RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 6)


Episode 6:
Recap – Ragini and Lakshya meet in the park and some incidents happen in the rain.

Today’s episode starts with Ragini and Lakshya under the tree.

“Stupid rain! Why can’t it stop?!” Lakshya angrily sighs and leans on the tree.

Ragini drenches her dupatta by twirling it, water falls down and just then the rain stops. Both Lakshya and Ragini look up.

“Thank god the rain stopped.” Lakshya sighs and picks his jacket up.

Ragini picks her handbag up and Lakshya wears his jacket, both walk out at the same time.

“Any plans of what we should do?” Lakshya asked while facing Ragini.

Ragini looks at him and then shakes her head negatively with a pout.

“I think…” She utters but stops as her eyes land on someone which shocks her.

Scene shifts to MM, Parineeta holds Swara and makes her sit on the stairs.

“Swara?” Parineeta says as she shakes her head but Swara doesn’t respond.

Parineeta worries and calls out for AP.

“Maa! Maa!” Parineeta shouts as she looks around.

AP rushes out from the Kitchen and gets shocked to see Swara unconscious and on the stair.

“Swara…” AP says and rushes there and unknowingly crosses the line.

Parineeta gets surprised, Sujata walks out and gets shocked.

“Swara?” Sujata says and rushes up to her.

Parineeta, in her side and not crossing the line, helps Sujata and AP pick Swara up.

Sujata and AP walk down and make Swara lie on the Sofa. Parineeta didn’t cross the line and worriedly looks around to see if DP or RP isn’t their.

“Parineeta, call the doctor.” AP worriedly says and Sujata looks at her.

“Ji Maa.” Parineeta says and takes her phone out.

She dials the Doctors number and looks up worriedly and gets shocked. The voice of the doctor is heard through the phone.

“Come to Maheshwari Mansion fast.” Parineeta shockingly and slowly says while looking up.

She disconnects the phone and sees an angry Adarsh standing on top of the stairs with a file in his hand.

“What did the doctor say?” AP asks as she turns.

Parineeta doesn’t respond and AP looks at the direction she’s looking in and gets stunned as her eyes widen.

Adarsh is shown looking at her with a disbelief and disappointment.

Scene shifts to Ragini and Lakshya.
* * * * * * * * * * *
She stopped talking and she seemed a little surprise, what could it be?

I looked in the direction she was looking at and saw an ice cream stall.

“Um… let’s go.” She hurriedly said and turned.

I got a little confused to see her changed behaviour, it seemed like she saw someone she knew.

“What happened?” I asked while looking at her.

She gave a fake smile and shook her head negatively, now my suspicion grew, she’s hiding something or maybe she’s hiding someone from me. Who did she she? Maybe her Grandma, or Mom or Dad.

“Something’s wrong.” I said and gave her a suspicion look.

She looked at me instantly and yet again gave a smile but this time it was a worrying smile as far as I know.

“N…Nahi toh.” She stammered with a smile plastered on her face.

I looked at that direction again.

“Let’s go.” She said and started walking faster than normal.

Now something is fishy. I didn’t move and looked at her walking.

“Ragz!” A man shouts as he walks past me. She stopped and he stood behind her.

“Ragz?” I thought while giving a confused look.

She turned and he hugged her, I got surprised and she gave me a worrying look.

Now with full confidence I can say that something is fishy, who’s that guy?

I walked up to them and he broke the hug.

“Ragz, where were you? From past 2 days you’re missing, We were actually planning to go to the police station.” He said and sounded serious.

She continuously looked at me with wordiness plastered on her face, I crossed my arms and gave her the serious look.

“Hey, are you there?” He said as he waved his hands in front of her eyes.

She looked at him and then at me again.

“And what’s up with this?” He asked while holding her dupatta and gave an unknown expression, it seems like he was confused but shocked and surprised at the same time.

“What are you doing here?” She asked him and freed her Duppata.

“Ms Bhenji? Since when?” He asked.

“Since Day 1!” She answered back in an annoyed tone.

“Oho, hid this fact from us?” He asked and nudged her in a teasing tone.

She glared at him.

What’s going on? I’m confused.

“And who’s this?” He asked while pointing at me.

“I’m Lakshya, Lakshya Maheshwari.” I introduced myself.

“Ohhh, so he’s the zabardasti wala Mangetar?” He said as he made an O with his mouth and looked at her.

Zabardasti Wala Mangetar? What? Is he serious? Are they serious?

I gave her a seriously and surprised look.

She widened her eyes and palmed her forehead.

“Samar!” She shouted as she revealed his name and hit him on the arm.

He chuckled as he looked at her and she glared at him.

“I’m truly sorry on behalf of him, he’s too much.” She apologised seeming serious.

What is going on? I’m damn confused.

“What’s happening?” I finally asked.

“Y…yeh hamare bachpan ke dost Samar hai… hum… I told him about our forced marriage so that maybe he could help and he came back yesterday from Chennai.” She managed to say and made an apologetic face and looked down at the ground.

I looked at him and he looked at her confusingly yet surprisingly. Before I could say anything, I got a call.

“Excuse me.” I excused myself and attended the call by moving a little to the side.

“I’m here.” My best friend Omi uttered and disconnected the phone.

In other words, that meant come and collect me. I put my phone away and turned, they vanished.

So he’s her childhood best friend to whom she shared her problem with, that’s why he said Zabardasti ka mangetar cause we’re forced to be each other’s fiancé.

I started walking towards the car park.
* – * – * – * – *-*
I took my best friend Samar to the side and behind the tree, I saw Lakshya sitting inside his car and he drove off, I released a breath of relief and gave Samar the glares as well as a serious look.

“What’s wrong and when did I go Chennai?” Samar confusingly asked me.

“Are you serious? What the hell is wrong with you?!” I bursted out and crossed my arms.

“What’s wrong with me? ME? What’s wrong with you?!” He asked and made the Me bold as he wanted to indicate it’s my fault.

“Nothings wrong with me and who told you to blabber on in front of him?!” I asked in a serious tone.

“Galti ho Gayi Amma Ji!” He angrily said and stormed off.

I rolled my eyes and then sighed, he wasn’t gone too far so I followed him.

“Samar!” I shouted and he didn’t stop.

“Samar!” I shouted again and this time he stopped.

I fastened my speed and stood in front of me, he avoided eye contact.

“I know I shouldn’t have lashed out on you like that but is your fault.” I said and looked away being upset.

“My fault? Glati Teri and inzaam mujhpe?” He said sounding annoyed.

I looked at him and he looked at me.

“I’m sorry.” I pouted.

“I actually got scared for the first time in my life at that moment, you always fail to scare me but this time you succeeded.” I said and displayed an apologetic face with transforming my cute eyes into puppy eyes.

I knew he had to talk to me and forgive me because this is my biggest weapon and it never failed.

“But what’s so scary in that?” He asked confusingly.

“I’ll tell you tonight at 9.” I said and looked at him.

He looked at me and nodded okay, I smiled and pecked his cheek, he smiled and I rushed off before anyone else sees me.

Samar is my best friend, me and him have been friend since kindergarten. I wasn’t meant to befriend a boy but I don’t know when he became my friend. He used to tease me at first but now is my best friend, I can trust him with anything and I share everything with him. It so surprising how everything changed. From him bullying me to him being my worlds caring, funny, dashing and amazing best friend.

What I’m not meant to do, I end up doing that and that’s all because of Samar, he’s such a bad influence on me.

I reached the Baari and entered, I knocked on the door and just then realised about the list Daadimaa gave me.

Before I could move, the door opened and Daadimaa was in front of me.

“Laado, quickly come inside, you’re going to get ill.” Daadimaa said and rushed me in.

I love my Daadimaa, she’s so caring but can be strict sometimes.

“Daadimaa, today because of the rain, I couldn’t get the items you had asked for.” I pouted.

“No worries, go take a shower quickly.” She said and rushed me inside my room.

I went and threw my handbag on the bed and rushed to the bathroom.


After a while, I came out of the shower on purple Salwar Suit with Green leggings and green stole. Salwar Suit can get a little annoying.

I dried my hair and walked towards my handbag and took my phone out.

Bapade Ba, Nikita ke itne saare miss calls? Let me call him back.

I decided to call him back and it was ringing, I know I’m dead for sure.

The ringing stopped and he answered but was silence.

“Sorry Nikhil Babu, I didn’t see my phone until now.” I said and told the truth this time.

I was waiting for his reply.

“Nahi Nahi Ragamaa, sorry toh hume bolna chahiye na? After all I troubled you?” He said sounding serious.

“Nahi Nikhil Babu, Aise mat kahiye, humari galti ki Saza khud ko mat dena!” I said sounding dramatic as well as filmy.

“Bahot der ho chuki hai Ragamaa, now no one can stop me!” He said sounding dramatic.

“Nikhil Babu, If you do this then I will never forgive Janeman.” I said as I brought my hand and palmed the back on my head and did the filmy actions.

Then he started laughing and I did too.

“Hey, Janeman ko Kuch Nahi okay?” He warned me.

“Haa Haa, Pata hai, your Janeman is your life but I don’t like your janeman.” I said and sighed.

“I don’t like your Dilruba also.” He said.

“Hey, how can you dislike my Dilruba?” I asked sounding a little surprised because no one dislikes Dilruba.

“If you dislike my Janeman then I have to unwillingly dislike your Dilruba.” He made clear.

“Achcha Baba, we will see what you chose, Dilruba or Janeman.” I challenged.

“Haa, we will see.” He responded accepting the challenge.

“And what’s up with the whole Bhenji and all Hum and that?” He asked.

“Ohh, so Chugal Khor Samar told you?” I surprisingly asked as I started running my fingers through my hair.

“Hahaha, yeah, he told me everything and not only me but the whole crew.” Nikhil laughed and said.

I widened my eyes and then shook my head in a disbelief.

“Seriously, from Samba, his name should be Chugal Khor.” I said as I continued shaking my head in a disbelief.

“Hahaha, alright then Ragamaa, I’ll meet you at 9.” He said.

“Hmm.” I sang and we both disconnected the call.

I put my phone on the bed and lied down.

Nikhil is also my best friend, in fact he is Samars brother, well his fraternal twin. He was the nicest and has always been nice to me since kindergarten when Samar used to bully me, in fact Nikhil was the the one who helped me and Samar become friends. He’s always been my best friend and will always be my best friend as well as Samar, Jay and Niharika.

These are the 4 besties to whom I can trust my life with, so secrets are small things compared to that, in fact they trust me more than they trust themselves but we all trust each other, they’ve always been there.

They’re loyal, trustworthy, family and peng tings.

I thought I have 4 hours left so I dozed off to sleep.
I reached at the airport and saw Omi approaching the car, he opened the boot and but his luggage in, then he shut the boot and sat besides me in the passengers seat.

“So bro, how’s it been?” He asked as I drove off.

“Cool and guess what.” I said and looked at him for a bit, he looked at me.

“What?” He asked.

“She also doesn’t want to get married to me.” I revealed and then looked at the road.

“Kya Baat kar Raha hai?” Omi says sounding surprised and also looked at the road.

“This made it easier, that Bhenji doesn’t want to get married to you and you don’t want to get married to her, perfect!” Omi happily says as I glanced at him and then back at the road.

“What perfect?! The wedding is on the 30th!” I frustratedly said.

“Hein? If both of you disagree then where did the marriage date come from?” A confused Omi asked me.

“Where you even listening when I was talking to you on the phone?” I asked annoyedly.

He looked at me and then away.

“I was listening but you were…” He said and stopped which made it clear that he didn’t listen.

I made a face and shook my head in a disbelief.

“For your clear information Mr Omi Khanna! If is OBJECT from this MARRIAGE, then Shreeman Durga Ji will KICK ME OUT!” I shouted and made clear as possible as I can.

He blocked his ears and rubbed them.

“Achcha, I understood that but why hasn’t she objected?” Omi asks.

“Maybe her situation is similar to mine, she can’t say No to her Daadi but she did say this marriage won’t happen.” I said trying to reflect on her words.

“Hmm, do you two need a master mind? Well if Omi doesn’t help then who will?” He said as he sounded like he’s praising himself.

“This wedding shouldn’t happen!” I warned.

“Chill dude, leave that on me and take me out to a tour in Kolkata. Show me some places.” Omi said as he looked around.

“All I can see is branches.” He pouted.

“Chill, I’ll take you out but after reaching home and getting you settled in, you’re staying with me.” I told him and entered through the gate of our house.

“Na baba na! I don’t want to enter the dragons den!” Omi worriedly says.

“Don’t worry, Kuch Nahi ho ga.” I assured as I stepped out.

He also stepped out and gulped while looking at the house. I don’t know what Papa said to him that one time when we came over on vacations for a week when we were 15, after that he never spoke of coming back here.

He took his suitcase and shoulder bag and followed me inside the house slowly. We entered and climbed the stairs up, then we saw Maa and Parineeta Bhabhi standing with their heads down and Bhaiyya shouting at them.

“I don’t want this repeated again Maa! Be thankful that Papa wasn’t here!” Adarsh Bhaiyya angrily said and stormed up and pass us.

“What happened?” I confusingly asked as I walked down with Omi and his luggage.

“Devar Ji, Swara fainted and Maa helped her and unknowingly entered that side of the house, Adarsh Ji saw her and scolded her.” Bhabhi said worriedly and sadly.

Maa gave a sad smile and walked out, Sujata came out looked at Lakshya, Omi and Parineeta.

“Hey, what’s up with this line?” Omi asked as he looked at the red line drawn.

The doctor is shown leaving and Parineeta sees. Lakshya and Omi also see the doctor leave and look at Sujata.

“Uh… how’s Swara?” Bhabhi coldly says.

“Teek hai.” Chachi coldly replies.

“What happened to her?” I asked.

“She’s pregnant.” Sujata reveals.

A small smile appears on Bhabhis face. I also smiled.

“Congrats.” I said, Bhabhi walked away.

“Hmm.” Chachi said.

“What difference does it make?” Omi asks as he is jumping to the other side and back.

“Omi! Marvay ga Kya?!” I asked.

He shrugged and continuously crossed the line and back, Chachi looks at him confusingly.

“Omi?” Chachi asked.

“Ji Chachi.” I said.

“He’s grown.” Chachi says with a smile.

Omi stops with one foot on our side and one foot on their side and smiles at Chachi.

“Thank you Chachi Ji.” Omi thanks.

“Yeh sab kya ho raha hai?!” Papas deep and strict voice is heard.

Me and Chachi looked up while Omi froze with fear on his face.

“Papa, my friend Omi is here and he will stay with us.” I explained before he says anything else.

“He wants to stay with us? First ask him who’s side does he want to stay in?!” Papa angrily asked.

I looked at Omi, he was sweating while worrying a smile.

“Omi!” I said and shook him, he came in sense and jumped.

“Nahi! Nahi! I… I don’t want…” He hurriedly shouted but I glared at him and he stopped.

“Let’s up to you room.” I said in a serious tone.

He worriedly shook his head.

“Chandan! Bring his luggage up!” I shouted.

Chandan, our servant came and picked Omis luggage up. I grabbed onto Omis hand and took him up the stairs. Papa left and so did Chachi.

After a while, me and Omi were walking out of the house all ready to party, Omi had searched some good places to go to.

“I don’t want stay in this house any more, I hate your Dad, no offence, Hitler se cam Nahi Hai!” Omi irritatedly said.

“I get what you mean and have you got the address? I need to navigate it.” I said as we sat inside the car.

He took his phone out and showed me the address, I typed it in the navigator and got our route ready.

I need time to get used to the Kolkata, I’ve been away for 6 years so it will take time.

Omi and I tightened our seat-belts and I drove off.

After 20 minutes, Me and Omi reached a club, the XYZ Club. It looks massive and full. I parked the car and we got out. Omi checked the time.

“It’s 8:30, I heard that at 9 it gets smashing.” Omi tells as we walk inside.

“We will see.” I said and we both entered the club.

It seems grand, Omi went to the dance floor and started dancing with the girls, I got pulled on the dance floor by some girls and started dancing with them.
Ragini is shown sleeping, suddenly the sound of an alarm is heard. Ragini gets disturbed and slowly opens her eyes, she picks her phone up and switches the alarm off and closes her eyes. She turns to the side and checks the time on the phone as she slowly opens her eyes.

“8:45?” She asks herself and puts her phone down.

She sits up and stretches.

“It feels like it’s morning.” Ragini says and stands up, she heads to the bathroom.

After a while she comes out in a Blue Saree with sparkly blue blouse. She fixes her hair and after a while she puts Pallu on her head and walks out.

She sees the whole house empty, it indicates their asleep. Ragini picks up the thaal from under the table and walks out, she goes up to the idol of Durga that is fixed in the Baari and places the Thaal near her.

Ragini then turns and secretly walks out of the Baari. She is shown walking on the roads when a car with few boys that are in it stops in front of her.

“Oye hoye!” One of the man teases.

Ragini glares at them, she then ignores them and continues walking and walks past their car.

“Naam toh bata do!” The same man shouts.

Ragini ignores them and continues walking, the car drives at the same pace she walks down.

Ragini gets annoyed with their teasing and stops, they also stop, Ragini looks around on the floor and sees a rock, she bends down and picks it up.

“Is there any space in the car?” Ragini asks as she looks at a small medium sized rock in her hand and at them.

“Haa hai…” The driver/boy says.

“Can you give me a lift?” Ragini asks.

“Sure” The boys say as they smirk.

“Okay, but I want to drive.” Ragini says.

“What?” The boys confusingly ask.

“Yeah, I want to drive.” Ragini says as she opens the front door.

The boy gets out and Ragini sits in the drivers seat. She shuts the door and sees no space in the back or next to her.

“Oh so there was no space?” Ragini asks as she looks at the boy standing on the road.

“There is.” That boy says.

He opens the back door and squeezes in the back with the boys, they find it hard to adjust and Ragini starts driving as fast as possible.

The boys get surprised and gulp, Ragini increases the speed and goes side to side. The lorry is shown coming from the opposite, the boys worry as her speed only increases.

“What are you doing?!” Two of the boys worriedly shout.

The lorry approaches and Ragini changes to the right side and drives past the lorry, she takes a right and the car skids, the boys get scared and hold on tight. Ragini smirks and stops the car with a sudden jerk.

The boys fall forward and she step out. The boys also step out, some of them start puking as they were drunk and Ragini looks at them.

“You wanted to know my name right? It’s Danger… you seen how close you were to your death? That’s what happens when you come across me! Stay away from me!” Ragini warns and walks inside a club.

The XYZ Club.

Ragini entered and looked around, her pally falls off from her head, Lakshya happens to be partying behind her with his back faced her.

Just then Ragini feels a hand grab her and pull her to the side. She smiles as she sees her best friend Nikhil in front of her.

“Chal!” He said she took her to the corner where the rest are.
“Stupid boys! What do they think of themselves?! Aaj achcha maza chakha diya, from now on they won’t even come near me.” I said as I sat next to Niharika, one of my best friend.

“Woaho… now what happened?” She asked as she turned to me.

I narrated them the incident and they started laughing. Even though I dislike this Pub because it’s packed and crowded but I like this place because it’s quieter.

“Where’s Java?” I asked while looking around.

“He’ll be here in a bit and what’s up with that Saree?” Samar asks.

Java was Jay, we call him that.

“Exactly Devi Ji, what’s up with the Saree?” Niharika asks.

“It’s nothing, just a way I could avoid suspicion.” I sighed and looked at the three who were looking at me surprisingly.

“Don’t stare at me like that.” I said.

“Hey peeps what’s up?” Jay’s voice is heard.

Me and Niharika turned and saw Jay, I smiled and his smiled disappeared.

“Who’s this Aunty Ji here?” Jay joked as he pointed at me.

“Java, it’s me!” I said and turned back around.

“Hoye! Is she our Ragattack?” He acted surprised and sat opposite me next to Samar.

“Yes, she’s none other than Ragamaa.” Nikhil said.

“Nik, I actually was surprised when she sat there, I was like who’s this Bhenji in our group?” Jay honestly says.

“Why? Isn’t being Bhenji good? Whats wrong with that?” I asked while fixing my saree.

“It’s nothing bad but it’s not cool.”
Samar said as he drank a sip of Dilruba.

“Hmmm, what do I see on the table? Bottles of Dilruba??” I asked as I looked at Nikhil.

“Uh, they didn’t have Janeman in stock that’s why.” Nikhil said.

I smirked and said “So I win the challenge.”

“There was no challenge.” Nikhil said in order to confuse me.

“Chalo koi ni, this time it’s forgiven.” I said as I smiled and tapped his shoulder.

He made faces and looked at Dilruba.

Dilruba is my favourite drink, we call Vodka Dilruba and Whisky Janeman. I like Vodka the most while Nikhil likes Whisky the most.

“Ohh, Ragattack… now I get your plan of this Saree.” Jay said as he pours Dilruba in his cup.

“And its better to keep quite.”
I warned with an smirk.

“Hey, how about a game of never have I ever?” Niharika asked.

“Sure.” We all agreed.

Then we poured Dilruba in the small shots, we had at least 5 shots filled.

“Ready?” Nikhil and Samar ask.

“Always ready.” Me, Niharika and Jay say.

“Okay… Never have I ever kissed a boy on the lips.” Nikhil asks.

All three of us didn’t take a shot but Jay did.

We all gave him a shocked look.

“Do nephews count?” He asked.

“They’re boys so yeah.” Samar says.

“You got us worried their.” Niharika sighed a breath of relief as she touches her heart.

We also release a breath of relieve.

“How old is your nephew?” I asked.

“1 years old.” Jay replied.

“Awww.” Me and Niharika say, he glares at us.

“My turn, okay… so… Never have I ever… hit the bartender.” I said and looked at them.

Jay, Nikhil and Samar took a sip.

“Using bad powers of your man strength?” I questioned as a joke.

“I hit one cause he was talking about my Mum.” Jay says.

“What?” We all confusingly ask.

“Yeah, he was like Tomar Maa Khoob Sundara. I got angry and punched him in the face.” Jay admits.

“Why?” Niharika asks.

I let out a laugh while Nikhil and Samar shook their head.

“Tomar Maa Khoob Sundara means your mum is nice or something.” Nikhil said.

Jay looked on surprised.

“Does it?” He asked and I shook my head positively.

“Oh fish then.” Jay says as he realises his mistake.

Jay doesn’t understand Bengali, he’s a Punjabi. You can also tell by his surname, it’s Bhalla, Jay Bhalla.

“Okay… um… Never have I ever got forced into a relationship.” Niharika said after a lot of thinking.

Me and Jay drank a shot, damn Jays gunna win.

“My mum fixed my relationship her friend Sweety’s daughter Naina, I objected but they done my Roka and the next day I went missing for a week. Then my parents promised me they’ll listen to me and that I should come back home and it happened. The rishta broke” Jay tells and smiles the the end.

“Everyone knows my story and now it’s repeating again, this time I need to think of something better.” I said as I pouted.

“Again?” Niharika and Jay asked.

I shook my head positively and they were surprised. I looked at Jay’s drinks and he has only two shots left.

“Java’s got 2 shots left.” I worriedly said.

All looked at his side.

“Not so fast! Um… Never have I ever peed in front of a girl before.” Samar says.

Niharika and Jay took a sip.

“Hahahaha!! How can you forget I have a sister? And bachpan Mein I used to poo in front of her too!” Jay fakes an evil laughs and then genuinely laughs.

We also start laughing. Shoot! He has one glass left.

“I did, in front of my cousin in childhood once.” Niharika admits.

“Never have I ever… slept on the floor with no blanket and no mattress.” Nikhil said after a lot of thinking.

None of us took a sip, not even Jai. I thought of a good one, which Jai will never had did.

“Never have I danced in a saree on a bunch of crowed.” I said.

Niharika only took a sip and Jay didn’t and he pouted.

“You’re purposely doing this!” Jay shouts and refuses to play.

“Natak band kar and never have I ever took my clothes off in front of the school principal.” Niharika said with a smirk.

Samar and Nikhil take a sip.

“Principal Dalmor…” Both Nikhil and Samar say together.

I still remember when Principal was going to punish them, they took their clothes off but luckily had their boxers on and started doing a dance and ran, this was when we were 12.

I chuckled remembering that moment.

I looked to the side and wait… is that Lakshya?!

I rubbed my eyes and looked there again and it was Lakshya, he was dancing on the floor with girls. What is he doing here?

I panicked and looked at them, I needed to get out of here soon.

“Never have I ever smoked.” Samar says.

Jay, Nikhil, Niharika took a sip. Me and Samar never smoked and this was the end.

“Okay guys, catch you later…” I said and worriedly stood up.

“What’s wrong?” Nikhil asks as he also stands.

“My Zabardasti Wala Mangetar is there.” I worriedly said as I pointed behind me.

Samar and all looked at Lakshya.

“Yeah, she’s telling the truth.” Samar agrees with me.

“Who? The guy that’s drunk and with the girls? He’s not gunna notice cause he’s drunk. Chill.” Jay says.

“But…” I said but got interrupted.

“Jays right, don’t worry… he’s drunk, he won’t know.” Nikhil said and sat down, I also sat down.

I looked at the time and it was 9:05pm.

“Suhana! Suhana!” The crowd are heard cheering.

“Go Suhana, they’re calling for you.” Samar says.

“No.” I said and drank the remaining shots all together.

“Just go…” Nikhil says.

I look at them.
This is getting amazing, I mean partying full night and who is this Suhana that their cheering for? I seem drunk maybe because I’m a little tired but I only drank one shot of Vokda, I couldn’t drink more because I knew if I’m drunk then Omi would be drunk and if we both drunk then we’re out of the house.

Just then the music comes on and a girl in blue saree is shown standing on top of the stage with her back faced towards us.

All the crowd were cheering.

She starts speaking.

“Sorry Guyz and of course girls, no performances from my side, not feeling well.” She said and turned, the light flashes on her face.

My jaws dropped, is that Ragini? It can’t be. I looked around to find Omi and saw him flirting with a girl, I rushed to him and looked back up and Ragini went missing.

I need to confirm if it was Ragini or not.

“Omi Chal!” I hurriedly said as I grabbed his hand and rushed out.

I saw her walking down with couple of her friends. I followed and manage to catch up to her.

“Excuse me?” I said and she stopped.

She turned and looked at me, her friends also turned. It was Ragini.

“Yes?” She confusingly asks.

“Ragini?” I asked.

She and her friends made a confused look.

“Dude, who’s Ragini? She’s Suhana.” Her friend with glasses said.

I looked around to see her friends, there was 2 boys and one girl, that guy Samar wasn’t there so maybe she isn’t Ragini.

“Sorry.” I said and excused myself.

I need to find out if it is Ragini or not.

Me and Omi walked away while they walked away.
Ragini sighed as she was walking with her friends.

“Lakshya is going to go to the Baari and check, I need to reach there fast.” Ragini worriedly says and looks at her friends.

“Itni Jaldi?” Niharika asks.

“Yes or I’m dead.” Ragini says.

“Chal, teek hai.” Jay said.

Then they rushed with Ragini.

On the other hand, Lakshya reaches his car and sits inside it with Omi.

“Why so early?” Omi sighs and makes a face.

Lakshya ignores him and drives off.

Ragini is shown running while Lakshya is shown driving.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Lakshya reaches the Baari and jumps inside a room through the window… the preparations for the Mendhi Rasam start in the Baari.
Nikhil – Pratap Hada

Samar – Laksh Lalwani

Jay – Anshuman Malhotra

Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla
(Haven’t Proof Read… Sorry for any mistakes ?)

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