Raglak ff : Tere liye (Part 7) by Aahana

Hi everyone and i am really sorry for the delay. I am busy with my exams and unable to post the update. I promise from next week i will be regular. I am busy for one more week and then i am free. So now i will stop my bakbak and give u the part

Next day morning
Ragu is in puja mandir and praying god. She is very dull as today is her mother’s birthday and she is unable to do anything that she used to do everytime. She also lost her mother’s chain and scolding herself for her carelessness. Laksh observed everything but doesn’t say anything. He comes there and she gives him Aarti and then Prasad. Then they goes near dining table and malati serves them breakfast
Laksh observes her dull face and says ragini after breakfast get ready we will go out. Ragini is not in a mood to go out but don’t want to disappoint Laksh. So she agrees and after breakfast both gets ready and comes out of the house. This is the first time she is going out of the house after coming there but she didn’t ask Laksh anything. Laksh thought she would ask him but sighed thinking she is missing her parents today. He thinks to make her mood better and says ragini.

He calls her but she is thinking something and not responding. He calls her 3-4 times but no response. Atlast he calls her name loudly and she jerks out of her thoughts and looks at him and asks what happened Laksh
Laksh : i was calling u from long time but u are not listening. What happened? Are u ok? Do u want to go home.
Ragini : no laksh nothing like that. Just thinking something. U say why were u calling me. Laksh says actually i need to give you something. Ragini asks what and he takes out a small box which is packes from his pocket and gives it to her.
Rags opens it and she gets tears in her eyes seeing it. She smiles with tears and says Laksh how did u get it? U know i lost it. Laksh stops the car and turns towards her side. Ragini please don’t cry and u lost it in the park. I kept it with me and totally forgot about it. Yesterday when u told about it i remembered and now i gave it. She smiles and suddenly hugs him saying thankyou. He is first shocked but then hugs her back. After sometime she comes out of the hug and tries to put the chain but unable to hook it. Laksh takes it from her hands and fixes it.
Laksh says ok ragini now get down we are at our destination. She gets down and sees they are at temple. Ragini says Laksh why are we here and if anyone see me its a problem right. Laksh smiles and says ragini no need to fear and we will be here just for sometime. Let us complete our work fastly and go back. She nods and starts climbing steps along with him. He says come let us take all the things required and takes a plate from the store giving money.

Ragini is very confused but don’t know what to say, they enters and then she sees havan is going on. He takes her and makes her sit infront of it and he too sits. Ragini is confused and asks Laksh why are we here and what is going on
Laksh says ragini i know today is your mothers birthday and u wanted to do puja and distribute food to the poor right. She nods and he says so we are here, i arranged everything. She gets tears and he thinks she is feeling bad and says ragini i am sorry if i had hurt u, i thought to make u happy, i am sorry please don’t cry. Ragini smiles and says they are happy tears Laksh, i am very happy with this. Thankyou so much. He says no thankyou and sorry in friendship and she smiles. They completes the puja and then ragini serves food to everyone. There are workers to do it but raglak also serves food

One person with laksh : beta your Jodi is very nice, stay forever like this only. Laksh smiles listening his words and prays to god to make it true. They too had their lunch and comes down and are near their car.
Ragini holds Laksh’s hands and says thanks a lot Laksh. I know u don’t like if i say thanks but today i want to say. I am very very happy today but one doubt Laksh how did u get to know about all this, i mean about moms birthday and my routine
Laksh says ragini yesterday Aayush told me, but i have a doubt that why didn’t u say me all this, i would have planned it before only, or don’t u feel like sharing your problems with me. Ragini nods her head as no and says no Laksh it is not like that, actually u are busy with case and i am afraid that if i come out and anyone recognises me then it will create a very big problem.
Laksh says say me ragini did we face any problem here, she says no but what if anyone sees me and harms u all also, i don’t want anything to happen to u or all my friends. Laksh just smiles at her explanation and says ragini sit inside and let us go home and he opens the car door for her. She gets in and he too comes to his seat and starts the car. He is seeing her through corner of his eyes and observes that she is very happy and not like during their arrival in the morning
They reaches home and enters inside. He says i will freshen up and come and goes to his room. Ragu too changes her dress and goes into kitchen to prepare coffee for him. She prepares two cups and comes out holding the tray. He is already in the living room and watching TV. She gives him his coffee mug and takes one for herself and sits on single sofa. They are seeing match and after that he gets a call asking him to come to office. He gets ready and leaves saying ragini to take care of herself.
After he left she is thinking about Laksh only and thinks if i get a husband like him then i will be very happy. She then scolds herself thinking Laksh is very good and he should get wife who very well matches him and takes care of him, not a girl like me who never has good fortune.
Laksh returns late and both had their dinner and left to their rooms saying goodnight to each other. Laksh is thinking about ragu and ragini is trying to analyze her feelings towards Laksh. She is still considering her feelings as friendship only.

Next day morning
Rags was unable to sleep thinking about laksh all night, so woke up early and completed the puja. She saw the time and wondered that Malathi used to come by this time and starts preparing breakfast but today she didn’t. She thinks to prepare breakfast and goes into kitchen. She prepares breakfast and sets the dining table
Laksh comes out and wonders seeing ragini doing all those works and asks ragini why u are doing this and where is malathi tai. Ragini says its ok Laksh, she didn’t come today, may be she is not well and i prepared breakfast. Come and have it.
Laksh says but ragini i would have eaten outside. Ragini says Laksh atleast for mysake i should prepare right and i did some more quantity so that u can have it. Its ok if u doubt my cooking skills u no need to eat, i don’t force u.
He smiles and thinks dramebbaz, ek number ki nautanki but doesn’t says it out as he know if she listens then he is a deadmeat. So he says nothing like that ragini, i just told like that as u are stressing yourself with work. Nothing more and as u prepared so now come and serve me, let me taste it. She smiles at him and serves the breakfast in his plate. She serves for herself and sits on another chair and both starts eating. He likes the food very much and praises her. She feels happy. Then only santhosh comes and asks what is happening and Laksh says today your sister prepared breakfast

Santhosh looks at ragu and she nods. He too sits and serves himself and then starts praising her. She smiles and says bhai leave it and have your breakfast. All 3 had their breakfast laughing and enjoying. After few minutes malathi comes and says laksh beta from tomorrow i cant come as we are moving out of the city, sorry beta i didn’t inform u, everything happened so suddenly and i was unable to inform u. Laksh says its ok tai but is everything fine, u are looking tensed. Malathi says actually beta my mom is not well and no one is there to take care of her, so we are shifting there. Laksh says ok and gives her salary and some extra money too. She thanks him and leaves. He says now i should some one to cook daily but ragu stops him and says Laksh leave that matter for few days, i will cook for few days, now only concentrate on the case. He tries to say something but she doesn’t listens and atlast he agrees.
Part ends here

Precap : Laksh is shot and is in ICU. What happened?

Its done. Hope everyone likes it. Its not proof read so sorry for the mistakes and please comment. their love story will start in next part and i will try to update it as soon as possible. will something hapen to Laksh? why is he in ICU? guess the answers for these

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