Raglak ff : Tere liye (Part 5) by Aahana

Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay. Actually my schedule is very busy and i am unable to type the next part. Now i got time and i am updating

Laksh’s Guest house
Ragini is seeing the whole house and she likes it very much. Malathi comes near her and says beta now i will leave.
Ragini : tai u were there yesterday with me but today u are going. Do u have any work. Malati sasy voh beta yesterday Laksh beta asked me to stay with u. If u want i will stay.
Ragini : nahi tai u go. Now i am fine. Thank you so much, for my sake u stayed here. Malati says beta i cooked food and placed it in the kitchen. U have it, there is microwave in the kitchen.
Ragini : tai will u come evening too for preparing dinner. Malati says no beta actually i come only morning then ragini says what about dinner for Laksh sir.

Malati : beta i prepare it morning itself. He told me that he will have lunch in office and i should prepare dinner morning itself and keep in hotpack. He eats sometime and sometime eats outside only. Ragini is thinking something and Malathi says beta shall i Leave. Ragini says ok and asks how u used to lock the door previously. Malathi says i had an extra key. Ragini nods and says u give key to me. Till i am here i will use it. Malati nods, gives the key and goes
Ragini again moves all over the house and sees Laksh’s room door open. She just opens and finds it very untidy. thinks to clean it but stops feeling it is not good to enter others room without permission. She sits in the corridor for sometime and then sees the garden with many flowers but also observes a part of garden is not clean. She thinks of something and comes inside. She then sees Laksh’s family photos on the wall. She thinks Laksh sir is very lucky, he has his whole family with him, by seeing the photos she can observe that their family is too close and feels will i be a part of such family in my whole life
She then mentally scolds herself saying first think about solving your problem which u are in and then think about future.

On the other side in the office
As soon as Santhosh and laksh enters everyone starts teasing laksh a lot.
Laksh : please leave me yaar. I just became her friend but our santhosh became a brother to her.
Santhosh : what to do Laksh. U are very slow but if u want i will speak with my sister. Laksh says no need my friend, if my love is true then she will become mine. You all promised me that u will not say her anything. So please don’t say. All agrees and teases himfor sometime. Then they starts doing their work.
Its evening and all goes to their house.

On the other side
Ragini sees that some part of lawn is not clean. She decides to clean the lawn and searches for the tools and things required and found them in store room. she starts cleaning the lawn and she has her hands fully covered with mud.
Laksh comes in his car and parks it. He comes out and sees someone in the lawn. He recognises that it is ragini and thinks what is she doing (as her back is towards him). He slowly moves and sees her. She is busy and didn’t notice that he is back of her. He says ragini and she gets startled and turns to see him. After seeing Laksh she takes a sigh of relief and says Laksh aap, what is the need to scare me like that. I feared for a second that someone has come.
Laksh : ragini no one can cross this compound without my permission. I already told u right so don’t fear and ha what are u doing here.
Ragini : i am sorry, i should have asked u before cleaning. Some part was not clean so i am cleaning it.
Laksh : ragini how did u become an MD without completing your graduation. Ragini is confused and says what
Laksh says what ragini you don’t even know the rules of friendship then how can u become MD
Ragini understands that he is saying all these because she said sorry and says ok I wont repeat that and i was feeling bore, so doing this. You go and take rest. I will complete remaining
Laksh : u know ragini,i love gardening. I will join u in a while, i will change my dress and come. Ragini nods and starts doing her work
Laksh comes and both starts cleaning and sharing all their memeories with each other. They didn’t had the track of time.

They came to know much more about others and became close friends in short amount of time.
They completes their work and observes the time. It is almost 7 and they goes inside.
Ragini : laksh will u drink coffee, i want to prepare one for myself. Laksh nods and she goes inside.
Laksh thinks how i became the same old Laksh who used to enjoy gardening while studying. He smiles thinking their moments in the garden
He remembers (flash back)
When he entered garden after changing clothes he saw her trying to remove the strands of hair falling on her face but unable to do as her hands are covered with mud. He smiles and tucks the hair. Then they had an eye lock for few minutes and with the sound of dog barking (it is outside)they came out of trance and starts doing work
Flash back ends

And smiles. He also understands that she is a child from heart and is trying to be strong to fulfil her duties. He thinks that she is sacrificing everything for fulfilling her responsibilities and decides that he will bring her real self out
Ragini comes with coffee and offers him one and sits on the sofa. Both are sitting and speaking again about their studies, career etc,.
Both had their dinner and Laksh asks ragini you told that your lawyer uncle is good. I think it is better if we contact him. She says in one or two days the meeting will come to an end and both uncle and Aayush will return but i lost my phone, i don’t have their numbers
Laksh : ragini we cant contact them directly. I think your mamaji and rakesh might have tapped their phones as they are the one whom u will contact first
Ragini : then how can I contact them Laksh.
Laksh : ragini after their return i will meet them directly and make u speak with them through my phone. No one can tap my call. So no problem ok. Ragini nods. Laksh continues its late u go and take rest. Ragini leaves and laksh too goes to his room.
After sometime ragini enters Laksh room and says laksh, i know that u people are dealing with important case, so u concentrate only on that. U can solve my problem later. Please solve that case before there is a big destruction.
Laksh smiles and says ragini don’t take any tension. I will handle my works and now u sleep without taking any tension. Ok . she smiles and nods.
Episode ends on their faces

Precap : Aayush and Ragini meet

Its done. I know its boring. I am sorry for that. Just two to three parts and their love track will start. I am sure from then u will like it. It is not proof read. So sorry for the mistakes. Please comment

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