RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 4)


Episode 4:
Recap – Ragini and Lakshya POV… Lakshya not happy with this alliance and Ragini decides to give Lakshya a chance.

The episode starts with the sun rising in Maheshwari Mansion. Lakshya slowly wakes up and opens his eyes as the sun rays hit his face.

He sits up and stretches his arms slowly.

“Lakshya!” APs voice is heard as she enters with a Pooja Ki Thaal.

Lakshya slowly looks there.

“Kya hua Maa? Why are you shouting early in the morning?” Lakshya asks as he gets out of the bed.

“What else should I do? I told you to wake up at sharp 8.” AP says and does his Aarti.

Lakshya looks at the clock hanged on the wall behind AP and the time is 8:25am.

“I’m only 25 Minuets late, kaun so Bari Baat hai?” Lakshya asks sounding tired.

“For you it might be Mamooli but for us it’s big!” DPs angry voice is heard as he enters the room.

Lakshya looks at him and AP makes a worrying face.

“L…Lakshya, go get changed quickly and come down.” AP says with a faint smile while looking at Lakshya and finishes doing his Aarti.

Lakshya heads towards his bathroom. AP looks at DP and sees him giving her the angry look. Her smile disappears and she looks down.

“Spoil him more Annapurna! One day you will regret yourself!” DP angrily warns and leaves the room.

Lakshya hears and angrily slams the door shut.

AP makes a worrying face and looks on.

Scene shift to the Baari, Ragini walks out to the hall and sees Parvati and Sharmishta in the kitchen making arrangements. Ragini gets confused.

“Maa… Daadimaa, is there any occasion going on?” Ragini asks.

“Laado, the groom and his family are coming over with the Pandit to find dates for your weddings with your horoscopes.” Parvati says as she stirs a dish on the stove in a utensil.

Ragini looks on surprisingly, she then looks down and starts thinking.

“This would be a good opportunity to talk to him.” Ragini says to herself.

“Arey… are you only going to stand there or come and help us also?” Parvati asks.

Ragini’s thoughts are broken with Parvati’s voice, she shakes her head and heads towards the kitchen.
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“If you decked up then shall we leave?!” An angry Papa huffed as he glares at me.

I looked at him and then sighed. I didn’t really want any fights at the moment.

“You took 10 years! We’re late and they must be waiting and so must be Pandit Ji!” Papa angrily complains as he walks up the stairs.

Maa rushed out with her handbag behind Papa, Parineeta Bhabhi goes to the kitchen. I’m confused on what’s going on.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“We don’t have time to answer your questions yet, let’s hurry and I’ll tell you later.” Maa nicely explained.

How can I say no to her? I nodded and headed out behind Maa and Papa.

After we reached outside, I was about to sit in the back when Papa stops me by holding the door.

“You’re driving.” He orders and hands me the Keys.

“But…” Before I could complete my sentence, he sat in the back with Maa.

I shook my head in a disbelief and sat down in the drivers seat and started driving.

“Stop at the temples near by!” Papa orders again.

I stopped outside the temple. I feel like a driver whom Papa simply orders, just then Pandit Ji sat in the passengers seat next to me.

“Sorry Pandit Ji, we got late.” Maa apologises.

Why can’t Papa apologise instead, I rolled my eyes.

“Are you going to drive or do you want us to find you a Shubh Mahurat?” Papa insults.

I looked at him through the little mirror hung on the cars window and narrowed my eyes.

“Sure…” I said and started the car.

He wants me to drive na, now I will drive and he will himself regret!

I smirked and started driving, I then increased my speed and started driving like a racer but less than their normal speed.

The Pandit next to me made a worrying face while Papa and Maa looked at me.

“Lakshya!! Drive slowly!” Papa shouts as well as orders.

“Your wish accepted Papa” I smirked and slowed the car.

I was driving slowly than the normal speed. Even the cars behind us overtook us. The people walking and the cycles were faster than us.

I looked at the Pandit, he was surprised. Papa sighs as Maa just shakes her head in a disbelief but she had that smile on her face.

“Jadjmaan… can you please hurry a little.” The Pandit, in a worrying tone and with a fake smile says.

“Lakshya!! What Badtameezi is this?!” Papa shouts.

“Mein Kya Badtameezi kar Raha hoon papa? I’m just obeying your orders…” I pout and then turns to the Pandit who was sittings besides me and looking at me also.

“Didn’t Mahan Pitaparmeshwar Shree Jadjmaan Papa Ji tell me to drive slowly?” I asked the Pandit making an innocent face with a fake pout.

The Pandit let’s out a worrying smile, I turned around and looked at Maa… she was controlling her laughters while Papa was glaring at me.

“Aaj itni izat kaha se Ayi?” Papa asked in a strict tone.

Kaha ki Izat? I felt like laughing.

“Izat kaha ki? I’m prasing you… you’re Mahan because you’re like showing off… you’re pita parmeshwar because you like ordering and throwing your decisions over your masoom children… you’re Shree Jadjmaan because you care about your respect and the society more than your family.” I low-key insulted.

Yes, finally! I feel so happy but I showed it through a smirk. I looked at Papa through the small mirror hanging on the inside of the windscreen.

He was burning in anger and that made my heart feel so damn happy.

“I still have respect in society, what do you have? Nothing!” Papa insults.

Hahahaha… is he serious?

“Wrong! Mere Paas Maa hai!” I said as I remembered that dialogue.

“Do you even know how to drive a car?!” Papa asks.

I was still driving slower than ever, I also felt offended.

“Are you insulting my driving skills?” I asked sounding offended.

I actually got offended, like he can drive any better.

“I’m driving slow on your orders now don’t blame me.” I answered back.

“The drive in a normal speed, we would’ve reached there ages ago!” Papa in a strict tone insults.

I stopped the car.

“Really? Then you drive.” I said as I turned to him.

He glared at me. Maa then signalled me to stop. Why should I stop?

“Jadjmaan, I think he’s telling the truth… it’s better if you drive.” The Pandit says, is he also insulting my driving skills.

I simply glared at the Pandit but can’t insult him cause this one Pandit will be heavy on me.

“See, even Pandit Ji is saying you have a rubbish driving skills!” Papa says and opens the door to get out.

“Nahi Ji…” Maa worries.

“Don’t worry Annapurna.” Papa assures and steps out.

I took the advantage and drove the car a little forward.

“Lakshya!!” Maa says.

“Sorry.” I said as I see Papa at the door.

“Sit down, I will drive and I know you’re driving license expired so you don’t need to act big and get arrested.” I said as I turned to him.

He huffs and sits back inside and slams the door angrily. I started driving at a normal speed.

I knew his license expired but he’s so lazy and stingy, he hasn’t made a new one for a year now.

We reached the place we needed to. It looks like some colony. It took me forever to Google on my GPS cause I couldn’t trust Papas directions while driving. He already fried half of my bheja.

We stepped out of the car after I parked it and started walking with Maa and following the Pandit and Papa.
The place that they have reached is the Baari. They enter and ring the doorbell of the Gadodias.

Inside the house, Parvati and Sharmishta were in the kitchen.

“Lagta hai they’re here.” Parvati says and walks out of the kitchen.

She sees Ragini approaching the door.

“Quickly Laado!” Parvati tells.

Ragini opens the door and looks on seeing DP, AP, Lakshya and the Pandit.

Ragini then gives a faint smile, Lakshya is surprised.

Ragini then bends down and touches DPs feet. DP proudly blesses her. Ragini then touches APs feet and she also blesses her with a smile.

“Come inside.” Ragini says and moves out of the way with a genuine smile.

AP and DP walk inside with the Pandit. Parvati folds her hand and greets them with a smile.

Lakshya walks inside and looks at Ragini, she also looks at him.

“Take a seat” Parvati says as she points at the Sofas.

Lakshya walks towards the sofa and sits down.

“I need to break this alliance under any circumstances.” Lakshya thinks in his mind.

“I need to talk to him and make everything clear.” Ragini says in her mind.
I went inside the Kitchen and saw Maa working.

“Ragini, take this tray out.” Maa says as she looks at me.

“Me?” I asked.

“Who else?” Maa asks while opening the drawer.

I nodded okay and walked out with the tray with tea and biscuits.

I placed it down on the table and gave Aunty, Uncle and Pandit Ji the tea.

“I need to use the bathroom.” He hurriedly says before I could hand him his cup of tea.

“Laado, take him to the toilet.” Daadi said with a smile says as she warns me with her eyes.

I understood and shook my head positively and he stands up and gives a smile while looking at his father.

I walked and he followed, what else can be a better moment to talk to him.

I took him to my room and turned towards him.

He looked around confusingly.

“Where’s the bathroom?” He asked.

“I need to talk to you.” I said and looked at him.

He looked at me confusingly.

“Are you happy with this marriage?” I asked with a serious face.

His expressions changed, I couldn’t describe what but it seems like he was surprised.

“Uh…” He struggled to say and looks away.

He’s thinking about something and it clearly shows he’s not happy with this marriage.

“So it’s a no?” I asked.

His expressions changed again and this time I’m confused. He chuckled while looking at the door and then looked at me.

“No, I’m happy with this… Marriage.” He said with a smile and kept his hands behind his back pocket.

Something was wrong, I was clearly showing my confused expressions. It feels like his smile is fake and that he’s lying to me. But why would he do that?

He kept looking at the door, I even looked at that direction but couldn’t see anybody.

“Are you sure you want to marry me?” I asked again while looking at the door cause he was too.

“Uh… yeah.” He lied and continued looking at the door.

This is actually getting confusing, I looked down and away from the door, wait what?!

I looked again and am seeing one pair of black shoes visible behind the wall outside the door. He looks at me and I look at him. All I know is that someone is behind that wall and is listening to our talks but who could it be? Papa or Uncle?

“I also want to give this relationship a chance.” I said as I signalled him for his phone.

He clearly made a confused look. I then pointed out at my phone and pointed at him.

He narrowed his eyes a little trying to understand.

“Your phone.” I mouthed.

He understood now as he clearly gave that expression and took his phone out.

I eyed that I could also see the shoes, he looked there and then at me, he understood what I said.

“Uh… okay, I would also like to give this relationship a chance.” He lied and mouthed why.

I forwarded my hand and he hugged his phone and nodded no.

I smiled and shook my head in a disbelief.

“I’m glad to know you’re marrying with your wish and aren’t forced.” I lied and looked at him.

He pouted and made a sad face, he shook his head positively in order to tell that he’s been forced.

I was actually going to ask for his number so we can text each other but he seems to understand what I’m saying without me even have to say something.

“So shall we go?” I ask.

“Sure.” He confusingly says.

We look there and see the shoe gone out of our sight, to make sure that person was actually gone, he went forward and peeped outside.

He let out a sigh and comes back inside.

“So you’re forced to marry me and you were unaware of this fact?” I asked all in one go.

He shook his head positively and agreeing to my words.

“To be honest, I really didn’t want to get married… papa forced me and threatened me that he would kick me out of the property and the house if I refuse to marry you… poor me, bless me, I would’ve been on roads, hungry and thirsty with torn clothes while he lives like a king.” He sadly pouts.

I started to laugh as I found that funny, it felt like he’s some helpless person, which he actually is, telling a sad story. He looks at me.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

I controlled my laugh and shook my head while looking down.

“But what about you? Do you want to marry me?” He asked.

My smile disappeared as I look at him.

“To be honest, I don’t want to be forced up on anyone. I didn’t even know about this after the engagement.” I say and fake a smile while looking down.

“Bach Gaya.” He happily sighs as he moves a little back feeling relaxed.

I look at him again.

“I was actually planning to be a bad boy and show a bad image in front of you so that you could reject me but you understood and thank you for understanding.” He says sounding thankful.

I passed a faint smile.

“Let’s go downstairs before Papa comes back up.” He says.

I nod and we both walk out, he seems much happier than before, much relieved.

Ragini and Lakshya reach downstairs, AP, DP and Parvati look there. AP and Parvati get glad seeing Lakshya and Ragini together.

Sharmishta comes out with more snacks and places them on the table.

“I have matched their horoscopes… both of them have special signs… everything matches perfectly and it’s like they are made for each other.” The Pandit says as he reads out.

Parvati, AP, Sharmishta and DP get glad but DP doesn’t show if as much as Parvati, Sharmishta and AP show. DP has a tiny smile. Ragini and Lakshya look at each other.

“And the Shubh Mahurat would be 1 week today, on the 30th December.” The Pandit says.

Ragini and Lakshya get shocked and look at the Pandit.

AP, DP, Sharmishta and Parvati congratulate each other and feed sweet to each other.

Ragini and Lakshya then look at each other shockingly yet worriedly. Sharmishta walks up to Ragini and Lakshya and feeds them sweet.

Ragini fakes a smile while Lakshya is still shocked.

Ragini then walks to the kitchen, Lakshya looks around and sees everyone talking, he follows Ragini into the kitchen.

Ragini is worriedly standing near the gas stove. Lakshya enters and sees Ragini worried.

“Now what?” Lakshya asks while looking at Ragini and having the worried expression plastered on his face.

Ragini worriedly drinks a glass of water, Lakshya places his hands on his hips and moves forth and back.

“That Pandit will die out of my hands… paise ki lalach Mein aa kar he’s getting them happy! Sale ko paise Mein doonga!” Lakshya in an irritated voice says and turns to go.

Ragini holds his hand and he stops.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Shadi’s arrangements to be preplanned… Ragini and Lakshya meet each other in the park and it starts raining…
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