Raglak ff: Tera Mera Rishta Purana (Part:3 Lakshya )


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I was carrying the chain and running still. This place is dangerous. Dark shadows lurk behind every corner and I have no idea when and from where anybody may come. I was worried how Ragini would be surviving in this shady place.

My heart clenched as I thought about her. She has suffered so much. I have made her suffer so much. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. But I have been a major reason of almost all her pain. And still, she loves me more than herself.

My mind went back to what happened after I took her home.


“I am so thankful to you that you have given me a chance. I would do anything to repent for my deeds. I am really sorry for all of them. I would personally apologise to every member of the house for the inconvenience I caused to them…………” Ragini listed her agendas while I listened with a heavy heart.

I don’t know why I was feeling this way. She should be punished for her crimes. She should be punished for ruining my dreams. Ruining my life. And yet, I am feeling guilty.

It has been an hour since we returned. Everybody was in the hospital with Maa. Since only one person could stay and everybody would be coming home soon anyways, I brought Ragini to the mansion directly. She had been asking for my opinion on her ideas of apologising.

The next morning, at breakfast, Ragini asked for forgiveness from everybody and they all forgave her. Leading the ‘accepting brigade’ was her dear sister Swara who smiled happily and hugged Ragini as if that skin contact would drive her morning hunger away. It looked typically like Ramayana’s scene where ‘Bharat Milap’ was happening. Except that it was a ‘Bharti Milap’ instead!

I don’t understand Swara. Is she really so weak? Or stupid? Or mahaan? Or all of the above?

When Maa was discharged and brought home, she saw her favourite bahu standing at the door with an aarti thaal ready. They hugged and cried as if Ragini was a soldier who came back from a battle. Huh. Itna pyaar Mujhko to kabhi na kiya dono ne!

I made up an excuse to her that I wanted some time before taking our relation to the next level. Ragini, surprisingly, agreed with me. She supported my statement by saying that so much had happened between us that we needed to bring our lives in order first and begin anew. Intimacy could come later. I was quite impressed by this little speech.

And soon, Ragini wormed her way back into everyone’s lives. Including mine. While I was hyperventilating about Swara’s growing closeness with Sanskaar, Ragini was a constant presence in my life. She would spoil me relentlessly by bringing me bed-tea, keeping the water warm enough for me ready so that I could bathe, bringing me my protein shakes, keeping my clothes ready, having my shoes polished and including a dish of my liking in the dinner every night. I enjoyed being pampered and for some time, forgot about my plan. It was only when Sanskaar and I were sitting together on the terrace once and talking about our loves that I remembered.

“I am so happy to see you so happy with Ragini.” He said.

I stiffened. Happy? With Ragini? Am I really enjoying her company?

“It is so good to see you moving on with Ragini. Swara and I have also progressed in our relationship. Thank God, everything is fine now!” He continued, oblivious to my growing discomfort.

Progressed? How? What kind of progressed? Intimacy? NO! Oh Shit! I forgot about my true goal! I got distracted! But I won’t waste time now. I would do something. And that ‘something’ started the next day onwards.

I tried to trouble her. I mixed extra salt in her cooked food so that she gets scolded. But somehow when that food reached the table, it was superbly delicious! I tried to ruin her washed clothes but when they were sent for ironing, they were as clean as if washed by a professional launder. Why, in a fit of desperation, I even put worms in Maa’s beloved rose garden that was under Ragini’s care. And the next morning, I found the garden beautifully strewn with red roses out of which, by Maa’s permission, Ragini plucked one and after removing the thorns, presented it to me shyly. In front of the entire family, who were looking at us as if we were adorable five year olds who were promising to each other that we would grow up and marry. It had been so embarrassing! I had smiled and taken the rose awkwardly and Ragini had looked so happy as if I had told her that we would be making babies!

Well, these childish plans weren’t working. I knew that I had to do something big. But what? That was a problem.

An addition to this problem was my growing fondness and sympathy for this bothersome wife of mine. My task could have been so much more easier had she been really ugly and repulsive and as much of a bit*** as she had been earlier. But no! She was really a beautiful and innocent looking woman who was ACTUALLY repenting. My traitorous heart wanted to forgive her. And this battle between my mind and heart was slowing down my plans and their efficiencies.

“Lakshya-ji!” Ragini’s sweet voice entered my ears. I turned to her with irritation. She was standing behind me with my favourite chocolate in her hand. This woman is spoiling me silly!

Seeing her there, with a big smile on her face and a chocolate in her hand, wearing a red sari and looking all gorgeous, something took over me. Something I hadn’t felt before.

I stood up and walked towards her. The happy smile on her face turned into a nervous one as I came closer. She started stepping back while I started taking longer strides to reach her. Her back pressed to the wall and I smirked. Ab kahan jaaogi Laado Rani?

“Ji WO…………..aap……..aap itne karib kyun……….” I silenced her by placing my finger on her luscious red lips. She drew in a sharp breath. Our faces were inches apart and I was blowing my hot breath on her smooth round cheeks. I leaned towards her and whispered huskily in her ear, “It is Lakshya. Not Lakshya-Ji. Say my name out. Lakshya.”

Ragini was shivering a little. I placed my hands on her either sides on the wall, trapping her. I drew back and looked at her. She was clutching her sari desperately and had her eyes closed. “Say it.” I commanded, feeling a very stupid urge to hear her call me by my name.

“Ll..lll…lak………..Lakshya!” she whispered. I felt a great satisfaction and smiled brilliantly. I took the chocolate from her hand and opening it, I broke a piece and put one end of it in my mouth. I gently nudged the other end towards her, pushing it past her lips to enter it in her mouth gently. She whimpered. I placed my hands on her shoulders and moved forwards, sucking my end of the chocolate and reaching her lips…………………….

“Ae Ragini……..I saw a chocolate in your hand! Where is it? Don’t eat it alone!” Swara’s voice came. I sighed in frustration and stepped back, mourning for the lost moment and more importantly, the lost chocolate which was in Ragini’s mouth. Ragini gulped the melted chocolate hurriedly and ran outside. I looked at the remaining chocolate in my hand and smiled. What was that? What did I just do? My God! Was I making passes at my wife? That was so…….hot!

I took a bite of the chocolate and savoured its taste, definitely NOT wishing that it had been on Ragini’s lips instead from where I licked it off. And not wishing that something would have come out of that action.

***End of Flashback***

I was so stupid back then. Obviously I had started feeling for her. But my apparent ‘love’ for Swara and my stubbornness cost me those precious moments and ultimately, my wife and my happiness. I closed my eyes tightly as a lone tear skipped out of my eyes.

I didn’t notice a shadow to my left, watching me closely with a gun in hand.


I strummed the strings of my guitar faster. This undue stress was taking a toll on my mind. That witch, almost-stepmother of mine, Nivedita Basu, gave her darshan today. She screamed the entire mansion down, swearing to sue Dad as soon as he came back. She caused such a ruckus that we had to call in the security to throw her out. Swara Mausi did the honours. And I realised how much I love her.

Honestly, I have no effing idea how Dad would have lived his life with that bat AFTER having lived with a fantastic woman like my Mom. Ranveer and I told him that he was making a huge mistake. But his damn ego came in between. And so, we had to see this day.

With a relaxed mind and a smile on my face, I recalled our moments with Dad.


“Ye itna stock kahan jaa raha hai Kaka?” I asked the head servant as he supervised some men who were bringing some ration items inside.

“Ruhaan Beta, this is the monthly stock which we need. These sacks have the food items while those kept over there are for the personal use.” He replied smilingly.

Ranveer and I have made it a point, not to be called ‘Chhote Maalik’or ‘Baba’ by any of the servants elder to us. Cause that’s against our values. And we hate it. And apparently, this action, combined with our general friendliness and good humour has made every member of the staff love us to bits and pieces, ready to take orders and cater to our needs even at the dead of the night!

“Personal use? Meaning?” I asked. He replied, “Beta, things used personally. Like soaps, toothpastes, detergents, cleaning gels, oil, shampoos etc.” He replied. I nodded my head in understanding and thanked him. He smiled and I returned to my earlier tomfoolery.

Bade Dadu came inside the hall and smiled at me. I smiled back. He is cool actually. When he is not being a khalnayak. And when he isn’t glaring daggers at everybody. And when he isn’t slapping people randomly. That’s it, for now at least.

Even though Ranveer and I remind him of his life’s biggest mmistake i.e. my Dad, he actually loves us. Spends a lot of time with us giving us unnecessary bhashan about some greh-nakshatra etc. And we love him too. We listen politely with one ear and trash it out from the other.

“Kya kar rahe the beta?” He asked me, sitting down on the sofa and patting to the place beside him. I sat down next to him and replied casually, “Nothing. Kaka was bringing the ration items in so I was just asking some questions.” Ranveer joined us and sat on the other side of Dadu.

“Oh…..ration items have arrived? I need to take a new toothbrush and shampoo for myself! And oil too. You children enjoy, I will come.” He said and went away, leaving his gobsmacked elder grandsons behind.

“Did I just hear him asking for a shampoo and oil? What for?” Ranveer asked me in a daze.

“Bruh……I even saw the outline of what looked suspiciously like a comb, in his back pocket!” I murmured in reply.

“But why does he need it?” Both of us mused out loud in unison.

“Because he wants his ‘takla’ to be clean and shiny always! That is the only way he can manage to look good amongst us hot men, with a face like his!” Dad replied from behind us.

It has only been three days for us in this house but we both have realised that Dad doesn’t share a good relationship with two people: Swara Mausi and Bade Dadu.

Dad smirked and sat where his own father had been sitting a few seconds before. He crossed his legs. “He is jealous that we are all so good looking and he is an old, worn down man. And bald, at that!” He said to us conspiratorially.

“Since when has he been………..” I asked, unsure of how to say it.

“Takla? Ganja?” Dad offered helpfully with an amused smile on his face.

“Umm….yeah. Wohi!” I said awkwardly.

Dad leaned back and tapped his chin thoughtfully. “As long as I can remember from my childhood……..ALWAYS!” He replied.

Ranveer raised an eyebrow. “Really? Haven’t you seen his hair?”

Dad clucked his tongue. “Nah. I have always been exposed to that shiny skin on the top of his head. That is one of the reasons which I take such good care of my hair!” Dad said, fondly running his fingers through his luscious black hair. I smiled and started doing it too, proud that I had inherited the ‘good hair’ from my father.

Ranveer gave us both a look that clearly said, ‘You both are mad’. Dad laughed deeply and we were struck at how wonderful he looked. For the millionth time since we got to know him, we questioned ourselves why Mom left him.

“Even though you look just like me but with that expression on your face, you remind me a lot of Ragini. Even she used to look at me like this when I uttered something stupid. Then she would smile beautifully and look at me as if every word that came out from my mouth was dictated by God!” He said with a faraway look in his eyes, a ghost of a smile still etched on his lips.

Ranveer looked at me pointedly. I took the cue and switched on the telepathy.

‘Abbey, ye kya tha?’ He asked.

‘Pata nahi yaar. He is speaking as if he remembers each and every moment spent with Mom.’

‘Do you think that he………loves Mom still?’

I paused. That was a good question. I looked at Dad whose eyes were shining as he thought about some old memory.

‘I hope so. It would be mighty brilliant if that is the case.’

***End of Flashback***

Dad loved Mom. I was right. He still loved her like crazy. And that had only been confirmed later on, just a few hours before his marriage.


I walked inside Dad’s room. It was decorated beautifully with roses and candles, obviously for the suhaagraat. Thinking about it made me want to puke.

Dad was sitting in front of the dressing table, lost deep in thoughts. He was looking really handsome in a golden sherwani and maroon salwar with a maroon dupatta wrapped around one shoulder and hanging by the wrist of his another hand. He had a gold and maroon brooch pinned to his br*ast and his maroon pagdi, embroidered with gold and pearls was lying on the vanity table. He was dressed up to be a groom. A perfect Marwari groom.

Tears came to my eyes. I had dreamed of uniting him with Mom but their egos came in between and ruined any chance of a patch up. I didn’t even know whether he felt for Mom or not. Though I had a feeling that he did.

Dad looked up and saw me through the mirror. He smiled sadly while I looked at him. There were eyebags beneath his eyes and he looked tired and older.

“For the last time Dad, do you really want to do this? Is this marriage really what you want?” I asked him, hoping against all odds that he would refuse.

Dad looked at me. “I have to.” he replied.

I scoffed. “That isn’t the answer to my question. I asked you, do you WANT to?”

Dad looked at his engagement ring. He closed his eyes painfully and his face contorted into a mask of grief. “Yes. I will marry her.”

I looked at my father. Anyone who had eyes could see that he didn’t want to marry Nivedita but his ego was making him blind. Maybe that is what people meant when they said that Ranveer and I were better men than him. We had the power and the good sense to make a sound judgement and still be unselfish. Dad was making a big sacrifice and was making everyone who mattered to him unhappy.

“I had hoped that we would live together.” I said to him quietly.

Dad smiled at me. “I had hoped too. Actually, you can live with me. When your boards end, you both can come and live with us in Mumbai.” He replied hopefully.

I shook my head at him. “You know very well that I didn’t mean THAT. And you know even better what I actually meant. I won’t leave Mom. Ever. Because she needs us both. She needs her sons.”

“And don’t I need you both? Don’t I need my sons too?” He asked with pain in his voice.

“If you really needed us, you would have done what your heart wanted you to. Not what your mind said. And trust me Dad. You don’t really need US. It is someone else who you need. And let us leave her name unsaid. We all know very well who that is.” I replied.

Tears rolled down his eyes and I felt pity on him. Pity on my father who never made the right decisions in his life. Pity on the man who had to live alone for sixteen long years, wishing that things would have been different. Pity on the man who couldn’t fulfil his children’s first and only wish of uniting with their mother.

“Lakshya beta…………..someone has come and wishes to meet you urgently. I don’t know why.” Badi Dadi’s voice came. Even she was upset with Dad’s decision but she couldn’t say anything.

“I am coming Maa.” Dad replied and stood up. He patted me on my shoulder while I looked at him in the eye. He shook his head sadly and went out.

I looked at his vanity and found a piece of paper lying on it. I picked it up and opened it. Reading its contents, my eyes widened.


Dear Ragini,

I am sorry. I am really very sorry. For everything. Every single damn thing. For breaking your heart. For using you. For kidnapping you. For trying to murder you. For never considering your feelings. For cheating on you. For accusing you of cheating. For not accepting my children and taking their responsibility. And most importantly, for driving you away and letting you go.

There was a time in my life when I was sure that Swara would be the ideal partner for me. She was bold, fearless, beautiful, headstrong, tough and she was NOT my father’s choice(that was the most appealing trait!) She was modern who wore skirts and tops and jeans and dresses and spoke her mind. The kind of a girl I could flaunt in front of my ‘friends’. What I didn’t realise was that my own mind and heart were confused where they belonged to. And with whom.

Swara was right. We never loved each other. It was a childish infatuation which we mistook for love as it was happening at the peak of our youth and for the first time in our lives. Because love doesn’t happen that way. It isn’t as fickle and vulnerable as Swara and my relation was. That relation broke up so easily when you tried. In a way, you showed both of us that love doesn’t happen that way and that we were not the one for each other. Swara, being the mature one, understood easily but I didn’t. And I am sorry for that.

Ragini, I won’t lie to you this time. I didn’t love you initially. Not till I brought you back. Because I never tried to understand you. I was a prejudiced, foolish guy who stereotyped traditional women as boring and not worth my time. And that was my biggest mistake. Because had I opened my eyes to the woman that you were, I would have seen how amazing you were. Had I looked past your clothes and shy nature, I would have known how well we were for each other. It was only after being exposed to some of your…..not so innocent actions and spending time with you and getting to know you better, did it struck me how perfectly we complemented each other. How you were the order to my chaos, the maturity to my childishness, the hard work to my laziness, the intelligence to my dumbness, the light to my darkness and the beauty to my beast.

You are the moonshine Ragini. Sunshine gives everyone life. Like Swara does. But moonshine gives everyone hope. Dreams. Peace. Love. And you, my dear love, are the moonshine. You are my moon. The face that I always searched for in the moon every single day for these past sixteen years. Just like how the night seems so dark without the moonlight, my life was so dark for these sixteen years without you.

I didn’t do it intentionally Ragini. I have admitted to what I DID do intentionally but I speak nothing but the truth when I say that I didn’t do THAT intentionally. I would never hurt my love sweetheart. I would hurt myself, ruin myself and even destroy myself, but I would never hurt you. That is the reason why I never searched for you three in these years. Because I knew you would be hurt and pained to see me again. And I didn’t want that.

I am marrying again in a few hours. She would never be able to take your place in my heart and my life. Because she is Bengali, not Marwari.Because she is a lawyer, not an entrepreneur. Because she cares only about herself, not about others. Because she keeps her hair to one side, not on her back. Because she has hazel eyes, not brown eyes. Because she is a childless woman, not the mother of my two annoying children. Because her name is Nivedita Basu, not Ragini Gadodia.

I have to do this because I have made a promise. You told me,didn’t you, that you didn’t want me in your life? You told me didn’t you, that I should fulfil my promises? So I am going to fulfil my promise. I will marry her. But I will never be able to love her. I will never be able to give her the true rights of being my wife. You know why? Because she isn’t you. You were the only wife I was meant to have. Right from the beginning.

Take care. Be safe and happy. Work hard and make history. Congratulations on the splendid job that you have done on our sons. They are much better men than their father ever was. I am proud of them and I am proud of you.

With lots of love,

P.S. The heart wants what it wants Ragini. And I know, finally, that my heart wants you. It always had and it always will. Till my last breath. Remember me.


Tears were rolling down from my eyes. They didn’t deserve this! My parents didn’t deserve this. Even if they were two foolish, headstrong people who were bent on ruining their own lives, they didn’t deserve this. Dad loved Mom. And whatever she says, I know that she loves him too. I would never let them do this to themselves. To us.

‘Ruhaan…….come down quickly.’ Ranveer’s voice came to my head. I wiped my tears.

‘I need to tell you something.’ I replied.

‘Wo sab baad mein! Come down quickly, there is a major problem!’ His voice came again. I felt a cold dread settle on me. It was Ranveer’s feeling which I was feeling due to my telepathy with him. I knew something was wrong.

‘I am coming. But tell me what happened?’

There was a pause. And then, he said it.

‘Mom has been kidnapped! And Dad has gone to look for her.’

***End of Flashback***

I wished that Mom could have read it. That letter. It was amazing. So honest and so heartfelt. The tearstains on that letter, which must have come while Dad had been writing, just made it more emotional. Romantic. For the first time in my life, I felt that Dad was a really passionate man. The one who would do anything for his love. Like leaving his bride on the mandap and search for his love. And get lost in a forest himself. The one who did care, despite what he wanted everyone to believe.

Ranveer came inside with a device in his hand. That same fan like thing. He looked really happy and had a silly grin on his face. He thrusted the contraption in front of my face.

“See this? Isn’t it cool? I spent the entire night working on this. Congratulate me!” He said, plopping down on the bed.

I narrowed my eyes and clapped loudly thrice. “Amazing. Mom would be proud when she gets to know that her son was working on a useless device while she was missing.” I said sarcastically.

Ranveer narrowed his eyes at me. “There are times when I seriously wish that you had more brains. Look at it carefully and then tell me what you think it is.”

I looked at it closely. It had a circular centre which had four wings attached to it. There was a glass hemisphere on top of that circular thing. Each wing had a mini fan attached to it. And the wings were made up of what looked like solar panels.

“Is that, by any chance, a drone?” I asked him unbelievingly. It was so cool!

Ranveer leaned back proudly. “Yeah. A WORKING drone. Made up of photosensitive panels and cells. So basically, its battery would start charging as soon as those panels detect any form of light. And that glass thing is a camera.” He said.

I was very impressed. This is so good! He is amazing. I noticed him looking at me expectantly, as if it had more to it. I shrugged.

“Do you know what it is for?” He asked me again.

I shook my head in negative. He slapped his forehead in irritation and said deeply.

“This drone will be used to find them. Mom and Dad. It flies okay and has a camera so that we can see the area from where it passes. We would take it to the outskirts of the jungle and send it inside. Though it is the month of December, it will catch even the feeble sunlight.”

I gasped in amazement. Wow! This drone would detect Mom and Dad easily. And we wouldn’t have to go inside the forest! They would be found! I saw Ranveer looking at me emotionally. “That was the least I could do.” He whispered. I hugged him tightly. Everything would be okay. They would return and together, we would find out who was behind all this. I swear, I wouldn’t leave the person who wanted to harm my family and break it.


“RAGINI!” I shouted at the top of my lungs for the hundredth time that day. God, where is she? Is she okay?

I heard some rustling of leaves behind me. I jerked back but didn’t find anyone. Maybe I was hallucinating due to the hunger. I turned back and started looking for her again.

After an hour or so, I sat down to rest. This anaemia would kill me! And I would die without knowing whether she was fine or not! Ughh……pathetic!

I slumped on the ground and closed my eyes. My mind went back to the day when I realised that my feelings were changing.


“Main hoon hero, Tera. Ki Main hoon hero,Tera. Ki main hoon hero, teraaaa………….” I sang as I finger combed my hair in front of the mirror.

“Umm……Lakshya? Humko bhi mirror use karna hai!” Ragini said to me innocently, the twenty fifth time in the ten minutes that I had been in front of the mirror. I huffed in annoyance and moved aside to give her space.

She sat in front of the vanity. Her hair was still wet. She looked at me through the mirror. Her large brown eyes were looking at me lovingly. Her soft pink wet lips were apart. She was wearing a beautiful peacock blue sari. And again, I didn’t know what took over me.

I took the comb and started combing her hair gently. She stiffened but I continued my work. When all of her hair was combed, I made her wear her bangles, her mangalsutra, her earrings, her borla and her sindoor. She was blushing hard and looking down all the while as I enjoyed each moment to the fullest.

When she was done, she stood up shyly. I placed my finger beneath her chin and made her look up. “Kya hua?” I asked her.

“Kuchh nahi. It is just that I always dreamt of this but never really hoped that it would turn into a reality.” She replied, her eyes moist.

I was taken aback. I had never thought that something as simple as being made ready by her husband would make her so happy. I realised how simple Ragini was. How undemanding. She just needed a little support and love.

“Ohho……hum late ho gaye! Maa naraz hongi. Achha hum jaate hain!” She said and walked out of the room in a hurry.

I looked at the space she had occupied moments ago. Her scent was still lingering. I took a deep breath and let the aroma wash over my system. It was a floral scent, sweet and intoxicating. Just like my Ragini.

My Ragini? What? MY Ragini? When did she become mine? God, had I started feeling for her?

With dread, I realised that indeed, I had started feeling for her more than a person should. That her presence affected me. That her ABSENCE affected me. And with a cold feeling in my chest, I realised that it bode ill for my plans.

***End of Flashback***

A smile formed on my lips. I was SO foolish! And Ragini was so sweet. She still is. Very beautiful and very sweet. And even I am the same. Foolish as hell. I have pained her so much. I have insulted her in every possible way. No wonder she didn’t want to give me another chance.

‘You drove my sister away!’ Swara’s voice came to my head.

‘You are a cheat! A liar! You don’t deserve her.’

‘You are the biggest bas**** I have ever met. I wonder how Ragini could love you!’

I closed my ears in pain as all her taunts and words echoed in my head, giving me a headache. Her taunts just grew louder and started mixing up.

‘You drove…..liar…..cheat……don’t deserve…….biggest bas****……how can Ragini love………Chali gayi na? Bhej diya?………….’

My eyes flew open. The last taunt. I recalled it again.

‘Chali gayi na chhodkar? Bhej hi diya na tumne usse apne se dur? Ho gaye kaamyaab? Ab khush?’

She had said that to me when I had been descending the stairs to tell everyone that Ragini had left. I had just read her letter and cried for some time. Now, I was finally out and going to inform everybody.

My mind started working. I had been numb at that time so it didn’t strike me then. Ragini had left WITHOUT informing anybody. At least, that was what everyone claimed later. I had been locked up in my room and crying heavily so no one knew that she had left because of me. So how did Swara know that Ragini left? And how did Swara know that I had been planning once to drive her away.

My mind went pack to the past. I recalled all my failed attempts at troubling Ragini. The food, the clothes, the garden……………I recalled all my plans and how they failed. No one knew that I had been trying to trouble Ragini except Ragini herself. But who told her? I, surely, never did. And there was no one who I shared the plan with.

‘Chali gayi na chhodkar? Bhej hi diya na tumne usse apne se dur? Ho gaye kaamyaab? Ab khush?’

Ragini was told by someone who knew I had been doing this. The one who had failed all my plans. The one who replaced the salt filled food, the one who washed the dirty clothes and the one who dug up the garden at night and planted the roses.

I recalled how she would not spare me a look even though I didn’t trouble her. I recalled the dirty looks she would send my way. I recalled the disgust and determination in her eyes when I was caught.

My jaw hardened. She knew what I had been up to but remained silent and she told Ragini everything while our relationship was crumbling. And she knew Ragini left. So why didn’t she stop her? SHE drove Ragini away………I didn’t.

Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari. You have a lot of answers to give.


There. There. Seems like no one is clean in this ‘khaandaani khaandaan’. Specially the bahus. First Ragini, then Pari and now……Swara. Ab kiski baari?????

Up Next: Ranveer and Ruhaan’s mission starts. Ranveer finds something unbelievable. The Gadodias enter.

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