RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 13)

Episode 13:
Recap – Ragini Kidnapped and Lakshya Shot.

The episode starts in the Maheshwari Hall, all the family are present there, Sanskaar walks down. Adarsh sees him.

“K…Karan is Sanskaar’s friend.” Adarsh says as he sees Sanskaar.

Sanskaar looks at him confusingly.

“Karan?” Lakshya asks.

“Karan Charurvedi.” Adarsh reveals.

All look at Sanskaar.

“What’s happening?” Sanskaar asks as he walks down and next to Adarsh.

“Rohan Chaturvedi kidnapped Ragini.” Lakshya tells.

Sanskaar is surprised.

“Karan’s younger brother.” Adarsh tells.

“What? But why would Rohan do that?” Sanskaar asks looking all confused.

“Because he’s a psycho!” Niharika exclaims.

“Talk to Karan.” DP says to Sanskaar, forgetting all the hatred and enemity.

Sanskaar nods and takes his phone out.

“Ram, you talk to Mr Boman.” DP says as he turns to RP.

RP nods and takes his phone out. The trio forget their arguments and agree to help each other.

Lakshya turns to Jay.

“Where will I find Rohan?” Lakshya asks.

“His house.” Jay says as he looks at Niharika.

“No, he will be in a bar.” Niharika says as she looks at Lakshya.

Sanskaar then finishes talking to Karan and walks up to Lakshya.

“Karan hasn’t seen Rohan for 2 hours and he said he’s not at home either.” Sanskaar tells.

Lakshya looks on.

“Mr Boman isn’t picking his phone up.” RP sighs as he holds his phone.

Lakshya starts thinking worriedly.

“Where could Ragini be?” Lakshya thinks to himself.

“I’m going outside to find Rohan.” Lakshya says restlessly and walks up the stairs to exit.

“I’m coming with you.” Jay says.

“Me as well.” Both Adarsh and Sanskaar say in a union.

Lakshya nods and they head outside.

DP and RP decided to go meet Mr Boman and also left.

The woman of the house were left alone and worried.
I was sitting on the hay staring into space when I heard the door unlock, it diverted my attention and I looked there.

He had come back and that too in a drunken state with a bottle of Vodka in his hand.

I stood up hurriedly and moved back before he could come closer to me. He smiled at me.

“Ragini, what are you doing?” He asked as he shut the door from behind him and locked it.

I looked on, I nervously made my way to the other side and looked around for a weapon.

“Don’t worry, it’s only me and you.” He said and walked forward as he places the bottle on the chair that he had tied me on earlier.

“Look RC, stay in you limits!” I warned by not showing my fear.

“You stay in your limits na… you know how much I love you.” He said and came closer to me.

Before I could push him, he held my hands by my wrist and parted them. I tried freeing my hands but his grasp was too strong, even in a drunken state he had energy.

“Stop it!” I shouted while freeing myself from his grasp but he twisted both of my hands and placed them behind my back.

He leaned forward to my ears.

“Ragini. . . I will make you mine.” He whispered and blew his breath on my ears.

“Leave me!” I shouted as loud as I can in his ears.

He moved his head back but didn’t leave my hands. He looked into my eyes while I glared at him. I could see lust in his eyes for me.

“You can’t make me yours RC, I will never be yours!” I said.

His expressions changed and he let go of my hands. I moved away but he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him.

“Why so much pride Ragini?” He asked while touching me down my waist.

I felt disgusted and pushed him, this time he crossed his limits, he cupped my face and tried to kiss me but I didn’t let his kid touch mine.

“Rohan!” I shouted and moved my head back by freeing myself from his Grasp.

I ran forward and he chased me, I saw the bottle and turned to him.

“How long will you keep me away from yourself?!” He asked as he grabbed my pallu and pulled it.

I twirled and covered my heat with my hands, tears made their way up my eyes.

He came closer to me with the help of my pallu and gave his devilish smirk. I picked the Vodka bottle he kept on the chair and smashed it on his head.

Blood came out of his head and I pushed him, he fell on the floor and fainted. I got my pallu and hugged it.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, I ran to the door and unlocked it but it wouldn’t open because it was locked from the outside.

Just then I heard a ringtone, I turned and saw Rohan’s phone sticking out of his pocket.

I looked at him and he was unconscious, I slowly approached him and took him phone.

I’m don’t know who to call, I don’t know anyone’s number off by heart.

I only knew Swara’s number, I hurriedly typed her number without delaying and called her.

I hope she picks up.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Swara…” I said.

“Ragini?” Swara worriedly said.

I switched the call off, I don’t know what to say or how to speak to her, I just turned RC’s phones location on and sent it to Swara.

I just hope they come and take me away from this Psycho.

I moved far away from him and picked my Pallu and draped it around me.

I wonder what must be happening.

Sanskaar and Bhaiyya went to the bars to search, me and Jay went to the ally ways. Just then I got a message.

I took mu phone out from my pocket and saw that Sanskaar had sent me a location. He mentioned that Ragini is there.

Without delaying, me and Jay rushed there because we were near that location, just 5 minutes away.

After a while, me and Jay reach the place by following the directions. We see a shack in front of us but men sleeping on the chairs outside. Me and Jay walked forward and past them.

They were deep sleepers, I unlocked the door from the outside and opened it. I looked around and saw a man lying on the floor.

“Ragini.” I said as I entered.

Jay looked at the men to make sure they don’t wake up.

Ragini comes out from behind the hay and looked at me with teary eyes. I got relieved seeing her safe.

“Ragini, are you okay?” I asked while walking up to her.

She ran towards me and hugged me tight, I hugged her back. She cried a little.

“Shhh, I’m here.” I assured as I caressed her hair.

She had stopped sobbing but continued hugging me.

Just then Sanskaar and Bhai came with the police.

That man on the floor started moving, the police made him stand and took him away along with the men that were sleeping outside.

Ragini loosened the hug, I moved back and she fell into my arms.

“Ragini…” I said as I shakes her but it looks like she fainted.

I picked her up in my arms and left with Jay, Sanskaar and Bhai.

I hope she’s alright.


I slowly opened my eyes and sat up with a jerk, I looked around and saw that I was in a bedroom. The last thing that flashed in my mind was hugging Lakshya.

I couldn’t see him, then he had entered and looked at me. I saw blood on his shirt from the arm side. I stood up and he walked up to me.

“Ragini… take rest.” He said to me but I was too busy looking at his wound.

“What happened? Did he do anything to you?” I worriedly asked as I looked at him.

“Chill, I’m fine.” He said as he looked at his arm.

I lifted the sleeve up and saw Bandage around with blood leaking.

“It’s not alright.” I worried and made him sit down.

Then I took the first aid box from the desk and sat besides him.

I unwrapped his old bandage and saw that he had been shot. My eyes widened and I looked at him.

“How did this happen?” I asked while looking at him.

“I ran after you and then got shot.” He said like a child.

I sighed and opened the first aid box and then took the antiseptic. I could feel him looking at me while I was pouring antiseptic on the wool.

“Don’t shout.” I warned and looked at him.

I slowly placed it on his wound and he let out a hiss and I can see he’s trying to control his scream.

I wiped his wound while blowing on it too, he kept fidgeting.

“Lakshya, stop moving.” I said.

“Jaldi karoo.” He sighs.

I finished and wrapped a new pair of bandage around his arm.

He then let out a sigh of relief. We both looked at each other.

“You took ages.” He said.

Before I could say anything, I heard the shouting from downstairs, both of us looked at each other and thenstood up and headed out.

While walking down, we saw two men in the hall arguing with Uncle.

“How dare you?!” One of the man who looks around Uncle’s age shouts.

“Don’t shout at Bhaisa!” Ram uncle says to the man.

Who could they be?

“I break this contract!” The man shouts.

“We don’t care, for us our Bahu’s safety matters more!” Uncle shouts.

The man storms out with the other man.

“Who were they Papa?” Lakshya asked.

“Mr Chaturvedi.” Sanskaar answered.

RC’s family.

I gave everyone a faint smile after they looked at me.

“Ragini, how are you feeling now?” Pari Bhabhi asked.

“Fine.” I answered back.

“What are you doing down here Ragini? Go take rest.” Aunty said.

“You only see Ragini, what about me?” Lakshya said with a pout.

All, including me looked at him.

“I’m feeling better so I thought to come down here.” I said with a faint smile.

Jay walks out.

I walked down and stood in front of him.

“Jay… why are you here?” I asked and my aim was to make him accept his truth.

“Because this Mansion is mine now, so all of you can leave.” Jay said.

“Why are you doing this?” Aunty asked while giving up.

Jay looked at her.

“You should know, wait… you forgot me right? Well do you want me ring a bell in your brains?” He rudely asked.

They all looked at him confusingly.

“Jay, 20 years ago…” He reminds.

“What are you trying to say?” I asked.

“Mrs Sujata Maheshwari and Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari had a son 20 years ago who they sold.” Jay reveals as he gives them the glares.

I turned and saw everyone’s expression change into a shocked ones.

“They sold me to Mrs Khanna who was formerly known as Mrs Bhalla before her divorce.” Jay tells and looks away.

Lakshya came and stood near Jay.

“Is he telling the truth?” Lakshya asked.

We waited for their answers, Sujata Aunty left from there with everyone expect Pari Bhabhi, Adarsh Bhaiyya, Uttra, Swara and Sanskaar.

What’s going on? Omi then came down with his suitcase.

“Bye.” Omi bids and leaves before anyone could react.

Jay then leaves the hall.
In RP’s room:

Sujata is sitting down with tears rolling down, RP and DP are standing while AP is consoling Sujata.

“Look na Jiji… he came back.” Sujata cries.

AP gives a sympathetic look.

On the other hand, Ragini, Jay, Lakshya, Sanskaar, Swara, Uttra, Adarsh and Parineeta walk down the corridor forcing Jay to go somewhere. Niharika had left other apartment.

“Where are you taking me?” Jay sighs.

They then stop outside RP’s room and look through the room. All of their backs were faced towards the window as the window was open.

Jay looks at them.

“I didn’t know this would happen, he developed hatred for us.” Sujata says.

“He doesn’t know the truth that’s why Sujata…” AP consoles.

“How shall I face him Jiji? I left him when he was born.” Sujata cries.

“Why don’t you tell him it was that woman’s fault?!” DP asks.

“He won’t believe us Bhaisa” RP says while sounding upset.

“Why wouldn’t he? He has to because that’s the truth.” DP says.

“But…” Sujata interrupts.

“No buts, we have to tell him that you had to give him away to save Ram’s life!” DP interrupts and reveals.

All look on from the window.

“We have to tell him that he wasn’t sold, he was taken forcefully.” DP adds and walks forward.

RP and Sujata look at him.

“The real truth is that by him going saved Ram’s life. I’m sure he didn’t want to be the reason of why his father died.” DP says and looks forward with his head held high.

Jay and all are shocked. DP turns and sees them at the window.

“The truth is that…” DP says and starts telling as he sees them.

Sujata was 8 months pregnant, while in the award function, Ram meets his ex-girlfriend. He had now moved on with Sujata but she stilled loved him even tho she was married to Rajeev Bhalla.

She told RP that she couldn’t get over him but he ignored her, this made her angry.

She then pushed Sujata down the stairs during the party. Sujata was rushed to the hospital.

RP’s ex-girlfriend got RP kidnapped and forced Sujata to give her son (Jay) to her if she wants to see her husband alive because she knew that RP moved on so she wanted to live with his Nishaani(symbol)

Sujata unwillingly gives her Jay and then after a day, RP was released and she flew out of the country.

Sujata cried but composed herself after she got pregnant again with Uttra in her stomach.

End Of Flashback.

Jay and all are shocked while Sujata cries and RP and AP get teary eyed.

After a while, all were in their respective rooms as night had come over.

Ragini and Lakshya walked inside their room at the same time and clash into each other.

“Lakshya…” Ragini sighs and walks inside.

“Kya? It’s not my fault.” Lakshya says as he walks inside.

Ragini turns to him. Lakshya walks forward but trips and falls on top of Ragini, pushing her back on to the bed and resulting the bed to break.

Both Ragini and Lakshya get shocked and looks at each other.

“Lakshya!!” Ragini shouts.

“What? Now did I make a sin by falling?!” Lakshya sighs.

“Listen Lakshya, it’s better not to start on me!” Ragini warns.

“What? You’re starting on me! At least accept your mistakes!” Lakshya taunts.

Ragini sighs and looks at him.

“You broke the bed because you fell on it!” Lakshya tells and tries getting up but can’t as he can’t put pressure on his right arm as he got shot.

“Lakshya” Ragini annoyingly sings.

“Lakshya.” Lakshya mimicked her.

She gets annoyed and playfully hits him on the shoulder.

“Aahhh!” Lakshya fakes a hiss of pain.

Ragini looks on.

Lakshya looses control from his arms and falls forward on Ragini resulting Lakshya’s head down Ragini’s neck.

She can feel his warm breath on her neck and feels an unknown feeling.

“What am I feeling? Why am I unable to push him away like I did with RC?” A confused Ragini says in her mind.

“What’s happening to me?” Lakshya asks himself in his mind.

Tere Sang Yaara Plays.

“O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai” Lakshya moves his head up.

”Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai” Both share an eye-lock.

“O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara” Lakshya tries moving but struggles.

“Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara” Ragini helps Lakshya sit up and sits up by herself too.

“O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara” Both look at each other and wind blows on their hair. Ragini’s hair comes forward.

”Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara” Lakshya helps her move it behind her ears.

The song finishes and both of their heart slowly starts beating.

Both break the eye-contact as they realise.

Episode Ends.

Precap – Lakshya realises he started to like Ragini. . . Ragini struggling to understand her feelings . . .
Jay – Anshuman Malhotra

Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla

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