RagLak FF: Teri Meri Love Story (Episode 5)


Episode 5:
A week later:
Finally, the camping was over. We all packed our stuff and sat in the bus. Kavya had sat next to me. She had become a good friend of mine. The principal sir came and sat down, the bus started moving. I was so happy to go back. I would be seeing Maa after 1 whole week. Because of the network, I couldn’t even call her.

“So how has this one week been for you?” Kavya asked.

“Amazing.” I said.

“And what about for you?” I asked her.

“Boring… without Lucky and Ruddy.” Kavya sighed.

Did she had to say Makkhi’s name?
Makkhi suddenly flashed in my mind.

“Rags, have you got any water?” Kavya asked.

She calls me Rags. I don’t mind cause Rags isn’t a bad nickname. It’s better than Dakurani.

“Rags…?” Kavya said and grabbed my attention.

“Sorry, let me check.” I said and checked in my bag.

I saw a bottle of water and gave it to Kavya. She took it and smiled at me.

The first time I met Kavya was in one of the activities. After that we became friends. In fact it was her who had forwarded the hand of friendship. I simply accepted it.

This whole started off with her wanting to take revenge from me. She had purposely pushed me so I could push Principal sir but I managed to hold on and she accidentally pushed the Principal sir down. The principal sir rolled down the hill and hit his head on the rock. Kavya was shocked and surprised. So was I. We hurried Principal sir to his tent and got his first aid done. After a while, he had opened his eyes and looked at all of my group. Kavya was in my group. I had took the blame and apologised. He forgave me but still Kavya didn’t like me.

Next time Kavya had spiked my drink and gave it to me but since the principal sir was coughing, I gave it to him. She came there smiling but her smile had disappeared when she saw the principal sir drinking the juice. I saw her reaction and got confused.

She ran out and the Princiapl Sir started acting crazy. I also ran from there. He then got recorded on the phones due to the crazy acts he was displaying in public. Half of the students uploaded it on the social networking sights.

The next morning, the principal sir had opened his eyes. He then saw 2 messages on his phone and watched a video of him. He was shocked and remembered me giving him the juice drink. He scolded me and gave me another chance. Kavya still didn’t like me and continued planning to take revenge. I didn’t understand why at that time.

Lastly, she had decided to break that third warning and get me rusticated. She then was thinking and her foot slipped and she fell down. She was about to fall down the cliff but held on and started shouting for help. Luckily, I was walking past and heard her. Then I helped her up all alone. She finally got up and hugged me.

That was surprising. She had also apologised and told me the original reason why she had done those things. I forgave her and she became my friend because she believes that the person who risks their lives to save one is their friend and not enemy. So from enemy, I became Kavyas friend. I don’t mind Kavya. She’s actually a very nice person from the inside and an amazing girl.

I looked at her and she was asleep, I smiled and then looked outside the window. Hoping to reach home soon.
After a while, the bus landed in the college ground. Kavya woke up because of the sudden jerk. She saw everyone leaving.

“Have we reached?” Kavya asks and stands up.

“Haa, finally.” Ragini says and stands up.

Kavya and Ragini then head out. Kavya smiles.

“Can’t wait till tomorrow… Whatever I planned should be successful! Sazaa to mil ke rahegi…” Kavya says in her head.

“I’ll meet you tomorrow.” Ragini says.

Kavya nods okay and Ragini leaves. Kavya then smirks.

Scene shifts to MM, Lakshya enters and sees DP waiting on the top of the stairs.

“Where were you?” DP asks angrily.

“Camping…” Lakshya lies.

“I received a message a week ago that you have been rusticated from the college for 3 months and you left the camping place! So directly tell me where were you!” DP angrily asks.

“I went Goa.” Lakshya says and walks up and past DP.

“Absolutely useless!” DP sighs.

Lakshya hears and ignores him.

Ragini reaches her house and surprises Janki. Janki hugs her and makes food.

Ragini then goes to sleep.
It was morning, I opened my eyes and got dressed for college.

“Maa, I’m going College.” I shouted as Maa was cooking in the kitchen.

“Wait, the breakfast is ready.” AP says as she comes out of the kitchen.

“Why are you going college?! You’re rusticated! Vaha Jaa ke Kya karoge!” Duggubai strictly says.

“Don’t have any time, I’ll eat it there” I said, ignored him and rushed out.

I reached the college and saw the college half empty and silent. Wait, are they still not back from the camping?

I walked down and they seemed dead. Then I walked straight into the hall and there they were. But what were they doing in the hall?

I saw Kavya and approached her.

“Hey Lucky… how are you?” Kavya says with a fake smile.

By seeing Kavyas smile, I felt like there’s something wrong. Kavya was looking behind me. I got suspicious and turned around hurriedly and bam! I got pies thrown at my face!

“What the hell!” I shouted.

“Hisaab Barabar!” Kavya angrily says.

I wiped my eyes and opened them.

“Kavya!” I shouted.

She turned around while I was walking there. Just then Ragini came in front of me with the pie. She looked up and got surprised seeinh me. Just then Bam and punch!!

“Aahh!” I shouted and moved back.

WTF?! That pie exploded on my face and a hand punched me from the inside.

I heard Kavya laughing and she stood near Rags.

“Well done Rags! I’m glad you took it on time. Good job!” Kavya appreciated.

I wiped the pie off my eyes and looked at them. Dakurani was shocked and her hands were shaking while Kavya was looking at us like I deserved it.

And Rags? When did this happen.

“What the hell?! What is this?!” I angrily shouted.

“You’re down, now Ruddy left! Aaj you both will have punishment and tab hoga mera Hisaab Barabar!” Kavya said and walked away being upset.

Dakurani also left.

Dakurani toh nahi Bachche gi!

So now I need to take Hisaab for exposing me and exploding pie on my face with a punching hand and make it Barabar!

I heard her laugh and got angry, Kavya was laughing with her.

What was wrong with her?! She had to go mad if she had Dakurani’s company.

I huffed and went to the washroom.
Me and Kavya could not stop laughing, it was so funny.

Kavya was planning to give punishment to Rudra and Makkhi. She told me in the morning the reason why she’s planning this punishment.

“Now it’s Rudras turn, I’ll go and see the preps.” Kavya said and went.

I controlled my laugh and looked around at the decoration. Today is Rudras birthday too, she wants to punish him and then give him a surprise. I don’t know what she’s going to do in order to punish Rudra.

After a while, she was standing there and holding the rope. I stood near her and told her that the cake is ready.

“Rags, I need a toilet. Can you just stand here and hold this. Don’t pull on this rope until I come back and if Ruddy comes then ask some people to stop him until I come back. Okay?” Kavya explained.

I had no choice but to say okay, so I held the rope and she rushed to the washroom. I was looking around and Makkhi stood in front of me.

“What is your problem?” He asked me as he came closer.

“L…listen, we can talk from standing at a distance place. Don’t come n…near.” I explained and moved a little back.

He had anger in his eyes and continued coming close and I continued moving back and I forgot that the rope was in my hand and I pulled on it.

“Oh my!” I heard someone shout.

Makkhi moved out of the way and… oh no! The principal sir came and… I was so shocked and surprised. Kavya came there and got shocked to see the Principal sir there with Rudra. Makkhi giggled. Rudra was also standing near the principal sir and he was also covered in green slimy goo with cockroaches.

The principal sir took his glasses off and angrily looked at me. Kavya put her hand on her mouth and I worriedly looked on.

“Ragini!!!!” Both Rudra and the Principal Sir angrily shouted.

I let go of the rope and the bucket hit the Principal Sir on the head. Ragini got even more shocked. Kavya rushed and stood next to me.

“Kya Kiya tune Rags… I told you not to pull on it until I… ab Kya hoga?” Kavya whispers and looks at the Principal sir worriedly.

The Principal Sir approached me along with Rudra.

“You have disappointed me Ragini! I never expected acts like these from you! What is your problem?! Are you trying to kill me?!” The Principal Sir angrily shouts.

I nodded no.

“Haw… she even hit you with a metal bucket, what if you died?!” Rudra asks and covers his mouth dramatically.

The Principal Sir angrily looked at Rudra.

“Aur mere se Kya dushmani thi Teri? What have I ever done to you?!” Rudra asked me.

“Rusticated! For a month! You’re Rusticated Miss Ragini Gadodia!” The Principal Sir declared.

I looked on shockingly.
Finally! Hisaab Barabar!

She exposing me and her getting Rusticated! Hisaab Barabar!

“Sir… it wasn’t Rags, it was me… I had planned all this.” Kavya confesses.

What?! Why is Kavya exposing herself? When did she turn so dayavan?

“Fine! Both of you are Rusticated for a month!” Dedpasli declared.

Kavya and Dakurani looked at each other.

“Why did you plan this?!” Rudra angrily says.

“Happy Birthday Ruddy!” Kavya says.

“Oh Shit! Aaj Ruddy Ka Bday hai!” I said as I remembered.

Dedpasli looked at me and looked on.

“What are you doing here?! You’re rusticated for three months and as far as I know, one month hasn’t even been!” Dedpasli asked.

Am I his servant that I will listen to a his orders.

“I’m here to meet my friends.” I said and looked away.

“Your friends are here to learn!” Dedpasli said.

Just then Kavya brings Ruddys cake and shows him. He smiles.

“What will I do here then? Kavyas gone and Lucky’s gone! Then what shall Ruddy do alone here?” Ruddy says.

Dedpasli was looking at him surprisingly.

I picked up the cake and threw it on Ruddys face.

“That was for snaking up on us!” I said.

He then picked the cake up to throw on me. I ran and stood in front of Dedpasli. I moved out of the way and he threw it and it hit Dedpaslis face. Rudra then stuffed Dedpaslis face purposely in the cake.

“Arey sir aap? Sorry, I thought it was Lucky.” Rudra lies and acts innocent.

I tried hard not to laugh.

“Rudra! Out! I need a break from you for 2 Months! Rusticated! You’re Rusticated for 2 Months!!.” Dedpasli shouted.

“Haa! Will you explode my ears on my birthday! Calm down, Kal ko pata Chala Ki you had an heart attack! Isi liye shout less!” Rudra insults and leaves from there laughing.

I chuckled and followed out. Dedpasli sighed.

“Dedpasli ko humara pranaam!” I shouted and a video turned on.

Of him acting crazy in front of the whole college. Who thought I wouldn’t get it. Kavya also followed us out with Dakurani.

Rudra laughed as we reached the jeep. Kavya was upset with us, I don’t even know why.

“Kavya… what happened?” Rudra asked.

“You two left me! Alone! With Dedpasli! In camping!” Kavya shouted and got all her anger out at once.

Me and Rudra looked at each other, we were speechless.

“Goa se Kya laye mere liye?!” She asked.

Shit! I hadn’t brought anything.

“Tum Dono se behtar Rags hai!” She said and looked at Dakurani.

Whenever I look at her, I turn into an angry bird.

“When did this happen?” Rudra asked seeming confused.

“Pata nahi…” I said.

“Sorry…” Me and Rudra said abs held our ears.

We then started doing sit ups and Kavyas probably the first ever girl I did this to. Kavya is my childhood best friend. It was me, Kavya and Rudra. 3 childhood best friends.

She looked at us and then at Dakurani. Dakurani nodded okay. Kavya then looked at up.

“Okay, I forgive you.” She said.

Me and Rudra stopped and stood up. Rudra was about to hug Kavya when she moves back.

“Ewe no! First change then I’ll think about it.” She said.

That’s the same reason why I didn’t want the hug.

Dakurani was smiling.

God knows why.
So this is Makkhi’s other side? Why does he act different there and different here?

“I should just get going…” I said.

“No, join us.” Kavya requested.

“No, you carry on…” I said but got cut in between.

“Please Rags, chal na… for me.” She said and grabbed my hand.

She then took me near the jeep and eventually inside. I then nodded yes and she smiled. Rudra sat down and Makkhi started driving it.
Today was too much, anyways… Rudra went to his house, got changed and came out.

“Shall I start fresh with Makkhi?” Ragini thinks.

“Shall I befriend Dakurani?” Lakshya thinks.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Ragini and Lakshya’s beginning of Friendship…☺️?
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Mr D Sengupta aka the Principal – Deven Bhojani

Rudra – Girish Kumar (With Curly Hair)

Kavya – Roop Durgapal
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