Raglak FF – It started with a friend request ! (Prolouge)

Hii ! I am shruti.. I am a Big fan of Raglak…i have written an ff in laakhAM…now i am writing an ff on raglak..it is inspired by a novel…go ahead and enjoy it..and do share your views…..

What are you doing here?’she asked.
‘I just want to be left alone. I want to be away from everyone.’

‘What will you achieve by doing that? We all know that you are innocent. Whatever happened was fate’s doing. You are not responsible for the accident. I am sure you will find some way or the other to prove your innocence. You just have to wait for the right time to come,’ Swara consoled him.

‘I really don’t know how to do that. It seems as if sand is slipping through my hands and I am watching helplessly.’

‘Come on now, everyone is waiting for you at the hotel. It’s my birthday.’

Swara had booked them at the Ekaanth Hotel to celebrate her birthday on February 13.

As soon as he got up, a drop of tear rolled down his cheek. He remembered all that he had been accused of, and that broke his spirit into pieces. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Ragini.

….here it ends…i hope you’ve guessed that the boy is Laksh…!! Please comment and share you views .

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  1. Nyc yaar….It’s based on Sudeep Nagarkar’s book ryt…I just love it..Plz post the Nxt chappy soon

    1. Shrutii

      Yes.. its based in that novel…tysm !

  2. Kitkat

    awesome dear…. waiting for the first part to be posted….

    1. Shrutii

      Ty…i’ll try to update it soon

  3. Asw

    Interesting keep going

  4. Akshata

    yes i know this novel and the story is really amazing, do continue. i would love to see raglak in this story. update soon

    1. Shrutii

      I know this will suit perfectly on raglak…ty!

  5. Berdilla

    Superb dear friend continue

  6. IME

    Awesome continue soon!


  8. superb

  9. Interesting episode and thanks a lot for Raglak story. plzzzzzz continue

  10. Awesome

  11. Asra

    awesome dear….continue dear…

  12. amazing

  13. A.xx

    fab xx

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