RagLak FF: Tere Sang Yaara (Episode 1)

Episode 1:
The story open up in a mansion, the name on the board outside the gate is shown.

“Maheshwari Mansion” A voice reads as the gates open.

A man is shown walking inside with one suitcase, one shoulder bag and one backpack.

On the other hand, inside the Maheshwari Mansion, arrangements are being done but only on one half of the side. A big white line is shown drawn in the middle of the hall, the stairs and the top bit above the stairs as there are two separate staircases.

“Ramdeen!” A woman calls out.

Just then, Ramdeen, the servant comes out from the kitchen.

“Ji Badi Malkin?” Ramdeen asks.

“Has the flower basket arrived?” The woman asks.

“Yes Badi Malkin, it arrived and I have gave it to the decorators to but on the staircase.

“Good.” The woman smiles and Ramdeen heads back to the kitchen.

“Annapurna, are the arrangements done?” A new voice is heard.

The woman turns and is revealed to be AP.

“Ji, just about done.” AP says and faint smiles.

A man is shown walking down the stairs and is revealed to be DP.

“They must be coming any minute now, has Lakshya came?” DP says and makes sure.

AP was about to say something when she stops as she sees the man with luggage walk inside. AP smiles.

“There he is.” AP happily says.

DP turns around and sees the man, he is revealed to be Lakshya. Lakshya sees the line/boarder and looks on.

“This means Uttra was right, our house has really been divided.” Lakshya mummers to himself.

“Why are you standing there?DP strictly asks.

“Go get changed!” DP adds as he orders.

Lakshya makes a face and heads upstairs with his luggage.

“Ji, are you sure he will agree that moment? Why don’t we just tell him and…” AP says but stops as DP looks at her.

“Now will you tell me what I need to do and what I don’t?!” DP in a serious tone asks.

AP looks down and nods negatively.

“Now go get him ready and bring him down.” DP orders.

AP nods positively and walks upstairs.

DP turns and looks on.

Scene shifts to Lakshya, he is shown entering his room.

“Aahahaha.” Lakshya happily sighs as he sniffs the air of his bedroom.

He moves forward and smiles seeing it cleaned and the way he had left it.

“Lakshya.” AP says as she enters.

Lakshya turns “Ji Maa.” He says while dropping his luggage down.

“Beta, how are you?” AP asks.

Lakshya hugs her and says “I’m fine Maa, I missed you so much Maa, 2 years without you was hard for me to live, but now I’m back and I won’t leave you… did you miss me?”

Lakshya questions and breaks the hug, AP smiles and nods yes.

“Now get changed quickly and come down.” AP says.

“Why? Is there a function going on? And what’s wrong with the other side? Why is it all plain?” Lakshya questions.

“I will answer your questions later but filhal, get changed and come down fast.” AP says.

“I’ve got other works to do, if you need anything then call me.” AP adds and then leaves.

“Kamaal hai, I’m back and no one is happy, what’s happening that distracted their happiness of me coming back? Papa we koi umeed hi nahi but Maa? And where’s Bhabhi and Bhai?” Lakshya questions himself and thinks.

On the other hand, a woman is shown cooking in the kitchen. AP walks inside.

“Parineeta, is the food ready?” AP asks as she walks up to her.

The woman is revealed to be Parineeta.

“Ji Maa, I finished cooking.” Parineeta smiles and turns the gas stove off.

AP smells the food and a smile appears on her face.

“Wah, the food smells amazing.” AP compliments.

Parineeta smiles and says “Thanks Maa.”

“Draw the curtains!” Both AP and Parineeta hear DP shout.

They look at each other and then rush out. They see Ramdeen pulling a rope and a net curtain is drawn up from the other side.
(I.e. Blocking the other sides view with pink net aka parda)

DP turns around towards the staircase. A smile appears on AP and Parineeta’s face.

“Come inside…” AP smiles as she walks forward and stands near DP.

Ramdeen goes to the kitchen.

Parvati is shown standing on the staircase with Shekhar and Sharmishta.

“Aaye.” DP says and holds his hands to greet them.

Parvati smiles and greets him back with her hands folded. Shekhar simply folds his hands and Sharmishta also does the same.

Parvati, Sharmishta and Shekhar see the curtain drawn up.

“Swara!! Where are you?!” A woman shouts.

“Yes Mom… coming!” Swara shouts.

Sharmishta and Shekhar look at each other while Parvati gets a little angry.

On the other side, Sujata is shown standing and Swara comes out.

“Go bring tea for Ji and juice for Sanskaar!” Sujata orders.

Swara nods okay and turns.

“Aur Haa… get me those Pakode you made yesterday.” Sujata tells.

Swara turns with a smile and nods okay. She turns back around and also sees the curtain drawn up and leaves.

On the other side, Parvati walks down with Shekhar and Sharmishta.

AP signs them to sit down on the sofas, they nod okay with a smile and sit down. DP sits opposite them.

“Parineeta…” AP says and signals her.

She smiles and nods okay and heads towards the kitchen.

“Aap bhi Bethiye…” Sharmishta says.

AP nods and sits besides DP.

“Where is Ragini?” DP asks.

“She is just coming.” Parvati says with a worrying smile.

DP and AP nod okay.

Sujata is shown leaning and trying to listen to their conversation.

“Sujata!” A manly voice is heard.

Sujata jumps and turns, she gulps and puts her head down making a worried face.

“Ji… I was only…” Sujata struggles to say.

RP is revealed to be standing opposite her and is glaring at her.

“Come.” He says in a strict tone and walks forward.

Sujata makes a face and follows.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Ragini walking inside MM while Lakshya walking down MM stairs… what will happen next? ?
(Haven’t Proof Read… Sorry for any mistakes ?)

Thank you for reading ❤️

How was the first episode?

Do comment to tell me if I should continue or not…

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Precap is Interesting
    Waiting for the next one……………

    1. Thank you SPP ?

      I’m glad you loved it ☺️

      I won’t be too long

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear

  2. IQRA222

    waiting for their meet

    1. Thank you Iqra ?

      Won’t be too long…

  3. Amazing

    1. Thank you Ash ?

  4. Wow…….
    What An Update
    It was indeed marvellous
    Totally loved all of their’s entry
    Now in next update I think ragini’s entry will be there
    Waiting for their meeting

    1. Thank you Samanta ?

      I’m glad you loved it ☺️

      Won’t be too long…

  5. LovelyAliya

    I was waiting for this story, but I’m a lititle disappointed. Not with your writing skills, but I want Ragini to be a little miffed with Swara and Sanskar . I love both of them, but Swasan did a huge mistake by getting married while Sanskar and Ragini were engaged. I don’t say that they should hate each other, but Ragini has the right to be angry again them, I would be atleast.
    It’s just my opinion but above that your story is great, the concept and the writing is amazing ? Continue

    1. Thank you Aliya ?

      Sorry for the disappointment ?

      I will consider your opinion because you are right, Ragini should be a little angry ?

  6. Superb

    1. Thank you Sherin ?

  7. nice next part soon

    1. Thank you Nikky ?

      Won’t be too long . . .

  8. Interesting episode and eagerly waiting for Raglak scenes

    1. Thank you Ammu ?

      I won’t be too long . . .

  9. Akshata

    awesome update, poor ragini always suffering because of her fiance or i can say ex fiance not only in serial but now in ff also. why on the earth everybody fell in love with ragu’s fiance only lol. my poor ragu.

    1. Thank you Akshata ?

      True, Sab Ragini ke fiancé se Pyaar kar lete hai but yaha Ragini is Lakshya’s and Lakshya is Ragini’s no matter what in this Fan Fic ?

      I also feel bad, but Ragini won’t have to suffer no more… ?

  10. Fairy

    omg omg omg dhamakaaa!!!!
    wt an extraordinary story yaar halima…
    lovef it so so sooo much
    itsss damnnn interestng…
    super doooper awesomeeeee…..
    waitng for raglak meeet 😉
    hayy!!!m in loved wid dis plot…
    plz post nxt part sooon..
    waitng eagerly impatiently for it…
    keeeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety…

    1. Fairy!!!!

      Thank you so much ?

      Hasa diya na… arshivaad do Fairy Ji, so that mein continue karoon aur story ka focus na Kho doon.

      But agar Lazy ho Gayi to ?
      To story Jaldi end ho jayegi ?

      I’m glad you love it… zyada attach mat hona… baad mein pata Chala ki rau Rahi ho with non stop galiyaan and aansu ??☺️

      Won’t be too long… take care xx

  11. Raglakholic

    Its simply brilliant update
    Totally loved it
    Eagerly waiting to see how
    Will raglak meet with each other
    Nd how will be their reaction
    Especially laksh
    Please do continue soon

    1. Thank you RagLakholic ?

      I’m glad you loved it *dancing.

      I won’t be too long . . .

  12. Superb part

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  13. Asra

    amazing dear…waiting for raglak meeting…tkcr dear…

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      Keep smiling xx

  14. Awesome

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  15. Jazzy

    jehehhehehehe seeing the writing style i thought this is u and inwas right

    1. Hi Jaz . . .

      Wow, this is awesome… you recognised it was me by my writing style?

      I must say you’re very smart Ghost Devi… ? Sorry Jaz ?

      Kahani Kaisi Lagi? Do I need improving?

      Smart Ghost Devi ????

      Hahaha, I’m going mental or hyper ?

      Bachaoooooooo ?

      1. Jazzy

        hey i m not ghost devi dadi maa
        the story us good but DONT END IT SOON this time

  16. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr….

    1. Thank you Sreevijayan ?

      How have you been?

  17. Fats

    Great update. So excited for Ragin’s entry and RagLak’s meet. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

    1. Thank you Fats ?

      I won’t be too long . . .

      How have you been?

      1. Fats

        How have I been? One word: stressed. Got several assignments piling up which needs to be done ASAP ?. Hope you’ve been okay

      2. Assignments? They’re so annoying aren’t they? Finally I have my winter break and no assignments to complete. I wish life was much more peaceful ??

        Good luck with your assignments and upcoming exams and yeah, I’ve been great ?

  18. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

    1. Thank you Ragz_Teju ?

      I’m glad you loved it . . .

      Aahh, it feels like I haven’t seen all of you in ages expect Jaz, Fairy and Ashnoor… but how have you been?

  19. This is amazing and I’m loving this story completely

    Can’t wait till the next part

    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling ?
    Stay blessed ?

    1. Thank you Angel ?

      I’m glad you’re loving it… how have you been?

      And please upload your Fan fic fast… mein kab se intezaar kar Rahi hoon… thoda sa taras kha ke upload kar do…

      Hahaha, I won’t force you but take care xx

  20. Osmm..

    1. Thank you Jessica ?

      And yes, I did upload it on FB too… sorry, I remembered from the intro

  21. suprrrrbbb dear

    1. Thank you Pooja ?

  22. A.xx

    fab but i want to see a new side of ragini where she isn’t a boring type behenji who everyone leaves.xx

    1. Thank you A.xx ?

      Haven’t seen you in ages… how have you been?

      And waa, you stole my minds words. I also feel like Ragini’s character should be a little hatke ?

      Take care and thank you for mentioning this or else I wouldn’t have focuse to what my mind suggests. You cleared the confusion.

      Your opinion will also be considered . . .

  23. Hello my awesome readers . . . How have all of you been?

    I feel like I haven’t seen all of you in ages, it feels good to see you all here.

    Anyways take care and keep smiling xx

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