? No, then how can I feel so comfortable around him now? But it was strange. One moment he was the ‘blackmailer’ while the next, he was Lakshya………….

My eyes flew open. Does Lakshya have some mental condition? My heart stopped beating. Does he have a split personality?


Hehehehe. Ragini is one smart kiddo. Figured it out really easily. Must be all those serials she watches! But now, what will she do? How will she save herself and Lakshya from Lakshya himself?

And how did you like the guest appearances? Do comment and let me know.

1st man: Kabir Kumar from Nisha Aur Uske Cousins(played by Mishkat Verma)

2nd man: Ranveer Vaghela/RV from Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi(played by Shakti Arora)

3rd man: Kunj Sarna from Tashan-e-Ishq(played by Sidhant Gupta)

Up Next: Ragini confirms her suspicions, she is heartbroken, Swasan marriage, the family realise Lakshya’s condition.

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