RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 12)

Episode 12:
Recap – Ragini Drunk . . . Jay’s truth out to Lakshya…

The episode starts with Ragini walking down, she sees the family sleeping in the hall, she feels a little bad as she walks. Niharika then holds Ragini’s hand and takes her to the side.

“Guess what!! Jay is Ram Prasad Maheshwari’s Son.” Niharika reveals.

Ragini gets shocked.

“What?” Ragini shockingly asks.

“Haa.” Niharika says.

Niharika starts telling.

Niharika was upset as Jay shouted at her, she was on the terrace crying. She hears footsteps.

“Ragu jaa, I don’t want to talk now!” Niharika sobs as she wipes her tears.

“It’s me.” Jay says.

Niharika turns and sees him, she then ignores him and turns back around.

Jay walks up to her and sits besides her.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that.” Jay apologises.

Niharika continues ignoring him.

“The truth is that Sujata Maheshwari and Ram Maheshwari are my parents.” Jay reveals.

Niharika shockingly looks at him.

“I’ll tell you later but have you forgiven me?” Jay asks.

Niharika looks away.

“I’m sorry na Nihu.” Jay apologises like a child.

Niharika looks at him and stands up.

“Just leave.” Niharika fakes an anger.

Jay holds her hand and takes her away.

End of Flashback.

“But why is he doing this?” Ragini confusingly asks as she turns.

“I don’t know.” Niharika says who is behind Ragini.

“Does Lakshya know?” Ragini asks as she looks to the left, where Niharika was standing.

“Yes, yesterday Jay told him in drunken condition.” Niharika tells.

Ragini looks forward and looks on.

On the other hand, in the hall bullets are heard, the MM members wake up with a jerk and sit up. Jay’s men are getting shot by another men that rushed inside MM.

Ragini hears the sound and rushes down with Niharika. One of the man grabs Ragini’s hand and throws her to another man.

The other man makes Ragini smell chloroform and she faints in his arms.

All are shocked, Niharika tried coming forward but a man pushes her and she falls down. Lakshya comes out of his room and rushes down. He helps Niharika stand.

Lakshya then sees a man taking an unconscious Ragini.

“Ragini!” Lakshya shouts and comes forward but before he could do anything, a man shoots him on the arm.

All are shocked and Lakshya falls back.

“Lakshya!!” AP shouts and stands up.

“Ragini!!” Lakshya shouts as the men leave with Ragini.

Due to the sound, Jay comes out of the room and gets shocked to see his men dead and Lakshya shot.

With the help of Niharika, Lakshya stands and runs out of MM without caring about his wound. He reaches out and see them leave in a blue van, he runs after it.

While running, Lakshya trips over a rock and falls over. He looks up and sees the car leaving and hits his hand hard on the floor.
X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X
I lost her! But who’s behind this?! Why did they come and take Ragini?!

Loads of questions were running down my head and only one person was coming in my mind and that was Jay, he must know.

I managed to stand from the road and headed back to the Maheshwari Mansion, when I entered, I saw everyone taunting and cursing Jay.

“Just shut up! My head is already hurting!” Jay shouts as he touches his head.

“Please… tell me where my sister is.” Swara begs with tears in her eyes.

“Pata hoga then I will tell na! Stop annoying me and let me think!” Jay angrily shouts.

I walked down the stairs and Maa noticed me.

“Lakshya…” Maa sang while crying as she approached me.

She saw my wound and worried. All looked at me.

“What type of human being are you?! You should be ashamed of yourself! How can you stoop so low?!” Chachi taunts while feeling disgusted.

“Why are you doing this?” Papa asked Jay.

“For gods sake just shut up!” He shouts and moves away from others.

I think it’s time to get our answers for our questions.

“Where is Ragini?” Bhabhi asked Jay.

“I don’t know!” Jay sighs while feeling confused.

It looks like he doesn’t know where she is, he’s clueless.

“Beta… I fold my hands in front of you… please stop all of this.” Chachu says as he folds his hands with a worried face.

Jay looks at his hands and then at him.

“You don’t need to fold your hands.” Jay says as he parts Chachus hands and makes them rest by his side.

“What is happening?” A confused Bhabhi says.

That’s what I also want to know, what’s happening?

Maa made me sit down after Niharika handed her the first aid box. Niharika then left from there and stood near Jay.

“This is all his games!” Chachi says as she points at Jay.

Jay glares at her.

“Please stop it, we need to find Ragini.”
Swara says with her hands folded.

All look at Swara.

“Who could kidnap Ragini and why?” I asked everyone.

Everyone looked at me again and then started thinking.

Where could she be? Maa took my bullet out and it pained, she then aided my wound and it hurt a lot.

Chachi and Papa’s suspicion is Jay but I think he has no hand in Ragini’s kidnapping.
I slowly opened my eyes and found myself tied on a chair in a dark room. I looked around and couldn’t find anyone, a light was reflecting from a small window that was behind me.

I’m feeling a little scared, but I’m not giving up.

“Help! Help!” I shouted as loud as I can but I’m getting problems in breathing.

“Why have you brought me here?!” I shouted again.

There was no response, why did someone bring me here?

“Is anyone there?!” I shouted again.

Just then a music started playing, tum mere ho played. My heart started beating fast due to the fear. My eyes glanced around without me moving my head.

“Tum Mere Ho” His voice sang along.

It’s him, he’s back! Oh god!

I could feel my forehead getting watery due to the fear, he’s here. The footsteps were heard approaching me, my heart beat increased due to the fear.

I tried fiddling and budging but the ropes were tied tightly on my hands, I couldn’t free myself. I felt his hand on my shoulder and jerked it.

“Help!! Help!!” I shouted on top of my lungs.

He walked in front of me, his face wasn’t visible due to the darkness.

I slowly looked up while shivering due to the fear, he bent down and cupped my face. I moved my head back and away from his hands.

I hate his touch and him!

“Stay away from me!” I shouted while budging to free myself.

He stood back up and took a gun out, I looked at the gun and he pointed it at me. I kept looking at the gun, he pulled the trigger and smash!!

He hadn’t shot me but the radio that was playing his favourite song behind me, I looked to the side with my eyes closed, I don’t want to see him.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked him with my eyes closed feeling disgusted.

“You recognised me?” He asked sounding surprised.

“How can I forget a cheap and filthy person like you?!” I angrily spat as I opened my eyes and looked at him.

He bent down and I saw his face, It was him.

He held my cheeks with his hand and made me pulled it up making me look at the ceiling and then pressed it hard with his thumb and fingers making it pain.

“L…leave me!” I managed to say while moving my face.

“I waited two years for you Ragini…” He said and pushed my head to the side after leaving it.

I was feeling irked.

“I must say, you look dashing and stunning in this Saree, but why did you betray me? Why did you marry someone else?!” He said in a nice tone but got angrier as he mentioned me getting married to someone else.

He was right, I belong to someone else now.

I gained courage and looked at him angrily.

“I was never yours, never am yours and never will be yours!” I said confidently.

I can see the anger in his eyes rising and phatak!

He had slapped me across the face as hard as he could, I controlled my tears from rolling down and managed to prevent myself from crying.

“You’re only mine!” He shouted and shook me from my shoulders.

I started to sob, he then let go off my shoulder and sighed.

“I’m…I’m sorry Ragini… I didn’t mean to hit you.” He apologised sounding guilty.

I don’t want to fall into his trap again, I know he doesn’t mean it from his heart. I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Lakshya.” I sighed while stopping my tears.

I don’t know why I said his name.

I could feel my hands being untied and I opened my eyes, he was untying me. I gave him the glares but each time he opened the ropes, he touched me inappropriately.

“I decided to untie you but you’re not allowed to get out of this room, sorry Baby… I know you’re not going to give yourself easily but don’t worry, I’m coming back in the evening and there’s nothing for me to worry about because there’s no way for you to escape instead of the door and I’m sure you won’t fit through that small window… my men will be outside and until then behave…” He chuckled and finished untying me.

He stood up and moved back, I also stood up and this time I felt something rolling down my lips. I touched it with my index finger and saw blood.

He leaned in to kiss me but I pushed him and moved away as far as I can.

“Stay away from me!” I shouted.

He then gave an evil laugh.

“What do you think? Your so called Pati will come and save you? Baby, think real… this isn’t going to happen!” He says and exits the room.

I fell on my knees and sat down, he’s back. But why?

I closed my eyes, I’m not going to give up or cry. I won’t let him win but he’s right, no one knows where I am. How will they save me?

“Ragini!” I sighed and sat up, I felt like she called me.

I don’t know why but I feel like she’s in massive problem and she needs help. I looked around in the hall and everyone were sitting worried, Jay came out while talking to someone.

“Are you sure?” He asked while talking on the phone.

I stood up and looked at him, all turned and Jay disconnected the call.

“What happened?” I asked as I walked up to him.

“Nothing, I phoned Samar and Nikhil, they said they’re not involved in this.” Jay tells.

“Who could it be and why would that person kidnap Ragini?” I asked while I turned worriedly.

“It’s him, he’s lying to all of us.” Chachi started again.

I sighed and looked at Chachi.

“I’m loyal to my friends unlike some people!” Jay said and walked forward and next to me.

Chachi stood up.

“What friend? Huh? You call this friendship?!” Chachi taunts.

“Chachi please, not now!” I said.

Chachi looked at me and kept quiet.

I turned to Jay and he was thinking.

“This can’t be a ransom call because it’s been 4 hours and the kidnappers would’ve called.” I said.

Jay agreed with me and looked at me.

“Not a ransom kidnapping, its someone who knows Ragz.” Jay said and is trying to think hard.

I don’t know much about Ragini but I don’t know why I’m feeling restless, there’s something missing or something’s going to happen.

I feel useless by sitting down and doing nothing, but I don’t know why someone will kidnap her or where she is.

I sighed and the something struck my mind, wait her phone. She must have her phone.

I took my phone out while Jay started talking to Niharika. I dialled her number and heard the ringtone from upstairs.

Without thinking, I ran upstairs and into my room. There I saw her phone lying down on the bed. I put mine in my pocket and picked hers up.

Someone must’ve messaged her or something, I swiped it and it unlocked. I clicked on the messages and saw a message from an unknown number. I slowly pressed on it and started reading it.

“Hey Ragini… did you miss me? Tum Mere Ho… be ready, I’m coming to get you.” I read loud to the family as I was in the hall.

All got confused.

“Wait, Tum Mere Ho?” Both Niharika and Jay asked shockingly.

I looked at them and shook my head positively.

Jay and Niharika then looked at each other.

“What happened?” I asked.

“He’s back.” Niharika says as she looked worried.

“Who’s back?!” I asked.

“Psycho.” Jay said as he looked at me.

“Who Psycho?” I asked again wanting to know.

I didn’t even understand what they are trying to say. Why can’t they just tell me! They’re making me get angry and frustrated! I don’t know why I don’t feel good.
A frustrated Lakshya walked closer to Jay.

“Who’s this psycho and why did he kidnap Ragini? Tell me.” Lakshya restlessly, worriedly and frustratedly asks Jay as he holds him by the shoulder.

“Ragz isn’t safe.” Jay says as he looks into Lakshya’s eyes.

Lakshya looks on.

“Why don’t you clearly tell me?!” Lakshya shouts as he moves back.

Jay takes his phone out and goes to the side.

Lakshya looks at Niharika.

“I hope nothing happens to Ragini.” Lakshya thinks in his mind with a worried face.

After a while Jay came back.

“Yup, it’s Mr Psycho.” Jay tells.

Niharika’s eyes widen while the rest get confused.

“When did he get released from Jail?” Niharika asks.

“Yesterday.” Jay tells.

“Would someone tell me what’s going on?” Lakshya asks as he looks at both of them.

Jay and Niharika look at Lakshya.

Jay starts telling.

2 weeks ago:
Ragini and her friends were in the pub, he was one of their friend, he secretly liked Ragini from 2 years. No one knew that. One day, he expressed his feelings to Ragini.

Ragini rejected him.

“I’m sorry, it’s better if we stay as friends RC.” Ragini says and leaves from there leaving him heartbroken.

Then RC/Psycho decided to make Ragini his, he stalked her for two days and then tried to molest her but in the meantime the police reached there with Jay, Nikhil, Samar and Niharika.

End of Flashback.

“He was obsessed over Ragini, we got him arrested and he got bailed yesterday because he’s rich, his brother bailed him out.” Jay angrily sighs.

Lakshya and all get shocked.

“Ragini isn’t safe, we need to find him soon.” Niharika said worriedly.

“We need to find him, what’s his full name?” Lakshya asks as he turns.

“Rohan Chaturvedi.” Jay and Niharika say.

“Chaturvedi?” DP asks as the name seems familiar.

“Boman Chaturvedi, our business partner.” RP tells.

DP and RP look at each other. All look at them.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Mr Psycho forces himself on Ragini ?

What will happen next?
Jay – Anshuman Malhotra

Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla

Omi – Vinny Chhabra

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