RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 11)

Episode 11:
Recap – Kidnapper revealed to be Jay… Ragini and Lakshya’s small fights…

Lakshya is on top of Ragini, the family was too busy concentrating on Jay and Sujata’s fights that they don’t notice them.

Ragini then pushes Lakshya and Lakshya falls to the side, Ragini then sits up asks looks up seeing everyone trying to free Jay’s collar.

Lakshya makes a face and also sits up, Ragini tries standing but falls back on on top of Lakshya. Lakshya falls back, Ragini manages to control before her lips touched Lakshya’s lower lip. Both had an eye-lock.

“Enough!” Jay shouts on top of his lungs and throws Sujata’s hands away from him.

“Enough Mrs Sujata Maheshwari!” Jay shouts angrily.

Sujata and all look on and the voice of Jay breaks Ragini and Lakshya’s eye-lock. Ragini gets off Lakshya and stands up, Lakshya also stands and both look at Jay who was in anger.

“Don’t talk to my Mum in that tone!” Sanskaar shouts and warns Jay.

Jay angrily looks at Sanskaar.

“Explain it to your so called Mom! If she stays away from me then it would be best!” Jay angrily says and walks off.

Sanskaar consoles his mother, Niharika, Ragini and Lakshya go towards Jay’s room.

“You go in.” Ragini whispers to Niharika.

“I’m going…” Lakshya says and walks forward but Ragini holds his arm and pulls him towards her which makes him push her to the wall and their cheeks touch.

The door opens and Jay looks there, Niharika gives a fake smile and walks inside with Jay.

Lakshya slowly moves his head back and looks at Ragini and she looks at him.

“Jay… what’s the reason for your sudden behaviour?” Niharika asks.

Ragini then looks to the side and Lakshya move back. Then Ragini secretly looks from behind the wall and the door. Lakshya walks up to the window and opens it a little, he stands on the other side and stands, he gets a better view than Ragini. Ragini turns and sees Lakshya, she then walks up to him and stands behind him, she can also get a better view and moves him a little out of the way.

He turns to her and looks on.

“Just leave Niharika.” Jay sighs.

“But Jay… I want to…” Niharika innocently says.

“Don’t you got one thing! I said leave!” Jay shouts and Niharika jumps.

Ragini and Lakshya look on, Niharika gets disappointed and runs out.

Lakshya chuckles and Ragini looks at him.

“You girls can’t do one thing properly.” Lakshya whispers.

“Oh really? Why don’t you try?!” Ragini whispers back.

“Watch me!” Lakshya smirks proudly and then walks inside the room.

Jay hears footsteps and looks up.

“Niharika, I’m not in the mood, leave silently.” Jay says.

“It’s me, Lucky.” Lakshya says as he walks up to him.

Jay turns.

“How can Chachi do that to you in front of everyone? Like come on, she’s too much.” Lakshya says and fakes a sympathy.

“That’s what that woman likes doing.” Jay says while looking away.

“You can trust me with anything… I’ll listen but won’t react or take action.” Lakshya says.

Jay looks at him.

“Not now.” Jay says.

“Chall, I’ll go get drinks to brighten your mood.” Lakshya says.

Jay touches his head and then nods, Lakshya smiles and then walks out.
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I walked out and saw Ragini standing in front of me with her arms crossed. She took me to the side.

“Kya?” I asked.

“What are you doing?” Ragini asks.

“Going to get drinks for him.” I said.

She gave me a confused look.

“If we get him drunk then sach asani se baar nikalva sakte hai dumb RagBilli!” I irritatedly said and walked off.

“ChuLak!” She shouts.

ChuLak? What type of name is that? She can do better!

I turned and she was gone, I kinda enjoy teasing her. I walked inside a room, not my room, it’s where I hide my drinks.

I opened the wardrobe and opened the bottom cabinet, there I entered a code and It opened. It was like a safe for my precious drinks.

I took two bottle of Vodka out and 1 bottle of whiskey. I then shut the locker and the cabinet and then kicked the wardrobe door shut. I then started walking out, I saw Ragini in front of me and sighed.

“Dilruba and Janeman?” She excitedly asked as she’s drooling over the bottles.

I moved them to the side.

“They’re not for you.” I said and walked past her.

She followed.

“Please… give me at least one…” She requests.

“Get Omi to go to my secret cabinet and he’ll give you one, but don’t over drink, there’s no one here to handle you.” I said.

“But he won’t believe me.” She says.

I entered Jay’s room and saw him missing, I looked around and couldn’t see him.

“Jay? You in the bathroom?” I asked but got no response, that means he’s not in the room.

I walked back out with the bottles trying to hide it from everyone, especially that Billi Ragini.

I entered the room and saw Ragini and Omi, Ragini was standing while Omi was unlocking it, he knew the code.

“Omi.” I said and he moved back.

“Don’t need to open it, I’ve got some here.” I said and Omi stood up and shut the wardrobe.

I placed the bottles on the bed, Ragini grabbed a bottle of Vodka, she opened it and started drinking it. Omi also took a bottle of Vodka. I looked on at Ragini, she was gulping it without taking a break.

“Araam se, Billi kahiki.” I sighed.

She ignored me and finished the bottle, I guess it affected her because she started acting a little different.

“Khatam ho gayi, mereko aur chahiye.” She pouts like a child and looks at me.

I shrug and then she looks at Omi who has half left.

“Please…” She requests as Omi hides his bottle behind his back.

“Kanjoosi mat kar!” She says like an irritated child.

“What’s Kanjoosi in this?” Omi asks.

“Dilruba is my favourite.” She pouts and then looks at the whiskey.

I guess she has names for the drinks. She picks the whiskey up and looks at it.

“I guess I have to have Janeman.” She says and opens the lid.

I looked at her, I then snatched the bottle off her and she looked at me.

“This is mine, you already had your bottle and you’re not allowed anymore.” I said and hid the bottle behind my back.

“You can’t do this… please.” She requests.

I shake my head and look away.

“Lucky please…” She innocently requests.

I’m not going to look at her, I know she must’ve had those puppy eyes where everyone falls in.

Omi then hands her his bottle as he fell in the trap.

“Thank you.” She happily says and takes it.

I look at her and she’s starts gulping it all in one go. I swear I would’ve choked and there, she finished that bottle.

Now she was fully drunk, I kept the whiskey on the table and she sat down on the bed.

Omi brought 3 glass and placed them on the table, he fills one glass and Ragini takes it. He then fills the other two. Omi takes his. Ragini slowly takes sips from the glass.

This proves that she’s fond of Vodka more than Whiskey.

“You’re so annoying, irritating and rude!” She reveals to me under drunken state.

I look at her.

“But you’re also cute.” She naughtily says.

I look on.

She stands up, comes forward and pecks my cheek.

I got stunned. She then smiled at me.

“You’re not too bad but you can get annoying, thank you for sharing your drinks.” She chuckles and looks at Omi.

“You’re also cute.” She says and pecks his cheek too.

I look on.

She then pouts.

“There’s no Jay, Samar or Nikhil.” She pouts and sits down.

Omi touches his cheeks and I glare at him, he then puts his head down.

We heard the door screech and looked there. We saw Jay there.

Ragini smiled and walked up to him.

“You’re so cute Jay.” She said and pecked his cheek.

I don’t know why I feel a little irritated and angry when she kissed Omi and Jay.

Just then Niharika comes out from behind him, Ragini hugged her like a child.

“Is she drunk?” Jay asked.

“She didn’t spare a bottle.” I sighed.

“Don’t tell me you made her drink Vodka.” Jay says as he walks inside.

“Yup.” I said.

“Then she won’t go to sleep until we make her dance and drain her out.” Jay says as he picks Ragini’s glass of Whiskey and drinks it.

I turned and saw Ragini talking to Niharika in an excited and hyper tone.

Niharika smiles at her.

I then walked up to Ragini, Niharika left us and walked up to Omi and Jay.

“Ragini…” I said to understand how drunk she was.

“Haa.” She says while looking at me.

She wasn’t much drunk, I then took her out of the room and made her avoid everyone else as I don’t want to answer any questions.

“Are you naturally like this?” She asks while turning her head to me.

I looked at her confusingly.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean so chirchide… rude… selfish… bhes karne wale and…” She says but stops.

“And?” I asked while raising my eye-brows.

“And…” She says but stops again.

I look at her.

“Nahi bataongi.” She smiles and turns.

“Cute.” I sigh.

“Yup!” She says with a smile as she looks at me.

She looks at me and we stare at each other.

“Mereko na bhook lagi hai.” She pouts as we enter my room.

I make her sit on the bed. I turned to leave but she held my hand and stopped me.

“Thank you.” She says as I turn.

I gave her a faint smile.

“Now go to sleep.” I say.

“But Mereko neend nahi aa rahi.” She says.

“Come talk to me.” She adds as she moves a little over and pulls me to sit next to her.

She takes a blanket and tucks herself in.

I don’t know how to start a topic, she did and about aliens. We then started talking.
After a while, Ragini falls asleep. Lakshya makes her lie and pulls the blanket over her.

“Pagal.” He sighs with a smile and exits the room.

After exiting the room, he reaches and sees a drunk Jay talking to Niharika.

“I… hate this family!” Jay says while being drunk.

“Why?” Niharika asks.

“I’m not telling you.” Jay says and stands, he was about to fall when Niharika helps him.

Lakshya looks at Omi who was asleep in drunken state. Lakshya then walks up to Jay and puts his left arm around his neck.

“Why do you hate this family?” Lakshya asks.

“Bataaon?” Jay says.

Lakshya and Niharika nod positively.

“Top secret hai.” Jay whispers.

“Kya?” Lakshya whispers back.

“Mein… Ram Prasad Maheshwari ka beta hoon.” Jay reveals.

Lakshya and Niharika are shocked, Lakshya then takes Jay out of the room while walking him. Niharika walks away.

“What? You’re Chachu’s son? But how?” A shocked Lakshya asks.

“My so called birth mother Mrs Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari sold me! Then Mrs Khanna took care of me.” Jay pouts angrily.

“Hahahaha!!” Lakshya hears Ragini’s giggles.

Lakshya gets surprised, he then helps Jay reach his room and makes him sit down. Lakshya then rushes out and sees Ragini running on the other side of the corridor, he looks down and sees the family sleeping.

Lakshya manages to reach there, DP opens his eyes and sits up. Lakshya sees him and then pulls Ragini to the side and behind the pole while keeping his hands on her mouth.

DP puts his glasses on and looks around, he sees no one and then lies back down on the floor.

Ragini innocently looks at Lakshya, he then sneakily takes her upstairs.

“This is so unfair on your family.” Ragini pouts.

“How did you wake up?” Lakshya asks.

“I don’t know when I opened my eyes.” Ragini says while thinking.

“Party nahi ho gi?” Ragini asks.

“Nahi ho gi.” Lakshya says.

“Sadhoo!” Ragini claims.

Lakshya looks at her.

“Mereko na, tumhari family ke saath sona hai, in the hall way and on the floor. I was going there but you stopped me.” Ragini pouts.

She then falls forward and Lakshya catches her, she slowly looks up and both share an eye-lock.

Tere Sang Yaara tune plays.

Lakshya picks Ragini up in her arms and walks with her, the tune continues playing and she looks at him.

After a while, Lakshya reaches his room and makes Ragini lie down. He puts blanket over her and sits besides her.

“I won’t leave until you go to sleep.” Lakshya says.

Ragini then yawns and slowly closes her eyes, Lakshya makes sure she’s asleep and sighs a relief. Lakshya moves forward to go but could feel someone pull his hand.

He turns around and sees Ragini holding his hand while sleeping, she then tucks it under her hair and makes it a pillow.

Lakshya looks on.


Ragini slowly opens her eyes and feels a heavy blast in her head. She feels a hand in her hand and looks up. She gets shocked to see Lakshya sleeping besides her with his arms around her waist. She doesn’t have the strength to push him and touches her head.

She feels like sleeping but picks Lakshyas hand up and moves it out of the way and sits up half asleep. Ragini then gets out of the bed and walks towards the bathroom.

My head is paining, I feel like it’s blasted and what was Lucky doing near me? Did I say anything to him when I was drunk or do anything?

Each time I put pressure on my head it pains, I went inside the bathroom and locked the door. I then stood under the shower tying to wake myself fully up.

Why am I feeling different? Why didn’t I shout at him when he was near me?

I had a shower and then got changed, I decided to wear a Saree and see how it feels like but I’m struggling to drape it because it’s too big. I then walked out and stood in front of the mirror. I made lines and then tucked it in my skirt, then in draped it around. I picked my Mangalsutra up and wore it, I also applied my Sindoor and jewelries.

“Aise kya dekh rahe ho?” I asked while turning to the side after pinning my Pallu on my shoulder.

He was acting to sleep but I could feel him looking at me.

“You don’t need to fake you’re sleeping because I know you’re awake!” I said as I started drying my hair.

He slowly opened his eyes with a smile, his smile was scaring me.

“Yesterday night was awesome.” He said with a smirk while stretching his arms.

I looked at him confusingly. I know he’s doing this to tease me but what if I actually did something bad?

“You’re better off in a drunken state.” He says as he sits up.

“Why? Aisa kya hua?” I asked sounding less interested even though I want to know.

“You don’t remember? How you came into my arms and kissed me?” He said sounding dramatic yet a little romantic trying to refresh his memories.

I widened my eyes while looking at him.

“Lie!” I said.

“Nope, I’m telling the truth… you can even ask Omi.” He said as he stretches his arms with a smile.

I started thinking, I couldn’t have kissed him.

“I don’t believe that.” I said as I gave him the pout.

“Believe it or not but it actually happened.” He said as he stood up.

I looked at him.

“You were sitting on the bed, then you slowly approached to me.” He says as he acts while saying.

He reaches near me.

“Then you held my face.” He demonstrates.

I felt weird with his touch.

“Then you kissed me.” He said as he leaned forward and pecked my cheek.

I widened my eyes.

“You’re so cute.” He slowly whispers in my ears.

I push him away.

“That’s what you did.” He said with a smile

“I didn’t kiss you anywhere else did I?” I asked consciously.

He shook his head in a no. I sighed a relief.

“But why did you demonstrate it? Couldn’t you tell me?” I asked while raising one of my eye-brow.

“Uh… I need to have a shower.” He avoided the topic and heads inside the bathroom to have a shower.

I then walked out of the room.

Episode Ends

Precap: Truth out . . . Ragini gets kidnapped ?
Jay – Anshuman Malhotra

Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla

Omi – Vinny Chhabra

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