Raglak ff: Tera Mera Rishta Purana (Part 7)

Hey guys…….Bela is back! So the thing is, my phone is going to get confiscated on 23rd October. Before that, I have to complete this ff. So I will be fast…………..

Recap : Ragini ke choozon ne li chain ki Saans as the laash wasn’t of their Daddy Ji. Ragini ko mile apne Saiyan aur dono ne milke Kiya ta-ta-thaiyaan. Ragini ke naughty chooze ne kholi CID aur li help Ragini ke Byomkesh Bakshi behen ke choozon ki. Mila usse ek khat jisne macha Diya Hulchul. Ragini ke genius chooze ne kari apni Mausi se chai par charcha with no kharcha. Ragini ne kari awaaro jaisi harkat jab dekha apne pati ko in the river. Pati nikla aur tharki jisne chalayi The Expose of his body. Phir kari usne Dil ki baat aur Mili usse Ragini ki jaadu ki jhappi.

Ab aagey………….


“Listen…….this is fake. I am telling you…….this is totally fake. Mom couldn’t have written it. See the language. See the expressions. Hell, see the handwriting. It just isn’t Mom. Someone has planted this to bhatkao us. Don’t believe in this Karthik nonsense”. Ranveer said to me. I nodded. He had a point. A big, important and accurate point. It couldn’t have been Mom. Yet…………………………

“Bro, stop thinking so much, okay? If there had been some Karthik involved, we would have heard of him. It is no one. Absolutely no one.” I heard him say again. I nodded again.

“But then who could have done this? I don’t know why, I feel that this letter is what Dad had all this while. And probably the reason he was so convinced that we weren’t his children. And also why he never came looking for us. Because he thought Mom was happy with this Karthik.” I said to him. Ranveer sat down across me. Yep. Even he had thought the same.

Someone in this house wasn’t our friend. Worse, this person was our enemy. As long as this person was inside the house, we wouldn’t get our parents back so easily.


“Maa, where were you? I had been looking for you……” I asked Maa as she came inside my room. She smiled at me. “Blood donate Karne. You know na, it is my routine six month thing. It was time now. My blood group is O -ive and quite rare. You both have B+ like your Papa. I need to donate blood on regular intervals.” She replied. I nodded and smiled.

“Why were you looking for me?” She asked me as she stroked my hair.

That’s it. This was a golden opportunity. I decided to use it. “Nothing Maa. I am worried about Chachu and Mausi. It has been a week. And even about Ranveer Bhai and Ruhaan Bhai. They are so tensed.”

Maa nodded slowly as she stared into space. I decided to strike.

“Pata nahi, they keep on saying some stuff. They asked me if I had ever heard of a Karthik. I told them I didn’t. They seemed quite disappointed.” I said to her, watching for any change in expression. And there was none.

“Karthik? Who is that?” She asked me. Shit! She didn’t know. Means, this Karthik thing was a fabrication. Yes! “I don’t know Maa.” I told her. She smiled at me. “Support them in what they do. They are going through a very tough time.” She said. I nodded.

After a few minutes, when she was gone, I went to the Bhais’ room. They were trying to study.

“According to Keynesian theory, the equilibrium level of income in an economy is determined when aggregate demand curve is equal to the total output i.e. aggregate supply.” Ruhaan Bhai was saying.

“Froth floatation method is used to remove gangue from sulphide ores. In this process, a suspension of powdered ore is made with water. Collectors like pine oil, which enhance non wettability and froth stabilisers like cresols, which stabilise froth, are added.” Ranveer bhai replied.

“Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya.” Ruhaan Bhai said to his twin who narrowed his eyes. “Even I didn’t get a word of what you said.” He replied.

I smiled and decided to leave them alone. They were going to give Boards in March, they needed to study.

As I walked towards my room, I saw something spectacular on the tablet. A number of men were lying on the ground, injured badly. They had been shot on their hands and legs. They were probably some goons. Oh God! Were Mausi and Chachu alright?

I turned back to go to their room but collided with Badi Maa who dropped the papers she had been carrying. I smiled sheepishly and said sorry as I bent down to pick up the papers.
“Ye Kya Kar rahi ho? What are you doing? Leave it. Clumsy girl………..don’t you dare touch my things.” She scolded me as she hurriedly scooped up the papers and skittered away. I watched her strangely. She was acting weird. She was trying to hide something. Maybe there was something in the papers that she didn’t want me to see, even by mistake. And I would find out what it was.


I looked at the board in front of me which was pinned with photos of my targets. If all had been well, Ragini and Lakshya’s pictures would have had a cross over them. But those lucky people got out of my clutches. My only hope is that they die of starvation or get eaten by an animal. I have sent far too many men inside. And I can’t afford it now.

And I have already committed a murder. I had to. No choice. He had been threatening to expose my deal with him. I had to silence him. One shot to the heart. Just one. That old man had crumpled to the ground like a dead bird. I had clothed him in clothes similar to Lakshya’s but that ass’s sons and brother had identified that it wasn’t him. Anyways, he knew too much and he expected too much. I added two more photos to the board. Poor them. Innocent and useless. I don’t need them as well.

“Toh, any news about Lakshya and Ragini?” Her voice came to me. God, she is annoying! Very annoying! How had I been trapped with her? Of course, she was intelligent and clever, too clever in my opinion, but she was also very enthusiastic between the sheets. And that had been my major attraction. But now, with what I had done, it wouldn’t be a matter of time before she would realise. And I couldn’t afford it. She had to go too. Just like him.

I masked my expression into a cool one and replied to her, “No idea. They are alive. But they won’t be for long.” She came over and sat on my lap sensuously. “Dad isn’t picking up my calls. I don’t know what to do.” She said with a pout. I smiled at her.

“Why do you need Daddy when I am here? Am I not enough?” I asked her huskily as I nibbled her earlobes, inciting a moan of pleasure from her. She shifted a little so that our chests were pressed tightly. Her fingers rubbed circles on my back as I opened the dori of her blouse and started nuzzling her neck. She smells nice. I will miss her. Not her actually. The s*x.

She clawed my back as I sucked her skin on the chest, moaning madly and asking for more. I undressed us quickly and laid her on the table and started pumping inside her. Last night of fun baby. You wouldn’t get to see tomorrow’s sun.


We walked along the trail, unsure of where we were headed to. We had no idea how to get out of this jungle. Ragini’s hand was in mine and she was walking with me but I could feel her getting tired.

“Let’s rest here for a bit. I am tired.” I said to her, knowing that she would never admit that she was tired too. She looked at me and nodded. We sat under a tree and I pulled her closer to me. She laid her head on my chest and I kissed her head.

“I am so glad Ragini, that we are together. No Kavya, Nivedita, and Karthik in between us. Just you and me. And our brats!” I said softly as I stroked her hair.

Ragini raised her head a little. “Who is Karthik?” She asked.

What? Who is Karthik? She is asking me who is Karthik? Is this a joke? I looked at her and she seemed genuinely clueless. Wait a minute. What is happening?

“Ragini………that letter which you left for me before you left.”

“Haan. I expressed all my feelings. How I love you so much and will always do. How I hate myself for falling for you. And how I am sad and worried about how I will bring up our kids alone. How I wish that I could prove to you that they were yours.”

What? This wasn’t what she had written in that letter. She had clearly said that she didn’t love me and the kids weren’t mine and that she would live with Karthik. What is going on?

“Ragini………you mentioned that the kids weren’t mine and that you love a Karthik who was the father of your babies. And that you would live happily with him.”

Ragini looked at me in shock. Disbelief ran through her eyes. I couldn’t believe it too.

“I wrote no such thing! Why would I lie about who the father of my children was? And I have never loved anyone other than you. Who is this Karthik?”


I snooped around Badi Maa’s room. I had given the tablet to Ranveer Bhai and he and Ruhaan Bhai were seeing the footage. Meanwhile, I was trying to find the papers Badi Maa was hiding. I had searched all the files yet I had been unsuccessful.

I heard footsteps coming in my direction. I quickly hid in the washroom. I saw Badi Maa enter the room. She was speaking to someone on the phone. The papers were still in her hand. She put them inside her bedside drawer as she talked on the phone.

“Apni bakwaas band karo. I gave you so much money at that time. Why are you calling me again? Are you trying to blackmail me? You……..shut up! You aren’t even going to get a penny. What work did you do, by the way? Nothing. Just lay there. Stop calling me or the consequences won’t be good.” She said and disconnected the phone.

Ansh came inside. “Maa, have you seen my gaming PC? I can’t find it.”

“How should I know? Can’t you take care of your things on your own. Huff. Careless. You are just like………” Badi Maa stopped. She stood up and walked away.

I felt bad for Ansh. His face had fallen. I waited for him to go out and then came out, took the papers and went to Bhais’ room, which we had dubbed our ‘adda’. I showed them the papers and told them about what I had heard.

“So Badi Maa gave someone money to do something? To lay?” Ruhaan Bhai asked. I nodded.

Ranveer Bhai, who had been half-lying on the couch and reading the papers, stood up suddenly and stared at the papers with wide eyes. We looked at him curiously.

“Kya hua? Bhoot dekh Liya Kya?” Ruhaan Bhai asked him. Ranveer Bhai looked at us.

“Almost. Did anyone of you know that Badi Maa can’t have children?”


I rubbed my fingers over my head. Adarsh Bhai sat across me, reviewing the file.

“Sanskaar, the deal is almost done. We just need your signatures as I have signed.” He said. I nodded to him.

“Even I am worried for Lakshya. And Ragini. I am hoping that they have met in the jungle. It would be easier for them to come out if that happens.” Adarsh Bhai said as he kept the file down.

“The children are so restless. They should have been studying but I don’t think that any child would be able to, if he gets to know that both of his parents are missing.” I said to him. He nodded.

“I was thinking that we should try and fasten the search. You know, by talking to the commissioner and deploying extra forces. The police haven’t been able to do anything. We can’t let this go on.” He said to me.

He is right. How long should we wait for any news? We have to do something.

A knock came. A man entered. “Sir, there is a call from the police station.” He handed us the phone. I put it on loudspeaker.

“Mr. Maheshwari? Is that you?”

“Yes officer. Sanskaar. My elder brother Adarsh is also here. Do you have any news regarding Lakshya and Ragini?”

“No. In fact, I called to tell you that you will have to come to the police station.”


“A dead body has been recovered. It is of Nivedita Basu.”

Adarsh Bhai looked at me in shock. My head started paining. What the hell?


“Ragini, let me get this straight. When you left me, did anyone accompany you to Delhi?”

“No. No one. I was alone.”

“Have you really ever……….cheated on me? Tell me honestly, it won’t have any effect on us now.”

“The only way in which I cheated you was by taking your signatures on the divorce papers without your knowledge.”

Lakshya and I were walking in the reverse direction, the way we had come from. We were trying to sort out this mess which we had no idea existed before Lakshya mentioned Karthik.

Apparently, according to Lakshya, my letter had never reached him. Instead, he had received a letter which said that I had cheated on him with one Karthik and that my babies were his and I was running away with him. Lakshya explained that the letter was a reason why he never looked for me and our kids. Because he thought I was happy with someone else.

I am sure Lakshya is telling the truth. But if that is the case, then who replaced our letters? Someone must have done this disgusting thing to create problems between us. But who could it be?

“Ragini, I think someone didn’t want us to get together at all. So he or she played this dirty trick. And I know one person who definitely doesn’t want to see us together.”

We looked at each other. I couldn’t believe it. Swara.


“What is this? So Badi Maa is…..infertile and she couldn’t have kids. So where did Ansh pop out from?” Ruhaan said.

Suhani and Ruhaan were making all sorts of wild theories. However, I was trying to be perspective.

This whole family is twisted. It seems that with Ruhaan and my arrival, old graves are getting dug again and the family secrets are tumbling out. And all of them are ugly. But none is as shocking as this. Badi Maa couldnt have children. So where did Ansh come from?

“Maybe he is adopted. And Badi Maa and Bade Papa passed him off as their own.” Suhani said. Ruhaan nodded in agreement. It was a possibility. Yet, it didn’t strike right to me.

“Adoption takes legal procedures and is time consuming. Had Ansh been adopted, the family would have known. However, no one does. So I don’t think he is adopted.” I said. Ruhaan nodded in agreement again.

“Will you say something productive and stop nodding your head all the time?” I asked him with irritation. Ruhaan grinned.

“Dude, trust me. I have lost all my power of understanding and logic. This is too much. Too much.” He said.

“Bhai, you remember when you both met Nivedita the Chudail?” Suhani asked us suddenly as she giggled. We smiled too.


“Lakshya has agreed to marry Nivedita. As I suggested.” Bade Dadu said. Chhoti Dadi made a face.

“Par ve chhori to Bangalan hai!” She whined. Swara Mausi raised her eyebrows. Chhoti Dadi bit her tongue.

“Maara Matlab poori Bangalan. Swara, you are half Marwadi. By your father’s side.”

“If you must have a problem with her Mom, then it should be with her character. That woman is not fit to be stepmother to my Ragini’s children.” Mausi said with a sniff. Everybody nodded.

“You should have pointed it out earlier Swara beta. Now, the marriage is fixed. We can’t do anything.” Chhote Dadu said.

“So is she like those typical evil stepmothers? Don’t worry, if she troubles us, Ranveer and I are no Cinderellas or Snow Whites. We would strike back. Very painfully.” Ruhaan said with a grin. Suhani and Sanya giggled. Ruhaan made gestures of shooting with guns and both of them clapped.

“Ruhaan……behave!” Mom said. Ruhaan grinned at her. He hugged her from the back and gripped her shoulders.

“Main meri Mummy ko chhodke kahin nahi jaunga.” He said with a pout. I joined the group hug too. Everybody looked at us fondly.

A few hours later, as Ruhaan was practising basketball with Suhani, all of us heard his shriek. We rushed out and came upon the peculiar sight of a woman hugging him and he, making faces and trying to push her away.

“Leave me. God, have some shame. I am a child! Aapke bete ki umar ka Hoon main!” He was saying as he struggled to get away from her. She held on.

“Oh Lakshya! You are so funny.” She said. Ruhaan gagged.

“NIVEDITA!” Dad’s voice boomed from behind me. Okay. So this was our soon to be stepmother who we had to eliminate from my Mom and Dad’s love story.

A tall and slim woman who was dressed smartly in a sari, Nivedita Basu, aged 34, could have been called a beauty. But she was trying to come in between my parents. So, no. She was a witch.

On hearing Dad’s voice, she left Ruhaan and turned around and spotted Dad and me. Her eyes widened. She looked at Ruhaan, Dad and I and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Yuck! I am smelling of ladies’ perfume. Ewwwwwew!” Ruhaan whined as Mom rushed to him. She sniffed him.

“Ohho Baba. It is Yardley English Rose. Not bad. You smell good.” Mom said. Ruhaan looked at her as if she had gone crazy.

Dad chuckled behind me. Even I tried desperately to control my laughter. This situation was actually very funny.

“Who are you?” Nivedita asked Mom and Ruhaan snootily. Mom turned to her with a smile.

“I am Ragini. And this is my son Ruhaan. One of my sons. The other one is there, standing in front of Lakshya. In spectacles.” She pointed to me. Nivedita looked at us. And fainted.

She was carried to the house, bridal style, by Ramu Kaka because no one had a wish to touch her, especially Dad. He patted Ruhaan on his back.

“Good job! You saved me from smelling of Ladies’ perfume. Thank you.” He said as Ruhaan glared at him.

“It is not just a ladies’ perfume! It is Yardley English Rose. Arrey, Katrina Kaif does the ad. Haven’t you seen?” Mom asked him. Dad looked at her, with what seemed like fondness. He looked at her as she chattered on and on about Yardley’s other flavoured perfumes.

“How is she? Did you like her?” He asked Mom with a smirk who stopped speaking. She scrunched up her nose and narrowed her eyes.

“Haan. Very beautiful and very classy. And has such a good choice in deodrants as well. I don’t know what possessed her to choose you then.” Mom said with a smile and didn’t notice the crestfallen expression on Dad’s face as she walked off.

Ruhaan looked at me and I nodded to him. Inn dono ka kuchh karna padega.

***End of Flashback***

“That Nivedita never liked Mausi. Of course, she knew that she wouldn’t ever be able to replace Mausi in Chachu’s life and that Mausi was way too better and more beautiful than her.” Suhani said smugly.

“That we know. But let us focus on the important stuff. Ye Ansh kiski aulad hai?” Ruhaan asked in a Newshour debate manner.

I don’t know why, but something was troubling me. Something was nagging me at the back of my mind and I had no idea what it was.

“And to top it, what is this Karthik thing? And who was Badi Maa talking to? Why did she give him or her money? All this is rather troubling.” Suhani said.

She was right. There were so many questions but 90% of them had no answers. I was sure that this Karthik thing was a drama. But this Badi Maa issue…………..

“Where is Mausi? I haven’t seen her since morning.” Ruhaan said.

Suhani nodded. “She went to donate blood. She does that after every six months. Returned an hour ago and is resting right now.”

“Impressive. Mom does it after every six months too. She has O -ive, you know? Very rare. Ranveer and I have B+. Just like Dad.”

“Hey! Maa has O -ive. And Sanya and I have B+ too. Just like Papa.”

“Cool. That is the reason we are so positive. Because our blood group is B positive. Haha haha haha.”

I groaned. “Ruhaan, focus! Ansh kiska Ansh hai? Think of that!”

“Abe I think that she must have stolen somebody else’s child. Maybe, even Bade Papa didn’t know. Who knows?” Ruhaan said in frustration.

And his statement made another statement ring in my mind.

‘Pari Bhabhi and I delivered within an hour of each other.’

Mausi had said that Badi Maa and she went into labour almost together. Mausi’s son was stillborn while Badi Maa had Ansh. But now that it was established that Badi Maa couldn’t have children, where did Ansh come from? My skin prickled as my mind shouted out a possibility.

Was Ansh actually Mausi’s child?


“Look Inspector, I have no idea why Nivedita could have committed suicide. She wasn’t really depressed over Lakshya’s absence at their wedding. She was doing very well.” I told the inspector. He nodded.

We were at the Police Station. Nivedita’s body had been sent for autopsy and initial investigations pointed to death by poison. Police were trying to investigate a suicide angle.

“Sir! There is a news! The DNA of this woman, Ms. Basu, matches with that body which we found burnt in the forest.” A young officer said as he entered the room in a hurry.

I looked at Adarsh Bhai who was frowning at the new officer. He looked at me and mouthed, ‘What?’

“Has any relation been established, as of yet?” The senior inspector asked. The young one nodded.

“The burnt body was of her father’s!”


“Yaar Bhai! How will I steal that brat Ansh’s ID card?” Suhani asked me for the tenth time.

I had not told her about my suspicions but Ruhaan knew and he was damn sure that we were on the right track. He had gone to enquire about Bade Papa and Badi Maa’s blood group.

“What do we need it for? To see his ugly face?” Suhani pouted. I was tempted to tell her that it was possible that the ‘ugly faced brat’ was her own younger brother.

“Suhani, I will try and divert his attention. You just pick up his identity card. He wouldn’t notice. And I swear, I would tell you if my suspicions turned true. Now let’s go.”

We went to Ansh’s room. He was sitting on the bed with a bored expression on his face. I knocked and asked, “May I come in?”

Ansh looked up and saw me. He nodded. I went inside and gestured to Suhani to remain outside.

“What are you doing?” I asked him politely.

He shrugged. “Nothing. Why?”

I shrugged back. “Just wanted to ask you. As soon as my parents are found, I would go back to Delhi with Ruhaan. I wanted to spend time with all my cousins before I leave.”

“I am………sorry about them. Your parents. Chachu was very cool and your mother…….she was really sweet. She made me all my favourite dishes. She was better than my own mother, at least.”

I felt bad for him. I would never say that someone else was better than my Mom. If he was saying so, it meant that he had been grossly mistreated.

“You are in ninth, right? Tough class. Specially biology. That animal and plant kingdom. Arthropoda, annelids etc. Ruhaan used to learn them by his rhyme. It was like, ‘Arthropoda, kisne kisko phoda? Mujhe pada koda, Teri behen ka……….’ you know what! Starts with L. And rhymes with the poda.” I said and Ansh grinned.

“He is just like Chachu. Funny and naughty.”

“Hmm. And crazy. Just like Dad. And vain. They both think that they are the hottest creatures on this planet.”

“They could be if they have a fever of 104 point something.”

I laughed hard. He wasn’t such a bad kid. Other than the fact that he was going through his puberty.

“You are right, though. Ninth is tough. I don’t like Physics and Maths. Maths is full of geometry! And that Motion thing in physics is turning me crazy. Upar se PSA. Pain in the wrong place. The papers are easy enough, but when I match with CBSE’s answer key, all my answers are wrong!”

“CBSE uses Baba Aatam ke zamane ke computers to check your OMR’s. So don’t worry, it would come out fine. And about Maths and Physics, I could help you. If you want it, that is.”

Ansh looked at me strangely. “Papa often says that I should be like you. Maybe that is why I was so rude to you earlier. Comparison sucks.”

My heart went out to him. I leaned closer to him. “You know what? Even my Mom says that I should be like Ruhaan. I should learn to relax. And she tells Ruhaan that he needs to be like me. Serious about stuff. So we don’t listen to her!”

Ansh grinned. “Would you really help me?” He asked hopefully. I nodded. He smiled widely and took out his bag and gave me his books. Just then, Suhani entered.

“Hey guys, what are you up to…………oh no! Avoidable, avoidable! Physics! Maths! Death! No! I am planning to take Humanities. Keep them away!” She said dramatically as she sat on the bed. I motioned to her to find the ID card. She nodded.

“You don’t like Physics and Maths too?” Ansh asked her. Suhani smirked.

“Like? La. Never. We are like same poles magnets. We repel each other!” She said as we three laughed.

Suhani sat with us for some minutes then moaned that our study related talks were giving her a headache. She stood up and left.

An hour later, after I had helped Ansh, I was preparing to leave. As I was about to exit, I heard his voice call out to me. I turned around.

“Thanks Ranveer Bhai. You are really a good guy. I will pray to God that Chachu and Ragini Aunty come back soon.”

I smiled at him and nodded. With that, I exited his room. I entered mine and saw Suhani and Ruhaan sitting on the bed and discussing something. Both looked up as I entered.

“Aa gaya tuition deke? Maine bhi homework Kiya hai. Bade Papa and Badi Maa have B+ and A+ respectively.” Ruhaan smiled as I plopped down on the bed. Suhani gave me Ansh’s ID which she had covered with her phone and picked up with it when she left. I saw Ansh’s blood group.

It was O………………negative.


“So you mean to say, that you never cheated on me?” Lakshya asked me again as I nodded. He leaned back and then narrowed his eyes.


I widened my eyes. Lakshya looked cross. “Who the hell played that disgusting and appalling prank on me then?” He asked as he sat down.

Now that is something I wanted to know too. Who was it? Not Swara. Even Lakshya had admitted that Swara wouldn’t do something as dirty as that, and she would never try to ruin my character publicly. So who was it?

“I am feeling guiltier now. I basically abandoned you and my kids when you really needed me.” I shook my head and held his hand.

I was trying to get the courage to tell him about what I had learnt while I was held captive. About who had kidnapped me. But my courage failed me. Lakshya noticed my hesitation and raised my chin with his thumb.

“What happened? You can tell me anything.” He said in a gentle voice. Hearing him, I decided to do it. It may hurt him. But he had a right to know.

“I got to know in captivity that my kidnapper was Mr. Basu. Nivedita’s father.” I said to him. He narrowed his eyes.

“I promise, when we get out of here, I am going to rip his balls apart for trying to touch you.” He swore. I smiled softly.

“I was in the same room as him. I acted as if I was unconscious. He believed it. He was talking to someone on the phone.”

“What was he saying? It could have been an accomplice.”

“It was. He…………….”

Somehow, I couldn’t do it. Not when he was looking at me with so much love. I didn’t want him to spoil his relationships further, just because of me.

“Ragini. Are you telling me? Whatever it is, you have to tell me everything. Whoever this person is, he or she is dangerous. The person tried to kill you and even me, when I entered this forest. We have to know everything. We are a team.”

I took a deep breath. Sorry Lakshya.

“He was saying that he was glad that the plan to trap you was working. After your marriage with Nivedita, she would transfer all your money on her name.”

Lakshya looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “I said that you have to tell me EVERYTHING. And that means, every single thing. You aren’t telling me the complete truth. What was it?”

I closed my eyes. There, I would do it now.

“He said that he was really happy that the man on the other side had come with your proposal for Nivedita. He had said, ‘Thank you Mr. Maheshwari.’ And we both know who had taken your proposal to Mr. Basu.”

Lakshya inhaled sharply as his eyes widened.



There, there. Durgaprasad Maheshwari under scanner. Let’s see what happens.

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Up Next: Swara on a mission, Ruhaan stumbles upon another truth, Sanya and Ansh identify someone and Ranveer and Suhani spot Raglak on the drone camera.

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