Raglak ff: Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode 10 Pyaar ya Takraar?)


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Guys, most of you are right. Lakshya does have Split/Multiple Personality Disorder. And that has stemmed from the physical, mental and emotional abuse he has suffered in his childhood.

From here starts another phase of the story. Does Ragini love Lakshya enough to forgive him? Is her love strong enough to make him normal again?

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Let’s start the episode………….


I was walking on the road lifelessly. I was unable to believe it. He was the culprit. Lakshya. My love. My friend. My husband. My enemy.

I had tried to acquit him. Tried to play with the possibility that maybe someone else registered the number using his name. But then these things require documents. And THEY couldn’t be faked. And then, there was so much evidence against him.

But if he did it, then why? I was in a dilemma. There was no reason which came to my mind to answer my question. Lakshya had claimed that he loved me. Was it all fake? Was he planning something? Was he playing with me…………………….again?

No! Never. How can I think like that? He is my love……and he loves me too. He said he does. Why would he lie about it? What would he get by confessing his fake love? How can I just assume him to be the culprit? I love him. And love requires trust. I would talk to him personally. Everything would be fine.


I looked at my reflection in the mirror. What I saw didn’t really please me. Not anymore.

I had always liked Lakshya. After all, it was because of him that I was born. I was born that night. That night when Lakshya’s sorry excuse of a father had beaten him. There had been blood. Injuries. Bruises. Lakshya had cried, begged, howled and groaned. It had been between his anguished voice and the crack of the belt that I had taken birth.

And since that day, I had become his saviour. He didn’t know me. But I did. Of course, I did. Afterall, it was in his body that I was living. I helped him heal from the trauma. I taught him to rebel. I taught him to be tough. I am the reason for his aggression. Because Lakshya Maheshwari wasn’t that kind of a guy. He was sweet, charming, innocent, funny and a bit dumb. He wasn’t the cold and calculating man who plotted against his own father and tried to ruin him. Nor was he the man who blackmailed a woman and tried to kill her. It was me.

I wanted justice for him. I wanted justice for the innumerable times he had been mocked, mistreated and scolded by his father. I wanted justice for the times he was slapped for trivial things. I wanted justice for the times he would be ignored and neglected by his ‘family’ beacuse they didn’t have time. I wanted justice for the times he would be made to sleep hungry as a punishment. Maybe that is the reason he ate so much, the poor soul. I wanted revenge.

That is why I made him rebel against his father. I helped him in pursuing interiors and I helped him become Lucky. That is why that day, I purposedly made him tell his father about Sanskaar and Kavita. I made sure that Sanskaar would be thrown out. I helped Lakshya live a king’s life. I had slowed down after that. I had been full of rage when Durgaprasad Maheshwari had come and told him that he would be marrying a girl of his choice. Wasn’t Lakshya capable of finding his own bride? Why force him? It was at that moment that I decided that I would destroy everything. Every single thing.

I liked Swara. She was the woman that Lakshya needed to help him fight his father. She was fearless, bold and rebellious. Just like me. She would be a perfect person to challenge Durgaprasad Maheshwari and help Lakshya shine. I made Lakshya believe that he was in love with her. But that stupid fool never accepted. I was astonished how he was able to resist me. He obeyed me in all matters yet his mind failed to obey this one single order. At that time, I had been shocked. It struck me now, though. HE had always liked Ragini. Right from the beginning. And those feelings were strong enough to repel any notion of love I tried to force into his mind.

But I convinced him to marry Swara. But I was completely shocked when after so many efforts, she changed completely. Started wearing suits and salwars. Obeying elders. Becoming Ragini. It really annoyed me. This wasn’t supposed to happen! She was supposed to be herself!

It became a headache. I had to get rid of her. And then, my stroke of luck came. I happened to eavesdrop on Ragini and Sanskaar’s conversation and got to know that she was helping Sanskaar in destroying Lakshya and Swara’s marriage. And Sanskaar was acting to be crazy.

I was impressed. This girl was a chhupi rustom! With a face as innocent as hers, I would never have been able to guess! I loved it. I loved not doing anything and watching my wish come true. Lakshya and Swara were becoming distant due to Ragini’s plans. And then, I received another shock. Ragini decided to stop it all!

I had been angry. It was then that I blackmailed her. I wanted her to marry Lakshya at any cost! And I wanted that useless Swara out of the picture. And my plan worked beautifully. Ragini married Lakshya, helped him, became his friend and encouraged him to pursue what he likes. She gave him a reason to smile. Something which I had been trying to do for a long time now. I could finally see why Lakshya liked her. She was special. Her reluctance to obey me made me angry though. I knew she was allergic to potassium as one day she had said so when Lakshya had offered her a banana. I used that information and tried poisoning her in a fit of rage and had regretted it later.

And now, I had fallen for her. No idea how. I just did. And it was exhilarating. She is a beautiful woman. And her passion towards her loved ones makes me crazy about her. SHE is the one Lakshya needed in his life. And the one I wanted. And that was the problem.

She loved Lakshya. The sweet, charming and funny Lakshya. Not me. Not the dark one. And it made me really angry. I wanted her at any cost. She deserved to be treated like the queen she was. And Lakshya can never do that. A man who cannot defend himself can never protect his wife. And she didn’t deserve it. She deserved me.

It had been a foolish thing to try and kill Lakshya. After all, he is the one whose body I am using. He needs to be alive if I have to survive. But I would never get my Ragini for myself then. And I just refuse to share her with Lakshya.

I would slowly and steadily take over his mind. I would overpower his conscious side of the mind and then, I would become the new Lakshya. I would marry Ragini and live with her. We would rule……….Ragini and I. She will be mine.

I took out a picture of Ragini. She was looking gorgeous. It was from her muh dikhayi. I smirked. It wouldn’t be easy. Fighting with Lakshya for her. Because in all matters related to her, Lakshya was strong. It wasn’t easy to influence him. But I had never liked easy things. And well, Ragini was worth every effort.

I heard the doorknob open and a flash of annoyance passed over me. Couldn’t they just leave me alone for some time? I looked up with rage in my eyes and a scowl on face and then froze.

Standing in front of me was Ragini. Looking shocked and surprised at my reaction.


Seeing Lakshya with a murderous expression on his face made me startled. I had never seen him like that before. Or maybe, I had. Once. I just hadn’t paid much attention……..

“RAGINI!” His voice broke my chain of thoughts. I looked up at him to see him smiling pleasantly at me. It was confusing, his mood swings.

I gave him a small smile. He faked a pout and said, “Ragini, where were you? Why didn’t you come along with Adarsh Bhaiya when I was discharged? Jao……main tumse baat nahi karta!” He said cutely.

I faked tears and held my ears to indicate I was sorry. He turned to the other side though I caught a smile just before he turned.

“Oh! I had been planning a surprise for you. But now that you are angry with me, I wonder who will eat the kheer I made……………” I said in a sad voice.

Lakshya turned back with alacrity. He gave a wide smile and then licked his lips and asked, “Kheer?”

I nodded my head slowly. Suddenly he jumped at me and gave me a bear hug. I hugged him back.

Lakshya couldn’t be at fault. He was too sweet and innocent for that. Someone was using him. And I would find out who.

“Ragini……Kheer!” Lakshya whispered in my ear excitedly. I gave a sigh. Well at least his appetite hadn’t changed………….


Sanskaar had just told me something really disturbing. Apparently, he had been out shopping when he had met a man in a store. He didn’t remember meeting him ever before but when that man saw him, he started sweating and stuttering. Then that man had asked him if Lakshya was fine. How did a stranger know about Lakshya? When Sanskaar tried questioning him, he fled the scene. But as he had ran, he had dropped a parcel. Sanskaar picked it up and then had immediately come to me and told me about it. We opened the parcel and its contents shocked us.

Inside it were pictures of Ragini. Random clicks. How did that man know her? Was he Lakshya’s friend? If so, them why did he run away? We had to find him and know.


“Hai………thhodi si!” I replied sheepishly. I knew Lakshya loved his Kheer creamy. But the doctors had told us to give him only a small amount of fat everyday as he wouldn’t be able to digest it. And Lakshya refused to listen to this advice.

Lakshya furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me. I gave him a pleading look. I knew it would work. And I was totally right. It did.

“Okay. Just for today. After today, I won’t tolerate this stinginess………..I will boycott food!” Lakshya said in a threatening voice.

I suppressed a snort. As if! Lakshya can NEVER ignore food. He can ignore everybody but he just can’t ignore food. I knew this threat was empty but decided to humour him and nodded my head at him.

While I was nodding, I found the bowl thrust at me. Empty. I looked at him in shock. A full bowl of Kheer finished in ten seconds? And this man would boycott food? Meh.

Lakshya gave me a hopeful look. I smiled sweetly and told him that there was no more Kheer. He made a face at me and then turned to his mobile.

I smiled at him and went to the kitchen. As I went out of our room, it struck me.

Lakshya’s phone! It may have SOME details. I could easily check if someone was using his phone. Or whether that number belonged to him…………………………..

I turned back and went to our room. I entered and found Lakshya looking at the phone with a frown on his face. I scooted closer to look.

I saw an article about his accident in the news. Lakshya’s photo, as he was just coming out of the hospital after getting discharged, was printed.

“Duh. Couldn’t they publish a better photo? I look so bad in it!” Lakshya complained.

I shook my head at him. Seriously, this guy would drive me crazy one day.


Things are going really smoothly. Sanskaar and Swara’s marriage has been fixed and it will happen in a month. Ragini was back in the house and taking care of Lakshya.

I smiled. They were such a lovely pair. Ragini’s maturity and understanding were such a complement to Lakshya and his antics. His cheer and good humour when he was being pampered by Ragini brought such liveliness in the house. A liveliness which had been missing since that night. But one thing bothered me.

Somehow, Lakshya had become more possessive of Ragini. He would be at his best behaviour when she was around. But when she was missing, he would sometimes be okay but at other times, he would completely transform.
He snapped at people and was furious with everyone for no reason. He would demand that everybody leave him alone. He even fought with Sujata and his father when they taunted Ragini about her bad deeds.

It had happened a few days back. While having dinner and discussing wedding plans, Ragini made a suggestion. Everyone thought it was a good idea. But Sujata taunted Ragini, saying she didn’t trust her not to try and create a disturbance in the wedding.

I was about to stop her but Lakshya had snapped at her. When his father started scolding him, he rebuked him, saying that it was hypocritical of him to question Ragini about her misdeeds since he himself had done so many. Everyone was shocked at his behaviour but in a moment, Lakshya became fine and continued dinner. So we left the matter at that.

It worried me as a mother. His mood swings and temper tantrums made a tense atmosphere in the otherwise peaceful environment of the house. He would be sweet one moment and cruel in the next. It didn’t feel right. I decided to do something about it.


I tiptoed to Lakshya’s bedside. It was 12a.m. and he was fast asleep and the proof was that he was snoring loudly. I checked his bedside table and found his mobile phone.

As I stretched my hand and was about to pick it up, I was startled to hear his voice.

“Thhodi malai aur Ragini. Bas ek bucket aur………!”

I gaped at him. He was dreaming about a bucket of cream? Crazy man!

I picked his mobile and went outside in the balcony. Finally! After two weeks of failed conspiring, I had managed to get hold of his phone! I tried to unlock it but it wanted a password.

I started running the wheels of my mind. What could his password be? Maa? Food? I was confused and scared to try anything as only 3 attempts could be made. After that, it would shut down and become okay after 2 hours. And I didn’t have that much time.

After much pondering, I tried ‘Maa’. It didn’t work. 2 more trys left.

I tried ‘Aloo Paratha’. Lakshya loved Aloo paratha. But apparently not enough to make it his password. I sighed. Only 1 try left.

I thought for a long time but nothing struck me. I felt dejected. I looked over at Lakshya who was sleeping while sucking his thumb. I smiled. I had to do it. For him. For me. For us.
But what was the password? I was thinking when my mind went back to that night…………………

“I love you. Bohot Pyaar karta hoon main tumse. I can’t live without you!”

With shaking hands, I typed ‘Ragini’ into the bar and clicked on the√icon.

The screen opened. I gave a sigh of relief and smiled broadly. Lakshya had saved my name as his phone’s password? How sweet.

I checked his phone and confirming my worst fears, I found that he indeed had two SIM cards in his phone. And to my knowledge, I knew only one number belonging to him. When I tried opening the other SIM, I found it locked and requiring a pass code.

But it didn’t really matter. Lakshya did have another number. A number no one knew about. Tears came to my eyes. He was lying.

I placed his phone back after putting it on silent. I called up the blackmailer through my phone.

Lakshya’s phone screen flashed,
‘SIM 2 Ragini Calling’

I drew in a sharp breath. My worst fears had come true. I rushed to the bathroom and locked it from inside. I started crying and slumped to the ground. I drew my knees close to my chest and wrapped my arms around them.

Lakshya was the man. He was the one who blackmailed me. He was the one due to whom I had to go through so much mental and emotional agony. It was because of him that my family was upset with me.

It is because of him that I am married to the man I love.


I woke up as the alarm clock rang. It was 3:30 in the morning. WTH? Why did I set the alarm for so early? I had to go to work at 9. Then why…………….

Yes! Today is Karwa Chauth! Yes. I am going to keep a fast today! I will keep a fast for my Ragu……………

I felt a pang of pain in my chest. It had been a week since I had become well. And Ragini was avoiding me. Again. I had no idea why. She wouldn’t smile when I cracked a joke, wouldn’t blush when I flirted with her and refused to look into my eyes when she talked to me. We were like friendly strangers. I was the one who was friendly, though.

After a week of failed confrontations and wild attempts, I decided to keep a fast today to show her that I really do care. And not just because of that. I wanted to fast for her. Why should she be hungry and thirsty the whole day while I eat?

I got out of bed and got ready. I came downstairs and found Maa, Uttara and Chachi setting the dining table for having Sargi. Ragini and Pari Bhabhi came from the kitchen carrying some plates. One plate was covered.

“Early morning, pretty ladies! Sargi Party, aye?” I said chirpily.

Uttara mock fainted and then kept a hand on her chest and looked at me as if I had just declared that I was a non-vegetarian.

“Bhai, aap? Where did the sun rise from today?” She asked mockingly. I was annoyed. Okay, I am a late riser. But she should be encouraging and supporting me for my feat today. Not taunting me.

I narrowed my eyes at her and replied, “The sun hasn’t risen till now. Or have you become blind?” while she giggled. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Ragini looking at me in wonder.

“Beta? Is everything okay? Why are you all dressed up? Are you going out somewhere? But it is too early………” Maa said.

I smiled at her and told her that I wanted to help them. She gave me a smile and handed over the covered plate and said, “Please go and give this to Swara in the Baadi. She is keeping a fast for Sanskaar today. She has to eat the Sargi made by her mother-in-law before sunrise. Go quickly!”

I took the plate and turned towards the door. Before going out, I turned back and saw Ragini looking at me strangely. I smiled at her and then went to the Baadi.

I rang the bell and waited. A few seconds later, Swara opened the door. Boy, was she looking like a diva! I am sure had Sanskaar seen her like this, he would have dropped dead. Literally.

She was wearing a dirty brown and grey holey T-shirt with a white pajama which had lots of Mickey Mouses made on it. She was wearing a Santa cap and was yawning widely, while I stood at the door, wondering whether Maa had been having delusions due to old age about Swara keeping a fast.

“Koooooonnnnn hai?” Swara yawned again. I tapped her forehead and said in a loud whine, “Madam………aapka pizza!”

Hearing the word ‘pizza’, Swara’s eyes flew open and her mouth opened wide. When she saw me holding a plate which looked more like a Vrat Ki Thaali than a pizza, she glared at me.

I shrugged at her. She was about to hit me when a voice came from behind her, “Itni raat gaye kon hai Swara? Who is it? You go and get ready fast. I have made the Sargi for Sharmishtha.”

I straightened up and put on my best smile. Swara rolled her eyes at my obvious attempt to impress her Dadi. I gave her a fake sincere smile and then raised an eyebrow. She made a thoughtful face then brightened up and pointed a thumbs-up at me. I smiled and then set back my features to the previous fake sincere smile.

“Chhorra……….Tu iddhar ke kar raha hai? Maari Laado ko to kuchh………?”

“No, no! Ragini is absolutely fine. She is at home, having her Sargi. Can I come in?” I said politely.

Swara moved aside and I entered. I found everyone inside. I took everyone’s blessings and then handed Swara the plate.

“Maa sent this for you. It has your Sargi.” I told her. She scowled at me and I smirked. Have your pizza dear!

“Beta, thank you so much for bringing it. But you could have sent it through a driver………..” Papa said to me.

I smiled at him and told him that it wasn’t a problem. I sat down with them and declined their offers of tea and drinks and snacks. I was on a fast, after all!

A few minutes later, Swara came out wearing a yellow anarkali and looking fresh. I recalled Ragini’s dream about Swara looking like a mango and Sanskaar wanting to eat her. I looked at Swara. Sure, she did look like a mango! Ragini is always right! I giggled softly.

Swara gave me a ‘Mental issues?’ look. I smirked at her. Aam Aurat. I realised the pun and started laughing.

Everybody looked at me while I controlled myself and told about how I had fooled Swara about the pizza to let them off the hook. It won’t do to tell them that their one daughter thought that their other one looked like a mango!

Swara opened her plate. It had two laddoos(I recalled Ragini’s other dream and started giggling again), some fruits, a few pieces of chhena, meethi mathri, two pooris, a bowl of Aloo curry and a bowl of sevaiyaan. There was also a separate bowl of dry fruits and a chocolate which I was sure was Ragini’s addition.

I was jealous. So much food? My God! And here I was, totally hungry! This world is cruel. Unfair!

“Stop looking at the Sargi like that. It is mine!” Swara glared at me. I glared right back.

I turned and saw Shomi Maa calling Swara to start eating. I gave her a ‘You are lucky’ look to which she smirked.

As soon as she went away, Shomi Maa came beside me and handed me a plate. It had two pooris, a bowl of paneer sabzi, a bowl of Kheer(yay!) And some rasgullas. There was also a separate bowl of dry fruits and namkeen.

I looked at her in confusion. She smiled at me and said, “The mother-in-law gives the Sargi. I am your mother-in-law, am I not?”

I smiled at her. She smiled back and told me that when I, Lakshya Maheshwari, had refused any food or drink, she had found it suspicious. She had then put together two and two and came to the conclusion that I must have kept a fast. So she gave me the Sargi.

I was confused whether I should feel offended that she implied that I was a bhukkad or feel special that she cares for me. I took the Sargi and ate it. Shomi Maa smiled at me and went away to eat her own Sargi.

I stayed for fifteen more minutes and then returned home. The dawn had broken in. The sky was a deep blue and orange with pink streams of light. The trees looked green, the wind was blowing pleasantly and the birds had started chirping. It felt so good to be here. The only glitch was her absence beside me. My love. My Ragini.


“Baba…….jaldi karo. Yes, you are looking more handsome than Hritik Roshan! Yes. Very smart. Younger than Varun Dhawan. Yes Baba. Maa will swoon over you. Can we please go now?”

I was now seriously getting angry. Baba was taking forever to turn ready. We had to go to Maheshwari Mansion for the Karwa Chauth celebration. I was so hungry and desperate to meet Sanskaar. And Ragini too.

We finally reached there. Everybody was looking amazing. I had worn a pink sari. As soon as we entered, Sanskaar came to receive us. I smiled seeing his outfit. It was matching with mine as he wore a pink kurta with a white Nehru jacket and white pajama.

We smiled at each other and then Baba started a conversation with him. I turned around and took blessings from everyone. Then, I started looking for Ragini.

I saw her lover boy Lakshya near the window with his nose pressed to the glass. He was looking outside.

He was wearing a cream coloured achkan with zari work on it in red colour. He was looking good. And sad.

I shook my head and carried on. I went inside Ragini’s room.

She was sitting in front of the mirror. She was wearing a deep maroon red blouse with a cream lehnga which had zari work on it with red and gold. Matching Lakshya. Her hair was done in a half chignon from her temples and the rest of her hair was flowing in cascading waves. She was wearing her jewellery. She was looking absolutely breathtaking.

I smiled at her and went forward to speak to her. Looking at me, she smiled back and we started talking about our first Karva Chauth experience.


This stupid moon! It was refusing to rise. On other days, it stays there like a fool when nobody even wants to see it( I do like looking at the moon, but I am angry right now!). Today, when a million people may be waiting for it, it is taking time to come out. As if it has to do Solah Shringar and come! Huff!

“Chand Ka intezaar kar raha hai?” Sanskaar’s voice came from behind me.

I huffed in exasperation while my stomach growled in agreement.

Sanskaar was lucky. He couldn’t fast because he was anaemic. Yet he had decided to fast but had consumed a glass of juice in the evening. And here I was, hungry……………….

My mind stopped working when I saw the vision in front of me. Words died in my mouth and I gulped down hard.

Ragini was standing near the stairs, smilingly receiving everyone. And she looked beautiful. And gorgeous. And amazing. And breathtaking. And all the other good words in the dictionary.

She looked up at me and I smiled like an idiot and waved my hand at her like a starstruck schoolboy trying to say hi to the popular girl. The smile on her face vanished and she looked at me, frowning.

The energies between us were thick. She was emitting a strong, rare energy which she never did before. For the first time in my life, I realised the depth of Ragini and her character. My mind involuntarily went to the past and I recalled all that she did. All the wrong things. Was this the same Ragini? Although I had always had a doubt, right now, at that moment, it seemed she could be her. Because at that moment, she seemed as though she would do ANYTHING to get what she wanted.

I realised that I had walked towards her unknowingly. Now, she was just inches away from me. Breathing hard. I held her hand in mine and kissed it affectionately. She looked at our entwined hands, then at my eyes and gave a perplexed look. I smiled encouragingly. Let it out Ragini. Just let it out today.

“The moon is here! It has risen!” I heard Uttara screaming excitedly. Our moment had broken. The energies, the atmosphere, the intimacy, all had gone. Ragini drew back her hand and went towards everybody.

“Ranbir Kapoor wouldn’t come and break your fast, Uttara!” I heard Sanskaar Bhai teasing her. I smirked and added gaily, “And he will never come towards you for anything. You look too much like a joker.”

Uttara started beating us with her plate while we both laughed like maniacs. We ran all over the place, Sanskaar describing each of Uttara’s features and I, comparing them all to one animal or the other.

After ten minutes, I became tired and sat down. I felt my head spinning. I shook my head and stood up to join the others outside.

Every couple faced each other and the rituals started. I wondered how I would look, doing all those rituals. Everything would be okay but I still had reservations about covering my head with a duppatta…………..

Ragini looked at me through the sieve. I smiled at her while she shifted her eyes somewhere behind me. Annoyance flashed through me. Everything started spinning again.

“Lakshya? LAKSHYA!” I heard her scream as I fell forwards into her arms. I felt her supporting me by my shoulders and heard voices above my head.

A pot filled with water was brought near my lips and I took a sip. As I regained my consciousness, I saw everybody looking at me, worried. I flashed my million dollar smile and everybody went back to their places to continue, finding no enjoyment, now that I was fine!

I frowned at their apathy and turned to find Ragini still holding the pot of water, looking at me with tears in her eyes. She made me drink the water? Good! Ritual done!

“You kept a fast today?” Her voice came out in a weak whisper. I looked at her and nodded my head. Tears flowed down her cheeks and I panicked. I immediately took the pot and made her drink the water. Next, I made her eat the barfi and she took a small bite and then made me eat the rest of it with her own hand, all the while looking at me lovingly.

After all the rituals were complete, we walked hand in hand inside to have dinner. Everything would be okay. Hope had filled inside me again.


Stupid Lakshya! Gets to have his fast broken by Ragini. I had kept a fast for her too! She didn’t break my fast. Well, technically she did as she fed Lakshya, whose body was my home. But it had been Lakshya who had had his fast broken, not me. His resistance to my influence was increasing as he came closer to Ragini. And both these things, his closeness to her and his resistance made me displeased.

I had to do something about it. I just had to. And I knew what to do. I smirked.

“Lakshya beta, come and have dinner with us.” Mata Maheshwari’s voice came to my ears. I faked a smile and sat down. Beside me, Ragini was looking at me with love. I felt pleased. I took a spoon of rice from my plate and fed her while she did the same with me. I smiled. My work was done. She had broken my fast. And I had fed her too.

‘Get ready Ragini. Soon, you will rule in this house beside me.’ I thought to myself as I started eating. Slowly, I went away, letting Lakshya take over his own mind.


How was it? Please do tell me. I am pleased by your response and I would like to apologise for being so late and giving a relatively short update.

Up Next: Battle in Lakshya’s mind, Ragini stumbles upon Lakshya’s reports, Swasan wedding preparations start……..

Credit to: Bela

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