RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Intro and Promo)


Hello, this is Halima back with another RagLak Fan-Fiction. I hope you all like it, I just thought of this recently.

This story would be about Ragini and Lakshya and how they will cope with each other due to their different views. Ragini was meant to get married to Sanskaar but is now chosen for Lakshya as Sanskaar ran away with Swara, who happens to be Ragini’s sister and married her. Lakshya believes that Sanskaar left a burden while Ragini believes whatever happened, happened for the best as she didn’t want to be a burden on Sanskaar as he loved Swara. DP and RP had an argument and the house divided into two. In one section, it’s DP, AP, Adarsh, Parineeta and Lakshya while in the other section it’s RP, Sujata, Sanskaar, Swara and Uttra.

This story will transform Ragini and Lakshya into RagLak.

A girl is shown sitting down, witnessing the two families argue. Tears escape her eyes.

Then, a boy enters the same place with his bags, all look up and see him.

“Lakshya will marry Ragini.” DP declares.

“Fine” Parvati agrees.

“But Maa…” Shekhar says but gets stopped by Parvati.

The boy and the girl get shocked and are revealed to be Ragini and Lakshya.

“Two strangers who are unknown to each other… will they accept each other?”

Do read Tere Sang Yaara… out on 12th December.

Character Sketch:
~ Durga Prasad Maheshwari – A strict yet caring Father, the father of Adarsh and Lakshya and the Uncle (Bade Papa) of Uttra and Sanskaar. He treated Sanskaar like his own son but never knew he would go against him. Takes care of the family business with his son Adarsh. Had a fall out with his younger brother Ram and lives on the other side of the house. Often argues (Nokjhok ?) with Lakshya. The husband of Annapurna (AP).

~ Annapurna Durga Prasad Maheshwari – The wife of Durga Prasad (DP) and the mother of Adarsh and Lakshya. Badi Mom of Sanskaar and Uttra. Doesn’t hate Sanskaar or isn’t angry at him for marrying who he wants. Secretly talks to him and Swara and also blesses them. A housewife and is loved by Lakshya and she also pampers him a lot. The mother-in-law of Parineeta and sometimes argues with Sujata.

~ Ram Prasad Maheshwari – The father of Sanskaar and Uttra, the husband of Sujata and the younger brother of DP. Had a argument with DP about Sanskaar which resulted the house to divide and lives in the other section. Started his own business and is quite successful at it. Handles it with Sanskaar. Doesn’t hate Lakshya but doesn’t talk to him as DP told him to stay away from his family. The father-in-law of Swara.

~ Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari – The mother of Uttra and Sanskaar, the wife of Ram Prasad (RP) and the mother-in-law of Swara. Is quite selfish and greedy but a caring and loving woman by heart, taunts Parineeta which then results small arguments with AP. Sujata can be sometimes funny but also annoying at the same time, even though she didn’t like Swara, she accepted him for Sanskaar as she loves Sanskaar. Doesn’t call anyone from the other side, not even Lakshya but sometimes enjoys DP and Lakshya’s nokjhok ?

~ Adarsh Durga Prasad Maheshwari – The son of AP and DP, husband of Parineeta, brother of Lakshya, Sanskaar and Uttra and the nephew of Sujata and RP. Listens to everything DP says and is DPs favourite. Helps DP with the family business. Doesn’t talk to RP and Sujata but does talk to Uttra only. Not even Sanskaar. A caring son, loving husband and a awesome older brother. Doesn’t like getting in trouble.

~ Parineeta Adarsh Maheshwari – The wife of Adarsh, the sister-in-law of Lakshya, Sanskaar, Uttra and Swara. Is caring and loving but can sometimes get rude. Listens to AP and DP. Gets treated like a daughter by DP. The daughter-in-law of AP and DP. Tries to solve the conflict and problems but gets taunted by Sujata. She feels sad as she cannot conceive and that’s why Sujata taunts her. Is loved by AP, DP, Adarsh and Uttra. Only talks to Uttra.

~ Sanskaar Ram Prasad Maheshwari – The son of Sujata and RP, 1 year older to Lakshya. Husband of Swara and the nephew of AP and DP. Blames himself for everything and is feeling guilty for breaking DPs trust and creating a fight which resulted the division. Loves Swara a lot and is trying to get DP to forgive him. Talks to AP secretly and still respects her, helps RP with the new business, been married to Swara for nearly 2 months. Very caring and soft hearted person.

~ Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari – The wife of Sanskaar, the daughter-in-law of Sujata and RP, the daughter of Shekhar and Sharmishta, the sister of Ragini and curses herself for ruining Ragini’s life. The Gadodia family cut relationships from her. Loves Sanskaar a lot but also blames herself for the division. Is trying her best to get the family back together. Is a caring and soft at heart. Got married to Sanskaar nearly 2 months ago. DP seems to hate her and keeps insulting her while AP talks to her and blesses her.

~ Lakshya Durga Prasad Maheshwari – The son of DP and AP, the brother of Adarsh, Sanskaar and Uttra and the nephew of Sujata and RP. Is very disappointed at the division thing, found out what Sanskaar had. Often gets into arguments with DP. Loves his mother a lot and listens to her, is shocked at the fact that behind his back, DP fixed his alliance while he was in Sydney. Is also trying to solve the family problem but seems to get entangled, is angry on Sanskaar but later forgives him and talks to him a little.

~ Uttra Ram Prasad Maheshwari – The daughter of Sujata and RP. Sister of Adarsh, Sanskaar and Lakshya. Niece of DP and AP. Treats Swara and Parineeta as her Bhabhi. Secretly talks to Parineeta and wants everything to get solved soon. Is a caring and loving person by nature.

* Parvati Deendayal Gadodia – The grandmother of Swara and Ragini. Loves and favourites Ragini more. The mother of Shekhar, the wife of Deendayal Gadodia. Hates Swara for ruining Ragini’s life and has broken all ties with her. Is strict yet caring and loving.

* Shekhar Deendayal Gadodia – The father of Swara and Ragini. Is very disappointed in Swara. Upset at her for what she had did, cuts all the ties from her. Husband of Sharmishta and son of Parvati and Deendayal. Is a caring father. Is thinking about Ragini.

* Sharmishta Shekhar Gadodia – The mother of Swara and step mother of Ragini, treats Ragini like her own daughter. Is very disappointed in Swara and keeps her away from Ragini and has cut all the ties from her. Only focuses on Ragini as Sharmishta is also guilty of that Swara had did. The wife of Shekhar and daughter-in-law of Parvati. Is a caring, understanding and loving mother.

* Ragini Shekhar Gadodia – The daughter of Shekhar and Janki. Treats and loves Sharmishta as he own mother as she had lost Janki when she was 2, loves her family and isn’t upset at all on Swara. In fact she supports Swara for listening to her heart because Ragini would’ve felt guilty entire lifetime for marrying a person who doesn’t love her. She is caring and loving yet traditional and shy. She is Parvati’s favourite. Ex fianc√© of Sanskaar and the sister of Swara.

Finally done the character sketch, promo and introduction.

Do read ‘Tere Sang Yaara’ out on 12th December… stay tuned ?

Heard Swaragini is going off air *pout.

Will miss RagLak and SwaSan ???

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