RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 9)

Episode 9:
Recap – Mendhi Ceremony… Lakshya drunk and tells Swara… Ragini gets a message back from Jay….

The episode starts in Maheshwari Mansion, Omi walks inside with lemon water and gives it to Lakshya. Lakshya takes it and touches his head as it’s hurting him so badly.

“I told you not to drink! But no, you didn’t listen!” Omi irritatedly shouts as he sits besides him.

“I was only…” Lakshya says as he takes a sip.

“I know, you were only trying to forget everything but that doesn’t solve the problem! I only drank 1 glass and I was healthy but you drank 15!” Omi says and stands.

Just then AP walks inside and Lakshya finishes the lemon juice.

“Beta, get ready. We need to leave at 12:00.” AP says as she keeps his wedding attire on the bed.

Omi sees the time on his phone.

“Only 2 hours left.” Omi sighs.

Lakshya looks at him.

“2 hours will fly like this, get ready soon.” AP smiles and leaves the room.

“2 hours is so less for me.” Lakshya gulps.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure the plan Ragini made will work.” Omi assures.

“I hope so.” Lakshya says and looks on.

On the other side, the Mandap was ready, Ragini is in the hall in her house.

“Ragini… get ready.” Sharmishta says as she walks up to Ragini.

“Here are the make up artists, they will help you get dressed.” Sharmishta says and shows the make up artists the bride.

They take her to her room and Sharmishta smiles with teary eyes.

Then, Ragini walks inside her room and sits down, she looks at the three make up artist and smiles seeing one of them.

“Niharika??” Ragini happily says and stands up.

“Yes, it’s me.” Niharika says and both hug each other.

“Is everything ready?” Ragini asks as she breaks the hug.

Niharika nods positively with a smile and Ragini then smiles.

“Now let’s get you dressed.” Niharika says.

Ragini looks at her and shakes her head negatively.

“We have to, if we don’t then suspicion will come on you first.” Niharika says and makes Ragini sit in front of the mirror.

She then instructs the make up artists. Ragini pouts.
They got me ready and I was sitting there dressed as a bride and I look scary.

“Turn your frown upside down.” Niharika says as she made me face the mirrior.

I faked a smile.

“Not a fake one, a genuine!” Niharika tells.

She gets me so well.

“That’s not coming until the plans executed.” I said and looked at her.

She assured me everything would be fine. I looked at the time and it was 12:00pm. They must be here now.

I worried and started playing with my phone.

It was 12 and we still haven’t left the house, I was the one who was delaying it. I finished tying my sherwani buttons and for the first time my heart is beating fast in fear. A thought pops up, what if I actually get married?

“Lakshya!!” Papa shouts from downstairs.

I put the Turban on and took a deep breath.

“This marriage won’t happen.” I said to assure myself.

Omi entered the room.

“Jaldi kar! Your Papa will kill me if you don’t come down!” Omi says worriedly.

I shook my head and walked downstairs with Omi. All were smiling while seeing me expect Papa he had his glared fixed on me.

“We’re already late! Now let’s go!” Papa said and stormed out.

Maa, Bhaiyya and Bhabhi followed him, I was about to go when Chachi called out my name.

“Lakshya!” Chachi shouted.

I turned to her and saw her with Swara, she was giving me a faint smile.

Chachi walked up the stairs on her side.

“Today you’re getting married… good luck and forward your hand.” Chachi wished and said.

I did as she said, I forwarded my hand and she tied a red thread around my wrist.

“My blessings will be with you via this thread, I won’t be there to bless you and your wife but assume I’m there.” She said and finished tying the thread.

I gave her a faint smile.

“Now go or Bhaisa will come back in with his Kadoos side.” Chachi said with a faint smile.

I hugged her and she hugged me back, I then broke the hug and went out with Omi.

After a while, we reached, I got out and looked Daadi standing there to welcome me. All were looking so happy. I then moved forward and stood in front of them.

They did the ritual and made me sit in the Mandap. My heart is beating fast and I’m getting scared.

I looked around and then saw Ragini coming down, she was looking beautiful. Then she sat in the Mandap next to me.

She signalled what happened with her eyes, I shook my head and looked at the pandit.

“What’s happening.” I said as I made sure no one else was listening.

The Pandit started reading the Mantras.

“Everything is ready.” She mummers.

Both of us looked at the Pandit and just hoped for the best.
‘-‘ ‘-‘ ‘-‘ ‘-‘ ‘-‘ ‘-‘

The wedding was happening too fast, the Kanyadaan and the Ghatbhandan was done, I’m getting scared now, I don’t know why but my heart is worrying. I feel like something bad will happen.

Where is Jay?!

“Stand up for the Peheres.” The Pandit said.

I got surprised, Daadimaa made me stand, Lucky didn’t stand until his brother helped him up.

Then we started the pehres.

This can’t happen, oh no! Both of us started walking so slow. We didn’t complete the first round yet.

I continuously started at the door hoping Jay would come.

“Walk a little faster please” The Pandit requests.

Lakshya ignored him and didn’t increase his speed, we unfortunately completed our first round.
*-‘ ‘-* *-‘ ‘-* *-‘ ‘-*

I feel like slapping the Pandit, he’s telling us to increase our speed, but I’m walking slower than ever, he should know me by now after the car incident.

When is the plan going to get executed?!

“Increase your speed!” Papa angrily whispers.

“Itni kya Jaldi? Let me complete the marriage slowly and calmly.” I whispered back.

He shook his head and went back to his place.

Then we completed the second round, I also continued staring at the door.

I started walking more slower, Ragini also decreased her speed. Just then I felt a stick hit my leg and I jumped in shock, I could see Papa standing there.

“Hurry up!” He shouted.

“What type of Dad are you?! You hit me on my wedding day! If you’re in a hurry then you can marry her!” I said in an irritated tone.

“I was checking if your legs work or died!” Papa angrily said and threw the stick.

I angrily walked faster and completed the 3rd round. Then Ragini came forth.

She was walking in a normal pace, we completed the 4th round.

She then twists her ankle.

“Ahh.” She says in pain.

“What happened?” All asked.

“I don’t know, I think I twisted my ankle.” She says in pain but I know she’s lying.

“Don’t worry, the groom can carry you and do this as well.” The Pandit says.

I glared at the Pandit and she shockingly looked at him. So this means she is lying.

“Pick her up.” All pressured me and I unwillingly carried her in my arm and started walking around.

When’s the person coming?! And again we completed the 5th round.

I looked at her and she looked at me with a worried face.

And now it’s getting scarier, we completed the 6th round. This can’t happen!

And we completed the 7th and final round, great!

I made her stand and we both then sat in our places, the Pandit read some Mantras.

“Now adorn her hairline with Sindoor.” The Pandit says and forwards the tray with Mangalsutra and Sindoor.

I got surprised seeing the Sindoor and looked at Ragini. She looked at me shockingly.

Her Daadi lifted her tikka, I took the Sindoor and approached her, my hands were shaking. I can’t do this.

My hands were above her hairline, she eyed me a no.

A bullet sound was heard and I shockingly dropped the Sindoor in her hairline and turned. Some people in black mask walk inside.

All get shocked and turn. Me and Ragini stand and look there.

“This marriage can’t happen!” One of the man under that mask shouts.

“You’re late, the marriage is completed.” The Pandit says.

I shockingly looked at the Pandit.

Ragini also looks at the Pandit shockingly.

“Make her wear the Mangalsutra.” DP says as he stands on the Mandap.

Lakshya is too shocked to move.

DP hands him the Mangalsutra, Lakshya looks at Ragini who is also stunned.

Lakshya then makes her wear the Mangalsutra, tears fall out of Raginis eyes.

“Get them!” The man under the mask orders.

Niharika then stand on the Mandap with Ragini.

“Jays phone is not reachable.” Niharika whispers.

Then the men hold DP, AP, Ragini, Lakshya, Niharika, Parineeta and Uttra.

All are shocked and the men forcefully take them out.

“Stop! Shekhar, call the police!” Parvati shouts.

A man comes inside.

“If you call the police then you will see their dead bodies and this Baari will be destroyed!” The man warns.

All gasp and he leaves.

“Who are you?!” DP shouts and jerks himself.

Lakshya is too shocked to react, so is Ragini. A man hits DP on the head with a gun and forces them inside a Van. They shout but all in vain.
*~* *~* *~* *~*
I can’t believe it, I’m married to Lakshya! I’m officially Mrs Lakshya Maheshwari. How?! Why did Jay come so late and what is the point of this now?!

“Where are we going?!” I asked as I wiped my tears.

“To boss and till then keep your mouth shut!” The man in the front warns.

I looked at Lakshya and he’s also upset and sad, if I couldn’t believe we’re married then he must be waiting to wake up as he might think it’s a dream.

The van stopped, we were brought out.

“What was the point of kidnapping us when you brought us to our house?!” Adarsh Bhaiyya asks sounding angry.

This is the Maheshwari Mansion, why have they brought us here?

We got pushed inside, then a hand stopped me and took me to the side. I turned and it was Lakshya but one of their man was also there.

“What is this Ragini?!” Lakshya in an angry yet quiet tone asks.

I got confused.

“What is what?” I asked.

“You knew this was going to happen and you were acting!” He angrily said.

I looked at him.

“If you wanted to marry then you could’ve told me and not faked it! I would’ve thought about it but god knows why I trusted you!” He angrily said and looked away.

Is he serious?

“I wasn’t acting and what are you trying to say?! Are you trying to say I planned all this?!” I angrily asked.

“Yes!” He said as he looked at me.

I shook my head in a disbelief.

“I can’t believe you! Just because we got married and you’re blaming me? I wasn’t dying of getting married to you!” I made clear and looked away.

“I doubt you’re even being real now! Is this your acting? Did you marry me for money?!” He angrily bursts out.

I slapped him across the face hard. I didn’t know this is his real side! Such a cheap thinking person.

“Just shut up! You can’t accuse me! You’re not worth of being married to!” I said feeling disgusted and turned.

He held my hand and squeezed it, it pained and he pulled me towards him.

“You made a mistake by slapping me!” He angrily says as he twists my hand.

I try freeing it.

“I didn’t plan any of this or if marrying you!” I explains and pushed him back.

He glared at means I went down.

I saw a man sitting on a sofa with a mask, I looked around and saw the family on one side sitting on the floor. Including Swara, Sanskaar, DP uncle and all.

I was surprised.

Lakshya walked behind Ragini and stands besides her, he is surprised seeing his family on the floor in one corner and a man sitting on the sofa with a mask.

“Who are you?” Ragini asks the man sitting on the sofa.

Just then Niharika and Omi are forced inside, Ragini and Lakshya turn and see them.

“Leave me!” Niharika yells.

They push Omi and Niharika down and Ragini and Lakshya catch them.

Ragini then turns to the person.

“Sun!” The man behind that man says as he points at the other man.

The other man comes forward with his head down.

“Go throw him and his friend with his family.” The man behind the mask orders as he points at Lakshya and Omi.

The man nods and walks up to Lakshya.

“One minuet! Who are you?” Ragini asks the man behind the mask.

“Ragini, sit down and we will talk peacefully.” That man says.

All are surprised including Ragini.

“Take your mask off.” Ragini says.

The man takes his mask off and Ragini and Niharika are stunned.

Lakshya looks at Ragini.

Episode Ends.

Precap: The person revealed behind the mask. Ragini to take Lakshyas side in front of everyone… Lakshya to feel bad as he accused Ragini without knowing the truth.. he tries to apologise but she ignores him… and the story begins… ?☺️?
Jay – Anshuman Malhotra

Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla

Omi – Vinny Chhabra

Sorry for less RagLak scenes… ?
I promise to give as much as I could in the next episode ?

Thank you for the encouraging comments . . . ?

How was the 9th Episode?

Harsh Comments are also welcomed…

Take care ?

Keep Smiling ✨

Stay Blessed ?

Love you all ????

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