RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 7)

Episode 7:
Recap – Another form of Ragini revealed… Lakshya sees her in the Pub…

The episode starts with Lakshya driving on the roads, he then stops outside the Baari.

“You wait here and I’ll be back but do wish me good luck.” Lakshya says to Omi and steps out.

“Best of luck bro.” Omi wishes as Lakshya secretly walks inside the Baari.

Lakshya then sneakily walks inside Gadodia house and walks up.

“Up and then right…” Lakshya says to himself as he tries to remember where Ragini’s room was.

He walks up to a room and opens the door, he enters and sees no one in the room.

“So it was Ragini.” Lakshya says to himself.

Just then the bathroom door opens and a tired Ragini walks out of the bathroom in a plain white Salwar with black leggings.

She looks at Lakshya and acts surprised.

“Aap?” She asks as she walks up to him.

Lakshya gets surprise seeing her.

“Ragini?” A confused Lakshya asks.

“Ji?” Ragini says as she looks at him confusingly.

“Where were you?” Lakshya questions.

“Bath…bathroom.” Ragini says as she looks at the bathroom and then at him.

Lakshya gets confused and looks the bathroom.

“How is this possible? I saw her out…” A confused Lakshya says in his mind.

“A…Aap yaha? Is there a problem?” Ragini asks.

“Uh… I was just going to say that what have you thought about the wedding? I mean what have you planned?” Lakshya asked to avoid that topic that’s running in his mind.

“I’m not to sure… have you got any plans?” Ragini asks.

“Um… my friend Omi is willing to help us…” Lakshya said.

After that, there was silence between them. Ragini’s phone starts buzzing, both look at the bed where Ragini’s phone is lying.

Ragini picks it up and disconnects the call. She then looks at Lakshya.

“Now what does he have to say?” Ragini says in her mind.

Lakshya looks at Ragini and then remembers the one on stage.

“The wedding is on the 30th of this month.” A worried Ragini says.

Lakshya realises.

“You’re right, we have less time.” Lakshya says.

“We have to do something fast.” Ragini says and her phone starts buzzing again.

She looks at her phone and disconnects the call.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Lakshya asks as he looks at her bathroom.

“Sure.” Ragini says.

Lakshya then walks inside the bathroom and Ragini sighs.

She then starts remembering how she was running on the roads, Samar came with his bike and gave Ragini a lift home in a fast speed.

Her phone starts buzzing again.

She gets annoyed and picks it up.

“Hello?!” She whispers.

“Hello? Ragamaa, me and Samar have to leave to London today for an emergency.” Nikhil reveals.

Ragini gets a little surprised.

“What? When will you be back?” Ragini asks while whispering.

“Not sure but it’s an emergence and we’re leaving tonight.” Nikhil says and disconnects the call.

Ragini pouts and then turns, Lakshya walks out from the bathroom and looks at her.

“Thank you.” Lakshya says and walks towards the door.

He was about to go out when he sees Parvati walking down and gets surprised.

“How am I meant to go? Daadi is going down.” Lakshya whispers.

Ragini gets surprised and walks up to Lakshya, she then closes the door and locks it. He looks at her and she worriedly turns.

“If Daadimaa sees us then there would be a problem.” Ragini worries.

Lakshya looks at her.
She is worrying too much, but something’s fishy also. She moves forward and forth while smacking her phone on her hand.

“Don’t worry, I’ll jump out from the window.” I said and she looked at me.

“Oh really? So you’re going to jump out and break a leg?” She asked sounding serious.

Her way of tone and attitude changed, that’s a little surprising.

“Nope, I’m serious.” I said and approached it.

“But it’s too dangerous.” She said as she sounded worried.

He tone, behaviour and attitude changed again. What’s going on?

She followed me to the window, I peeped out and so did she. Woah, it looks freaky.

She looked at me and I looked at her, I gave her a worrying smile and looked back out.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yep, chill.” I assured with a fake carefree attitude.

But how will I manage? She turned and her foot slipped, she was about to fall back and out when I caught her by the waist and she held on to my shirt. We looked at each other.

The moonlight was shining on her face and her eyes were sparkling, there was something different about her.

She looked away and I made her stand, it was a little awkward, she looked down and saw a scarf on the floor and picked it up as she had slid in that.

“Sorry.” She apologised feeling uncomfortable.

“No it’s okay, you don’t need to apologise, it wasn’t your fault.” I said and looked away.

It felt a little weird but then I heard the horn blow, I knew it was Omi. He’s waiting for me.

I looked around for another way but couldn’t find a way, just then my eyes land on her wardrobe, something blue was sticking out.

I walked towards her wardrobe, she looked at me confusingly, I pulled it out and her wardrobe opened. The exact same Saree fell out. I could hear her gasp and picked the Saree up.

Now I need explanation, so I turned and gave her a stern look, she made a worrying face and looked here and there.

“Would you like to explain?” I asked in a serious tone.

“This Saree is not mine..” She stammers as she lies.

“Even I thought that the dress in the bathroom wasn’t yours.” I said as I saw a blue sparkly dress inside the bathroom.

And to avoid answering my questions, she rushed to the bathroom and closed the door.

What the? How can she do that? Well I’m also staying here until she doesn’t give me my answers.

I waited for 10 minutes, she hadn’t stepped out ever since, I gave up as I was getting bored and stood up. Just then I heard the door unlock and she came out, standing behind me.

I slowly turned and am surprised, I can’t believe this, Ragini’s standing in plain black, knee length Knitted jacquard skater dress.

Her style was different, she literally looks like a whole different person.

She walked towards her wardrobe and bended down, she pulled out her black sandal heels, they actually looked good.

She sat on the bed and wore them and then stood back up and looked at me.

“You want to talk to me and want your answers right?” She asked in a different tone, attitude and way.

I shook my head positively.

“Then for that, we have to be out.” She said as she pointed at the window.

“But…” I uttered but she interrupted.

“The walls have ears too.” She said as she walked forward.

It feels like I’m seeing, talking to and meeting a whole new different person.

She looked down and then at me.

“Make a jump, like you said you would.” She reminded and let out a little smile.

I just took a deep breath and jumped out, I could hear Ragini gasp and I landed safe, thank god. I thought I’ll break few bones. I looked up at Ragini and she sighed a breath of relief.

“Now you jump.” I whispered as loud as I could.

She shook her head negatively.

“Mereko nai todni apni hadiyan!” She whispered back.

How selfish is that? I risked my life and she can’t even appreciate it.

“You have to or I’m making a scene, I’m going to shout and tell Daadi!” I threatened with a smirk.

She widened her eyes and then glared at me.

“This is the first reason why I didn’t want to tell you! I don’t get you boys, what you’re meant to tell you don’t! And what you’re not meant to tell and you Do! Where’s the logic?!” She complained in an irritated tone and made a jump.

She closed her eyes and I caught her, she simply landed in my arms.

“Bach Gayi Kya?” She asks with a worried face, I let out a smile seeing her worried face with her eyes closed.

She slowly opens her eyes and looks around, she sighed a breath of relief and a smile appears on her face.

“Ab utharo ge ya hamesha pakarne ka irada hai?” She asked as she looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

I made her stand.

“Agar hamesha pakarne ka irada hota toh iss Shadi se mana Nahi karta.” I said and walked towards my car.

She followed.

“Shukr hai ki you said no for this marriage first, agar me kehti toh saraa plan fail.” She says as she sounded relieved.

I got confused and looked at her.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Oh… you already know about this side toh chupane ka Kya faida? Come, sit in the car and I will tell.” She said with a little smirk and sat in the back.

I sat in the drivers seat and Omi looked at me.

“Yeh kaun hai?” Omi confusingly asks.

Ragini hears him and smiles.

“Hi, I’m Ragini, Ragini Gadodia.” She introduced and forwarded her hand.

Omi got shocked and shook it shockingly.

“Arey… why are you shocked?” She asks as she frees her hand.

“S…she’s Ragini?” Omi shockingly asked me.

I shook my head positively and he fell back. He’s such a drama queen.

“Start the car and get out of this area.” She said as she lied back.

I’m damn confused but shocked as well, is she the same Ragini that I met 3 Days ago?

I started the car and drove off the Baari area.

“So, I’m ready to answer questions.” She said boldly and chilled.

Omi hurriedly turned.

“Kaun ho tum?” He asked her, that’s such a silly questions.

“For everyone I’m Ragini but for the pub and all, I’m Suhana.” She revealed.

No wonder they were cheering for Suhana.

“Which side is real you? Are you suffering from split personality disorder?” Omi asks again sounding interested.

Again he asked a useless questions.

“Sach kahoon… then I’m possessed by Suhana.” She said sounding innocent.

I looked at her through the mirror on window screen.

“Kya Kya Kya?!” Omi shockingly asks.

She shakes her head with a pout, I could see that she’s only joking.

“Haa and the worst part is that she comes inside me at 10:45.” Ragini makes worrying face and tone.

Omi checks the time and it’s 10:45, he gulps and looks at Ragini.

“I can hear her… Lakshya! Drive fast, she’s coming!” A frightened Ragini shouts.

Omi gets scared and gulps.

“Lakshya!!” Ragini shouts and then makes Omi shouts.

Omi shouts in fear and Ragini bursts out laughing, I looked at Omi and also let out a laugh. Omi was sweating in fear.

After hearing us laugh, he realised it was a joke and that Ragini was acting.

“This was all a joke? You find playing with my feelings a joke?” An upset Omi asks her and turns.

“Nope, I don’t have a split personality disorder and in front of Daadimaa I’m seedi saadi when I’m opposite that in real.” Ragini revealed again.

“You’re not even seedi saadi, you had no rights to mock me like that.” Omi says as he room it seriously and felt offended.

“Waise… do you want to marry?” Omi asked while turning to her.

She shook her head negatively and pouted.

“Mereko Abhi Shadi Nahi karni, I’m too young.” She exclaimed.

“And… tell us a bit more about yourself.” Omi tells.

“Nahi Nahi… you ask all the question, I’m not here am I?” I dramatically said as I stared at Omi.

“So from the age of 6, I started to hide my self from my parents and Daadi, they wouldn’t understand me. My best friends showed me how to live my life outside the house and on the world.” She told and pouted.

“The truth is that I’m afraid of Daadimaa, Maa and Baba. This is not me, what I show them isn’t me. My Daadimaa always taught me things but I went against them and did everything I shouldn’t.” She revealed.

“Daadimaa said to be Sanskaari, I am but in front of her and the society but I follow my own rules.” She tells

“Daadimaa said to wear traditional clothes and I do, yet again in front of her and her best friend, Society. But I dress the way I want to in the night and how I normally wanna dress.” She sighs.

“Daadimaa told me not to talk to boys and stay away from them, I broke that rule as I made friends with boys and had at least 5 boyfriends. But I broke up with them 5 because none of them were the type I wanted.” She revealed and left me and Omi in a shock.

“I even drink, I broke all Daadimaas rules and that’s because of Samar, Nikhil, Jay and Niharika. But I can’t only blame them because it was me.” She pouts.

“That is me, I’m not the timid, shy, Bhenji, obedient Ragini. I love the way I am but I hate to hide myself because of my strict and traditional Daadi.” She boldly says and she makes an annoyed yet given up face.

“I want freedom and want the right to live my life the way I want to. I don’t want to live it a secret and now again, I’m being forced in a relationship.” She says upsettingly.

I stopped the car on the highway and turned to her.

“Just after my breakup, Daadimaa fixed my alliance with Sanskaar, I was shocked because I wasn’t ready for marriage because I’m only 19 and wanted time. Everything we needed to do something, I used to patch him up with Swara, they used to go shopping and for all the selecting that needed to be done.” She told as she looked at both of us.

My eyes widened in shockness.

“Only Swara knows about me but no one else, on mine and Sanskaar’s engagement day, I felt like crying. I felt imprisoned as soon as he made me wear that ring but I was so relieved when he married Swara. But I had to be a little upset in front of Daadimaa and all, but I was actually and still am upset at the fact that Swara didn’t tell me.” She pouts and looks away.

“And now again I feel imprisoned” She says with a little bit of tears in her eyes.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard from her mouth now.

“Don’t I have any rights to live my life and have freedom?” She asked upsettingly.

“You do Ragini, we feel very surprised hearing that side of the story and we get you, if family is strict then baat hi alag hai.” Omi says as he relates to her cause his Dad’s also strict.

Ragini manages to stop the tears from rolling out of her eyes.

Omi’s mom left him when he was 5 and his dad got married again, he then sent Omi to Sydney for education purpose.

“And there’s this Mahraj Ji, he has a strict Dad but rebels against him.” Omi says as he points at me and looks at Ragini.

“It’s the matter of courage.” I said and looked at both of them.

“Courage? Then no to this marriage.” She said.

“I can’t because I’m helpless, he said he’ll kick me out and you don’t know how strict he is.” Lakshya sighs.

“So both of you don’t want to marry each other, cool… this would be easy.” Omi says.

“You don’t need to worry, I thought of a plan anyways.” Ragini smirks.

I still find it hard to believe this is her but I know I will accept this fact sooner.

“What?” Me and Omi ask.

Ragini shows a video to us on her phone, I hold it and me and Omi look into it.

I was surprised, it’s the video of me and Ragini talking in her room. But she changed it.

“That’s not what had happened.” I exclaimed.

“You know and I know but no one else knows, here I ask you questions and you clearly say no. So mera pattah saaf and that time, it was my friend, Jay recording and he even edited this video.” She happily says and takes her phone back.

This is not fair, khud ka pattah saaf karke mujhe barbaad karegi? No, never!

I snatched her phone, she was shocked, I quickly ran out of the car, she opened the back door and also got out.

“Lakshya!” She shouts as she tries to snatch her phone, I turned and found the video.

“Call me Lucky.” I said and deleted the video.

I smirked and deleted it from the recently deleted too and looked at her.

She started laughing and I got confused.

“Laksh… sorry Lucky, are you actually stupid or you’re only pretending?” She asked and crosses her arms.

Her smile is scaring me.

“I have other copies too… in fact my friend has them and he’s only one call away. I can ask him to send me more, so chill.” She said and took her phone off me.

She turned and I held her hand and pulled her towards me, she got surprised and our chests merged.

“Please don’t do this to me, you know I’ll go homeless.” I begged as I made an innocent face.

“That’s your problem.” She said and tried freeing her self.

I merged my forehead with hers and our lips were inches apart, I could feel her breath on my bottom lips, she looked at me and I looked at her.

“You can’t do this.” I whispered.

“I can.” She said.

I moved more closer and she worried, she failed in freeing her self, our lips were close enough to meet if any of of our lip moved. She stopped shaking herself and slowly moved her head back. But I moved forward each time she moved it back, now she has to agree. She managed to move her head to the side and my lips touched her cheeks.

“You’re taking the disadvantage!” She irritatedly said.

“You won’t show that video.” I said as I blew my hot breath on her cheek.

She brushed her cheek against my cheek and made her lips towards my cheek, she blew on my cheek, I let go of her hand, she then held my shoulder and blew on my earlobe and then traveled down to the side of my neck and beneath my ear lobe and randomly bit me proper hard.!

“Ahh!” I shrieked and moved back, she gave me the death glares.

“This was a warning, if you cross your limits again then watch!” She warns and sits back inside the car.

I touched at the place she bit me and can see a a little bit of blood on my fingers. She’s not an human, she’s a beast!

I sat back inside in an annoyed mood and started to drive off.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
How dare he do that?! How can he delete the video? Damn it! I lied that I have copies but I don’t think I do. I need to ask Jay so I messaged him.

It felt weird when he touched me like that, but I also gave him a warning because he shouldn’t have came close to me!

I don’t want to marry Lakshya yet, I’m not ready and thank GOD he isn’t either. I started crying on mine and Lakshya’s engagement day because I was again being forced, I felt like my freedom was being snatched. First Sanskaar and now Lakshya. I was thinking why me. I was such a baby that time.

Even Sanskaar’s moments were flashing in my mind, I felt like history is repeating and now I have no one to patch Lakshya up with.

I need to think of something super fast as a plan B because the video might not come back. But I hope Jay’s plan works because I have full hope on it cause it sounds trustworthy.

Lakshya… well Lucky was silent, he stopped outside the Baari. I stepped out and shut the door, he drove off. I guess he felt offended when I bit him.
But who cares?

I secretly headed inside and managed to reach up to my room, I pushed the door forward but it would open.

Fish!! I locked it from the inside, I’m dead! If someone sees me… oh god!

I was clueless of what do do, just then the door opened, I got surprised seeing that person who opened the door. It was Lucky, but how?

He ignored me and turned to leave when I stopped him.

“Thank you for opening the door, but how did you know?” I asked as I entered and shut the door behind me and locked it again.

“I remembered you locked the door from the inside and you entered from the front side so I climbed in from the back side and opened the door.” He in a serious tone said without turning.

I guess he’s still upset over that bite, but I’m not apologising cause it was his fault.

“Since you saved my life, I wouldn’t show that video to anyone, but think of Plan B.” I said and crossed my arms.

He irritatedly turns and looks at me.

“When I was telling that nicely, you gave me this!” He bursted out and pointed at the bite mark.

I rolled my eyes.

“You also crossed your limits.” I said.

“But I didn’t do anything.” He argues and touches the bite mark.

I surprisingly looked at him.

“All of that was nothing?! You did all of that and now you’re saying you didn’t do anything? Have you forgot your limits or do you want me to teach you?!” I angrily said as I gave him the glares.

“Achcha, now you’re telling me my limits? You crossed yours by biting me!” He argued back.

“Yours was worser!” I said.

“No, yours was, I could’ve got paralysed!” He said.

“Paralysed? How?” I asked.

“If you bit my vein then I could’ve also died!” He shouts.

He did have some strong points but I’m not giving up.

“Oh come on, you’re making a big deal out of such a small thing.” I said and looked away.

“Small thing? That’s it, I’m calling the police.” He said and also looked away.

“Yeah, call the police so I can tell them how you barged into my house and now you’re accusing me?” She shouted.

But before he could say anything, we heard a knock on the door. Both of us looked at each other in shock.

“Ragini…?” Maa said as she stopped knocking.

“J…Ji Maa?” I answered back.

“Is everything alright Beta?” She asked sounding concerned.

“Haa Maa.” I answered back.

“Achcha, but I heard voices from inside.” Maa said.

“Maa, I’m watching a movie on my phone, I couldn’t find my ear phones.” I lied and worried at the same time.

“Achcha, but go to sleep soon.” Maa said.

“Ji Maa.” I said and Maa left.

I sighed in relief and then looked at Lucky.

“Now you can leave.” I said as I pointed at the window.

“Watching a Movie? And okay, I’ll leave.” He said and walked towards the door.

I looked on.

“You’re not going out that way!” I said as I held his hand.

“Why? I am and I’ll see who stops me!” He boldly says and unbolted the look.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, I pulled him with me and pushed him inside the bathroom, I quickly shut it and locked it from the outside.

“What the hell?!” He shouted as he tried opening it but in vain.

“I stopped you and you wouldn’t in there! If you would’ve listen to me then yeh naubat aati hi Nahi!” I said to him and locked the room door gain, then I got changed into my night clothes and lied on the bed.

He continued knocking, I put my earphones on and started listening to music and closed my eyes.

“It’s useless, no one will hear!” I shouted and dozed off to sleep.
How ruthless is she? She locked me inside her bathroom and now must be sleeping peacefully.

Meri hi mat mari Gayi thi that I came here to help, what was the need!

I didn’t expect this from her, after all again, the mistake was mine, I underestimated her even tho I found out her truth.

She’s one dangerous Jungli Billi!

My phone was also left in the car, I wonder what Omi must be doing, why isn’t he here to help yet . I continued cursing myself until I dozed off leaning towards the bathroom door.
The sun rises and shines on Ragini’s face, she opens her eyes and sits up while stretching her arms.

“Time Kya hua hai?” She asks herself and checks the time on her phone, she is stunned.

“It’s 12!” She shockingly says and stands up.

She then remembers Lakshya and opens the bathroom door, she looks inside and sees him in the shower, she turns hurriedly and walks out.

“What are you doing?!” Ragini asks.

“Having a shower, what else?!” He responds.

Ragini then hears a knock on the door and opens it.

“Ragini, it’s your Mendhi today. Get ready and come down quick.” Sharmishta says as she hands her the plate of her clothes and jewellery.

Ragini takes it and locks the door as Sharmishta leaves.

“Mendhi?” Ragini worriedly says.

She puts the platter on the bed and sighs.

“How long is he going to take?” Ragini sighs and looks at the bathroom.

After a while Lakshya walks out draped in a towel while Ragini is trying to tie her blouse strings.

She has worn her light pink skirt with golden work on it and is trying to lie her golden blouse.

“Stupid blouse strings!” She sighs and gives up.

Just then she feels two wet hand on her back, she looks up and sees Lakshya through the mirror, he finishes tying her blouse.

“Ab Marna Mat!” He warns as he walks back and away from her.

She turns and picks her Scarf up and then she takes a strand and placed it inside one bit of her skirt and drapes it around and lets it hang from her right shoulder, then she picks the Kamarband up, she then puts it on and turns towards the mirror and starts wearing the earrings, Lakshya looks at her through the mirror.

A tune plays.

“Hold your towel or it’s going to fall!” She warns as she snaps him out.

He looks at the towel that’s draped around him and then looks back at Ragini.

“I don’t have any clothes to wear.” Lakshya pouts.

“Wear a Saree and anyways you’re not allowed down because it’s my Mendhi.” Ragini sighs and wears her necklace.

“Are you serious?” Lakshya asks as Ragini wears her bindi and then puts the scarf over her head.

“Unfortunately yes.” Ragini sighs as she wears her bangles and now is fully ready.

She turns to him.

“How do I look?” Ragini asked him.

Lakshya looked at her and then said “Okay.”

“Zyada Nakre dikhane ki zaroor at Nahi hai and sorry for the bite.” Ragini says as she looks at the bite mark which has bruised on his neck.

Lakshya touches it and Ragini walks out of the room, she gets surprised seeing the decorations.

Lakshya sighs and thinks what to do.

Episode ends

Precap: Lakshya forced to come down in a Saree and much more… ?
Nikhil – Pratap Hada (Cameo)
Samar – Laksh Lalwani (Cameo)

Jay – Anshuman Malhotra
Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla

Omi – Vinny Chhabra

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