RagLak FF: Teri Meri Love Story (Episode 4)


Episode 4:
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The episode starts with Lakshya walking around. He hears some sounds. Kavya also comes out.

“Why does it feel so empty? Why aren’t we doing the activities?” Kavya asks.

“Shhh…” Lakshya says as he’s trying to hear.

“What time is it?” Lakshya asks.

“It’s uh… 6:38 in the evening… Kyu?” Kavya asks seeming confused.

“Party… gana… crowd?” Lakshya says and smiles while looking at Kavya.

Kavya also tries to hear and hears music and people screaming.

“So yaha as pas party chal Rahi hai?” Kavya asks.

Lakshya nods yes and starts walking towards the direction he could hear sounds from. He also starts recording from his phone.

They walk out of their camping area and reach the other students camping area. They see a party going on. Lakshya gets happy to see the lighting, drinks and girls.

“Amazing.” Lakshya says being stunned.

He then stops recording and face times someone.

“Kya hai?” Rudra says and is revealed to be sitting in the airport.

“Flight kab hai?” Lakshya asks.

“In 30 minuets but what’s that sound?” Rudra asks.

Lakshya flips the camera and Rudra sees girls and boys partying and drinking.

“Shit! Why does this always happen with me? Jab bhi mein Chala jata hoon to kuch Achcha and banging hota hai! Where’s Dedpasli?” Rudra says and asks.

“Dedpasli must be hiding in his tent.” Kavya says and comes in front of the camera.

She then joins the people and start dancing. Lakshya disconnects the call and jumps inside the crowd. He dances with girls and drinks.

On the other hand, the principal gets a call and gets shocked due to which he stands up.

“How dare they?!” The principal says and walks out while disconnecting the call.

Lakshya is fully drunk and can’t even stand on his feet. The principal reaches there and Kavya sees him and gets shocked. She then hides in the crowd. The Principal is stunned seeing the party. Kavya finds Lakshya and forcefully takes him.

“Nahi… I want to party more.” Lakshya says in fully drunk condition.

“Dedpaslis there! You’re gunna get in trouble.” Kavya warns.

“Let him do whatever he wants, I don’t give a damn!” Lakshya says and was about to walk back when Kavya stops him.

“You might not but I do!” Kavya says and drags him.

The principal gets pushed in the crowd. People start dancing with him and tear his clothes. They forcefully make him drink but he runs out. He then turns around and runs more ahead. His clothes are torn and his hair is messed up and his glasses are dangling on his ear.

“I will not spare that person who called me! Lakshya and Kavya aren’t here, that unknown caller lied to me!” The Principal says and walks towards his campus.
I was lying down and trying to sleep. Just then I felt someone coming inside my tent and fell on me. I opened my eyes and sat up. I saw Makkhi on his knees.

“Sorry Ra…Ragini…” He says and falls forward.

I pushed him back, he smells weird.

“Are you drunk?” I asked.

He innocently nodded yes with his head down.

“What are you doing in my tent and…” I said but stopped.

Wait… he’s drunk and this is it! This is the chance to prove my innocence…

“Wait here, I’m coming back.” I said and stood up.

I went out and looked around, I saw the principal sir coming with torn clothes and was in a bad state.

“Sir… what happened?” I asked as I approached him.

“Crazy…” He said.

I didn’t understand what he meant.

“I’ll get changed…” He said and walked inside his tent.

I waited and after 5 minutes Sir came out.

“Sir, I need to talk to you…” I said.

“About what?” He asked.

“About the post on Facebook.” I said looking nervous.

“What about it…?” He asked seeming interested.

“Sir… it wasn’t me and it was Lucky…” I said and waited for him to respond.

He stood there thinking for a while and then looked back at me.

“Do you have any proof?” He asked.

I nodded yes.

“Come with me…” I said and led him to my tent.

He was shocked to see him lying down and blabbering to himself.

“Is he drunk?” He asked me.

“Yes, he is…” I said.

“Bring him outside…” He said and helped me take Makkhi outside.

Makkhi then fell on his knees, I feel bad because he’s not in the state but whatever I’m doing is right…

“Attention everybody!” Sir said via the microphone.

All opened their tent zips and came out.

“Why did you do that?” I asked Makkhi.

“Did what?” He says and everyone could clearly notice that he’s not in his sense.

This was a good opportunity in exposing Makkhi.

“That Facebook post…” I said.

“That? Haa, that was me… I was the one who took the picture and uploaded it by making your fake account…” Makkhi admits.

Sir and all looked on.

“And you went partying didn’t you?” Sir asked.

“Haa and? De…” Before he could say anything he collapsed.

Sir looked at me and apologised to me, I asked him not too.

“No one will help him! And whoever will help then they will also get rusticated for 3 months!” Sir makes clear.

Everyone, including me went to our tents. Sir made sure everyone had zipped their tent and left Makkhi lying on the floor alone.

I wasn’t getting any sleep. But somehow I dozed off.
I woke up by feeling the breeze and looked around. Wait… why am I lying on the floor? All I remember is me partying with the crowd. How did I reach here?

Bruh… it’s so could out here… I’m shivering. I stood up but was also feeling dizzy. My head was hurting and was feeling heavy. What did I miss? Suddenly I got a buzz and checked my phone. Kavya sent me a video. I played it and was damn shocked.

What am I doing? Why did I admit it? What the F**k! No, I just did not!

I heard someone clap from behind me and turned the video off… I turned around and saw Dedpasli clapping.

“You’re Rusticated for three months! Out! NOW!” Dedpasli makes clear and points at the exist.

“I guess I’m out…” I said sounding sad but I’m happy from the inside.

I made a sad face and looked down and approached my tent. I got my bags and headed out. I’m gunna kill Ruddy, he f**king snaked on me! Wait till I meet that scumbag, I’m gunna kill him!

I left the camping place and the smiled in the happiness but whatever DakuRani did wasn’t good!

But let me count it out.

She insulting me and me getting her into trouble… Hisaab Barabar!

She slapping me and me throwing water balloons on her… Hisaab Barabar!

Her exposing me and me… Hisaab Baki!

Chalo she did her Hisaab Barabar but it’s my turn to make it equally Barabar.

I sat down in the bus and the bus drove off, it’s a public bus btw.
Kavya walks out of the tent. She then sees Ragini and glares at her.

“Because of her, Lucky got rusticated na…? I’ll get her rusticated and then Hisaab Barabar!” Kavya says in her mind and looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap: Kavya to plan something which goes terribly wrong… I guess for Lakshya it would be Hisaab Barabar! ?
Mr D Sengupta aka the Principal – Deven Bhojani

Rudra – Girish Kumar (With Curly Hair)

Kavya – Roop Durgapal
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