Raglak ff: Tera Mera Rishta Purana (Part 5 Kuchh Raaz)


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Recap: Ragini Ke choozon ne kiya gazab, Ragini Ki behna ne dikhayi ainvayi Ki hoshiyari, Ragini ke genius chooze ko pata chala raaz janam ke pehle ka, Ragini ke Pyaar ko goli Ka khatra aur Ragini madam ne herself, maari entry. Aur baj gayi readers ke Dil mein ghanti????

Ab, aagey………………..


“Abbey babaji Ka thhullu! Ghanta! Kuchh nahi mila.” I said to Ranveer as Suhani came inside and smiled sadly. She took the tablet from me. “My turn now. I will go to my room with it. Maa thinks that I have gone to rest. So I can easily close my room and watch over. If there is anything worth telling, I will inform you.” She said. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I looked at Ranveer who was gravely silent and looked in shock. I nodded to Suhani, who nodded back and went to her own room.

I put my hand on Ranveer’s shoulder. He looked up at me. His eyes were wet. I panicked. Ranveer hardly cries. It must be something serious. I was about to ask but he said suddenly, “Mausi really hates Dad.” I looked at him in confusion. This is a universal truth which everybody is aware of. Why was Ranveer repeating it?

“I know bro. She and Dad had something in between them and he was about to marry her. But Mom did evil stuff and got married to Dad instead. I never understood why she hated Dad, though. I mean, she should be hating Mom, right? Does she hate Dad because of what he did with Mom and………..us?” I asked him. Ranveer nodded. “She really loves Mom then.” I reasoned. Ranveer nodded again.

“She loves Mom so much that she decided to take the decision of Mom’s life in her own hands.” Ranveer said in a daze. My eyebrows furrowed. What was he trying to say?

“Mom didn’t leave Dad herself. She was influenced by someone else.” Ranveer said. My eyes widened in shock. What? Was leaving Dad not Mom’s decision?

I recalled the time when Mom told us the entire back story. She confessed to all her crimes and what all had been done to her in return. We had felt shocked initially and then sympathy. She loved Dad and Dad betrayed her. But as much as we wanted to, we couldn’t hate him. Not when he was being such a perfect father to us. And we could never hate Mom. NEVER.

I recalled how Mom said that she loved Dad so much. She had repeated it a lot. I stood up in shock. Was her love so much that she could have stayed back and given a chance to Dad? Would she have stayed?

“She would have. She would have given a chance to Dad had it not been for Swara Mausi.” Ranveer said, reading my thoughts.

I went numb. What does he mean? How was Swara Mausi involved in this?

Ranveer explained to me the entire conversation between Mausi and Nani. With each word, I slipped deeper into shock. I had no idea that Dad had done that. Yet, it wasn’t what Dad did which troubled me. What he did with Mom later was much worse, these events were childish in front of them. It was what Mausi did which made me upset.

Ranveer was sitting on the sofa, with the fingers of his hands joined and his thumbs were on his chin. He was deep in thought. And bless the telepathy, I knew exactly what was going on in his mind. And it was totally in sync with my thoughts.

Why did she come in between? I can understand her concern for Mom but hey, Mom was capable of taking her own decisions. SHE made Mom and Dad separate. And then, she always accused Dad of driving Mom away. But she had a major role to play in it too.

To think that we could have lived with Dad and the rest of the family! We could have lived as Ruhaan and Ranveer Maheshwari, rather than Ruhaan and Ranveer Gadodia. We could have even had more siblings! All of that went down the drain. Because Mausi decided that Mom and Dad shouldn’t be together!

“I am having a tough time imagining what must have happened. This entire sequence of events is too illogical and confusing!” Ranveer said. I totally agreed. Not about the logical part. About the confusing part!

I plopped down on the sofa beside him. “Do you think Dad knows? That Swara Mausi interfered?” I asked him.

Ranveer shook his head. “I am damn sure he doesn’t. Because had he known, he would have searched for us and brought us back. He thought that MOM didn’t want him. And well, I don’t think anyone knew. She hid it well.” He replied. I agreed.

“So do you think that Mausi did all that to……………..take revenge? For separating Dad and her?” I asked. Ranveer looked at me as if I had grown another head. I smiled sheepishly. “There is a possibility…………” I said.

Suddenly, Ranveer jerked. I looked at him. He had a scared expression on his face.

“What happened?” I asked him. He looked at me.

“When Mausi was telling about what happened she mentioned something. Something which seems suspicious to me.” He said.

“What?” I asked uneasily.

Ranveer looked at me seriously. “That she would thank Badi Maa for exposing Dad’s reality in front of her.”

I widened my eyes. How the hell was Badi Maa related to this? And what exactly could SHE have to expose Dad? And why Swara Mausi? Why not Mom herself?

The answer was obvious. Mom would never believe just anybody. She trusted only a few people. And Swara Mausi was one of them. Mausi was honest, selfless, clean and upright. And…………she already hated Dad. She was already prejudiced. So it was easy to influence her decisions against Dad.

We anyways had a full blown doubt that Badi Maa had SOMETHING to do with Mom’s disappearance. Was she…………..

“…………involved in Mom and Dad’s separation.” Ranveer finished for me. We looked at each other.

What the hell happened sixteen years ago?


I looked at the man lying in front of me. Just as he had pressed the trigger, I had jumped away. We has a tussle and I managed to snatch the gun from his hand and bang his head with it. He became unconscious.

I heard some more footsteps approaching. Must be his accomplices. I quickly hid behind a tree and peeped out.

Two men arrived with guns. On seeing the man lying on the ground, there was a chaos. Seeing a chance, I shot one of the men on the leg. The other one tried to shoot me, but I shot him on his hand. Again, I banged their heads with the gun. Since the bullets in my gun were over, I took the other men’s guns and ran off.


I heard two more shots. I realised that Lakshya really had no chance of a survival now. My eyes closed with pain as tears came out.

Memories of the past came to my head. I recalled a particular memory, the time when Lakshya confessed his love to me.


‘Bol Do Na Zara, Dil mein Jo Hai Chhipa
Main kisi se, kahungi nahi……….’

I sang as I sewed the button on Lakshya’s shirt. He was standing there, waiting for it.

“Tumko kaise pata that I want to say something?” He asked me curiously.

I looked at him, confused. He realised that I didn’t know what he was talking about. He smiled and said, “I wanted to say something. The three magical words……………”

My heart started leaping joyously. Is he going to say that he loves me? Finally, the day I had waited for had come……I wanted to dance………..

“Bhook lagi Hai!” He said with a wide smile. I came back to the ground. Huh? These were the three magical words? I counted the number of words in that phrase and realised that indeed, they were three words. I huffed in indignation and threw his shirt at him. He caught it easily.

“Your shirt is done. And I will bring you something to eat. Wait here.” I said in a clipped tone and stood up. As soon as I passed him, he jerked me back towards him. We fell down on the bed due to the force, with Lakshya below me. My hair covered us from the sides. I looked at his deep black eyes, desperately wanting to move away but unable to.

Time seemed to have stopped. We were looking at each other’s beautiful eyes, telling each other a lot of things which had been left unsaid between us. Finally, after a minute, we were interrupted by Swara who came skipping inside the room without permission.

“Ae Ragini! Chal movie dekhne chalte hain!” She said happily. And then she saw us in that position. “Yahan to already dirty picture chal rahi Hai!” She muttered. We came back to earth and scrambled to get up. I tripped and again fell on Lakshya while he fell backwards on the bed again.

Swara crossed her arms in irritation. “Tum dono ye sab kaam raat mein karna. Get up!” She screeched. I quickly got up and moved away while Lakshya glared at Swara.

“Knock knock!” he said.

Swara narrowed her eyes at him. “I don’t need to knock at my sister’s door. I have a permission!”

“Ragini, knock knock!” He said again.

“Kaun Hai?” I said, understanding that it was the game.


“Swara kaun?”

“Swara the Shameless!” He said, smirking. Swara glared daggers at him while he glared back. In order to propose peace, I said the first thing that came to my mind. “Who wants to eat pasta?”

Hearing the word ‘pasta’, Swara and Lakshya forgot each other and looked at me with wide identical smiles, nodding their head up and down. When I realised what a great problem I had invited, I started sweating. And to my extreme bad luck, Sanskaar and Uttara came inside just as Swara said, “Red Sauce Pasta banana!”

No invitations needed, Uttara and Sanskaar joined the party happily, telling me to ‘put extra oregano and cheese’, ‘put less spice’ and giving other suggestions. I sighed in resignation.

“Pasta kaun bana raha Hai?” Adarsh Bhaiya came inside and asked. Everyone pointed to me. He looked at me and smiled. “One plate for me and Pari too, please?” He said sweetly. I nodded mutely and went to the kitchen.

To my ‘extreme bad luck’, Chachiji also wanted pasta. And so, my one moment of thoughtlessness resulted in an hour of sweat and hard work in the kitchen.

Later that night, tired, I walked back into the room and sat on the sofa, rubbing my neck. I felt another hand joining mine and working along my tensed muscles, fingers moving in circles to relieve me from the cramps. I looked up and saw Lakshya standing with a smile on his face as he massaged my neck and shoulders. “Is it better now?” He asked gently. I nodded a little.

“Aww mera bachcha! Working so hard day and night! Why, I think you deserve a treat! Let’s go out for an ice cream, shall we?” He said excitedly.

The idea of an ice cream date with my beloved Lakshya made all my previous fatigue go flying out of the window. I smiled happily and nodded. He smiled back and soon, we were on our way to Lakshya’s favourite ice cream parlour.

Midway, Lakshya took a different turn. I noticed but didn’t comment. It was okay, as long as we reached in time. Maybe it was a shortcut. However, Lakshya stopped the car in front of an isolated building. It was dark and shady. I felt very scared.

“BHOOOOOTTTT!” Lakshya cackled and I jumped in my seat while he started laughing. I looked at him angrily.

Seeing me, Lakshya doubled up laughing. He wiped his tears after a few minutes. “I have seen you REALLY ANGRY too. And I wonder, how is it that you manage to look both, like a scary lioness like you look then, and a cute angry kitten, like you look now!”

“Hume billi bola?” I asked him in shock.

“Kitten. K. I. T. T. E. N.” Lakshya said.

“Hume billi Ka bachcha bola?” I asked him childishly. He again started laughing crazily.

He came out of the car and opened the door for me. Then taking my hand, he walked towards the building. I looked on, scared of the dark.

“Ragini, relax! You trust me, don’t you?” He asked. I bobbed my head up and down and he smiled. On reaching the door, Lakshya looked at me. “Open the door Ragini.”

I did as he said. Immediately, the lights went on and I gasped in sheer surprise. The interiors were decorated with candles and red roses while the floor was covered with rose petals. There was a table in the centre and a bed in a corner, covered with roses arranged in a heart shape. There was a big projector projecting my pictures on the wall. Tears came to my eyes, seeing the scene above me. Lakshya caught a lone tear rolling down on my cheek and said gently, “Pushpa, I hate tears!”

I looked at him and replied, “Par humara naam to Ragini Hai!”

Lakshya slumped his shoulders. “Mere romantic mood Ka keema mat banao! Come inside.” he said and escorted me in.

“But what is this for? It isn’t my birthday today, nor is it our marriage anniversary…….” I said to him. He smiled.

“You only said, ‘Bol Do Na Zara Dil Mein Jo Hai Chhipa’. So that is what I am doing.” he said to me. I looked at him in confusion.

Lakshya went down on one knee and took my hand. He took out a small box from his pocket and opened it. It contained a beautiful solitaire ring with R&L inscribed on it. He looked at me and said, “Baat yeh Hai Ki…………..I love you Ragini!”

And the earth stopped rotating. The clock stopped ticking. My heart stopped beating and my mind stopped working. I could hear nothing, speak noting, feel nothing and think of nothing. I was numb. His words echoed in my ears. ‘I love you Ragini.’

My mind went back to the first time I saw him. In real. On our engagement day. It had been love at first sight. The handsome man who I would be marrying. His charm, his hair, his eyes, his smile, everything made me go weak in the knees. Whenever he came near, I lost all my senses. Maybe that is a reason why my mind didn’t think of anything else other than how to gain him earlier. For me, he was my prince charming. My knight in shining armour. My first love. He was what I had prayed for. He was who I was destined for. He was the one who I had waited for. My love. My Lakshya.

Today, as he kneeled down before me, looking at me as I always look at him, full of love, I felt complete. A sense of peace filled me. I had finally found a place where I belonged to. I had finally found the man I belonged with. Granted, I had to choose the wrong path to be with him. There is always a madness in love but even madness has a reason. Love knows no laws. It is blind and lovers cannot see the follies that they commit. Love is a greater law to itself. And I love him.

“Ragini…….umm…….you heard what I said right?” Lakshya asked me. I looked at him guiltily. He made a pained expression. “I had googled to find love quotes and assembled the best ones I could find and written such a beautiful message and learnt it. And you didn’t even hear it?” He asked me with exasperation. I held his hand and smiled.

“You love me?” I asked him. He nodded enthusiastically. I smiled at him. “That is more than enough for me Lakshya.” I replied. He gave me a wide smile and looked at me hopefully. I furrowed my eyebrows. What now? Lakshya rolled his eyes. “So do you love me too?” He asked. I laughed.

“I guess the entire world knows how much I love you.” I said, blushingly. Lakshya smiled at me. “It was just that………I thought that after what all I did…………….you would have fallen out of love with me.” He said uncomfortably. And with a sad expression.

“Love can be put off but never abandoned. I can never stop loving you Lakshya. NEVER. Because my love for you is what drives me every morning to wake up and it is my love which gives me hope to sleep every night, hoping that tomorrow would be a brighter day. And see, today is a bright day!” I said to him. He had tears in his eyes. “Be mine forever?” He asked me. “Only if I am irreplaceable!” I replied back. He laughed through his tears and slipped the ring on my finger and kissed my hand. Tears were now rolling down from both of our eyes. I made him stand and wiped his tears. We hugged each other.

That night, we became one. My journey to love ended. I had been wrong, I had done wrong but then so had he. I had lost myself in the madness called love but it was okay, as long as the result was this amazing man Lakshya. I had broken my boundaries but then, love is limitless. We both were flawed. But then, we completed each other. I don’t know how long we have with us. But I am glad to know that I too, had a love story.

***End of Flashback***

I started sobbing. The love was intact. I hadn’t lied when I said to him that I would never stop loving him. And today, if I had to do anything for him, I would do it. I knew that Lakshya wanted me to stay happy. I knew he wanted his sons to excel in life. I knew that he wanted us to be safe. And I would do it.

If I had to repeat history today, I would do it. If I have to push someone in the river today, I would do it. And I would do it again only for the man who could make me do it. Lakshya.

Working up all my strength, I jerked myself away from the man’s grip and kicked him on his crotch. As he fell down in pain, I snatched the gun from his hand and shot another man on his shoulder. He fell down unconscious. As another man approached me, I threw mud at his eyes and struck on his head with the gun. Then as the last man, who had no gun but a knife, made his way towards me, I aimed my gun at him and closed my eyes.

I am Ragini Gadodia. And earlier, Ragini Gadodia had only one mission. To get Lakshya. Even if she had to kill her own sister for it. The lost emotions were resurfacing. The lost strength was reawakening. I opened my eyes and looked at the man who was charging at me with the knife. He was no sister of mine. And he was a reason why I was separated from my Lakshya. And just like before, I would show no mercy. I pressed the trigger and the bullet entered his shoulder. He fell down unconscious. I saw all the men lying on the ground. And then, I ran back.

I heard footsteps approaching me. Maybe the other goons were coming. I loaded the gun and took my position. A figure approached. I stood on my guard. As the person came closer, my eyes watered and a smile made its way on my face. It was Lakshya.

‘Kitni Shiddat se Maine tumhe paane Ki koshish Ki Hai,
Ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milaane Ki saazish Ki hai.’

He stopped when he saw me. Tears were rolling down our eyes. We were there, both of us, alive and together. Just like we were always meant to be. Other forces had tried to separate us and even succeeded, but who can change destiny? Not Swara and Lakshya, who tried marrying each other. Not Sanskaar, who tried to help Swara in exposing me. Not Lakshya, who tried to kill me. And definitely not the culprit behind this whole mess.

“Ragini!” His voice came out in a choked whisper. I looked at him. And blushed. He was looking handsome. His sherwani was ripped at some places, showing his perfect skin. His hair was dishevelled and he had a stubble. My heart started going dhak dhak. I was feeling young again!

We ran towards each other and hugged tightly. He started kissing me on my face, thanking God that I was okay. I looked at the sky above. I thanked my stars. We would come out okay. Because we were together.


“Maa…………Mamma?” I called for her as I entered her room. I had been trying to find her. She had my consent form which I had been returned on completion of the camp. I had scribbled down an email address behind it of the person who I was to send my Trip Report to. It was urgent as the deadline was by tonight. The report was ready in my laptop, it just had to be sent.

“Mr. India hogayi Maa!” I muttered to myself. I had no time to wait. I started rummaging through her drawer, looking for my form amongst the stack of papers. Suddenly, an envelope fell down. I picked it up to put it back but I stopped. On it was written ‘Ragini: Important’.

Something related to Ragini Mausi? Something important? What could it be? I should open it and see. No! This is wrong. We shouldn’t be touching someone else’s stuff. Mom would be angry. But what if it can help us in finding Mausi? What if it has a clue? I would show it to Ranveer bhai and Ruhaan bhai only if it has something important. I decided to open the envelope.

It was a government document. I don’t know much about law so I wasn’t sure whether I could understand it or not. As I was about to take it to Ranveer Bhai, my eyes caught a single word which was emboldened. Divorce.

So it was Mausi and Chachu’s divorce settlement? Hmm…………..but what exactly was it doing with Maa? Why did Maa have it with her? Something wasn’t right.

I read through the entire document and then, I saw another sheet attached to it. As I read it, my eyes widened. Goosebumps crawled on my skin. I closed all of Maa’s drawers and rushed to Bhai’s room.

I found them both sitting on the sofa. I am sure I distinctly heard something like, ‘I can’t think I will ever be able to respect Mausi after this.’ They stopped their conversation on seeing me and looked panicked. Although I wanted to question them, this wasn’t the time. They needed to know what I had to tell them. I entered their room and quickly closed all the doors and windows and pulled the curtains. We needed utmost privacy.

Both of them were looking at me strangely. “Did you find something on the tab?” Ruhaan Bhai asked me. I shook my head.

Seeing my brothers, my eyes watered. They would be broken hearted to know. But it was important. Ranveer Bhai shook me by my shoulders. “Kya hua Sooar?” He asked me gently. I hugged him tightly as the tears rolled down. He rubbed my back soothingly while I handed the papers to Ruhaan Bhai to read.

I saw as Ruhaan Bhai skimmed through the papers with a frown on his face. When he reached the attached sheet, I closed my eyes. I felt sorry for them.

I opened my eyes to find Ruhaan Bhai’s eyes wide with shock. He looked at me and asked, “Kahan mila tujhe ye?”

“M….m….Maa me kamre mein. In her drawer.” I said as I sobbed. Ranveer Bhai looked at us both in confusion. “What is it Ruhaan?” He asked. Ruhaan Bhai took a deep breath.

“They are Mom and Dad’s divorce papers. The divorce which didn’t go through. The appeal for divorce was terminated by the court because both Mom and Dad failed to show up for the second motion which happens after the waiting gap of six months.” He said in a shaken voice.

Ranveer Bhai stiffened. “Does this mean…………..”

“…………….that Mom and Dad are still husband and wife. Mom is still Dad’s legal wife. And that, I think, is the reason why Mom was kidnapped!”


I stiffened. My blood ran cold. What the hell? Mom and Dad were still married? Means that all this while, they have been joined in matrimony?

The three of us sat around in a circle on the bed, processing this new information. Suhani was still sobbing, feeling that she was somehow responsible for this mess. Ruhaan was trying to calm her down by telling her that she looked like a cow who had cold. This made Suhani even more upset and she started sobbing harder. Ruhaan looked at me for help.

My mind, however, wasn’t on them. It was on this information. Since I do MUNs, I have an idea about the law. I know that there is a ‘cooling off’ period of 6 months which is given to a couple who file divorce by mutual consent. It is given in order to give the couple time to reconsider their decision of divorce and to reconcile. If the couple still feels that they should split, the court looks at the evidences and grants divorce. If the couple withdraw the petition, the divorce is terminated. However, if the couple fail to turn up for the second motion after six months, the court again can terminate the divorce petition. And that happens within eighteen months of the filing of petition. Something like that.

I explained this to Suhani and Ruhaan who nodded in understanding. It was obvious that both my parents couldn’t have come up for the second motion. As soon as Mom made Dad sign those papers, she went to the Baadi from where she was kicked out. Then she left Kolkata. Meanwhile, Dad cried a lot and then, when he relayed the news to the rest of the family, he was thrown out of the house by Bade Dadu. And he left the city as well. So in effect, the divorce proceedings were overlooked by Mausi. And unfortunately for her, she couldn’t get Mom divorced from Dad.

Mom did not have her divorce certificate. And guessing by this document which lied on the bed between us, nor did Dad. They lived apart for sixteen years, believing that they were divorcees, when in reality, they were very much still married to each other.

“I think that Mom was kidnapped because someone saw this document. And that someone is the one who wanted her out of the picture.” Ruhaan said.

Suhani knew all our theories. She totally agreed on us with the Badi Maa theory. In fact, she had given us valuable inputs which made us formulate it in the first place. She looked at us.

“You guys know something? This means that even Mausi is entitled to a share in the property and wealth! I heard Dad saying it to Mom once, after your arrival. Dad said that you both had full rights to claim your share if you changed your name from Gadodia to Maheshwari. But Mausi had no right to claim anything because she wasn’t married to Chachu. Now that we have established that she is still his wife, she has a share in the property. Do you know what that means?” she asked. We looked at her.

“Lesser money in everyone’s share! If I was to get, say, Rs 100, I would now get only 70! And that would be a serious problem to THOSE who were anyways very greedy for the property.” She said. We all knew who she was talking about.

“The attacks on Ranveer Bhai were to remove the real heir. Next in line would have been Ruhaan Bhai. And then, that person realised that there was still another person who could rightfully claim your share of WEALTH, not property, but wealth for herself.
The mother. The LEGAL wife of the son of the house. Ragini Mausi.”

“This is so fu**ing twisted! Everything here is just about the property. But what I want to know is that if Mausi knew that Mom and Dad weren’t divorced, why didn’t she do anything about it? Why didn’t she call Mom or Dad and tell them so? Why did she do that?” Ruhaan asked in exasperation. Suhani had no answer to this. But I had.

“Because :
A) She had no idea where Mom was.
B) She didn’t want to risk having Mom and Dad together under the same roof again.
C) She wanted to safeguard Mom’s share.

I can make these out. However, I have just realised something. Dad was about to marry Nivedita. His marriage to her would have been null void since he was still Mom’s legal husband. So by kidnapping Mom, couldn’t Mr. Basu be paving way for his daughter?” I stated. Ruhaan and Suhani nodded in agreement.

“Maa called you both here to make us meet you both and so that you could get to know our family. Who would have known that this would become a goose chase?” Suhani remarked. I nodded at her words and then frowned.

“What do you mean that Mausi called us? Wasn’t it Badi Dadi who called us?” I asked her. Ruhaan looked at me in alarm and then looked at Suhani who looked confused.

“Why would Badi Dadi call you both? She didn’t even know that you existed! In fact, a few days before your arrival, Maa told everybody at dinner that she had traced Ragini Mausi and you both and invited you to take part in the Pooja. Badi Dadi had been very happy. But she didn’t call you. Maa did.” Suhani replied.

Ruhaan and I looked at each other in shock. Mausi lied again. SHE called us here. The ‘Badi Dadi and her illness’ thing was a drama. But why did Mausi call us after so many years?

It is time to confront Mausi now. We need answers. This whole situation was a big mess. It reeked of conspiracy.

We heard a loud knock. Suhani rushed to open the door and we found Swara Mausi panting, pale and crying. We jumped to our feet and helped her on the sofa. I gave her a glass of water.

“What happened Maa?” Suhani asked her, rubbing her back.

Mausi looked at us both with teary eyes. “Police have found the burnt dead body of a man. His clothes are a bit recognisable. It is a golden sherwani with maroon salwar and duppata.” She said.

Ruhaan gasped while my heart stopped beating. Dad.


There there. Ye bachcha log to Maa-Baap se bhi do kadam aagey hain! Suhani, the chhupi rustom! Bhala ho!?

Up Next: Raglak romance in the jungle, Ruhaan takes his detectivegiri to another level with Suhani and finds something. Ranveer talks with Swara and comes across some facts.

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