RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 5)


Episode 5:
Recap – Ragini and Lakshya knowing talk and clear out the misunderstanding of the marriage, their marriage dates fixed and the families are happy.

The Episode starts in the kitchen when Ragini holds Lakshya’s hand and stops him. He stops and turns to her, Ragini shakes her head negatively and innocently looks at him to indicate a no.

He looks at her.

“Lakshya!!” APs voice is heard as she shouts in order to call him.

Ragini let’s go of Lakshya’s hand.

“That won’t be the right way.” Ragini says.

“Lakshya!” DPs strict voice shouts.

“Meet me in the park outside your college, I need to go.” Lakshya says and then leaves.

Ragini looks on.

Lakshya came out of the kitchen and DP was glaring at him.

“We will leave now.” AP says to Parvati.

Parvati smiles and nods positively. DP, AP, Lakshya and the Pandit leave. Parvati smiles happily and closes the door.

“We have one week left, I wonder how it’s going to happen.” Parvati excitedly says and heads towards the dining table.

“Maa, it will happen… don’t worry.” Sharmishta assures and walks inside the kitchen with the tray of cups and snacks.

Sharmishta sees Ragini and smiles at her.

“What happened?” Sharmishta asks as she places the tray down and walks up to her.

Ragini let’s out a worrying smile without looking at Sharmishta and walks out. Parvati walks in and sees Ragini walking out.

“What happened to her?” Parvati confusingly asks.

“Sharma Gayi.” Sharmishta smiles.

Parvati shakes her head with a smile and starts planning the wedding with Sharmishta.
* * * * * * * * * *
I went inside my room and sat down, did he actually mean it? Does he actually want to meet me outside in the park near my college? What if I go and he doesn’t turn up? Loads of thoughts popped in my mind and I didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t also tell me what time.

I stared at the clock and then looked away, I’ll wait for 5 minutes and then leave the house and if he doesn’t come then I can just go food shopping. Haa, that would be good. I waited for 5 minutes and got up, then I headed outside from my room and into the main hall.

“Kaha Jaa Rahi hai?” Daadi asked before I could reach the exit.

What should I do now? I can’t say I’m going to meet Lakshya!!

I turned slowly towards Daadimaa and faked a smile.

“Vo… Daadimaa? I was going to the market.” I lied.

I can’t believe I lied to Daadimaa.

“Hmm, I’m coming too.” Daadimaa said.

I got surprised and she turned to leave, I need to stop here.

“Daadimaa.” I said and she stopped, turned to me and looked at me.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, I sighed and faked a smile at Daadimaa.

“Daadimaa… you don’t have to take trouble, I’ll go.” I said and worried a smile.

“Hmm okay but I will give you a list and you have to buy everything, okay?” Daadimaa tells.

I shook my head positively, then after a while, Daadimaa gave me money and a list. She then started preparing to go to the temple as there was a big Pooja going to happen there. I exited the house and stopped an auto-rickshaw guy.

“XYZ ke college ke pass pe jo park hai, vaha chaloge?” I asked the driver.

The driver nodded positively and I sat inside.

After few time, I reached the park, I got out.

“How much?” I asked the driver and picked my handbag up.

“205 rupees.” The driver said.

I took the money out and gave it to the driver, he drove off and I walked inside the park. I saw Lakshya standing there waiting, with his back faced towards me.

He actually came, I didn’t know he was serious. I slowly approached him.
* * * * * * * * * * *
I was waiting in the park, in the cold for the last 20 minutes and she’s not here, is she going to come or not? I doubt she is.

I turned to leave and saw her standing besides me.

“Finally! I thought you won’t come, I was waiting for an hour.” I sighed and over exaggerated.

“I didn’t know you actually m…meant it, I thought you were joking.” She said without looking up in my eyes.

It seems like she’s uncomfortable with me.

“But I did mean it and is it usually this freezing in Kolkata?” I asked rubbing my hands together and blowing my warm breath on them.

“Since its winter, it’s going to get more freezing.” She replied and looked up.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked her and I’m shivering.

“I’m used to this weather change, it seems like you haven’t been here for too long.” She said and she guessed it right, I’m returning to Kolkata after 6 years.

“Anyways I…” I uttered but got interrupted by the rain drops that landed on my hand.

I looked at that drop and then looked up, the water showered down heavily. We both rushed under the tree hurriedly and looked at each other, we were half drenched.

This stupid rain! I took my jacket off and shook it to dry it, I looked at her and she was smiling at the rain as well as hugging her handbag.

“You like rain?” I asked as I placed my jacket on the broken hook of the branch.

She shook her head positively with a smile.

“And what’s so precious in your handbag that you’re hugging it?” I asked while looking at her handbag.

“The list Daadimaa gave me.” She said while looking at me.

I passed a faint smile.

“You listen to your Daadimaa?” I asked and then looked at the soggy grass.

“I would never disobey her.” She said in a serious tone, I looked at her and she was staring at the flowers opposite her.

“Then how are we going to stop this marriage?” I asked while putting my right hand in my jeans pocket.

“Don’t worry, this wedding won’t happen.” She assures and places her handbag on the ground leaning it on the wooden bit of the tree.

“How can you be so sure?” I questioned as I looked at her, she didn’t look at me but forward.

“It won’t.” She confidently said and started drying her dupatta.

How can she be so confident about this? But I hope the wedding doesn’t happen. While drying her scarf, she turned and her foot slipped on the soggy grass, before she could fall I caught her but I lost my balance as my foot slid on the wet grass and fell forward.

Both of us started rolling and then stopped, she was beneath me and I was on top, pulling my weight up with the help of my arms under the rain.

We looked at each other, I don’t know why I just kept staring at her dark brown chocolate eyes that were sparkling at me. She looked away breaking the eye-contact and I managed to sit up. She also sat up and we sat there, under the rain in silent.

“Sorry.” Me and her said in a union and broke the silent while looking at each other.

“It’s not your fault, it was my fault.” She said innocently.

“Nope, it wasn’t your fault and neither my fault.” I said and looked up at the rain drops falling from the sky and on to my face.

“It was the soggy grass and the rains fault.” I sighed and looked at us.

She passed out a grin and so did I.

“You need to go home, you’re going to get ill.” She explained and tried to stand up.

The wet and slippery grass deceived her and she fell back down. I chuckled and she pouted. But she didn’t give up, she tried again and again got deceived, this time she slipped and fell forward onto me but we didn’t fall back. She placed one of her hand on my chest while the other on the floor to stop herself from fully falling on top of me.

I placed both of my hands on the grass to stop myself from falling back. The water caused by the rain was dribbling down our faces and we were fully drenched staring into each other’s eyes.

Just then my ringtone made us come to reality, she placed her other hand on my shoulder and changed her position to being on her knees and by putting pressure on to me, she stood up.

I looked on and then my phone stopped buzzing.

“Excuse me, who will help me up?” I asked while looking up at her.

She faced me with an unknown smile, I gave her a serious look.

“I’ll go call someone.” She said.

What? Why will she need to call someone?

“You’re too…” She struggled to say and looked away.

“I’m too… what?” I asked giving a doubtful look.

She started playing with the end of her dupatta.

“Um… you’re too strong for me to help you up, if I help you up then you will end up pulling me back down.” She said sounding worried and without facing me.

“You’re indirectly saying that you don’t want to help me?” I asked while raising one of my eyebrow.

“No but…” She uttered and looked at me.

I looked at her, she then forwarded her hand. I made a lower squatting position and held her hand. She pulled me and I stood up.
Ragini and Lakshya walked towards the tree and stood under it, water is dripping down from both of their clothes and both slightly shiver.

“Thanks” Lakshya says and looks at his jacket.

Ragini picks her handbag up.

“It’s okay.” Ragini says and looks at him.

Both pass a faint smile at each other.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion, Parineeta walks out from the kitchen and enters the hallway. She sees Swara walking down.

Swara smiles at Parineeta while Parineeta ignores her. Swara feels a little bad but continues walking down.

Suddenly, Swara feels dizzy and holds her head, Parineeta climbs one step of the stairs. Swara then faints and on the last step of the stairs and Parineeta catches her and gets shocked.

Episode End

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