RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 2)


Episode 2:
Recap – Lakshya coming home, introduction of MM family and the Gadodias.

The episode starts with Lakshya walking down the stairs, he sees the net in between and looks on.

“So this means mamla is very serious.” Lakshya says to himself.

On the other hand a girl enters the house, she walks up and her face is revealed, she is revealed to be Ragini. She looks worried.

Lakshya walks down while looking at the net and Ragini reaches on top of the stairs. She faint smiles as she sees her family sitting there.

Lakshya without looking forward and Ragini without looking to the side bump into each other as they walk forward. Ragini looses her balance while Lakshya accidentally nudges her and moves a little back, he notices and he holds her by the waist before she could fall and she holds his shirt. Both look at each other.

AP and DP look up while Shekhar, Sharmishta and Parvati turn. They see Ragini and Lakshya in that position and look on.

“Sorry.” Lakshya says and makes Ragini stand.

Ragini looks down and gets a little nervous. Lakshya looks at DP, AP, Parvati, Shekhar and Sharmishta. He sees DP glaring at him and gives a fake smile.

Ragini walks down and Lakshya also follows down.

“Laado, sit down over there.” Parvati says while pointing at the sofa.

Ragini simply nods and sits down there.

“Laado?” Lakshya says to himself and try’s to control his laugh.

He simply smiles.

“Lakshya, sit there!” DP orders and points next to Ragini.

Lakshya’s smile disappears and he sits down next to Ragini.

Lakshya then looks at Parvati who is smiling at him, Sharmishta and Shekhar also smile. Lakshya gets confused.

“This is Lakshya, your would to be son-in-law.” DP proudly says while looking at Parvati.

Lakshya is stunned and looks at DP. AP worryingly smiles and looks at Lakshya. Ragini looks at Parvati with a confused look.

“I’m glad you’re willing to let your son, Lakshya marry my Ragini…” Parvati happily says which shocks Ragini.

“So shall we accept this relationship?” DP asks.

Parvati smiles and nods yes. Shekhar and Sharmishta give a faint smile, Ragini and a Lakshya look on.

“Annapurna, get the ring.” DP says as he looks at AP.

AP nods and stands up.

“Sharmishta, where is the ring?” Parvati asks Sharmishta.

Sharmishta takes a small red box out of her bag and hands it to Parvati. AP goes to get the ring. Parineeta then walks out with a tray of snack, she smiles and places it down on the table. Parvati and Sharmishta smile at her.

“Mom!” They hear Swara shout from the other side.

“Swara?” Ragini says to herself in a low tone.

Parvati’s smile disappears, Shekhar and Sharmishta look at each other. Ragini develops tears with a smile. Lakshya is upset at the fact that his Father had arranged his marriage without him knowing. Parvati gives Ragini the glares, Raginis smile disappears and she looks back down.

Just then AP walks down with the ring and stands near Lakshya, she feels a little bad for not telling Lakshya about this.

“Let’s begin the ritual” DP says.

Parvati then fakes a smile and nods positively, she stands up and walks towards Ragini.

“Annapurna…” DP says and AP nods okay.

AP opens the box and puts it in front of Lakshya. Lakshya looks at the ring shockingly.
Parvati takes the ring out of the box and places it in Ragini’s hand. Ragini looks at the ring in her hand. She gets flashes of her engagement with Sanskaar.

“Laado!” Parvati says as her voice breaks Ragini’s thoughts.

Ragini immediately looks up at her, Parvati signals her to make Lakshya wear the ring, she looks at the ring and then at Lakshya. Lakshya was too shocked to even react, he kept staring at the ring in front of him in the box.

“Lakshya!” DPs serious yet strict voice gets to his ears.

He instantly looks at DP.

“Ragini is waiting!” DP in a serious tone says.

Lakshya then turns and looks at Ragini, both look at each other with a surprised expression. Ragini looks away and Lakshya doesn’t understand what’s going on, it was a shock for him to find out he’s going to be taken, more like get married. He moves his hand forward as AP places her hand on his shoulder, Ragini sees his hand. Parvati puts her hand on Ragini’s shoulder and Ragini looks at her.

“Laado, look he’s waiting.” Parvati says while smiling at Ragini.

Shekhar and Sharmishta think that Ragini is being forced. Shekhar was about to say something when Sharmishta holds his hand and nods no, he looks at her surprisingly.

Ragini looks at Lakshya’s hand and holds the ring, she slowly moves her hand forward. Ragini remembers her putting the ring on Sanskaars finger and gets a little sad, she puts it on Lakshya’s ring finger and Parvati, AP and Parineeta smile. Sharmishta gives a faint smile while Shekhar simply looks.

Now it was Lakshya’s turn, AP takes the ring out of the box and makes Lakshya hold it.

“Now put this ring on Ragini’s finger.” DP says as he looks at Lakshya.

Lakshya unwillingly puts the ring on Ragini’s finger, all smile expect DP, Shekhar, Ragini and Lakshya.

Lakshya wanted answers from DP after this, he wasn’t happy with this at all. Ragini also wanted answers from Parvati, Shekhar and Sharmishta as she is unaware of what’s happening.

AP feeds Parvati Mithai while Parvati feeds AP back, AP then feeds Sharmishta and Sharmishta feeds her back. Parvati feeds Ragini and Lakshya. Lakshya unwillingly eats it without smiling, Ragini fakes a smile and takes a bite. Parineeta feeds Ragini and Lakshya too.

“I can’t believe Devar Ji, you’re getting married.” Parineeta happily expresses.

Lakshya stands up after taking a bite, all look at him including Ragini.

“Please excuse me.” Lakshya in a serious tone says and walks upstairs.

AP fakes a smile to Parvati.

“I think he’s tired…” AP covers.

“Ji… he came today from Sydney.” DP says.

Parvati nods okay with a smile. Shekhar looks at Ragini.

Ragini looks at Parineeta.

“Bhabhi…” Ragini softly calls out.

Parineeta looks at her and sits besides her.

“Can I use the washroom?” Ragini quietly asks.

Parineeta smiles.

“Yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai? Come, I’ll take you.” Parineeta says and stands.

Ragini also stands.

“Maa, I’ll be back.” Parineeta says and AP nods okay.

Parineeta and Ragini walk away from there while AP, DP, Parvati, Sharmishta and Shekhar start talking.

Precap: Ragini emotionally breaks down… Lakshya to walk past and hears… he decided to check who’s crying… ?
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