RagLak FF: Teri Meri Love Story (Episode 7)


Episode 7:
I’m back again…

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The episode starts in the cinema.
******* ********* ******* *****
Me, Lucky, Kavya and Rudra come out and saw the Principal Sir sitting down looking frightened. Abhishek is seen in the bowling place playing bowling.

“Who told Dedpasli to come and watch Conjuring 2?” Rudra says looking annoyed.

“I’m going to play bowling…” Kavya says.

“I’ll join you.” Rudra says and both Kavya and Rudra walk there.

Lucky was about to go but I held his hand and stopped him. He turned towards me and looked at me.

“Khoon?” I worriedly said.

Oh no! I didn’t realise I made his bleed.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t realise…” I worriedly said.

“Don’t worry, you didn’t do it on purpose…” Lucky said.

I dabbed on his hand with my scarf to wipe the blood. He was just looking at me and that was kind of awkward.

“You need to get it aided. Let me ask if they have the first aid box.” I said and went to the receptionist.

They gave me an first aid box and I brought it back. After a while I started bandaging is hand. I smiled at him and then finished bandaging. I gave the box back and went to the bowling place where Lucky had went and where everyone else were.

I didn’t know how to bowl. Lucky had come up to me with a bowling ball and forced me to bowl.

“I can’t do it… I…” He made me hold it and teaches me how to bowl.

His touch felt a little weird. His face was near my cheeks and I just looked at him while he focused on the aim. Just then he made me swing it and the ball rolled down and it was an strike. I smiled and so did he.

He then went to pick the ball but Abhishek took it.

“It’s my ball!” I heard Lucky says and turned around.

“Well it doesn’t say your name on it.” Abhishek says.

Lucky grabbed on it and so did Abhishek. They stared pulling on it like small children would.

“I have a match and I need to win it!” Abhishek shouts.

“Well its on my side!” Lucky shouts.

“No it wasn’t, it was in the middle!” Abhishek says and pulls on it.

Lakshya then pulls on it and both continue pulling. Then both gave up.

“Fine you can have it!” Both said and let go after swinging it forward.

And ouch! It had hit the Principal Sir in the stomach which made him fall back and faint.

All got shocked including Lucky and Abhishek.

“Oh Shit!” Both Lucky and Abhishek say.

Then Abhi and Lucky looked at each other and gulped. Then the ambulance a came and so did the Police. The Police arrested Abhi and Lucky while the ambulance took the Principal sir in the hospital.
********* ********** **********
Oh fish! Shoot! Dedpasli got hit? I hope it’s nothing serious. If it is then I’m dead! His Dad will bail him out but my Dad will make me suffer until I realise. The police took us in the police station and pushed us inside the cell.

“Aram se!” Abshagun said.

“Why? Are you some prime ministers son?!” The inspector insults.

“I’m the CM’s son!” Abhishek tells.

The inspectors look on.

“Abhishek Rathore?” They ask.

And that was indeed his full name. They started making phone calls.

“Now I won’t be spared, my Dad aunt releasing me.” He worriedly said.

“Why? You’re the CM’s son tho.” I said.

“‘My Dad isn’t generous.” He said and sat down.

“Same pinch, I guess I’m not getting bailed till tomorrow.” I said and sat near him.

I had no choice but to talk to him, gradually we started talking and became friends.

It’s shocking for both of us. We even apologised for our past mistakes and decided to concentrate on the future and present. We became best mates like we used to be in school.
Me, Kavya and Rudra were in the hospital hoping the Principal would be alright so that Lucky and Abhi get bailed. The doctor came out after 2 hours.

“Doc, how’s he?” Kavya asks.

“He had an heart attack and survived. He’s badly injured and will recover in two weeks time.” The Doctor said and left.

“Thank god he survived.” Kavya and Rudra said.

Thank god… I prayed.

“Now we have to wait till the Principal sir wakes up and get Lucky and Abhi bailed.” I said.

Kavya nodded yes and then got shocked.

“Rags!” She shouted and pulled my stole off.

I was shocked at first but saw fire on my stole. I turned around and Kavya got the fire extinguisher and sprayed it on my back first. Because the back of my Salwar was with fire and then she sprayed on my stole.

I saw the Diya’s on the side and due to them, my stole got caught on fire.

“Ruddy, take your jacket off.” Kavya said to him.

He then took it off and she covered me with it.

“Oh god Rags! We need to buy new clothes for you.” Kavya said.

“No… I’m…” I said but for cut in between.

“Rags, you have to come now!” Kavya said.

“She’s right, you need to change.” Rudra says.

I nodded okay and headed out with Rudra and Kavya.

After a while, Kavya took me to the shopping mall and started buying two pairs of clothes. Rudra was waiting outside the changing room. I came out feeling uncomfortable.

I was wearing a red long designer dress which stopped at my ankles, I was feeling uncomfortable as my arms were visible.

As soon and Rudra saw me, his mouth dropped. Kavya came out in Red knee length frock type dress which was backless and had no sleeves but the dress holder was behind her neck and shut. I had my hair open. I didn’t want to fully come out. Kavya saw me and smiled.

“You’re looking gorgeous Rags.” Kavya said.

“I don’t know… I… don’t feel good.” I said.

“Don’t worry Rags. You look amazing and you shouldn’t fear. Here are your shoes. Wear them.” Kavya asked.

They were flat designer shoes which were red.

I wore them and Kavya paid and handed me the shopping bags of the other pair she brought me.

“I wasted so much money Rags, don’t throw them away and you have to wear them.” She said.

I just nodded okay and breathed to gain confidence. Me, Rudra and Kavya then headed out.

In the jeep, Kavya did my make up and styled my hair.

“Now it’s time for you to show them you’re not scared, you’re brave.” Kavya said with a smile.
****** ****** ******** *********
Lakshya and Abhishek got bailed out because of Abhisheks Dad.

“Thank you Uncle.” Lakshya says.

“You two should not repeat this again! Because of Abhishek my name and respect is ruining in this society! Be careful next time!” The CM says and leaves angrily.

Abhi looks at Lakshya.

“Meet my Papa.” Abhishek sighs.

“Duggubai ke photocopy.” Lakshya sighs.

“Duggubai?” Abhishek confusingly aks.

“Mere Hitler Dad.” Lakshya tells.

“Ohh.” Abhishek says as he understands.

“Oh fish! Today is my brothers engagement, I need to go.” Lakshya says.

Abhishek and Lakshya then head out.

After a while Lakshya and Abhishek walk out and away from the police station, just then Rudra stops his jeep.

“Lucky!” Rudra shouts.

Lakshya and Abhishek turn and see Rudra. Lakshya walks there.

“Thank god you came.” Lakshya says and sits inside.

“Where’s Kavya?” Lakshya asks.

“She’s around her house with Ragini.” Rudra tells.

“Oh, Abhi… come!” Lakshya shouts.

Rudra is surprised. Abhishek comes and sits in the back.

Scene shifts to Kavya’s apartment.

“What’s between Lucky and Abhishek? Why does it seem like they dislike each other?” Ragini asks Kavya.

“Don’t even ask… well…” Kavya stars telling.

Lakshya and Abhishek were childhood friends even tho, their fathers are enemies. When they started college, things went out of place. Their friendship got jinxed. They started fighting and arguing because Abhishek thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with his best friend. The fight got worse and it became into an physical fight. Then they started hating each other and didn’t even want to see each other’s faces.

The Principal rusticated Abhishek for abusing him.

End of Flashback.

Ragini is surprised.

“I think they must’ve made up in jail.” Ragini says.

“Maybe but it would be good if they did.” Kavya says.

Ragini nods and looks on.

After a while Abhishek, Rudra and Lakshya bang on Kavyas door. Kavya opens it and gets surprised to see them.

“Lucky.” Kavya says and happily hugs him.

He hugs her back.

“Will you make us stand outside or invite us in?” Rudra asks.

Kavya breaks the hug “Sorry…” she moves out of the way “Come in.”

They come in. Abhishek and Lakshya see Ragini. Lakshya gets mesmerised while Abhishek gets surprised.

Episode ends.

Precap: Lakshya falls in love with Ragini… RagLak scenes… Lakshya to sing a song in front of everyone which awakens Ragini’s feelings.
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Mr D Sengupta aka the Principal – Deven Bhojani

Rudra – Girish Kumar (With Curly Hair)

Kavya – Roop Durgapal

Abhishek – Paras Babbar
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