RagLak FF: Teri Meri Love Story (Episode 3)

Episode 3:
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The episode starts with Ragini and Lakshya sharing the innocent and sweet eye-lock.

“Uh… its…” Lakshya says but stops as the principal starts shouting.

“Ragini!” The principal shouts as he comes there.

He seems very angry and is glaring at Ragini.

“What happened to him…?” Lakshya thinks.

He then remembers and gets shocked.

“Oh shit!” He says in his head.

“What happened Sir?” Ragini confusingly asks.

“What happened?!” The principal angrily shouts.

Ragini looks on confusingly.

“Sir, seriously, what happened?” Aaradhya asks.

“What’s this?!” The principal angrily asks as he shows something to Ragini on the phone.

“Sir… it’s a picture of you…” Ragini says.

“Read it!” The principal shouts.

“Dedpasli Gattu Sengupta.” Ragini reads out.

All hear and start giggling, Lakshya looks on.

Lol, the picture is funny.

Here’s the link of the picture.


“And look who uploaded it!” The principal shout.

Ragini gets shocked to see her name and picture.

“You have uploaded this picture on Facebook and have made fun of me!” The principal says in a disappointment.

“Sir, I swear it wasn’t me…” Ragini says.

Lakshya looks on and gulps.
Oh fish! I didn’t know she was going to apologise. Uh oh.

I made a fake account of her when I hacked into Dedpaslis computer and uploaded the picture that I took two weeks ago.

“Sir… it wasn’t me.” Ragini says.

“Who else was it?!” Dedpasli shouts.

“Sir… I don’t even use Facebook.” Ragini says.

“Enough! You’re rusticated from college for 3 days as soon as we get back!” Dedpasli shouts and leaves.

Ragini looks on and develops tears in her eyes, all the student follow Dedpasli and start fixing their tents.

Aaradhya consoles Ragini and I kinda feel bad because she apologised.

I don’t even know why I feel like that. I also left from there followed by Aryan, Rudra and Kavya.

“I can’t believe that Benjhi… she could do such thing like that… why do I have a feeling that it’s you.” Kavya said and looked at me.

I ignored her and walked ahead. I sat down and started drinking the tea.

“Your tent is ready.” A boy said as he came up.

“Hmmm” I said and he left.

I get my work done for free and without doing any work. That’s how I rule.

“It was you wasn’t it?” Rudra asked.

I avoided that question and he smirked.

“I knew it! Anyways you would’ve done that type of harkat anyways. Making fake FB account and framing the other person… koi Tujhse hi seekhe.” Rudra says and drinks his bottle of Pepsi.

I simply smiled.

“But that photo, uff Dedpasli smashed it!” Rudra said and shakes his head and bites his tongue and makes an expression of seeing something hot.

“He 100 percent smashed it in that picture.” I said and took a sip from my tea.

“Guys… have you heard about the Chaiwala?” Kavya said as she came and sat besides me.

“Chaiwala?” Rudra confusingly asks.

“Who’s Chaiwala?” I asked.

Kavya then showed me and Rudra a picture and started telling us who Chaiwala was and how he got famous. She also told us that he’s the hottest guy she has ever seen.

That was an insult to me, Lucky was sitting right besides her and she said Chaiwala?

“And Chaiwala smashed it!” Kavya says.

Me and Rudra looked at each other.

“Nah, Dedpasli did.” Me and Rudra said in a union.

The the trio of us shared a laugh.
“It wasn’t me… who could frame me?” I said as I thought about it again and again.

“Don’t worry, we will find the culprit.” Aaradhya says sounding angry.

I looked at her. Me and Aaradhya were sitting in our tent. I need to prove my innocence.

“Students, its late night now, go to sleep!” The principal sir said via the microphone.

Aaradhya looked at me and said “Go to sleep, Kal baat kareinge.”

I nodded okay and lied down. Aaradhya also lied down and closed her eyes.

Who could do this cheap act and frame me? Why do I have a feeling that it was Makkhi? I don’t even know what to do anymore. But I need to prove my innocence and punish the real culprit.

I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep.

After a sometime… I slowly opened my eyes and turned to the side. I opened my eyes a little and saw Aaradhya missing. I then sat up and wiped my eyes. I took out my phone from under the pillow and saw the time. It was morning, it was 7:07am.

While pulling my phone out from under the pillow, I pulled a white letter out. I was confused seeing it and opened it and read it.

“Dear Ragini, its me your friend Aaradhya… Actually, I ran away. Yes! You read it right, I ran away with Aryan, my boyfriend. You just be thinking why I ran away. Well, me and Aryan love each other. Our families didn’t agree so we decided that we would. And Lucky helped us in running away and I’m sorry I left you and left without informing you. Will you not forgive your do pal Ki friend Aru? And yeah, it was Lucky who had done that cheap act… while walking past, I had heard him and Ruddy talk. It was Lucky who framed you. Don’t tell him I snaked him out. Love you and take care.

– Aaradhya.” I read out and looked on.

Aaradhya left me and Lucky is the real culprit? Now Lucky will have to be punished for his cheap acts.

I stood up, got changed and headed out from my tent. I was also thinking how to get Makkhi back for this and show the principal sir that it was Makkhi!

I walked near the breakfast table and ordered a warm tea for myself. I sat down and continued thinking. But I need to confront him first.
I woke up and opened my eyes slowly, I remember how I helped Aryan and Aaradhya run away. Hope my name doesn’t come out after their caught. But hope they don’t get caught.

I got up and remembered that I’m here for camping. The reason why I hate camping is because it hurts. I want my bed… I can’t go to sleep here on the floor!

Dedpasli had to find this day to go camping, were the other days not available?! And he even purposely told us at the end so that we don’t get enough time to make good arrangements! How selfish is Dedpasli?! I wouldn’t have even came if it wasn’t for Revenge from Ragini. But now she said sorry in front of everyone then that’s okay.

Now Lucky has no enmity with her and she doesn’t with Lucky too, I hope. So now she’s just like a normal girl who won’t talk to me or I won’t approach her. So she wouldn’t insult me.

I zipped up my jacket and turned around. I saw her standing right in front of me and was a little surprised. The death glares that she’s giving me is evident to that she knows it was me.

I give up now. To get her away I have to… I can’t believe I’m going to talk to her.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Why did you do that?” She asked.

“Why did you insult me?” I said and gave her then glares.

“Why did your gang stop me?” She asked.

Man, she’s not stopping, she left me speechless.

“Because of you, I got punished for the thing that I didn’t even do.” She said and looked down tensed.

“What proof do you have that its me? It wasn’t me… it was… Abhishek!” I said and blurted out Abshaguns name.

Kis manoos ka naam nikal pada moh se!

“It was you, don’t put your mistakes on other people’s head!” She warned as she came closer and pointed her finger at me.

“Woah, calm down Dakurani!” I said as I was getting angry too.

She looked at me with serious expressions. Dakurani also had been blurted out. But Dakurani and for that type of girl is a perfect nickname!

“Don’t call me that.” She warned and again with her index finger.

“Mind your finger!” I said with Tashan.

We both stared at each other with anger.

She turned around to leave but stopped as her duppata got stuck in the plant.

“Leave my duppata!” She said.

I wasn’t even holding it so how will I leave it? And if she’s saying this to a cactus then she’s gone mad because how will the plant speak.

I freed her duppata from the cactus and she angrily turned around and slapped me across the face. I placed my hand on left cheek. I held my other hand in fist as I got angry. I was also angry at that time.

“At least have some shame!” She said and leaved.

I got angry and kicked the cactus and it fell and broke as I looked at her leaving angrily.
Ragini walks out of Lakshya’s tent and Kavya sees this and looks on.
I came out of his tent in anger and then went inside my tent and sat down. I should just ignore him.

How dare he hold my duppata?! What does he think? That he can do whatever he wants? I hate him and never wish to see his face again. Whatever he had done was wrong. He had gotten me rusticated from college. I should just ignore Makkhi from now on and onwards.
The principal had called the students to gather around. Lakshya and Ragini also gathered around.

“So we will start today’s first activity. It would be revolved around knowing one and another and being their partner for the rest of their activities.” The principal explains.

“So you do this activity like this… so the first letter of your name, let’s say me… D, I need to subtract 6 and if I can’t subtract 6 then I have to add 6, so after G it’s minus 6 and before G it’s add 6. So I have to meet partner up with someone with the letter I… but after you know everyone’s names. Now start.” The principal explains and claps.

“Jaise Khud sarahua vaise hi uski game sarihui.” Lakshya whispers.

“Cracked Dedpasli ka cracked dimaag.” Rudra says.

Kavya chuckles.

Lakshya sees Ragini and glares at her, she sees him and ignores him.

“Thappad Ki keemat toh Tumhe chukani padegi Dakurani!” Lakshya thinks.

“After all the cheap acts you have done Makkhi, that created a bad and cheap image in front of me. I hate to even see your face.” Ragini thinks and glares at him.

Both RagLak glare and each other.

Everything was nearly okay but Lakshya’s one act finished their chance to probably a good friendship. ?

Lakshya looks away and looks at Rudra.

“It’s so boring here, yaha se Achcha plan banaya tha Na humne? Yaha Kya khubi hai jo Ki Goa mein Nahi hai?!” Rudra annoyingly asks Lakshya.

“Chill yaar, its only a week.” Kavya says.

“A week is even too long for me, mat mari gayi thi Meri.” Lakshya says seeming bored.

“I’m leaving… Dedpaslis coming.” Rudra says.

“Boys, may I ask you why you are standing here like statues?!” The principal asks.

“They already know us so what’s the point?” Lakshya says.

“But do you know them?” The Principal asks.

“No and? What will happen if we know them or not? We’re gunna forget anyways.” Rudra says rudely.

“Find, go find your Partner Mr Rudra Shrivastava!” The principal says.

“Who?” Rudra asks.

“Where are your ears most of the time? Anyways you’re R so it’s a L.” The Principal says.

“Lucky, you’re my partner.” Rudra says.

“No, someone else.” The principal says.

“I don’t know anyone else?” Rudra says.

“You’re absolutely useless! Wait here, I’ll be back.” The principal says and leaves.

“Dedpasli Mujhe useless Bol gaya?! He’s useless himself and calling me useless!” Rudra says.

“Pata Nahi what’s Dedpasli’s problem. Whatever we do he comes to ruin… but ab Nahi bachega.” Lakshya says and smirks.

“Why?” Kavya asks.

Lakshya sees him coming and kicks a rock and it hits his head.

“Hey!” The principal says shouts and touches his head.

“Log Ouch or Aah karte hai and he’s says Hey!” Rudra says and laughs along with Lakshya and Kavya.

“Who threw that?” The Principal shouts while looking around.

Lakshya, Rudra and Kavya stop laughing and make a straight face.

The principal walks towards Rudra and partners him up with Raghav.

“Lucky, yours is with F.” The principal says.

Ragini thinks that hers is with L.

Rudra pushes Raghav and messes around. Every minuet Raghav complains to the Principal.

Lakshya couldn’t find anyone with F as they were taken. The principal makes an annoyed face and looks at Rudra.

“Rudra! Behave!” The principal says.

Rudra is shown spitting spitballs out from a straw.

“Rudra, out! Get out from here right this moment!” The Principal shouts in an annoyed posture.

Rudra gets happy and walks out with respect and his luggage.

“Now I’m going to chill in Goa.” Rudra says happily and leaves.

Ragini partners up with Lavanya and Lakshya partners up with Raghav.
I thought I had to partner up with that Makkhi. But thank god I found Lavanya.

I avoided looking at him and focused on what Sir was saying. I could hear some sounds and I peeked. I saw Makkhi spitting spitballs.

I can’t believe that, how can he find that funny? I find it immature and cheap!

Makkhi then threw water balloons at the principal and some of the people. They all ran, including the principal to get shelter. He had gotten me and Lavanya too… but he threw three on me.

How dare he?! I ran inside my tent while shivering.

“Ab Nahi bachega!” I thought.

Ugh! I should’ve listened to Maa…
Now I regret it! Why did I have to meet Makkhi?! What was the need of me to open my mouth?! Was mine and Makkhis meeting important?!

I regret everything, even slapping him. Nah mein bolti Aur nah Makkhi Mujhe janta Aur nah itna Sab kuch hota! Stupid
Ragini! I palmed my forehead and was shivering. After all I was drenched. Ugh!

I changed my clothing and got inside the blanket.
The principal looks out to see who had done it as he couldn’t see from the crowd but he has suspicion on Lakshya and nods okay with suspicious face.

Just then a water balloon pops on his face and he hurriedly moves back.

“Lucky!!!!!!” The Principal shouts at the top of his lungs and all hear while Lakshya is shown laughing.

Episode ends.

Precap: Lakshya to apologise to Ragini… Ragini to expose Lakshya.
Mr D Sengupta aka the Principal – Deven Bhojani

Rudra – Girish Kumar (With Curly Hair)

Kavya – Roop Durgapal

Aaradhya – Aneri Vajani

Aryan – Mishkat Varma
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