RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 15)

Episode 15:

Recap – Lakshya starts loving Ragini, Ragini unable to realise her feeling… Lakshya to hold Ragini's hand on breakfast table.

The episode starts with Lakshya holding Ragini's right hand with his left hand as he's using his right hand to eat.

Ragini, without grabbing anyone's attention slowly tries to free her hand. Lakshya smirks while eating as she fails to release her hand.

While eating, AP looks up and doesn't see Ragini eating.

"Ragini? What happened? Why aren't you eating?" AP asks grabbing everyone's attention.

All look at Ragini and she gives a fake smile.

"Kuch nahi." Ragini worryingly says and then picks a toast up with her left hand and placed it in her plate.

All continue eating, Ragini pulls her hand which results Lakshyas hand to hit up on the table as it was underneath and caused a sound.

Lakshya releases her hand instantly and keeps a straight face cause all look at them. Ragini starts eating to avoid answering question.

"What happened?" Lakshya asks.

All shake their head and start eating, Lakshya also starts eating and turns to Ragini with the glares, Ragini ignores him.

Soon they finish breakfast, Ragini, Swara and Parineeta take the plates into the kitchen. Lakshya gets up along with the other men, DP, RP, Adarsh and Sanskaar go to office while Lakshya and Jay stay home.

As DP, RP, Adarsh and Sanskaar leave, Lakshya and Jay sit on the sofas and start talking.

AP and Sujata decide to go to the temple with Uttra.

"Jay, can you please take us to the temple?" AP asks.

Jay nods and then they exit the house, Lakshya, Ragini, Swara and Parineeta are left in the house. Lakshya decides to get the terrace ready.

After a while, Ragini is shown walking down the corridor and into her room. As she walks inside, she sees a gift box and gets confused.

"Who put this here?" A confused Ragini asks herself as she approaches the box.

She then sees a note and reads it.

"This is for you to wear at 8pm and meet me up on the terrace at SHARP 8, don't be late!" Ragini reads in her head.

She looks on and opens the gift box and sees a beautiful gold ball gown, a smile curves on her lips as she caressed the dress.

But then she realises and gets a little nervous.

"What is he planning to do?" Ragini says in her mind.

On the other hand, Lakshya is shown getting the terrace ready with excitement.

The nervous face of Ragini and excited face of Lakshya is shown.
It was 8PM, the time Lakshya has waited for, he is shown walking inside the terrace and smiles while glancing around.

"Finally, I can't wait till I express my feelings to her." Lakshya says in his mind.

On the other hand, Ragini is shown standing in front of the mirror, wearing the dress.

"I don't know if I'm doing the right thing by wearing this dress" Ragini worries as she looks at herself.

Ragini is confused about her feelings, she slowly walks out of the room and reaches the terrace door, she slowly enters and glances around.

She gets mesmerised seeing the decorations, Lakshya then comes in front of her with a smile, he gets mesmerised seeing her and hands her a rose, she nervously takes it with a fake smile.

Lakshya then forwards his hand, Ragini looks at it and then Lakshya, she slowly but hesitantly keeps her hand on top of Lakshyas.

He smiles and brings her a little forward, then he stands behind her.

Then music starts playing.
(Tere Sang Yaara)

"O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai" Lakshya twirls Ragini and makes her face him, he places one hand around her waist while the other hand in her other hand as her one hand is on his shoulders.

"O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara" Lakshya twirls her around and then they get back into the same position, both are looking at each other.

"O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara" They slowly slide side to side.

"Kahin kisi bhi gali me jaaun main
Teri khushboo se takraaun main" He twirls her again.

"Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
Woh khwaab tu…" They slide side to side again but this time Ragini's backs facing Lakshya and his chin is resting on her shoulder.

"Tera mera milna dastoor hai
Tere hone se mujhme noor hai" he turns her back around.

"Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
Mehtaab tu…" He pulls her out and then pulls her back to him.

"O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai" They do some salsa move. (Hand in hand and side to side)

"Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai" Lakshya pulls her closer to him and their foreheads meet.

"O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara" Lakshya mouths and dances while their foreheads are still meeting.

"O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara" Lakshya moveshself back and then slides his hands on Ragini's arms from behind her, she closes her eyes.

"Tere bin ab toh
Na jeena gawara" He twirls her

"Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re" He pulls her towards him again and she opens her eyes.

"Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…" Both look into each other's eyes but Lakshya had a smile curved on his lips.

"Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai" Lakshya pushes her out.

"Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Yeh jaan le" He pulls her towards him and then hugs her from the back while doing side to side wala move.

"O karam Khudaya hai
Tera pyar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai" Lakshya slowly turns her towards him and they again stare into each other's eyes.

"O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara" Lakshya picks her up and her chest is touching his chest and their foreheads meet again.

"Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara" He slowly turns.

"O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara" He then placed Ragini back down.

"Main behta musafir
Tu thehra kinara" Lakshya then twirls and on his Knees in front of her.

She looks at him surprisingly, the song ends.

Lakshya nervously takes the ring out and and looks at Ragini while showing it to get.

There is a silence between them.

"Ragini… will you be mine?" Lakshya asks with a faint smile.

Ragini is stunned hearing his words, her hearts start beating. Lakshya takes her hand forwards and was about to put the ring in when she takes her hand back.

He looks up at her with a surprised expression, Ragini is nervous and turns around.

"I need time." Ragini says and walks out.

Lakshya stands up and looks on.

Ragini is shown running down the corridor and into the room, she locks the door from behind her and walks forward. She starts breathing heavily and her heart also beats fast.

"What's happening?" Ragini asks herself sounding worried as she looks down.

She looks at herself in the mirror and looks on worriedly.

On the other hand, Lakshya is shown trashing all the arrangements he made on the terrace.

He angrily kicks the table after ruining all the arrangements.

"Did I make a mistake by saying it too fast?" Lakshya asks himself and then breaks the flower vase.

The sun rose and the ray lights shined on Ragini's face, she slowly opened her eyes and sat up as she remembered last night's incident, she glanced around and couldn't see Lakshya.

"He didn't come to the room last night, is he okay?" Ragini asks herself and gets out of the bed.

Soon she gets a call from Niharika and picks it up.

"Hey Ragu, I met Lucky in the bar yesterday and he had over drunk so I took him to my house and thought to inform you now." Niharika said.

"It's good you took him to your house, if he would've came here then it would've created a Drama." Ragini says as she walks up to the wardrobe.

"When he gains conscious, he'll be back." Niharika says.

"Okay." Ragini says and disconnects the call.

Ragini then takes out a dress and and goes to get changed.
After a while, Lakshya walks home with Niharika, Ragini comes out, Jay is shown sitting on the sofa. Parineeta and Swara also come out.

Niharika and Lakshya are laughing while talking and walking down. Niharika was about to slip and fall when Lakshya catches her by the waist on time. Ragini and Jay look on as Lakshya and Niharika stare at each other.

"Ahem Ahem!" Swara fakes a cough.

Niharika and Lakshya compose themselves.

"Excuse me." Lakshya excuses himself and walks up.

Niharika walks up to Ragini with a smile.

"Lucky is so cute… I swear Ragini, if you didn't marry him then I would've." Niharika says as she looks at Jay and Ragini with a bright smile.

Parineeta, Swara and Jay look on. Ragini excuses herself and walks away.

On the other hand, Lakshya comes out of the bathroom after getting changed, Ragini enters the room.

Lakshya sees her and a small smirk curves up on his lips, he then faces the mirror and styles his hair pretending to ignore Ragini.

Ragini was about to say something when Lakshya speaks.

"I was thinking to let Niharika stay around until her Mum comes back from Singapore." Lakshya says.

Before Ragini could respond to that, Lakshya leaves the room and Ragini looks on.

While walking out, Lakshya smirks.

It then goes into a flashback:

After breaking the things, Lakshya goes to the nearest bar and starts drinking, he over drinks and meets Niharika there, Niharika takes him to her house and in a drunken state, he tells her that Ragini rejected his proposal, then in the morning after he wakes up, Niharika walks in with a glass of lemonade into the room.

"I can help if you want." Niharika says as she hands the glass.

"What do you mean?" A confused Lakshya asks as he takes the glass.

"In helping you gain Ragini." Niharika says.

Lakshya looks at her.

"But you also have to help me." Niharika says and sits besides Lakshya with a pout.

"What help?" Lakshya asks as he takes a sip.

"I know that stupid Jay likes me but he's not telling me, so I want to make him jealous and you can make Ragini jealous." Niharika says and looks at him.

After a lot of thinking, Lakshya and Niharika agree to help each other and decide to make their love interests jealous.

They shake hands with a smirk.

End of Flashback.

Lakshya walks down and sees AP and Sujata talking while sitting on the Sofa, Jay and Parineeta walk out of the Kitchen, Swara had gone to the clinic with Sanskaar for a check up.

Niharika walks up to Lakshya and fakes a smile.

"Shall I do all the work or are you going to help?" Niharika whispers with a fake smile.

Lakshya notices Ragini walking down the stairs and smirks.

"Niharika… why are you going to go home? Stay here and chill here." Lakshya says as he places his hand on Niharika's shoulder.

Ragini and Jay look on.

Lakshya then holds Niharika's hand and walks down with her, this makes Jay a little angry and Ragini a little upset.

Niharika smirks a little while looking at Jay. Lakshya and Niharika then walk inside the Kitchen while talking.

Jay gets angry and walks away before Sujata could say anything. Ragini walks down and heads towards the kitchen.

She walks up to the door and looks on to see Lakshya feeding Niharika and Niharika laughing and forcing food in his mind. Both are laughing and Ragini feels a little insecure.

Ragini walks inside, they notice her but pretend they didn't see.

"My Maa makes the best Sabzi, taste it." Lakshya says and forwards the spoon, Niharika eats it.

"Mmmm, it's actually delicious." Niharika says as she swallows it.

Ragini walks forward and shows that she doesn't care but it does slowly affect her.

"Hey, how about dinner tonight?" Lakshya asks.

"Dinner? That's long, make it Lunch." Niharika says and forwards a spoon of rice forward.

Lakshya eats it.

Lakshya then turns to Ragini.

"Oh, you're here too." Lakshya says pretending to realise she's there.

Ragini looks at him.

"Do you want to come for lunch?" Lakshya asks.

Ragini stars thinking.

"Forget it, you probably don't want to join us." Lakshya says before Ragini could answer and turns to Niharika.

Ragini feels a little hurt.

"So Niharika, be ready." Lakshya says as they walk past.

Ragini sees them leave and looks on upsettingly.

"What's happening to me? Why am I feeling sad?" Ragini says to herself and pouts.
After a while, Lakshya is shown standing near the stairs waiting for Niharika but in real for Ragini to come.

Jay walks down and looks at Lakshya.

"Kaha chal diye?" Jay asks.

"Lunch with Niharika." Lakshya says.

"Ohhh, why not Ragini?" Jay asks faking to be confused as he keeps his hand on his chin and makes a thinking face.

"Ragini didn't want to come so why force her?" Lakshya says and then sees Ragini walking up to them.

"Ohh and Niharika said yes?" Jay asks.

"Of course." An excited Niharika said as she walks down in a royal blue Dorothy Perkins dress with a hand bag and her hair tied in a bun.

Jay is mesmerised, Niharika walks down and stands near Lakshya.

"Chalein?" Niharika asks.

Lakshya looks at Ragini and then at Niharika.

"Wait…" Lakshya says and stands behind Niharika.

Ragini, Jay and Niharika get confused

Lakshya then opens Niharika's long hair that stops at her waist and stands next to her.

"Now lets go, you look great with opened hair." Lakshya smile.

Niharika fakes to blush, Jay and Ragini feel a little jealous.

"If you don't mind then can me and Ragini join you?" Jay says with a fake smile.

Lakshya and Niharika looks at each other and then nod okay.

"Yeah sure." Lakshya says.

"But I don't think Ragini wants to come…" Lakshya says and looks at Ragini.

"I don't mind coming." Ragini says with a fake smile.

"We'll be back, don't leave." Jay says with a fake smile.

Lakshya nods okay, Jay and Ragini walk up, Lakshya and Niharika laugh silently and high five each other, Niharika then excitedly hugs Lakshya, Jay and Ragini turn around and Lakshya twirls her, both look on. Ragini makes a face and walks up, Jay gives a jealous looks and walks up.

"It's working… I'm so happy." Niharika happily says and breaks the hug.

Lakshya smiles, after a while Jay comes out along with Ragini. Ragini is dressed in a long, ankle length, black lace maxi dressed (AX Paris) with her hair open.

Lakshya is mesmerised, Niharika nudges him to not lose focus, Lakshya comes to senses.

"Shall we?" Jay asks.

All nod and head out.
After a while, they reach the restaurant and take their seats on a four table. Jay had sat next to Niharika before Lakshya could so Lakshya and Ragini sit together.

They order food and start eating.

"Excuse me." Niharika excuses as she stands up.

They nod and Niharika walks away. After a while, Jay also excuses himself. Ragini and Lakshya and left alone, Ragini looks at Lakshya and he ignores her. Ragini feels bad and looks away with a pout.

Lakshya then looks at her pouting and a faint smile appears on his face.

On the other hand, before Jay could talk to Niharika, she rushes to the table, then seconds later Jay follows.

And they start eating Lunch, after eating Lunch, Jay and Lakshya go out to fetch the car, Ragini is with Niharika.

"Lucky is such a sweetheart, he paid for the bill… Ragini, if you don't mind then can I ask you something?" Niharika says as she looks at Ragini.

Ragini also looks at her.

"Actually no, forget it." Niharika says and looks away.

Ragini gives a confused look.

"No tell." Ragini asks.

I was just gunna say if you could leave Lucky for me, I mean divorce…" Niharika hesitates to say.

Ragini gets stunned.

"Don't get me wrong but you're not happy with him, I mean this marriage wasn't meant to happen so that's why I said that." Niharika tells with a tiny smile.

Jay who had come to get them also hears and is shocked, Ragini looks away shockingly. Ragini then walks down, Niharika sees Jay and looks on.

"Shoot! He wasn't meant to hear that." Niharika says in her mind worriedly.

Jay turns and walks down with Ragini, Niharika also follows.

Niharika then hurriedly sits in the front seat leaving Jay and Ragini to sit behind. Lakshya then starts driving, Niharika and him talk and laugh.

Ragini and Jay feel jealous and sad. Soon they reach Maheshwari Mansion, Lakshya drops Niharika to the guest room, Jay angrily storms in his room while a distraught Ragini enters her room and takes her bracelet off angrily and puts it on the desk.

"Why am I feeling jealous? And why was I hurt when Niharika said to divorce Lakshya?!" Ragini upsettingly says to herself.

And sits on the bed while pouting, Lakshya walks in, he tries to control his smirk and Ragini sees him. Ragini stands up, she was about to speak to him but he blanked her and went to the wardrobe, then he took his clothes out.

"Lakshya…" Ragini says but Lakshya walks inside the bathroom and shuts the door.

Ragini's eyes moist and she gets irritated.

"Why is he ignoring me?" Ragini complains to herself.
Later at night, Ragini walks inside the room, she sees the lights off and Lakshya lying on the bed and on his phone. Ragini shuts the door and turns the lights on.

"Kya kar rahi ho Ragini?!" Lakshya, in an irritated voice says as he looks at her.

Ragini feels hurt and switches the lights back off.

She slowly finds her way to the bed and lies down facing the other way, after hearing Lakshya laugh, she turns the other way and sees him, he also turns the other way. Ragini's eyes moist and tears start flowing out, Lakshya thinks his plan is working.

"Why is it hurting me?" Ragini says in her head as she silently cries.

After messaging, Lakshya puts his phone under the pillow and turns with a smile, he looks at Ragini who had tears in her eyes and looks on. Both look at each other, Lakshya then gets a message as his phone makes a sound.

Ragini then turns around, Lakshya forwards his hand but then stops, Ragini gets up and walks towards the window facing that way. Tears flow out from her eyes and she wipes them.

Her moments with Lakshya flashes in her mind, a small smile curves on her lips, then Niharika saying to divorce Lakshya runs in her mind and more tears make their ways.

Then she feels a two hands wrap around her waist and a chin resting on her shoulder, she knew it was Lakshya, who else could it be?

Ragini upsettingly jerks him with a pout.

"Why are you crying?" Lakshya asks and makes her face him.

She shows fake anger.

"Awww Mera Bachcha, bura laga?" Lakshya asks while cupping her face.

She jerks his hands off and turns to the side with her arms crossed angrily.

"Itna gussa?" Lakshya asks souding surprised.

"No, you got your new love interest!" Ragini upsettingly says with anger.

"Then what would've I've done? You rejected me and…" Lakshya says but gets interrupted.

"I didn't reject you, I just said I needed time and you already forgot me!" Ragini angrily says as she hits him on the chest.

He laughs and she looks at him.

"You find this funny?! You have fun in hurting me na?!" Ragini huffs and looks away.

"But why are you so angry?" Lakshya asks.

"Because I…" Ragini says but stops.

"Because I??" Lakshya asks.

"Nothing!" Ragini says and turns to leave but Lakshya holds her hand.

O Karam Khudaya Hai… plays… wind blows Ragini's hair back.

Tujhe mujhse milaya hai… He pulls her towards him and their chests meet.

Ragini looks at him.

Tujhpe marke hi toh…. They look at each other.

"Admit it, I know what you want to say but you don't want to say what I know so why not say what you know instead of showing attitude to what I know." Lakshya says and confuses Ragini.

"Kya?" Ragini confusingly asks.

Lakshya's phone starts buzzing, Lakshya and Ragini look their. Lakshya lets go of Ragini and walks towards his phone but Ragini holds his hand.

"I'm not finished talking…" Ragini says.

Lakshya turns to her slowly.

"When you ignored me today, I don't know why it effected." Ragini says and looks down.

Lakshya walks up to her and leans to her ears.

"Ragini, will you be mine?" Lakshya whispers again.

"No! You're not in the right position, ask me the same way you did before." Ragini says as she pushes him back.

He looks at her weirdly and Ragini stands under the moon light.

Lakshya then bends down on his knees in front of her and takes the ring out of his pocket.

"Ragini, will you be mine?" Lakshya asks while forwarding the ring.

Ragini fakes to think, Lakshya looks at her and she forwards her hand, Lakshya then puts the ring on her hand, he stands up and she hugs him.

"I love you Lakshya." Ragini admits as she hugs him.

"I love you too Ragini." Lakshya says as he twirls her while hugging.

"I love you Lakshya." Ragini mummers and is shown sleeping, soon she opens her eyes slowly and glances around.

It had been a dream and she sat up instantly and looked for Lakshya, he wasn't there.

"It was a dream?" A disappointed Ragini had asked herself and unwillingly pulled herself out of the bed.

She had seen the time and it was 6:50am, she was dazed as Lakshya never wakes up at this time, he will always wake up 10 minuets before breakfast unless he had gone for jogging.

Ragini then remembered that she had fallen asleep after he stopped texting as she had faced the other way, she kind of regrets that it was a dream as she had realised her feelings for Lakshya.

Yes, Ragini loves Lakshya, she had even admitted it in her dream, how incredible is that? Ragini slowly approached the bathroom until she heard giggles outside her door-step and without wasting any moment in thinking, she opened her door and saw Lakshya and her best friend Niharika walking down the corridor laughing and hand in hand in their joggers.

It clearly proves that they had gone for jogging TOGETHER which grows Ragini's suspicion. She had made a face and turned around.

Lakshya and Niharika had seen Ragini, the give a victory smile.

"She will confess today." Niharika had confidently said to Lakshya while looking at his door.

"How are you sure?" Lakshya asks facing towards Niharika with his eye-brow raised:

"It's obvious she's insecure, so now she would talk to you." Niharika answered and walked forward realising Jay had stood behind them.

She turned and her eyes opened wide as it was Jay, her guess was right, Jay had given her the stern look and raised his eye-brows with his arms crossed.

By seeing Niharika's expression, Lakshya had gotten confused and turned, his reaction transformed into a dazed one as soon as he saw his cousin brother Jay standing.

"J…Jay?" A stammering voice of Lakshya uttered.

"What's going on?" A stern voice of Jay asked the both that we're struggling to answer.

"Nothing." Lakshya had replied with a fake smile and looked at Niharika.

She had also given a fake smile and agreed to his words by nodding positively as she looks at Jay.

"Really?" Jay asks knowing they're lying to him.

Lakshya sighs which ruined the matter.

"Listen Jay, take Niharika… she would tell you." Lakshya said and but the whole burden on Niharika's shoulders and distanced himself from her.

Niharika glared at Lakshya as he's walking backwards to his room and he was successful, he then shut the door.

Niharika was left to answer Jay, she gives a worrying smile as she looks at him, he holds her hand and takes her somewhere.

The burden was off Lakshya's shoulder as he sighed when he had shut the door from behind him, he didn't know an angry Ragini walked out the bathroom.

Lakshya had seen Ragini and fakes to call someone.

"Hello, Mr Patel, is all the arrangements done?" Lakshya faked an conversation to get Ragini's attention.

Ragini tried her best not to give him attention but give him her anger, she ignored his words and stood in front of the mirror decking herself up.

"Yes, write… for someone beautiful and decorate it with roses on each side." Lakshya faked directing and then chuckled.

"Yes Mr Rajeev, she is indeed very beautiful." Lakshya said not realising what blunder he had made.

"Mr Rajeev? Wasn't it Mr Patel?" Ragini asked her mind and glanced at Lakshya through the mirror.

"I heard hotel Paradise is an amazing hotel, I don't want to be disappointed." Lakshya said and noticed Ragini had given him attention and pretended he didn't see her.

"Yes, floor 2 room 12 at 6pm sharp, are you sure that's the best one Mr Rajel?" Lakshya asks while glancing around the room.

A confused Ragini turned around while putting her earring on.

"First Mr Patel, then Mr Rajeev and now Mr Rajel?" A confused Ragini asks her mind.

Lakshya kept forgetting the names he had mentioned earlier not noticing that Ragini noticed, he disconnected the call and stood up.

He walked past Ragini and was about to enter the bathroom when Ragini's words stopped him.

"Who were you talking to? Mr Patel? Mr Rajeev or Mr Rajel?" Ragini asked while adorning her hairline with Sindoor.

Lakshya, who was surprised with her question and turned to answer her.

"All three." Lakshya answered.

Ragini turned and gave him the confusing look.

"Mr Patel handles the food area, Mr Rajeev does the decoration and Mr Rajel choses a perfect romantic moment." Lakshya had answered with a perfect lie.

There wasn't a glimpse of him lying, he was good at it.

"But how can you talk to all three at one time?" Ragini had asked while wearing her Mangalsutra.

"Duh.. there's something called conference call!" Lakshya answered with the first thing that came into his mind.

Before Ragini could ask more questions, Lakshya rushed into the bathroom with a sigh as he closed the door.

"Hotel Paradise?" Ragini asks herself and then makes an exit from the room.
Later in the evening, Ragini was walking past and stops by the guest room that Niharika was staying in.

"What? Hotel Paradise now?" Niharika asks while talking on the phone.

Ragini was stunned.

"What type of man is he? How can he cheat me?!" A disgusted Ragini asked her mind when she stormed off.

Niharika had faked the phone call to get Ragini's attention and she was successful.

Ragini had entered her room angrily.

"I will catch him red handed, how dare he cheat me?!" An angry Ragini says to herself as she approaches an opened wardrobe.

Ragini takes out a dress and goes to get changed.
Ragini had entered the famous hotel, hotel Paradise and made her way up to the reception while glancing around.

She looked amazing in that pink Saree with golden blouse, she had opened her hair.

"How can we help you ma'am?" A female receptionist asked.

"Can you tell me if there's a booking made for today at floor 2 and room 12?" Ragini asks in order to confirm her suspicion.

It would be heart breaking for her to hear that her husband is cheating on her with her best friend, but Ragini was strong, she wouldn't let tears win over her, she would teach them two a lesson.

"Yes Ma'am." The receptionist answered after searching.

"May I know who?" Ragini requested with a faint smile.

"I'm sorry Ma'am, we can't let personal details out." The receptionist apologises.

"Oh, but I understand, but can you just tell me if Mr Lakshya Maheshwari had done that booking then it would be helpful." Ragini asks with a requesting look.

"May I know your name?" The receptionist asks.

"Mrs Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari." Ragini answered with confident and pride.

"One second Ma'am." The receptionist said and fiddled with her computer again.

There was a special note requested by the booker/Lakshya, the Receptionist read it and a smile appeared on her face, Ragini seen her smile and got confused.

"Yes Ma'am, that room is booked by Lakshya Maheshwari, he had mentioned not to disturb as a special moment will happen." The receptionist tells with a smile.

Ragini fakes a smile and thanks her, she was utterly shocked on hearing about the special moment, she doesn't want her suspicion to come true, so therefore she had taken a lift to floor 2.

As soon as the two doors of the lift opened, Ragini had stepped out and with a sudden of surprise, she saw the room number 12 opposite her in distance, she slowly walked there and opened the door.

The lights were shut off and Ragini had entered, then suddenly the door suddenly shut from behind her, Ragini was surprised.

"Welcome…" Lakshya's voice utters in the room.

Ragini looks around to find Lakshya, it was too dark for her to even know where she was standing.

"Since the first time I seen you, I started liking you, then we started talking and started understanding each other, it felt like we're made for each other, today I want to make an special announcement." Lakshya tells as the spot light shine on him making him the centre of attention.

Ragini is stunned hearing his words and only Niharika pops up in her brain, Lakshya slowly approaches Ragini knowing she is Ragini but Ragini not know him knowing she is Ragini and not Niharika.

Lakshya bends down on his knees in front of her.

"I love you" Lakshya proposes while forwarding his hand.

Ragini could hear her heartbeat not knowing if it's pain or happiness and tears instantly formed in her eyes and in a few second they rolled down her cheeks.

She couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe Lakshya had fallen for her best-friend Niharika.

"Are you there?" Lakshya asks as the lights turn on.

He acts as if he's shocked to see Ragini there and stands, but her tears made him a little weak.

"Ragini?" Lakshya asks and bam! (Not matching but bear with me ?)

He feels a tight slap across his face which shocks him as he places his hand on his right cheek. Ragini had slapped him but not only Ragini, her pain and feelings slapped him.

"How can you do this?! Weren't you ashamed while doing this?!" Her anger spoke from inside her.

Lakshya slowly turns his head to her but still being in a shock.

"How can you fall so low?! Just because I said I need more time and does that mean you can have an affair with someone else?!" Ragini's feelings spoke in the form of herself.

Lakshya looks at her and Ragini breaks down emotionally.

"You mocked our relationship Lakshya! You've insulted my love! You showed your love was fake!" Ragini's tears finally spoke her feelings from the heart.

Lakshya not being able to understand if she loves him or not hugs her as he couldn't see her in tears.

She tries freeing herself from his hug but gives up.

"I love you but you don't love me!" Ragini says as her voice cracks slowly.

A smile curved up Lakshya's face as those three words touched her heart.

"I love you too." Lakshya tells while tightening the hug.

"No you don't." Ragini says as she pushes him away from her.

Ragini still believes he loves Niharika, her best friend.

"I do Ragini and my love for you will never change." Lakshya admits whole heartedly as he places his hand on his heart chest where beneath his heart rests.

"But you were here for Niharika, you started loving her now!" Ragini says as she looks around but doesn't see any decorations.

"Where's the arrangements Mr Patel? Mr Rajeev and Mr Rajel arranged for you and Niharika?" Ragini asks not finding what Lakshya had said on the phone.

"Where's that message that should be decorated with roses?!" Ragini asks while wiping her tears.

"All of that was a plan, to make you confess, if I actually meant what I said then like you said, where is it? It clearly shows none of it was true." Lakshya said as he signs her to looks around to prove his point.

Ragini turns to make an exit but her eyes fall on the roses that guide her somewhere.

"Oh, so this is your planning?!" An angry Ragini asks as she follows the Roses scattered on the floor followed by Lakshya.

Soon she reaches somewhere and stops as the roses stop guiding her, Ragini looks up and is utterly shocked and surprised to see a big board shaped as a heart with silver glitters coloured inside which says "I love you Ragini" written in gold.

Ragini couldn't believe this, she looked around and saw a beautiful tent with a table and two chairs, she then sees a small ring box on the table, on the other side.

She slowly approaches it and sees the message… "For someone beautiful" written and opens the box.

She sees the same ring Lakshya had proposed to her with earlier.

Tears again made their way up as she had misunderstood Lakshya to cheat her with her best friend Niharika.

Then her eyes fall on a standing board covered with a white cloth. She removes it and is dazed to see a collage of her pictures in a glass frame.

She caresses it and she couldn't help but cry, Lakshya had walked inside.

"Ragini…" Lakshya says as he feels bad hearing Ragini cry.

Ragini turns around and sees him, she then runs to him and hugs him all of a sudden, he hugs her back.

Tere Sang Yaara starts playing.

"I'm sorry Lakshya, I misunderstood you… I love you." Ragini speaks up and admits she loves him.

"I love you too Ragini." Lakshya says and hugs her tightly.

The moonlight was shining on them, Ragini and Lakshya had become RagLak and one, they had realised their feelings for each other.

It was never too late for them, Jay and Niharika also got together, the family agree and got their marriage done.

The family was very happy.

Swara was blessed with a daughter, they had named her Sanskriti.
**** ****** ********* **********
5 Year Later:
Ragini and Lakshya are shown sleeping, soon they wake up after hearing a cry of the baby.

"Offo Lakshya! Your son is gone on you, never lets anyone rest." Ragini complains as she's half asleep.

"He's not only my son, speaking of him, where is My Charming Superstar?" Lakshya yawns as well as glances around.

"I'm just praying our daughter isn't stubborn and annoying like you." Ragini says as she places her hand on her belly which shows she's 7 or 8 months pregnant.

"Oh please Ragini, she will be charming like her Papa not a Billi like her Mum." Lakshya taunts but as a joke.

Ragini playfully hits him on the shoulder and he lets out a laugh.

"Thank God Papa didn't name our son." Lakshya sighs in a relief as he folds his hand.

"But his name of choices weren't bad." Ragini says.

Lakshya looks at her shockingly.

"So you didn't find Lakshit, Lakshman, Layak and Dev old fashioned? Now way I would've let my son be named that! He's Lucky's son and I ain't doing unfair on my children." Lakshya says and lies back down.

"Papa!!!" A small boy who is around four year old shouts as he runs inside the room.

"Hey champ." Lakshya says with a smile as he sits up.

His son runs to him and Lakshya places him in his lap.

"Daadu gunna hit me." Lakshya's son innocently says as he hugs Lakshya and places his head on his chest.

"Anay? What did you do?" Ragini asks while looking at their son, Anay.

"Nufing, I did nufing.." Anay spoke cutely.

"Anay!!!!" DP shouts on top of his lungs.

Anay gets scared and hugs Lakshya tight, Ragini gets surprised.

"Arey way superstar, you also like troubling him don't you?" Lakshya asks with a smile.

"Lakshya! What are you teaching him?" Ragini says.

"Daadu scary, he scary, he's gunna eat me." Anay says while looking up to Lakshya.

Lakshya lets out a laugh and Ragini gasps.

"Anay… you shouldn't say this, he's your Daadu." Ragini explains as Anay looks at her.

"He my Daadu but I no like him." Anay tells and keeps his index finger in his mouth giving his puppy eyes a chance to melt Ragini.

Lakshya again laughs and Ragini gives a smile.

"Shhhh." Ragini says with a smile and keeps her index fingers on her lips.

Ragini couldn't resist being angry at her son.

"Daadu gunna hit me." Anay repeats again and again until he hides under the blanket near Lakshya.

"Your Daadu is a hitler, to survive, you have to annoy him." Lakshya whispers.

Ragini then gives a stern look to Lakshya.

"Wa?" Anay asks as he shows his fave from under the blanket.

"Nothing." Lakshya says and lies besides him.

"You say Mamma is kaali Billi." Anay says.

Lakshya looks on. Ragini looks at Lakshya.

"Now you say Daadu is a hita? But you say he is Kaala Daaku." Anay giggles.

Lakshya couldn't help but giggles with him.

"Lakshya, this is limits." Ragini sighs.

"Laks? He no Laks, he my Papa." Anay tells while touching Lakshya's face with his soft and small hand.

Lakshya kisses his hands.

"Tum aur tumara beta, just like each other, now you handle him!" Ragini sighs and annoyingly lies down.

"Anyways superstar, tell me, what did you do?" Lakshya asks.

"I did nuffing, I was playing then Daadu came, he broke my toy and fell down, I then ran before he eats me." Anay whispers.

"Why did he break you toy?" Lakshya asks getting a little serious.

"I not know, he throw it down and it break then I cry and he look at me then I ran" Anay tells with looking at Lakshya.

Lakshya then pecks Anay's forehead and puts gets comfortable to sleep.

Soon the trio fall asleep.

Then it was morning, all were on the breakfast table, Anay was on Lakshya's lap. Ragini, Swara, Parineeta and Niharika come out with the food.

Niharika is 6 months pregnant, Adarsh then comes and sits with his son, Aditya. Sanskaar is then holding his 5 year old daughter Sanskriti while his 3 year old son, Swagat is with Sujata. AP then takes Aditya and puts him in her lap, he is 4 years old.

Then they start eating, this was normal for the Maheshwari family, they were blessed with happiness.

Soon after breakfast, Anay and Aditya started playing, AP was supervising them. Sanskriti also joined them. Lakshya then gets ready to go office.

He had to for his wife and children.

In his room, Ragini entered as soon as he was ready to go.

He pecked her forehead.

"Take care of your self and our princess Anaya." Lakshya says.

Ragini smiles and nods.

"You still haven't changed." Lakshya says and hugs her.

She hugs him back.

"I love you Ragini." Lakshya says.

"I love you too." Ragini says.

Tere Sang Yaara Plays.

This was their beautiful Journey, from Ragini and Lakshya they transformed into RagLak.

They were blessed with two beautiful children, Anay and Anaya.

They lived happily with each other and this was the journey of RagLak.

"Love was always there, it may have been late to realise but it never faded."

*********** *************
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