RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 8)


Episode 8:
Recap – Raginis true side comes in front if Lakshya and Omi . . . Ragini locks Lakshya in her bathroom…

The episode starts with Ragini walking down, some woman see her and take her out.

“Where were you?” One of the woman whispers.

“She’s the bride so it’s her right to take time.” The other woman says.

They then take Ragini outside her house and make her sit on a comfy mattress with cushion on a box underneath that they especially made for her. Ragini fakes a smile.

On the other hand, Lakshya is shown worrying here and there.

“What should I do now?” Lakshya asks himself.

He then remembers Ragini words about him wearing a Saree.

“This is all because of her, I’m going to kill her.” Lakshya sighs and opens her wardrobe.

After a while, Lakshya is shown standing in front of Ragini’s mirror in a red and orange saree with red blouse. He makes a ghubghat and covers his face. Lakshya then slowly and carefully goes out with his fave covered.

In between, he pulls his ghunghat a little up so that he could see properly too.

“What are you doing here?” One of the woman asks.

Lakshya is surprised under the ghunghat, he doesn’t know how to react.

“Come outside.” The woman says and grabs Lakshyas hand and takes him forcefully, he looks on.

After a while, Lakshya is made come out of the house and is pushed into among the other women.

They start the mendhi rasam, some of the woman start playing the drums and start singing while the Mendhi woman start applying mendhi on Ragini. Ragini looks at the woman enjoying while singing.

Lakshya tries to go out when he is stopped by another woman, he gets irritated and unwillingly dances with some of the other woman. Just then AP and Parineeta walk inside, Parvati and Sharmishta welcomes them inside. Lakshya hears APs voice and a small smile appears on his face but the he realises his condition and looks on.

“Ragini! I will get you back for sure.” Lakshya says in his mind.
*** *** *** ***
Everyone seem so happy but it’s just me who’s frowning. I looked up and saw a weird Aunty with her ghunghat covering her face, she was also wearing trainers. And wait, that Saree looks familiar.

I tried remembering and is that my Saree? It can’t be. I gave a confused look. Trainers and my Saree… that has to be Lucky! Stupid brat wore my favourite Saree! Ughh, couldn’t he wait until the rasam was over? He needs to get out before anyone notices.

“Done.” Both of the Mendhi ladies besides me said.

I smiled at then and they got up from there, just then that Aunty… no, Lucky dad next to me, he was tired as he was breathing heavily.

“Why have you worn my Saree?!” I whispered.

“Oh, so you found out?” He whispered back from under the ghunghat.

It’s definitely him.

“Wait!” I sighed and stood up.

“Aunty, can you please take me to the restroom?” I asked him, he stood up and shook his head positively, all the ladies were looking, including Daadimaa.

Then we both went inside.

“Now get lost before you get stuck in other problems!” I said while making sure no one was around.

He pulled the ghunghat up and glared at me.

“You’re saying this as if you’re saving me! You’re the one who caused these problems!” He, in a serious yet in a annoyed voice complained.

“Talk somewhere else, you will get caught out.” I said while looking around and making sure no one came.

“No one will be able to catch me! I will see you later!” He warned and started walking towards the back door.

I had my eyes glued on the main door, I heard the back door shut and turned. He disappeared, thank god.

I walked back out and sat back down with a fake smile.

** ** ** ** ** ** *
I managed to get out from the house and the Baari, finally. I looked at my car and it was still parked there but Omi wasn’t inside.

I sat inside and took the car keys out from under the seat, that was and is the best hiding spot for me. I drove off and I feel so relaxed, but I wonder where Omi must be.

I looked at my phone and a smile appeared on my face,I turned it on and saw 45 miss calls from Maa, 10 from Bhaiyya, 20 from Bhabhi and 1 from Papa.

Now I can see who misses me the most and who doesn’t. I reached Maheshwari mansion and I’m so glad to be back home. It feels so relaxing and good.

I’m going to handle that Ragini in the evening, but first I should get rest.

I got out of the car and made a run straight upstairs and into my room before anyone sees me it stops me.

I was so tired to change, I fell onto my bed on my stomach and dozed off with an awesome and relaxing moment.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It was 6pm, the Mendhi function combined with the Sangeet finished and Aunty and Pari Bhabhi left. Maa took me inside my room while Daadimaa was expressing her happiness with the Baari women.

Me and Maa entered my room and Maa placed me on the bed.

“Beta, tell me if you’re not happy with this alliance, there’s still time.” Maa said sounding concerned.

“Tomorrow is the wedding.” I said as I realised and looked at her.

She gave a faint smile, Maa doesn’t have to worry. Tomorrow it’s all up to Jay and Niharika and speaking of them, why haven’t they called me yet? I know Samar and Nikhil ditched me but where are Jay and Niharika?

“What are you thinking?” Maa asked as she broke my thought.

I shook my head negatively with a faint smile.

“A marriage is a dream for girls, in just looking forward to it.” I lied but told the truth at the same time because marriage is actually a dream for every girl.

Maa smiled at me.

“Sharmishta!!” Daadimaa shouted.

“Coming Maa!” Maa shouted back.

She then left the room, I looked at the time and I don’t know why I’m feeling scared for the first time, I’m getting these weird and unknown feelings.

It’s the wedding day tomorrow, I can’t stop but worrying. I stood up and walked inside the bathroom, just then I saw Lucky’s jeans and shirt on the floor with his jacket.

I sighed a smile and picked them up, they were scattered but his jacket was only hanged. Thank god my mendhi dried and how dirty is he?

I felt irked and then put his clothes in the laundry basket while hiding them under mine. That’s to be washed basket, I checked his pockets before and it’s clean, nothings there.

I walked back out and took my night clothes out, I went back in and got changed. I came out and put the Lehenga back on the platter along with the jewelries. I sat on the bed and couldn’t stop worrying about tomorrow.

What if we actually get married? That’s scary.
I slowly opened my eyes feeling refreshed, I saw Omi sitting besides me and giving me the glares.

“Kya?!” I asked as I stretched and slowly sat up.

“You went but never came out, I went and now you’re here? What happened?” He asks as he makes a teasing face and nudge me.

I glared at him and then he stopped and made a normal face.

“Mein to bas…” Omi utters.

“Shut your mouth!” I interrupt and warn in an irritated tone.

I wasn’t actually in the mood.

“Tomorrow is your wedding.” Omi says all in one go.

I shockingly look at him and check the date, 1 week already passed? Shoot! It’s the 29th today and tomorrow is 30th!!

Pandit saying this flashes into my mind.

“And what’s up with this Saree?” Omi asked as he held the pallu.

“I’m here stressed and you’re caring about the Saree?! Think if something!” I angrily said and looked away worryingly.

Just then Maa walked inside with Papa, Adarsh Bhaiyya and Bhabhi. All of them were surprised seeing me.

Oh fish! I forgot to change.

“Lakshya! What is this?!” Papa angrily shouts.

Omi jumps up in fear and looks at him and so do I.

“What is what?” I ask.

“Why are you wearing a Saree?” Adar she Bhaiyya asks.

“Because I want to…” I lied.

“Not because you want to but to go to the Baari and in the mendhi rasam and you were successful!” Papa angrily shouts as he glared at me.

I looked in surprised, as much as he’s bald, he’s looks dumb but he’s smart too.

Taklu Prasad Maheshwari . . . Sounds perfect, I wonder what his parents thought when naming him.

“If you know then why create a drama? Go and take a chill pill.” I said as I lied back in a relaxing mood.

He glared at me and huffed.

“By God, I thought a Saand (Bull) just huffed!” I said and faked to get scared as I placed my hand on my chest.

Omi giggled and all glared, he stormed out. I smirked and Maa gave me a disappointed look.

“He started it.” I shrugged.

Bhaiyya, Bhabhi and Maa shook their head in a disbelief and exited my room. I then looked at Omi and he looked at me.

“Will you only look or think?!” I asked in a serious tone.

Omi looks away and starts thinking. I palmed my forehead.

After a while, me and Omi reached a pub, we saw Ragini there too. Omi walked up to her and I followed.

“1 cocktail please.” Ragini requests.

“Hey Ragini.” Omi said as he sat besides her on the stool.

She looked at him with a pout.

“Life is so unfair! I’m getting married in few hours.” She sadly says and looks at me.

“Chill, I promise I won’t let this marriage happen.” Omi assures.

“Really? But how?” She asked and lookrd at both of us.

She was wearing a knee length peach chiffon lace dress with her hair plated to the side. She, not gunna lie actually looks banging. I guess peach suits her.

“Madam, your cocktail.” The bartender says as he forwards her drink.

She thanks him and takes it.

“Jay’s disappeared and so has Niharika, I think they must be focusing on our plan for tomorrow.” She tells and takes a sip.

I think they’re her friends and yes, Jays the one who videoed us and I thought it was Papa standing there.

“What gave you planned?” I ask.

She finished her cocktail and looks at us, she shrugs and then shares her plan.

Omi and me are surprised because that’s actually a smashing plan. It will definitely work cause it’s full proof.

“Amazing, this Plan is full proof and will 100% work.” Omi says and orders himself a whiskey.

“It has to work.” She confidently says.

“It will.” I said.

The trio of us smirked.

“Okay bye, I’m going now… I thought Jay and Niharika would come but they didn’t and now if I stay longer then I will get drunk.” She said and stands up.

“Lucky, you go drop her and meet me back here.” Omi says as he takes his order.

“No, I’m cool. I’ll manage.” She said as she looked at me.

“Chill, he’ll drop you.” Omi said.

Omi will die out of my hands one day.

“Cool.” She said and started walking out, I gave the glares to Omi and walked out behind her.

We reached outside.

“You wait here and I’ll get the car.” I said and she nodded.

I went and then came back with the car, I can see boys walking in a circle around Ragini.

“Just shut up and leave!” She shouts.

“Oye hoye… you look so cute.” The man teases.

Now only God can save them.

I said and lied back to see the scene, Ragini punched the guy who teased her on the face, he fell down.

She then kicked another guys in the… ouch!

She warned them and then sat inside angrily, I drove off.

“What do these boys think of themselves?! Idiots!” She angrily says.

“Poor guys, I should’ve gave them warnings before.” I said and acting sympathetic towards them.

“Poor them?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Oh yeah, how can I forget, you’re also a boy! And worser than them!” She angrily said.

“Worser than them? Are you serious?!” I asked.

“Yep, you’re worser than those boys.” She sighed.

Is she serious?

“How can you think I’m worser than them? I never harassed you” I said as I turned to her.

“Haa but you bully me.” She said.

“Bully? I bully you? It’s the other way round, you bully me!” I said and it’s the truth.

“I have better things to do than bullying you, you always find reasons to fight with me.” She says.

“Because you start them.” I said.

“Because of you” She argued.

I stopped the car outside the Baari and both of us glared at each other.

“I actually am scared for tomorrow.” She said as she broke the glare.

I also broke the glare and we just look at each other.

“Have faith in your friends plan.” I assured.

She nodded and stepped out of the car, she shut the door and walked inside.

I drove back to the bar and met Omi there. His words hurt me but also scare me, he said to enjoy because this might me my last bachelors night.
I entered the house and in the bathroom, I got changed into my night outfit, this may be the last time I’m wearing my favourite clothes.

I caressed my dress and walked out, then I hid it in the wardrobe. Just then Daadimaa walked inside looking angry.

“Daadimaa?” I confusingly asked.

“What is this?!” Daadimaa shouted as she showed me Lucky’s jeans and shirt.

I was stunned and then looked at her.

“This…” I tried to think of a lie but it was all in vain.

“Who came here last night?!” Daadimaa questioned in anger.

“N…no one.” I lied.

“Stop lying!” Daadimaa shouted.

Maa also rushed inside.

“What happened?” Maa asked Daadimaa.

“Ask her!” Daadimaa said while pointing at me.

“I don’t know, I think the clothes must’ve got mixed… I just found them from inside the wardrobe.” I lied and looked down.

“From the wardrobe?” Maa asked.

I nodded and felt bad for indirectly blaming Swara. It’s all Lucky’s fault! Couldn’t he take his clothes with him and if they see his jacket then everything will be finished.

“So it’s Swara and her husbands! She hid it in the wardrobe!” Daadimaa concluded and went out of the room.

Maa looked at her and I made a worrying face.
Maheshwari Mansion:

Swara was walking in the hall way alone to go up when Omi brings inside an drunk Lakshya. Swara gets surprised, she walks up the stairs and was about to cross when Sujatas words run through her mind.

“What happened?” Swara asks.

“Nothing much, he’s drunk.” Omi says.

“What happened?” Lakshya chuckles and looses his balance when Omi holds him.

“You’re asking me what happened? This all happened because of you!” Lakshya says as he makes an serious face.

Swara looks on.

“You and Sanskaar got married happily by leaving me and Ragini in pain! Tomorrow is our marriage and I’m being forced and it’s all because of you!” Lakshya says as he points at Swara.

“Our lives will only get ruined because of you and Sanskaar!” Lakshya accuses and feels drowsy.

Swara is stunned. Omi then takes Lakshya upstairs and Swara looks on.

“Ragini and Lakshya are getting married?” Swara says in her mind and worryingly looks on.

The sun rises and the wedding preparations start in the Baari and the Maheshwari Mansion. Lakshya wakes up and feels like his heads going to explode.

Ragini is sitting on her bed and is staring at her phone worriedly.

Just then her phone buzzes, she sees a message from Jay and a smile appears on her face.

“Always ready and you?” Ragini reads.

She then types ready and tells him the time the weddings going to start.

A happy face of Ragini is shown and Lakshya is shown who is touching his forehead.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Ragini and Lakshya dressed as bride and groom. . . Will this marriage happen?
Jay – Anshuman Malhotra

Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla

Omi – Vinny Chhabra

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