Raglak ff: Tera Mera Rishta Purana (Prologue)


Hi guys, Bela here……….back with my second story. This is the prologue. I will explain the setting and the characters too. Some names of the places are fictional. And all the events in this ff are fictional too. ??

Let’s start………..


Kalighati Jungle, Outskirts of Kolkata. December 8, 2031
7:00 p.m.

We see a man running around in the jungle madly. He is dressed up as a groom in a golden sherwani and maroon salwar. His black hair is flowing in the air and his forehead is covered with beads of sweat. He seems to be looking for someone.

“I will find her. I will find her. She must be here somewhere. No, she cannot leave like this. Nothing will happen to her. I will find her.” He keeps on muttering to himself crazily as he speeds up.

He looks behind the trees and bushes. His hands get scratched by the wild twigs and blood seeps out from his injuries but he doesn’t even flinch. He ignores his wounds and keeps on searching. He seems to be tired and feels like he is about to faint but he carries on.


Maheshwari Mansion, Kolkata

“The number you are calling is out of the network area. Please call later.”

The boy slams down his mobile in anger. This was the hundredth time he was calling him but his phone wasn’t reachable. He was panicked. He turns to the boy beside him. “We should have followed him, you know? He isn’t reachable. We shouldn’t be sitting here, waiting for the news of both of them.”

The other boy turned to the first boy. Both looked exactly like the man in the jungle. They all seem to be related. “Ruhaan…….calm down! We can’t do anything. He made us promise that we won’t venture into the jungle and to wait here. If there is any news , we will definitely look for him. We need to be here to receive either of them………”

“Ranveer………they are our PARENTS! How can you ask me to stay calm? My mother is lost in the jungle and probably my father, who is trying to find her, is lost as well. What if something happens to either one of them…………….” Ruhaan told his brother.

A woman entered the room. She was beautiful, dressed in a Bengali sari and a large red bindi on her forehead. “Nothing will happen to both of them. Stay positive Ruhaan. Have faith.” She said soothingly.

“But Swara Mausi, I can’t help it. Mom has been missing for HOURS now! I am scared. I don’t want anything to happen to her………” Ruhaan cried.

An elderly man stomped inside the room in anger. “Where is he? WHERE IS LAKSHYA MAHESHWARI?” He was supposed to marry my daughter tonight and he is off to God knows where to look for that woman……..” He spat in anger but was cut sharply by Swara who glared at him menacingly with her large kohl-rimmed black eyes. She was furious.

“That woman is my SISTER, Mr. Basu! Ragini Gadodia. Speak her name with respect, I won’t tolerate anything less than that. And how dare you enter this room? It is Ruhaan and Ranveer’s room. You have no business being here. And don’t you whine about Lakshya here. We didn’t ask him to leave Nivedita at the mandap and look for Ragini. He did it himself, out of his own free will. So stop your nonsense and kindly get out from here. NOW!” She pointed towards the door and scowled at him. Mr. Basu looked at her in anger and went away.

Ranveer took off his giant spectacles and rubbed his temples. “Mausi, why is this happening? What is happening? And more importantly, what should we all do?” He asked Swara. She sat down in front of both of the boys and held one hand of each in her either hand. She squeezed them. “Sanskaar is in the police station. They are trying to trace Lakshya’s phone. And are starting the hunt for Ragu. Don’t worry. If they are unable to find them by the morning, the search would be widened. She will be found. Don’t worry. All we can do is wait for her. And pray for her safety.” She whispered despondently.

Ruhaan chuckled. “You really don’t like Dad, do you?” Swara smirked. “Nah. 100% hate.” She replied. Ruhaan smiled sadly. “Pray for him too. Please. For us. For Mom. Pray for his safe return too.” He pleaded.

Swara nodded her head and stood up abruptly. “I need to go and check if everyone is fine or not. And deal with that witch Nivedita too.” She added under her breath. But the boys had caught it. They smirked in amusement and Swara smirked back. She turned around and went away.

“I really like her. She is so cool. The only thing about her that bothers me is that she hates Dad.” Ruhaan said to his brother.

“Well, that can be expected. I mean, she has had a history with him and Dad isn’t too nice to her either, so……..” Ranveer shrugged.

The door burst open and a girl of about fourteen entered. She smiled awkwardly at them. “Umm…..I just wanted to check if you both were fine or not…….” She trailed.

Ranveer and Ruhaan smiled at her. “Come na Suhani. We are okay. Trying to cope. But okay.” Ruhaan told her reassuringly. She smiled in relief and plopped down on the couch which had seated her mother just a few minutes ago.

“Mom is stressed out. She is worried for Maasi and is having a major headache, hearing Nivedita Aunty’s high pitch shrieking. Did you witness that drama? No? You guys are really blessed then. She was literally clawing her hair. I was half worried that if her hair is really a wig, as you both claim, then it would come off even if she has used the strongest gum in the world!” Suhani whispered. The boys looked at each other and then at her. And then, burst out laughing.

From the door, Swara looked at the three children, laughing with each other and sharing a sibling bond. She had tears in her eyes. She whispered, “Ragini, where are you? Look, our children are together. Laughing and sharing jokes. Swaragini’s children. Please come back. Please.”


The man in the jungle kept on running. He was tired. He required water but he was adamant to find her. However, his tired mind was playing tricks on him. He was having hallucinations that she was there.

“Lakshya!” Her sweet voice came to him from behind. He turned back and saw no one. He was on the verge of crying. He looked all around. His head started feeling heavy. The world seemed to be spinning…………..

Lakshya shook his head vigorously. No! He wouldn’t let fatigue stop him from finding her. He had promised his children that he would come back with their mother. He had promised HIMSELF that he would return with her only.

He walked a few steps and stumbled. He held a tree for support. He didn’t want to rest. But he had no choice. His body wasn’t cooperating. He slid down on the ground and fell with a thud, breathing heavily. He looked around once more. No trace of her. He started crying badly. He held his head in his hands and his cries were muffled.

“Where are you Ragini? Please come back. Please. Our children need you. Our families need you. I need you. Come back please.” He whispered through his tears.

Suddenly, he raised his head up with a jerk and shouted loudly, “RAGINI!”


Character Sketch:

Ragini Gadodia (38 years): Main protagonist. Ex wife of Lakshya Maheshwari. Mother of Ruhaan and Ranveer. Sister of Swara.

An originally traditional woman, Ragini became modern when she divorced Lakshya and went to Delhi to start her new life. She is a self made entrepreneur who runs her own successful tiffin service in Delhi. She is a beautiful, witty and fearless woman. A fantastic mother to her sons who adore her. She is the ‘Cool Mom’ who supports them but can be strict too. Currently Missing. Played by Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar.

Lakshya Maheshwari (40 years): Main protagonist. Ex husband of Ragini. Father of Ruhaan and Ranveer.

A self made fashion designer who went to Mumbai after his divorce. He is a ruthless and nasty man. He is deadly handsome, who has managed to retain his youthful looks, just like his ex wife. He is very bitter and is very strict in his work and life. He is a workaholic who has worked hard and is now a big brand in clothes and accessories. He hates Swara and leaves no stone unturned to taunt and trouble her. Shares a stormy relationship with his father. Currently in the jungle. Played by Namish Taneja.

Swara Maheshwari (39 years): Parallel protagonist. Wife of Sanskaar. Mother of Suhani and Sanya. Sister of Ragini.

She is a righteous woman. Her sister’s condition made her hate Lakshya. Since Ragini’s departure, she shares a turbulent relationship with her parents and grandparents who had spurned her sister when she had asked for their support during her divorce. She blames Lakshya and her family for her separation with her soulmate, her sister Ragini. Is a cool mother and loves her children and husband very much. She and Sanskaar fight over her attitude towards Lakshya but are still strong. Yearns to be united with her sister. Currently at Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Helly Shah.

Ranveer Gadodia (16 years): Parallel protagonist. Son of Ragini and Lakshya. Twin of Ruhaan(elder by 2 minutes).

He is a full nerd/geek who wears large spectacles and is engrossed in his laptop and books. He has a high IQ and is very logical in his every approach. He possesses a dry wit and is very sarcastic. Slow to understand emotional things but feels deeply for his parents’ pain. He is the best friend of his brother. Is a constant emotional support to him and his mother. Currently in Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Namish Taneja.

Ruhaan Gadodia (16 years): Parallel protagonist. Son of Ragini and Lakshya. Twin of Ranveer(younger by two minutes).

He is a sporty guy who loves bike racing and playing sports. He is a sensitive and emotional boy who wants to see his parents united. He is a smart kid who is a dancer and a bathroom singer. He is funny and loves to make people laugh. He is slow to understand intelligent things despite being brilliant. Loves to smile and flirt. A big foodie. He is the best friend of his twin. They are the biggest support of their mother and are each other’s rocks. Currently in the Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Namish Taneja.

Sanskaar Maheshwari (41 years): Parallel protagonist. Husband of Swara. Father of Suhani and Sanya.

He is a mild man who is a very loving and supporting husband. He feels Swara’s pain of being separated from her sister and empathises with her as even Lakshya is away from him in Mumbai. He has regular tiffs with her over her attitude towards Lakshya but they always make up in the end. He loves his daughters a lot. Currently in the police station. Played by Varun Kapoor.

Suhani Maheshwari (14 years): Daughter of Sanskaar and Swara. Elder sister of Sanya.

She is a fun loving girl who feels lonely at her house as she doesn’t share a really good rapport with her younger cousin Ansh who is Adarsh and Parineeta’s son and is too old to play with Sanya. Loves her parents and shares a friendly relationship with Lakshya. Currently in Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Palak Jain.

Adarsh Maheshwari (44 years): Elder brother of Lakshya. Husband of Parineeta. Father of Ansh. Currently in Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Tarun Singh.

Parineeta Maheshwari (42 years): Wife of Adarsh. Mother of Ansh. Currently in the Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Akanksha Chamola.

Sanya Maheshwari (9 years): Younger daughter of Sanskaar and Swara. Younger sister of Suhani. A very cute girl. Currently in the Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Harshali Malhotra.

Ansh Maheshwari (13 years): Son of Parineeta and Adarsh. Is a spoilt brat as he was the only son of the house living in the mansion. Rude and disrespectful. Currently in the Maheshwari Mansion. Played by Anmol Jyotir.

Rest of the Maheshwari and Gadodia family remains the same.


The story will be a part flashback, part present story. In this ff, all the events of Swaragini are followed. However, it stops till Lakshya trying to kill Ragini. Ragini’s Maalkin drama didn’t happen. Including it would disturb the timeline of my story. The events after the kidnapping and murder attempt will be revealed in this ff. In this ff, we will see Lakshya and Swara in grey shades, fighting with each other.

What happened between Raglak?
Why are they divorced?
Where was Ragini all this while?
Did Ranveer and Ruhaan grow up knowing their father?
Why did the Gadodias not help Ragini?
Why does Swara hate Lakshya?
Why was Lakshya marrying someone else?

And most importantly, where is Ragini? How is she?

To find the answers, keep reading Tera Mera Rishta Purana, a mature love story of two individuals, separated by choice and brought together by fate.

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