RagLak FF: Teri Meri Love Story (Episode 2)

Episode 2:
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Recap – Introduction of Ragini and Lakshya… Ragini insulting Lakshya.

The episode starts with Ragini sitting in her class focusing. Lakshya is shown running down the corridors while throwing small gas bombs in every class room.

Lakshya stops as he sees Ragini in that class. He then looks at the small bombs and throws two bombs inside and runs forward. After 5 seconds the bombs explode and Lakshya smirks. Lakshya could hear everyone laugh and smirks but Ragini’s laugh pricked his ears as she came out. He then ran towards the canteen.
Her laugh! It’s so annoying! God! I hate her… after all she tarnished my image… she left me speechless in front of everyone… I need to teach her a lesson. I diverted my attention and saw everyone were laughing expect me and my gang. In fact they were laughing at them.

Oh god, now I get why Rudra and Kavya were laughing so hard. The principal. The fat and short principal looks funny while laughing. He looks like a zombie laughing. The way he acts while laughing is funny. I’m not gunna lie, the way he moves his head side to side makes him look like a creep. I was about to laugh myself but nah, not worth it. You can clearly see his double chin and extra skin on the neck when he tosses his head.

God he’s jokes. But there comes my enemy, laughing her head out like a maniac. I glanced away and looked at Rudra.

“Moti belly.” Rudra jokes

Oh yah, meet the principal, Mr Dedpasli Sengupta.
We call him dedpasli but we don’t know what D stands for, it’s Mr D Sengupta.

“Oh yeah, tomorrow is camping, na?” Kavya asks

“Oh yeah… Dedpasli informed us yesterday.” Rudra says.

Camping… now it will be fun to take revenge from that girl.

But Dedpasli Ke saat camping? It’s gunna be boring but Dedpasli ko kaise handle karna hai, yeh Sab jante hai…

“What are you thinking Lucky?” Kavya asked and interrupted my thinking.

“Nothing.” I said and stood up.

“Home time.” I happily said and walked out from the college gate.

There I saw that girl, Rajni trying to talk to the auto driving.

“Bhai…” Rajni says and laughs.

The driver might think she’s crazy tho she is.

“What are you saying Didi?” The driver says sounding annoyed.

That driver called Rajni Didi? Bruh, he looks 40.

“Take me…” She says and stops to laugh.

“Newtown…” Rajni manages to say and laughs.

So she lives in Newtown. She tried talking but continues laughing.

A car stops and a girl walks out of that. She walks towards Rajni and makes her turn.

“Ragini…” The other girl said.

Ragini? I thought it was Rajni!

“Sw…Swara.” The girl says and laughs.

“Ragini, what happened? Why are you laughing?” Swara, I guess says.

So she lied to me, her names not even Rajni, it’s Ragini.

She hugs Swara and breaks the hug.

“Bhaiyya, you leave and I’ll take care of her.” Swara says to the auto driver.

The driver nods and leaves. Swara makes Ragini sit in the car and drives off.

I sighed angrily and left from that spot. Well it was home time for me only. I don’t know why my enemy came out early.
Swara took Ragini to her apartment and rang the doorbell. Janki opens it and sees Ragini laughing and Swara with her.

“Isko Kya hua?” Janki asks.

Swara makes the I don’t know face. Ragini walks inside while laughing.

“Maa… help” Ragini manages to say and continues laughing.

Ragini touches her stomach.

“Maa… I’ll… I’ll die…” Ragini manages to say and begs her Mom.

Janki goes to the kitchen and makes milk for Ragini. She comes out and hands it to Ragini.

“Milk? What will Milk do?” Swara asks.

“Feed it to her and she’ll be okay.” Janki says.

Swara nods okay and takes the glass, she then slowly feeds Ragini and Ragini slowly consumes it.

“Now make her lie down.” Janki says.

Swara then walks with Ragini to her room and makes Ragini lie down, Ragini laughs and tears fall out of her eyes. She slowly closes her eyes and her laugh stops.

“I put sleeping pill in her milk, she would wake up in the evening… anyways how have you been?” Janki says.

“I’ve been great Janki Maa… how have you been? I’m glad you came to Kolkata.” Swara says.

Janki simply smiles.

“I’ve been okay… how’s your Maa and Papa?” Janki asks.

“They’re okay.” Swara says and smiles.

“I told Ragini to join the same college as you but she doesn’t listen…” Janki says.

“Hmmm, but tomorrow is my graduation….” Swara says.

“Oh… that’s good… you take rest, I’ll be back.” Janki says.

Swara nods okay and Janki leaves. Swara then faint smiles.

“Janki Maa is so sweet.” Swara says and then looks at Ragini.
I slowly opened my eyes, ouch… my stomach hurts. I saw Swara entering the room with food.

“Ragini, finally you woke up… get ready. I packed your stuff.” Swara said and put the food tray down.

“Packed my stuff?” I asked sounding confused.

“Haa, you’re going camping Na?” Swara asked.

Camping? Am I going camping?

Swara brought my phone and showed me the message.

‘Miss Ragini Gadodia. Today we are going for camping and sorry that we couldn’t inform you earlier but hope to see you there.

Mr D Sengupta!’

I read, we had camping today? Wait… what time is it?

I checked the time and it was 7:30 in the morning. I was surprised.

“Ragini… why were you laughing all day yesterday?” Swara asked me.

I looked at her and made the ‘I don’t know face’

“I really don’t know what happened. Something exploded and after that we started laughing non stop.” I said and started thinking.

“Oh… so laughing gas?” Swara said.

Laughing gas? I thought.

“Anyways don’t worry and get ready.” Swara said and forwarded the me my breakfast.

“Did you stay over?” I asked while taking the plate.

“Haa, Janki Maa didn’t let me leave… but now I have to. I have my graduation ceremony today.” Swara said.

“Then you should go as soon as possible, I don’t want you to reach there late.” I said and put the plate down on to the side.


“But vut Kuch Nahi, Ragini is right…” Maa said as she came in.

Swara stood up and faced her, Maa feed her Dhai cheeni and wished her all the best. I smiled while looking at that.

Swara took her blessings and left, Maa then looked at me.

“What happened yesterday?” Maa asked.

“Kuch Nahi…” I lied.

“Tell the truth Ragini, what happened?” Maa asked sounding worried as she sat besides me.

I thought I might as well tell her. So I told her everything that happened yesterday. Even about the Makkhi.

Maa was shocked and looked at me. Makkhi se yaad aya, was it him who did that cheap act yesterday?

“Ragini… beta, apologise to him today.” Maa said.

I looked at her and nodded no.

“I won’t apologise.” I said and looked away.

“Ragini, by apologising you won’t seem small in front of him… whatever you said yesterday was wrong.” Maa explained.

“And jo usne Kiya vo galat Nahi tha?” I asked.

“But he would realise that he’s wrong only if you show him you were also wrong.” Maa said and made me look at her.

Maa was right in some point, I might as well apologise to that Makkhi. I nodded okay and let out a faint smile.

“Now get ready and do call me when you reach the camping sight.” Maa said and stood up.

She pecked my forehead and left the room. I love her so much. She’s my Maa, my teacher, my adviser and my best friend… I never want to lose her.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to get changed.
I, Lucky woke up at 7:35 and all ready? How?

I turned around after facing the mirror. The whole night I couldn’t go to sleep. Well I had a very good and peaceful sleep but woke up early to check something. After all I done something so sweet. She deserved it. Ragini Gadodia deserved it.

You must think how I know her name, well after I heard her name isn’t Rajni, I sneaked into Dedpasli’s cabin and turned his computer on. I hacked it and checked the new students and it was there. Her picture and name and ID number. Her name wasn’t Rajni, it was Ragini Gadodia.

She blo*dy lied to me and now she has to pay for what she did. I smirked and headed out with my backpack. I could miss the Drama can I now.

? I feel so evil. But it’s worth it. I won’t tell now, I’ll tell later…

I headed downstairs in a very happy mood.

“Lakshya!” A deep and monstrous voice shouted.

Seriously? He had to come now and ruin everything. I stopped half way on the stairs and turned around.

There he was, grumpy, old and strict hitler standing with his arms behind his back. What’s up with that?

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Camping.” I replied.

“Camping and you?” He said and walked down.

“Why? Can’t I go camping?” I asked.

“You never went before, I’m surprised to see you go now.” He said.

That’s true, I never used to go but today is my first time going camping. I never liked camping.

“Zaroor you must’ve done something…” He said as he walked down.

“How does he know?” I thought.

“Anyways what good deeds do you do anyways? Other than tarnishing my respect, image and pride?! I don’t know why I had a son like you…” He said sounding serious.

Thank you for the compliment…

“And I seriously don’t get why I had Hitler in the form of my father.” I said.

He glares at me and yes, he was Durga Prasad Maheshwari who only cares about what the society thinks and his respect and image! I call him Duggubai.

While walking, he twists his right ankle and falls flat forward, I ran before he could drag me down too.

I don’t know where he was looking while walking. He was on his belly and was rolling down. I could hear some rips and there was an awkward silence. He didn’t fall all the way down but stopped where I was standing but from the other side.

I couldn’t control my laugh and bursted out laughing.

“Durga Prasad Maheshwari fell down the stairs!” I shouted as I laughed.

Everyone came out at that second, I was surprised how they all heard it so quickly and came out. Even Bhai.

“Ke? Bhaisa gir Gaye? Kaha?!” Chachi shouted as she came out searching.

I could see how embarrassed Duggubai was. Aah, that was the best feeling.

“Aur Lo Lucky se Panga… that was for stopping Lucky and questioning him.” I said and was about to walk out when Maa called out my name.

“Lakshya.” Maa said and I turned.

“At least help him up.” Maa said while looking at me.

I made the helpless face and nodded okay. I bent down and ohh… he was heavy. He stood up with his back faced to everyone. I was confused and looked at him.

Oh gods!! I started laughing.

“Ke hua chore?” Chachi asked.

I shook my head while laughing and ran out.

His shirt ripped and his bare chest was noticeable. He was also glaring at me like he’s going to murder me. I couldn’t stop laughing. Papa is so hairy.

You all must be confused right, so basically. When Duggubai fell down on his belly. His shirts button got caught and as he fell down, his shirt continued ripping and that was the sounds that I could hear.

I thought his pants ripped or something. But oh god, he’s funny.

His chest is showing, I wonder how he must’ve handled that.

There’s Rudra, Kavya and Aryan waiting for me in the jeep. I rushed there and controlled my laugh.

“Finally, what took you so long?” Kavya asked.

I nodded no and sat down. Rudra started driving.
I had left from my house and now was sitting inside the camping bus. The principal sir came and sat inside, the bus started leaving. I glanced around and didn’t see Makkhi. I wanted to apologise to him for yesterday.

A girl came and sat next to me.

“Was this seat reserved?” She asked.

I nodded no.

“Good.” She said and started listening to music on her phone. She already had her earphones plugged in and on.

I guess Makkhi wasn’t coming. But it’s good he isn’t coming.

“Wait, your the same girl who insulted Lucky Na?” She asked me.

I looked at her and nodded yes. She smiled.

“I liked your attitude, personality and confidence. Want to be my friend?” She asked.

I’ll be glad. I smiled and nodded.

“I’m Aaradhya…” She said and forwarded her hand.

“I’m Ragini.” I said and shook her hand.

We both smiled at each other and started talking.
Lakshya was coming in a separate car while Ragini was travelling by bus.

Lakshya seemed happy while Ragini seemed confident.

“You can call me Aru…” Aaradhya says.

“Aaradhya is much better.” Ragini says.

Aaradhya smiles.

“Students, we will reach in 10 minuets.” One of the teachers shouted.

“Wow, were were talking so much that we didn’t even notice the time.” Aaradhya said.

The students started laughing, Ragini and Aaradhya were confused.

“What happened to them?” Aaradhya says

“I don’t know.” Ragini says.

They look at Ragini and put their thumbs up. Ragini gets confused.

“Okay students, we have reached.” The Principal says and stands up.

The bus stops with a sudden jerk and the principal was about to fall but holds on. All the students chuckle expect Ragini. The principal looks at them and the students stop laughing.

“Follow me out one by one.” The principal said as he headed out.

“I must say Ragini, you have some guts.” One of the students says as they head out.

Ragini gets confused and stands up. Her and Aaradhya head out.

Where is Lakshya? Oh, there he is. Rudra stops the jeep behind the bus. Lakshya, Kavya and Arya get down.

“I’ll go and park the car…” Rudra says and drives off.

Lakshya, Kavya and Aryan start walking.

“There’s that girl…” Kavya said while pointing at Ragini.

Lakshya looked on but then smirked. Ragini gets down and sees Lakshya.

“He’s here?” Ragini thinks and looks away.

“Wait for a good opportunity Ragini…” Ragini thinks and walks away with Aaradhya.

“Be happy as much as you want Ragini! Today might even be your last day here.” Lakshya thinks and smirks.

He walks past Ragini with style.

“Mak…Lucky…” Ragini finally says.

Aaradhya, Rudra, Kavya and Aryan look there. Lakshya stops and turns around. The students see and stop and look there.

“I’m sorry for what I said yesterday.” Ragini says all in one go after gaining confidence.

Lakshya gets surprised while Ragini looks at him innocently. All get shocked.

Awww, they’re looking at each other and are sharing an eye-lock… they looks so cute ? I wonder what Lakshya must’ve planned ?

Episode ends.

Precap: UH OH! Lakshya!!!!! What did he do?! Phel Gaya Raita! ?
Mr D Sengupta aka the Principal – Deven Bhojani

Rudra – Girish Kumar (With Curly Hair)

Kavya – Roop Durgapal

Aaradhya – Aneri Vajani

Aryan – Mishkat Varma
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