RagLak FF: Teri Meri Love Story (Episode 6)


Episode 6:
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The episode starts with Lakshya, Kavya, Ragini and Rudra reaching a pub. Ragini looks on.

“Kavya, I don’t go to places like this…” Ragini whispers.

“Don’t worry Rags, it would be alright.” Kavya whispers and assures.

Ragini and Kavya get down from the jeep. Ragini nervously looks on. Kavya and Rudra walk inside and Lakshya goes to park the jeep. After a while Lakshya comes back and sees Ragini still standing there.

“Aren’t you going in?” Lakshya asks.

“I don’t like places like this” Ragini tells.

“Don’t worry, it would be okay.” Lakshya assures.

Ragini nods no.

Lakshya holds her hand and she looks on.

“Chill, it’s going to be okay.” He says and starts walking in with her.

She nervously goes in, just then she sees too many people dancing and drinking. She then stops and Lakshya stops too. He turns around.

“What happened?” Lakshya asks.

“I… Lucky, I’m sorry for everything that happened to us in past, I would like to start fresh…” Ragini says.

Lakshya looks on surprisingly.

“Um… I’m sorry too… friends?” Lakshya asks and forwards his hand.

Ragini looks at his hand and then him. She then shakes it and says “Friends.”

Lakshya smiles, she also faint smiles.

“Now come and party with us. You’re already friends with me and Kavya, now it’s time for you to befriend Ruddy!” Lakshya says and takes her to Rudra.

They see Rudra cutting the cake in a silent area. Rudra then opens a bottle of Vodka and starts putting it in everyone’s Shot cups (in which they have shots)

“Usually people feed cake and here…?” Ragini confusingly asks.

“This is our style! Sab se unique… cake will be distributed to the poor children and their family. Wait here, I’ll just go and get my shot.” Lakshya says and runs there.

Rudra hands the whole bottle to him, Ragini smiles looking at them.
Kavya comes to Ragini with a shot but she refuses.

“Nahi Kavya, I won’t drink it… I can’t.” Ragini says and moves away.

“Chal teek hai, I won’t force you this time but tere liye soft drink order Karon?” Kavya tells and asks.

Ragini nods no. Kavya then goes and puts the other shot down and drinks hers. Lakshya is gulping the remaining Vodka in the bottle while Rudra is talking to the DJ. Ragini decides to go home.

She turns around and starts walking, just then she bumps into someone and was about to fall but gets caught on time. Ragini looks at that person and a smile appears on her face. That person makes Ragini stand and smiles at her.

“Hi…” That person says while nervously smiling.

“Abhishek?!” Ragini excitedly says and hugs him.

That person is revealed to be a boy and his name is revealed to be Abhishek. He is surprised at Ragini’s sudden move.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t recognise you…” Abhishek says.

Ragini breaks the hug and smiles at him.
OMG! It was Abhishek! I can’t believe he’s standing in front of me. Well he didn’t recognise me. But why is he smiling at me like that if he didn’t recognise me?

“Bhondu… Ami Ragini Hay.” I spoke.

His smile changed to a shocked and surprised expression.

“Ragini? Ragini Gadodia?!” He shockingly asks me.

I smiled and nodded yes.

He then hugged me so tight that I couldn’t even breath. But I hugged him back.

“You forgot me so easily?” I faked a pout.

He broke the hug and looked at me.

“You changed so much. I can’t believe this.” He said while examining me from my shoes to my head.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. Just then Kavya came there.

“Rags, what are you doing with him?” Kavya asked.

“What’s it to you?” Abhi said before I could.

“Oh hello, we all know how you are and Rags is my friend!” Kavya said.

It seemed like they knew each other.

“Oh, friends? People like you only use people like her, there’s no friendship here! So Lucky is here too?” Abhi said.

So that means Abhi knows Lucky.

“Yes he’s here so you should go.” Kavya rudely says.

“What happened?” I asked confusingly.

“Ragini, you shouldn’t stay with people like these, come… I’ll drop you home.” Abhi said and grabbed my hand and took me out.

I turned around and looked at Kavya who looked on.

After a while, we got out of the pub and I sat inside Abhi’s car and he started driving.

“Why do you hang around with people like them?” He asked me sounding a little angry.

“I’m only friends with Kavya and… Lucky…” I told.

He stops the car with a sudden jerk.

“You’re friends with Lucky?” He asked me sounding angry.

“Haa, we became friends today. We never used to get along for a week.” I said and looked at Abhi.

“He’s not a good guy, you should stay away from him.” Abhi warned.

“Why? What happened?” I confusingly asked.

“Because he’s not a good person.” Abhi tells.

“But he’s not that bad…” I said.

He looked at me.

“Fine, it’s your choice but don’t come crying to me afterwards.” Abhi warns.

I wonder why. I’m sure I won’t cry. Abhi then started driving.

I need to find out what’s wrong with Lucky and Abhi…

After a while he stopped outside my apartment.

“I heard a lot about Lucky and I heard he’s not a good guy that’s why I’m saying this.” He said.

Oh, that’s why he’s saying this. I thought something was wrong in between them.

“Abhi… I… I got rusticated for a month.” I told.

He shockingly looked at me.

“What?! So I was right, I bet this happened all because of Lucky and his friends. That college isn’t good, go to a different one.” Abhi told.

“Abhi, you know me from childhood, in fact you’re my childhood best friend. I know you want my best but don’t tell Maa, please.” I requested.

He nodded and I smiled.

“So tomorrow I’ll meet you.” I said and shut the door.

“10 minute friendship effected a lot.” He said.

I smiled and left. He then drove off.
The party was finished, I tried my hard to keep in control but I drank too much. I lost control and now that I open my eyes, I find myself on the bed. My bed. I slowly and steadily stood up and saw Maa entering with a Lemon Juice. I took it and drank it.

“Till when will this continue? Lakshy, focus on you studies too.” Maa worriedly says.

“Maa, don’t worry.” I said and went to get changed.

After a while, I came out in a white shirt with black jacket and black chinos. With Black and White Nike Air Max 90’s. My fave pair. I headed out while sliding my phone in my pocket.

“Lakshya, come home a little quicker. Today is Sanskaar’s engagement.” Chachi told.

“Okay Chachi.” I said and went out before Duggubai could say anything.

I saw him coming from the other side but I’m glad Ki I ran from there or else his Bashan would never end. Cool, today Bhai is getting engaged… I wonder to whom?

I went out and started walking, there I saw Dakurani with Abshagun? What?!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was with my enemy. Abshagun?! Both were having ice cream and she was laughing. I need to find out what’s cooking between them. So I walked a little forward hoping she would notice and stop me.

And there she did.

“Lucky!” She shouted and I stopped.

I looked to the side and saw Abshagun glaring at me. She was simply smiling.

“Yeah…?” I asked seeming less interested.

“Do you know where Kavya is?” She asked.

“She must be at her house or her normal place.” I said.

“Ohh… and do you know where your normal place is?” She asked.

“Who is he Ragini?” Abshagun asked her.

“He’s Lucky.” Dakurani introduces.

Why is he acting like he doesn’t know me.

“Hi Lucky, I’m Abhishek.” He says and forwards his hand.

His smile is so fake, I shook his hand and fake smiled again.

“Nice meeting you…” I lied.

I then pulled him into a hug.

“Ragini doesn’t like fighting or violent activities so in front of her I am forced to do this.” Abshagun whispers in my ears.

“Ohh… no wonder your stupidness came to an end.” I said.

“She doesn’t know about us and it’s better if she doesn’t. All I told her is that you’re not a good guy.” Abshagun angrily says.

“Deal accepted.” I said.

We broke the hug and fake smiled at each other, I can’t even stand him for a moment so forget for couple of hours.

“Oh so you’re Lucky? I heard a lot about him.” Abshagun lied to Ragini.

“What do you mean?” She asked me.

“There’s loads of stuff which you do not know about him…” Abshagun said with a fake smile.

“And I heard a lot about you too, there’s much more to find out.” I said with a fake smile.

Both of us looked at each other.

“Can you please take me to Kavya…” Ragini requested.

“Sure, follow me.” I said and walked forward.

Abshagun and Ragini followed.
After a while, Lakshya, Ragini and Abhishek reach the cinema hall. Abhishek glances around and someone taps his shoulder, he turns around and sees someone and gets shocked. Lakshya and Ragini also turn and Lakshya is shocked to see the Principal.

“Oh, so you’re hanging out with them?” Principal says and glances.

Just then Rudra and Kavya reach there.

“I found out which movie is available and…” Rudra says but stops as he sees the Principal and looks on.

Kavya also gets surprised.

“Wow, Abhishek and Lucky hanging out together? That’s very surprising.” The Principal says.

Ragini gets confused.

“If Dedpasli opens his mouth then Sab kuch expose kardega.” Abhishek thinks worryingly.

“You two will also cause…” Principal says but gets stopped as Abhishek shoves some popcorn in his mouth.

“Have this popcorn… watch your movie peacefully and let us watch ours.” Abhishek says with a worrying smile.

“Sir, aren’t you meant to be in college teaching?” Kavya asks.

The Principal swallows the popcorn and says “No, I gave them a holiday because the college is getting cleaned due to the mess you all made.” And glares at them.

“Which movie are you watching?” Lakshya asked.

“I’m watching Conjuring 2!” Principal said with full confidence and attitude.

Rudra starts laughing.

“Kya kismat hai! Even we’re watching the same movie!” Rudra says and stops laughing as the Principal glares at them.

“Well sir away from me and don’t disturb me!” The Principal says and leaves.

“Sala darre ga nahi?” Abhishek asks while he turns.

“Pakka Heart Attack Ayega.” Lakshya says.

“You’re so rude… why will he get scared?” Ragini asks.

“Do you even know about Conjuring 2? It’s a thriller and horror movie.” Kavya says.

“What?” Ragini nervously asks.

“Where there would be dead bodies” Abhishek scares.

“Ghosts.” Rudra scares.

“Paranormal activities.” Lakshya scares.

“And Mysterious killing!” Kavya scares.

Ragini gulps and all 4 start laughing. Ragini glares at them. Rudra goes and buys the ticket. He gives one to Ragini and one to Abhishek. Abhishek takes it and hands the money for it in his hand.

Rudra looks at him and he looks away. Then, all five enter the theatre room. They see the Principal two rows away as they’re right at the back.

The seating are like Rudra, Kavya, Ragini, Lakshya and Abhishek. The adverts start and Abhishek starts texting on his phone.

“He’s your boyfriend?” Lakshya whispers to Ragini.

“No, my Childhood best friend.” Ragini whispers back.

“Ohh…” Lakshya whispers and looks forward.

The adverts finish and Abhishek puts his phone away and the movie begins.

“Why is Abshagun here?” Rudra whispers to Kavya.

“I don’t know, we will ask later.” Kavya whispers.

In the middle of the movie, Ragini gets scared and holds Lakshya’s hand unknowingly. He looks at her as she squeezes it.

“Aahhh!” They hear the principal shout as he jumps in horror.

Lakshya, Abhishek, Kavya and Rudra burst out laughing. Ragini also gets a little scared.

Later they control their laugh and point at the screen to pretend they’re laughing at the scene.

“How can they laugh at this scene?!” The Principal says as he touches his heart.

After a while the Principal continues screaming, shouting and jumping each times horror scene comes. He even spills his popcorn ?

His hands are trembling and he stands up and runs to the back.

“Is this space free?” He flightendly asks Abhishek.

Abhishek nods yes and he sits there, next to Abhishek. He holds Abhishek hand and is shivering. Abhishek gets surprised as The Principal’s temperature increased.

Lakshya hand are paining due to Ragini holding them tight and they start bleeding as Ragini’s nails poked his hand each time she squeezed it.

Abhishek talks on Lakshya arm. Lakshya makes an annoyed face and looks at him.

“What?” Lakshya asks.

“Dedpaslis temperature increased. I think he will have heart attack anytime.” Abhishek tells.

“What? Take him out then. The movies finished anyways.” Lakshya tells.

Abhishek stands up and makes the Principal stand. He then heads out and Lakshya stands up too. Seeing Lakshya stand up, Ragini, Kavya and Rudra stand too and all four head out.

“Sala Dedpasli ruined the whole movie for us… he didn’t let us watch peacefully.” Rudra sighs as he walks out of the theatre room.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ragini to aid Lakshya’s hand and have a makeover… Lakshya and Abhishek fight which gets the Principal hospitalised… Ragini to find out about Lakshya and Abhishek… Lakshya and Abhishek behind the bars… ?
Mr D Sengupta aka the Principal – Deven Bhojani

Rudra – Girish Kumar (With Curly Hair)

Kavya – Roop Durgapal

Abhishek – Paras Babbar
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