RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 3)


Episode 3:

Recap – Ragini and Lakshya get engaged.

The episode starts with Parineeta taking Ragini in a room.

“You can use my bathroom…” Parineeta says.

Ragini faint smiles and walks up to the bathroom.

“Parineeta!” AP is heard shouting.

“Coming Maa!” Parineeta shouts and looks at Ragini.

“You use the washroom and I’ll be back.” Parineeta says.

Ragini nods and Parineeta leaves. Ragini looks up and tears develop in her eyes. She looks at the ring on her finger and tears flow out and she bursts out crying.

A sad tune is playing in the background.

Ragini falls on her knees and closes her eyes while crying.

Lakshya was shown walking down the corridors while talking on the phone.

“Papa betrayed me Omi, he got me engaged as soon as I reached here. That’s why he was in a hurry to call me back… he double crossed me and now I want answers, I’m not going to let him play games with my life and make me marry that girl! I’m no ways marrying that girl… she’s not even my type!” A frustrated Lakshya tells his friend Omi via phone.

“Don’t worry, I’m coming.” Omi replies.

“Come quick but for now give me ideas to get out of this problem…” Lakshya says.

“I’m coming, so wait. I won’t be too long.” Omi replies.

“Bu…” Lakshya utters but stops as he hears someone cry.

“I’ll call you later.” Lakshya says and disconnects the call.

Lakshya looks at Parineetas room and enters.

He gets surprised seeing Ragini crying on the floor but her back is faced towards him.

“That isn’t Bhabhi, so that means it’s that girl.” Lakshya thinks to himself.

“Why does this always happen to me? Why do I lose everyone close to me?” Ragini cries.

Lakshya doesn’t understand what to do, he picks up the tissue box from the table and approaches her.

Ragini hears his footsteps and hurriedly wipes her tears. He forwards the tissue box and Ragini looks at the box, she takes it and pulls a tissue out.

“Laado!!” Parvati shouts from downstairs.

Ragini stands up and puts the box on the bed. She turns and walks out without looking at Lakshya.

Lakshya sees her leave and then walks out.

LAKSHYA’S Point Of View
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I walked down the stairs and saw them leave. But why was that girl crying? Was she also forced?

“Wait!” I shouted from the top of the stairs and hurriedly rushed down before Papa could leave.

The girl and her family already left. Papa stopped and turned to me.

“What?!” He strictly asks.

“What was all this? Why didn’t you tell me?!” I angrily brushed out.

“If I told you then would you agree?” He asked.

“No and its still a no now, what made you think I was going to say yes now?!” I told him and asked a question.

He just glared at me like he usually does.

“But you’re marrying her and that is my decision!” He threw his decision on me as if I was a dog and he was ordering.

“I’m not!” I said.

“It’s my house and my decisions will be accepted here! If you have a problem then you can leave!” He shouted.

There he said he, he targeted my weak point! Ugh, he’s so annoying!

“There! Dikhaa Di na aapne apni aukaad?! Why are you so bossy?” I said but with less anger this time.

“We need to show our aukaad to people like you who have no aukaad! So I just wasted my time!” He said and insulted me.

“Don’t get me started!” I said.

“You got yourself started already, now it’s time for you to stop!” He again threw his insults.

He is actually getting on my nerves now.

“Now decision is yours, either accept this marriage as soon as possible or you can get out from here and change your surname. Your cards and everything would be blocked and as a Maheshwari, we or I won’t be taking care of your expenses!” He made a final decision and walked away.

Ughhhhhhh! Now I’m helpless, I would die without the money and this lavish life. Omi, come quick!

I stormed upstairs.


Sujata, who was listening gives a winning smile.

“So this is the matter… now see how I will use this situation in my favour!” Sujata smirks.

Shekhar, Sharmishta, Parvati and Ragini enter. Ragini goes straight to her room and closes the door. Parvati goes to her room. Sharmishta was about to go when Shekhar stops her.

“Why did you stop me?” Shekhar asks.

Sharmishta looks at him.

“For them, It wouldn’t be nice if you and Maa have an argument and also, why not give a chance to Lakshya?” Sharmishta says.

“But…” Shekhar says but gets interrupted.

“Shekhar… I’ll go and check on Ragini.” Sharmishta says and leaves.

Shekhar looks on. Sharmishta is shown walking past but Parvati blocks the way.

“Good, now keep out of my matters!” Parvati warns and leaves.

Sharmishta looks on.

* * * * * * *
Sharmishta went to speak to Parvati about this marriage and alliance.

“Maa… you can’t do that… How will Ragini feel?” Sharmishta upsettingly asks.

“Are you trying to say that my decision isn’t right?! I’m her Daadi and I have rights to take decisions for her!” Parvati shouts.

“But Maa…” Sharmishta says but stops as Parvati interrupts.

“Dekh Sharmishta… stay in your limits and if you try to cross them then majbooran I have to tell Ragini about the truth of Jankis death!” Parvati warns.

Sharmishta gets shocked and looks on.

“Make sure no drama happens tomorrow!” Parvati makes clear and storms off.

Sharmishta develops tears in her eyes and looks on.

End of Flashback.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sharmishta reaches Ragini’s room and knocks on the door. Ragini opens the door and looks at Sharmishta.

“Maa… what is happening? Wh…why didn’t you tell me?” Ragini asks.

Sharmishta comes inside the room and Ragini moves back.

“I’m sorry Ragini… this decision was taken so quickly that it didn’t give time to any of us to think…” Sharmishta tells.

“But Maa… achanak se sagaai and to someone I don’t know? It doesn’t feel right.” Ragini says and turns while facing her back to Sharmishta.

“You should give him a chance, I’m sure he won’t deceive you like Sanskaar did. You gave Sanskaar a chance then why not Lakshya?” Sharmishta says as she puts her hand on Ragini’s shoulder.

Ragini’s eyes moist.

“Maa… I don’t think I have the strength to go through that again.” Ragini says with a heavy voice as she sounds like she’s about to cry.

“I don’t think he will do that.” Sharmishta assures.

“But it doesn’t seem like he was happy with this relationship… I don’t want my heart to break again…” Ragini says and turns as tears roll down her eyes.

Sharmishta holds her hands and Ragini hugs her.

“Nothing will happen… everything will be fine… but he does deserve a chance…” Sharmishta assures as she pats Ragini’s back.

Ragini rests her head on Sharmishta’s shoulder and looks on while tears make their way out.

The sunsets and the moon is shown shining and the nature is heard.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion. 10:00pm.

Lakshya is shown trying to sleep but he can’t. DPs words flash in his mind.

“Ugh! I can’t even say no!” Lakshya irritatedly says as he sits up.

He brings his head in both of his hands and closes his eyes.

He then thinks of something and sits straight.

“I can’t say no but she can… so if I get her to say no then I would be saved.” Lakshya says and smirks.

He lies back down with a smirk on his face.

On the other hand Ragini is shown staring in space on her side. She is thinking.
RAGINI’S Point Of View
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Should I give him a chance? But what if he is forced? Like Sanskaar… no, I can’t give him a chance… but Maa…

This is so confusing, I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to be a burden on him…

I closed my eyes and sighed, I had decided that I would talk to him and ask him if he’s happy with this relationship or not… cause I don’t want things to repeat and I don’t have the strength to be broken and betrayed again.

I changed sides and opened my eyes, the photo frame came in my view and my picture with Swara is in front of my eyes.

Why Swara? Why didn’t you tell me that you loved him? If you told me then I would’ve left him for you but you didn’t. It hurt… not him leaving me for you but you not telling me such a big thing. Didn’t you trust me?

Why am I developing tears in my eyes? I can’t even hate her even if I want to. I didn’t expect anything from Sanskaar because why would he tell me but I didn’t expect this from you.

I changed sides again and closed my eyes to sleep.


Screen freezes on Ragini’s sleeping face and Lakshya’s sleeping face. A tune plays.

Precap: Pandit to select a date for marriage… Lakshya to make Ragini laugh… and much more ?
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