RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 10)


Episode 10:
Recap – Ragini and Lakshya married… problems arises.

The episode starts with the man taking his mask off. Ragini and Niharika get shocked.

“Jay?” Ragini shockingly says.

Lakshya hears and looks on.

“Oh… so this is your new plan?!” Lakshya angrily asks as he faces Ragini.

Ragini looks at him shockingly, all the family get stunned.

“What’s happening?” Ragini asks as she looks at Jay.

“Sorry, I did send my men to stop the wedding and kidnap you but the traffic ruined it…” Jay says.

All are confused as well as shocked expect Ragini, Lakshya, Omi and Niharika.

“I know you were waiting for me but the marriage happened, they reached there late and sorry for that.” Jay apologises.

Lakshya looks on, he then remembers saying stuff to Ragini and accusing her.

“But what are you doing here?” Ragini asks.

“That’s none of your business, it’s better to stay safe and mind your own business.” Jay warns.

Ragini then claps her hands in amusement.

“So you forgot 15 years of friendship and made me a stranger in a second?!” Ragini asks as she stops clapping.

The family siting in a corner are getting confused.

“I accused Ragini without knowing the truth?” Lakshya says in his mind and looks at Ragini.

Jay sighs.

“You’re my friend that’s why I won’t treat you bad but it’s better to stay in your limits.” Jay warns.

“Why did you kidnap us?!” Lakshya asks as he had enough.

“Because I felt like it.” Jay says.

“There must be a reason!” Lakshya angrily says and goes towards Jay.

“This property is now on my name, you can’t do anything!” Jay angrily says.

DP and RP are stunned as well as Adarsh, Lakshya and Sanskaar. Lakshya angrily grabs Jay by the collars.

“Lakshya!” Ragini says and walks forward, she tries freeing Jay.

“How dare he kidnap me?!” Lakshya angrily asks.

“Lakshya, leave him.” Ragini says and makes Lakshya move back.

Jay glares at Lakshya.

“You care about yourself only?!” Jay asks Lakshya.

Lakshya shakes his head positively.

“Then you won’t be thrown into that section.” Jay says as he points at the family on the floor.

Ragini and Lakshya look at him.

“You will be living freely in this house and the warning is that you wouldn’t help them.” Jay says as he points at the family in the floor.

“How can I trust you?” Lakshya asks as he looks at Jay.

“Forward your hand.” Jay says and Lakshya follows as he said.

Jay shakes it with a smirk, Lakshya then shakes it back.

“And this warning is for you two too!” Jay says as he looks at Niharika and Ragini.

“I knew you only care about yourself and that matters the most, so it’s better to mind your own business and do what you want, you won’t interfere in my business or with what happens to them!” Jay warns Ragini, Ninarika and Lakshya.

“Deal!” Lakshya says and they stop shaking their hands.

The family and Ragini are stunned.

“You were taunting me just back then and now you’re… Chi! You’re such a Neech person! You sold your family for your own needs?!” Ragini shouts at Lakshya as she feels disgusted.

“Why? Do you want me to sacrifice my life? I already am forced into a problem, now I don’t want to anymore!” Lakshya says as he looks at Ragini.

“Lakshya!” DP shouts as he stands up.

Lakshya looks at him as well as Ragini, Jay and Niharika.

“You just sit down! You already ruined my happiness… now what’s left to do?! This all happens because of you only!” Lakshya says.

All are stunned.

“Kya? Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t act like you’re clueless?! You sold my life and happiness and now I’m selling yours!” Lakshya irritatedly says.

“I can’t believe you!” Ragini says.

“Don’t believe me, no ones asking you too! Now my mind is too hot and I’m not in the mood to argue!” Lakshya says as he looks at Ragini.

“I know I accused you but I didn’t know you weren’t lying! What else could’ve I said and now don’t fly and cross your limits!” Lakshya warns.

Ragini looks on at him, all are disappointed in Lakshya expect Jay.

“You’re crossing your limits!” Ragini says.

“Kya kya Kya?!” Lakshya shockingly asks as he moves his ear a little forward.

“You finally showed your true colour!” Ragini shouts as she moves a little close to his ears.

“This is me and now you have to bare me! If you have a problem then you can leave!” Lakshya says.

“Such a chepo!” Ragini disgustedly says as she looks at him.

“And? Like you’re pure Devi!” Lakshya shouts.

“Lakshya!!” DP angrily shouts.

“Don’t shout! Heart attack aa jaega! Quietly sit down!” Lakshya rudely says to DP.

DP glares at Lakshya.

“At least behave nicely to your father!” Ragini says in amusement.

“You can do that and here, handle your bahu! You brought her na? Now keep her!” Lakshya says as he pushes Ragini to them.

All look on including Ragini.

“Jay… I don’t want her here under any cost, Billi Kahiki… I feel like slapping her each time she annoys me.” Lakshya says as he glares at her.

She turns and her mouth slightly drops.

“I also don’t have fond in staying with you! Pagal Chuha!” Ragini in an annoyed tone says.

The family are amazed.

“Haa that’s why you’re after me! Kabhi toh chain se jine do!” Lakshya says and then looks at Jay.

All get confused and then realise as Cats and Mouse don’t get along with each other and Cats trouble the mouses.

“And plus, Chuha hoga Tera Dil!” Lakshya exclaims.

“Are you two done?” Jay asks.

“Now go get changed and then I’ll decide who will stay where…” Jay says and sits back down on the sofa.

Lakshya walks up to his room, Ragini is then taken up by a man to a different room.

“What’s happening?” A confused AP asks the family.

The family look on worriedly.
I entered my room and got changed, today I’m in a bad mood and I blurted out the truth. I know I suspected her and accused her but now my apology wouldn’t reach any where near her, how can she shout at me like that and call me a Neech?!

I sighed and walked down in my tracksuit with a plain black t-shirt on.

Is being selfish a bad thing? If YOU yourself don’t thing about yourself then who will?!

And what’s the motive behind Jay’s sudden step? I need to find out. I also took that step to find out why he is here and what he wants.

While walking and thinking, I bumped into someone, I lost my balance and fell back, someone landed on top of me and it was her.


“What the hell?!” I said in an annoyed tone.

She sat up and so did I.

She stood up and glared at me, I also stood up and am surprised to see her in a long turquoise dress that stops at her ankle, she is also wearing a jumper on top that stops by her waist.

She ignored me and walked down, I walked behind her and the family were surprised seeing the way Ragini’s dressed. She was also wearing Sindoor and Mangalsutra.

Jay stood up from the sofa and looked at us.

“You two look so perfect together.” Jay fakes a compliment.

Me and her look at each other and then she looks away.

I’m still upset over the marriage, she must be upset over the insults. I looked around and saw Papa sitting down looking helpless as well as shocked.

“No one is known the way they’re dressed but known the way they present themselves.” I said as I looked at my family.

Ragini looked at me and I looked at her.

“Both of you will be free but don’t drag me in any of your fights.” Jay says and walks away to one of the room.

His men are guarding us around the whole house.

“How can you do that?” She asked me.

Not again!

“It’s my life, I do whatever I want!” I rudely say.

I guess I have to become a littler ruder to everyone or they’ll trouble me and bounce on my head.

“You actually disappoint me.” Ragini says.

“What is your problem?!” I ask.

She shakes her head and walks away and up to the family. I sigh and walk towards the kitchen.

If I didn’t agree to Jay then I would’ve been with them and wouldn’t have the opportunity to find out why Jays doing all of this.

She can get sometimes really annoying! Now I’m stuck with her!

I took the water out from the fridge and drank it.

I’m so frustrated right now, I don’t know what to do, my life’s messed up and I can actually blurt anything out in anger and frustration.
X X X. X. X. X XX X X X X X X X. X X. X X X
How selfish, rude and mannerless is he?

He finally showed his true colours before me.

Just because he didn’t do anything to stop the marriage, he’s taking it all out on me.

He even sold his family for his selfish needs and the way he spoke to his Dad, I would’ve never done that, he deserves a slap across the face.

Ughh! He’s so irritating, I feel like hitting him.

But moreover, I want answers from Jay, why is he doing this?

It’s so confusing, I need time and break. I was sitting next to the family. They were sitting while sulking, Swara tried talking to me but I ignored her.

And again, instead of apologising, he argued! God give that boy a brain!

Wait, since I have freedom in this house, I can maybe do inside his room and search. Yeah, that would be great.

I stood up from there and walked away, I walked in the direction Jay walked in, just then Jay exits a room and I hide behind the pillar. He leaves without noticing me and I secretly enter his room.

I saw his bags and walked towards them, just then I heard footsteps enter and looked on worriedly.

“What are you doing here?” A voice asked.

That isn’t Jay, it’s Lakshya.

I turned to make sure and it was Lakshya, I sighed and turned back around. I managed to open Jays suitcase. Lakshya stands besides me.

“Stealing is bad!” He says, I ignore him and search inside Jays suitcase.

Just then I find a photo frame of him and his mom.

“Jay!” Lakshya shouts.

I hurriedly placed my hand on his mouth.

“Shh!” I hushed and looks at the exit.

“Are you gone mad?!” I angrily whispered.

He moves my hand away from his mouth and looks at me.

“I’m not, you are.” He said and then opened his other bag.

“You’re also here to find out what’s his motive behind coming here right?” He asked.

“Haa!” I rudely say.

“I’m also here to find that out but it’s better if you don’t argue.” He warns and starts searching.

“Are you trying to say I start the fights?!” I asked him.

“Look, you’re starting it now!” He said and then shut Jays suitcase and puts it back from where he picked it up.

I also shut the suitcase and put it back, I turned and my foot slid, I was about to fall when I land in Lakshyas arms.

We both look at each other, I could feel the wind blow.

“What are you two doing here?!” Jays voice broke our stare.

He made me stand and we looked at him.

“We were here for you.” I lied.

“I wanted to ask if I’m allowed to go out.” Lakshya says.

Jay nods no and the looks at me.

“Jay, can’t they sleep on beds?” I asked and he understood who I meant.

“NO!” He said.

I sighed and walked out.

“Ragini!” Lakshya shouts and stops me.

I turn to him. If he’s here to apologise then I’m not forgiving!

“I wanted to say to think about yourself before the others!” He said and walked away.

He’s such a jerk, how will I mange to stay with him?

Ragini reaches the hall, she sees the family upset and struggling to adjust. Sujata then stands up.

“Mom…” Sanskaar says but Sujata walks to the other side.

Jay comes out from his room and into the hall, Sujata walks up to Jay.

“How can you do this?!” Sujata shouts at Jay.

All are surprised.

“You’re such an inhuman! My Bahu is pregnant and you’re doing this to her?! I begged you but you didn’t listen! I wonder which mother gave birth to you!” Sujata angrily shouts.

“Bas! You can also curse the mother that gave birth to me but not the mother who nourished me!” Jay says.

All look on.

“Arey… what type of son are you?! And moreover what type of Human are you?!” Sujata curses and angrily grabs his collars.

All look on, Sanskaar goes to Sujata and so does AP and Parineeta. Jay gets angry. Lakshya goes there to stop them. DP doesn’t let Swara go.

“Chachi… calm down…” Lakshya says.

“You stay out of it! You’re cheap like him too! You sold your family?!” Sujata angrily says and pushes Lakshya.

Ragini walks forward and Lakshya falls back, he loses his balance and pushes Ragini over and he falls on top of her.

Ragini closes her eyes while Lakshya gets hold of his balance. His lips nearly met hers.

Sujata kept cursing Jay and is supported by Parineeta, AP and Sanskaar. No one notices Ragini and Lakshya as DP, RP, Adarsh and Swara are looking at Sujata and Jay.

Ragini slowly opened her eyes and looks at Lakshya.

They share an eye-lock.

Tere Sang Yaara tune plays in the background.

Ragini could feel his hot breath on her upper lip.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Episode 11 . . . ?
Jay – Anshuman Malhotra

Niharika – Sanaya Pithawalla

Omi – Vinny Chhabra

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