Raglak ff : Tere liye (Part 6) by Aahana

Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay. I know everyone is angry on me. So there is a good news today along with tereliye i will update my another ff and ss but with a certain time gap. And thankyou all, i am so happy with the response i got from u all. I am touched with the response. Now i will stop my bakbak and give you the next part

Laksh’s House

A week passed and raglak became close friends. She also became good friend to the whole gang. All calls her ragu, she is like a small sister to all of them. They like pampering her. She made everyone her bhai’s and bhabhi’s (except Laksh) and payal is her di. She is full of herself and everyone likes her very much. She is childish, naughty and would make them laugh always. Laksh is very happy with her. Daily they would have breakfast together, she calls him to remind about lunch (using landline), and night even if he comes late she would wait for him and have dinner along with him.

Ragini too has feelings but she is unable to name them, she is thinking it as friendship only. She is very happy being with them but thinks to herself that after few days i may go away, i will miss them but will never forget them. I will meet them
whenever possible. She felt hurt with the thought of leaving them but don’t know why?

Laksh’s office

One person comes to meet Laksh. Receptionist informs Laksh and Laksh says to send him in. The person enters and greets Laksh. He introduces himself as Aayush and he works as CEO in Gadodia group of companies
Laksh thinks may be he is the same person who ragu speaks about but thinks to speak with him and then say about ragu.
Aayush : sir i want your help to find Miss. Ragini
Gadodia, our company’s MD and Chairman. Laksh asks him to say everything clearly. Then Aayush starts

Aayush : sir, almost from 3 years she is looking after company and i amassisting her from two years. We know each other from child hood and she is like my sister. I was an orphan and she took me home saying from then I am her little brother. She treated me like her own brother and provided me everything. I am very lucky to have her in my life. Suresh uncle guides us both and she took our company to new heights. Few days back her mamaji came to stay with her. He tried to interfere in office matters but we didn’t give him a chance, infact we never allowed him to interfere in our work. One day she told us that he directly asked her to marry his son, she rejected and asked him to go out of the house. He went away, we warned her and arranged more security to her. Then we had to attend an important meeting, so me and suresh uncle went to London leaving her here. Actually we 3 had to go but that day (meeting day) was her mothers birthday and she does puja and distributes food to poor. So she avoided coming with us and we too didn’t force her as she does it from her childhood. We warned her to be careful and left.
After reaching London we tried to contact her but she didn’t answer a single call of us. We were tensed but uncle said that she might be missing her parents (as her mother’s birthday is near) and went to stay in orphanage for few days (as she has that habit from childhood, and will never do any office work there, she will not take any electronic gadget with her). I agreed to him. We waited for a week to see if we get a call from her but nothing happened like that. Slowly a fear started in us if she is fine or not and we called to the office. They told us that she didn’t come to office from the day we left, we immediately called to mansion someone lifted and said wrong number, so we cancelled the meeting and came here.

We went to mansion but it was locked. Servants too were not there and security too. So we went to office and saw her mamaji. When we asked about ragu di he said that Rakesh and di went for an outing together. We were shocked. We didn’t believe him but there is nothing to do. We tried to find her but we came to know that our phones are tapped. He told us from then he will handle the business but no one has that power. So he he was unable to spend a single penny for his use. We thought he only kidnapped her. We tried to search her but no clue was left behind. Then we observed that few members are following us. They are his men, so we were unable to do anything. We think she escaped from there too because if she was with them they would have done whatever they want but they are not doing anything. We listened much about u. So uncle told me to come and give u a complaint as we heard much about u.

Laksh thinks he is saying truth but also wanted to confirm if he is right so he asked then how did u come now? Aayush says i came out from back door and changed two to three taxis so that even if they follow me they cant catch me. I went to shopping then and after confirming that no one are following i came here. Laksh is satisfied but for final confirmation he says u said everything but how can i believe that u are Aayush. Aayush smiles and shows his ID proof and also his photo with ragu. Laksh is relaxed and says wait a minute
He calls ragu (landline) and she lifts the phone.
Laksh : will u speak with Aayush? Ragini is shocked and aayush is confused. She says Laksh are u saying truth, is he with u? Laksh says yes and now u speak with him. Rags says ok. Laksh gives the phone to Aayush and he takes the phone and says hello. Ragu : aayush and he recognises her voice. His di’s voice
Aayush : di where are u? What happened to u? Why didn’t u contact us? Di why are u not speaking, are u crying? Rags smiles with tears and says let me speak aayush. Aayush says ok. She then says him everything that happened after they left and how Laksh and friends helped her. He understood that she is safe now and cuts the call
Aayush : thank you sir for taking care of her. She can buy everything she wants in the world but she is not satisfied with that. She craved for love but she never got it. Please sir help us with this. She want to fulfil papa’s dream but now this all are happening. Laksh understands that they are very close and says I promise u Aayush everything will be fine. Now i am little busy, till i complete the present case and see about hers let her stay with me, no one can find out about her. And u and your uncle too be careful. Aayush nods and laksh says i will see about your security too and u never contact me, if anything is important then i only will contact, our one mistake may arise many problems. Aayush agrees and leaves from there. He goes and says everything to Suresh and he is happy that his doll is safe.

Laksh informs to his gang and goes to home. there ragu is eagerly waiting for him. She thanks him many times and he stops her saying i am your friend right, so no thanks and sorry. She nods and Santhosh comes to home. he observes that she is very happy.
She says i will get coffee and goes to kitchen
Santhosh : she is very happy Laksh, i think it is because she spoke to aayush. Laksh nods and says i want her to be like this only san for whole life. Then they speaks about some office issues and ragu comes with coffee. They all chat for sometime and santhosh goes.

Laksh goes to his room and then suddenly he observes the date and remembers that as Aayush tols tomorrow is Ragini’s mothers birthday. He then calls someone and instructs to do arrangements. After sometime he comes down and he sees ragu who is dull. He thinks to change her mood and says ragu how u know aayush. She smiles and says the entire story ( i mentioned it in intro and also Aayush told it). He listens to her and when she ends he says u know Ragu, u have really good heart. She smiles and then he says by the way ragu where is that puppy

Ragu : which puppy. Laksh says the same one which u saved on the road. Ragu asks how do u know and Laksh says how he saw her. (not about his love yar) . she smiles and says its with Aayush. He loves puppies so he took it from me. Laksh says do u know ragini, i saw u in the park also. Ragini asks when and he says everything and atlast he says sorry ragu, if i was able to catch them that day u wouldn’t have suffered.
Ragu : laksh u know elders says everything happens for good only and that too, if u had caught them on that day then i wouldn’t have come here and get good friends and well wishers like u all. He smiles listening to her

Ragu continues u know Laksh, its worst day of my life because i lost my chain on that day which was ma’s. It is with me from my childhood but i lost it on that day. She has tears. Laksh says ragu don’t cry please, come now getup let us have our dinner and then watch a movie, she understands that he is trying to change her mood and smiles and goes with him.
I will stop it here

Precap : laksh’s surprise for ragini

Its done. Hope everyone likes it and i will be waiting for your comments. Thankyou and i will update on friday. its not proof read so sorry for the mistakes

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