Raglak ff : Tere liye (Part 4) by Aahana

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Laksh’s House
Laksh decides to help her as he can’t see tears in her eyes. Before he say something only swetha says ragini we all will help u but there is a problem. All looks at her and even rags.
Swetha : i mean now we are dealing with an extremely important and sensitive issue and cant reveal our identity. I think u can understand. Rags nods and she continues it is only for few days and then u can be free. Till that time will u stay here as there is no one here and no one knows that Laksh is an IPS officer in the locality and no one saw u also. Swetha signals to payal and payal says
Payal ; ha ragini u can stay with me too but i stay in police quarters. Not only me but everyone of us except Laksh stays there and if anyone recognise u then there may be a problem if we are not near u. Puja then continues ha ragini, here no one are allowed except us and Malati also can help u. What say guys?
All just nods their heads and Laksh says u can stay here ragini. It is safe here and i assure u that we will help you but is there anyone who will handle business in your business. I mean your mamaji and Rakesh can do anything in your absence.
Ragini : no. Even to spend a single penny they need my sign. If not me then Suresh uncle and Aayush both should sign. they both are not here and they cant even enter into my cabin without the password which is known only to me. So everything is safe. Payal says then u stay here ragini. Rags nods
Payal, puja and swetha takes ragu up on Laksh’s advice and shows her everything in Janvi’s room as she may need few things. They show her everything and asks her to get ready for dinner

Downstairs all the boys are in the kitchen doing dinner (they know a little bit) arrangements and thinking why the girls told they cant solve it as it takes only a single day for them to solve rags problem. All 3 enters and Laksh asks where is ragini? Is she fine. All boys giggles seeing him and girls wacks the boys on their heads.
Payal : laksh clear my doubt first. Do u love ragini and want her to be in your life. She asks him with a serious expression and all becomes serious listening to her.
Laksh : ha payal. I realised that i love her a lot and i want her to be with me always. But why did u say that we cant solve her problem?
Payal : Buddhu, we want her to stay here for few days so that she too can understand you and love you. So we thought to let her stay here few days. Got it. And all guys nods.
Aadarsh : from where u girls will get such ideas yar. U people should have become lawyers then half of the court cases which are related to families will be cleared. Girls glares at him and starts throwing vegetables on him. All others except laksh plays it and they had fun. Kitchen has become a mess and they laugh seeing it. All cleans themselves and cleans kitchen too.
They prepares dinner while speaking and ragini too comes down after sometime. She too helps them and all had their dinner speaking and cracking jokes to make ragini comfortable. She too mingles easily with them. Santosh feels as if he know her and saw her somewhere. After girls go from there to upstairs Santosh says everyone what he felt after seeing her. Aadarsh says santosh Laksh loves her. Santosh says pagal shut your mouth. She is my sister ok. But still i feel that i saw her somewhere. Laksh says may be u saw her in any meeting as we stay in same city. Santosh nods but he is not satisfied with the answer.

All others goes to their houses
Laksh thinks to see her once and goes to the room where she is staying and knocks on the door. She is awake only. Laksh says ragini can I come in. Rags : yes sir
Laksh enters and sits on the sofa which is in the room. She too sits on another sofa. Ragini i thought to ask u that are u comfortable here. I mean u don’t have any problem right. If u want then i will arrange a place for u to stay. As i am the only one here u may not feel comfortable. Rags understands what he want to stay and says sir i believe u. U are thinking i may not be comfortable with u and it shows how u respect girls. Sir if u had any bad intentions then u would have taken advantage when i was unconscious. I am grateful to god sir that u founded me not someone. or else i don’t know what might have happened to me. She gets tears. He says nothing will happen ragini. God will do good for soft hearted one. she smiles listening his words.
Laksh : am ilooking old to u ragini? Rags is confused with his question. Laksh continues u are calling me sir na so i asked if am i looking that old and keeps a puppy face. Rags burst out laughing and laksh feels happy seeing her smile reaching her eyes, she is laughing whole heartedly. Rags says then what should i call you. He says call me Laksh or lucky and ha don’t add some ji infront or back of my name. Ok. She agrees. He asks her to use whatever she want from that room as all are Janvi’s and she has everything extra. She smiles. They speaks for sometime.

He gets up to go to his room and observes that she wants to ask him something but is hesitating. So he says say it ragini, i know u want to ask something but hesitating so shoot it. She smiles and says voh actually you should not take me wrong ok. Laksh smiles and says ok baba say. Rags says what is the surname of santhosh ji. Laksh stares at her. Rahs thinks she asked something wrong and says sorry sir actually i felt as if i saw him somewhere, so thought to ask you surname so that i can identify. Laksh says why to say sry actually santhosh too felt as he saw u somewhere and made u as his sister. She says sachi. Laksh nods. Rags says then i got a big brother heyyy, he smiles at her and says actually he is an orphan. Rags becomes silent listening to this and again says how can he be orphan when he has his sister. He says ha say that to him tmr, he will feel good. Everytime he says that he is alone. Rags nods.
Laksh : i am angry on u. Rags says sir what did i do now? Laksh says see u again said it. I am just 25 ragini please don’t call me sir. She laughs and says ok Laksh. He goes to his dream land after listening his name for the first time from her mouth. He says goodnight and leaves but she stops him and he asks what. She moves her hand front and says friends. He smiles and holds her hand saying friends. Both wishes goodnight and went to their rooms. Laksh is very happy as she herself asked him to be friends. He sleeps dreaming about her. Here rags thanks god for sending Laksh to help her and sleeps.

Next Day Morning:
Laksh gets ready and goes to rags room but she is not there. He feels tensed, searches for her in all rooms on that floor and goes down. He sees her in puja mandir and she wore red anarkali. She has covered her head with duppatta and doing aarti. He is mesmerised seeing her like that. He too enters puja mandir. She observes him and gives him a smile. He too smiles at her. She completes puja and gives him Prasad. Both comes out of puja mandir and malathi calls them for breakfast. They goes to dining hall. Laksh silently prays god to that he should get married to her as early as possible. They had breakfast and santosh comes. Laksh goes to get his phone and car keys.
Rags : do you mind if i call u bhai. Please don’t take me wrong. I don’t have any siblings and after i saw u i felt that i have some relation with u.

Santosh smiles and says no need to give explanation ragini and i only thought to ask u to call me as bhai. Rags smiles and says thanks bhai.
Santosh : no one says sorry and thanks to bhai. They should only just order ok. Rags nods and then both bursts out laughing. Laksh sees everything from steps and says “kya baat hai” you became brother and sister this much early.
Santosh says Laksh to make relationships time is not needed but to maintain them well and good we need to spend with them. I promise u ragini i will be with u always. She smiles and just nods. Laksh smiles at them. They went out giving her 100’s of instructions to be careful.
Episode ends.

Precap : few raglak moments

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