Raglak ff: She is my wife (Part 27)

NOTE: Small chapter {Now don’t act like a drama queen! -_- Read the next line ;)} with only Raglak!
Ragini was driving her car in high speed. She didn’t even notice it. All she knows is that the time given by Chiraag is going to end in few hours. Her determination to prove her and Laksh’s love to Chiraag is getting down in every second which is passing like wind. At last she found something infront of her car. That particular place is free from trees and shrubs. Her hopes rise along with her heartbeat. She pressed her accelerator towards it. Her car stopped suddenly along with her eyes closing tightly. She slowly opened them and looked around her. Since it was so dark, she doesn’t know where she was exactly. But due to her car’s headlights she could see some trees but a little a far away from her place. She gulped in fear and tried to start the car. But it didn’t. She tried again but it didn’t that’s when she noticed that her fuel is over. All her hopes of meeting Laksh shatters down. She felt broken. She didn’t want to give up so she tried to start again, but it didn’t. Her threatening tears started to flow freely from her eyes. Sobs left her mouth. She merged her forehead with the steering wheel and let her tears out continuously. At that time she felt someone’s presence. Or say in particular she felt a familiar presence. She lifted her head with little hope and looked on her right side. Her eyes widens in shock. Her tears had already gone dry but still were ready to fall at any time. Her lips quivered to say something but her words had gone dry inside her throat. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She again looked at her right to find ‘him’ standing still looking at her intently. It’s not a dream. She is not hallucinating. She had actually found ‘him’. At last she reached her destination. She found her LAKSH!! After her realization, she immediately opened her door and jumped into his protective embrace earning a chuckle from him.

(The road was like the above picture but in night time.)

Laksh was shocked to see a car standing in the middle of that forest road. He was then frustrated as it was blocking his way to reach his Ragini. He horned and horned but no answer. So he angrily took long strides towards the car. When he reached the driver’s seat, he found that the driver was a woman but what caught his attention was her belly. His eyes became soft looking at her baby bump. His frustration and anger in his mind got vanished in the air. He was little disappointed that he couldn’t see her face as she was leaning her forehead in the steering wheel with her hair covering her face. Suddenly his heart started to have fast beats. He felt his Ragini’s presence. His eyes didn’t move away from her. He intently looked at her and at that time he felt her move. She looked up at him slowly. The eyes which always speaks her love for him is now looking at him confused as though thinking ‘is this real?’ The widening of her eyes only made him to realize that he is not dreaming. He finally found his precious wife. All his tiredness went away just in a second. His face got a beautiful smile. He continued to look at ‘his wife’ intently not wanting to lose the moment. But his wife broke it by jumping off the car and falls on him. A chuckle leaves his mouth. He hugged her tightly though it’s little difficult due to her baby bump.
Though they both were happy…extremely happy…those tears didn’t stop still. Though they were running uncontrollably, it’s only due to their happiness. The warm hug and their tears were more than enough to say that how much they missed the other. Without even sharing any words they expressed their pain and agony to each other. In all these, their love for each other sparked more. They couldn’t pull away from each other. But still they broke the hug to look each other’s pretty face. Ragini was leaning on him with her hands around his neck while Laksh was holding her by her waist. A smile was playing on their lips. They both leaned in till their soft lips touch each other’s. It was slow but passionate. It’s just a kiss but with much intensity. To take in some air they both broke the kiss while merging their forehead.

While catching for some breath, Laksh whispered: I missed you Ragini!
A small tear drop falls from her left eye. Laksh looked at it and shook his head while removing the tear drop by his right thumb. His large hands cupped her face and slowly kissed her forehead. His lips lingered there which made Ragini to feel like all her worries flown away in a second. He slowly locked his eyes with hers’. She was looking at him with all her love.
Ragini whispered: I missed you too Laksh!
She runs her eyes over his face. She noticed the proof of his sleepless nights under his beautiful eyes. Slowly her right hand moves from his neck to his face. Feeling her soft fingers running on his face made him to close his eyes and cherish the moment. Her fingers traced his eyes, cheeks, beard jaw and then his chin. She leaned on him more and placed her lips on his cheeks making him smile softly. She pulled away slowly and placed her face on his broad chest and closed her eyes while her hands moved to his back and pulled him towards herself. He smiled and placed his chin on top of her head while his hands were placed firmly on her waist.
Laksh felt Ragini shaking on him. He was worried and broke the hug. Seeing her tears made his heart squeeze. Before Laksh could say anything,
Ragini: I missed you so much Laksh. (A sob left her mouth. She hugged him again and hid her face on his chest.) I was scared… so scared. I felt that I won’t find you. (She pulled away from his chest and looked at him with terrified face.) I had lost my hope Laksh! I felt like this is the end! (She shook her head while saying.) I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t appear before me Laksh. (She whispered) I can’t even imagine it. (She sniffed and merged her forehead on his chest while her eyes were closed towards the ground.) But you had came Laksh! You came like the ray of light in my darkened mind. You came like a wind carrying away my worries. You came like water on my deserted heart. You came like a… (Suddenly she stopped and giggled making Laksh’s smile turning to frown in confusion. She broke the hug and put her hands on his neck.) What have you done to me Laksh? It’s you who will always say all these lovey-dovey dialogues, but now I am saying these to you! (She shook her head in disbelief) What have you done to me Laksh?
Laksh smiled softly and pulled her cheeks while removing the salty tears from her soft skin. His eyes were teary when he heard how Ragini felt when he was not around her but when she started to say how she felt when she saw him, a priceless smile spreads on his face. When Ragini said in disbelief ‘What have you done to me Laksh’ he had a knowing smile on his face.
Laksh whispered: I have done ‘love’ to you Ragini! All those lovey-dovey dialogues came from your mouth were because of my love. (He said with a proud smile while Ragini was enjoying the expression on his face with an amused smile. He tucked a strand of her hair behind ear slowly while tracing her soft skin by his fingertips.) I am the one who will always be saying them because I realized how much precious your love is and how deep your love for me is. (He smiles mischievously and said) Now you are so cheesy because you have seen the depth of my love, don’t you? (He asked playfully while wiggling his eyebrows.)

Though he said them playfully, in truth Ragini felt his words so true. She remembered Chiraag saying about Laksh’s doings just to save her life.
Ragini whispered: I do!
Laksh smiled softly and said: I was just kidding Ragini!
Ragini shook her head and whispered: Chiraag told me everything!
Laksh was surprised and shocked too. He looked everywhere but not at Ragini. He doesn’t know what to say and how to react. Ragini cupped his face and made him to look at her mesmerizing eyes.
Ragini while looking into his eyes: You are right Laksh! I was acting like a blind these days.
Tears welled up in her eyes. Laksh shook his head and tried to say something but Ragini continued: No Laksh! Let me speak. I just believed whatever happening before my eyes. I failed to think from your side too Laksh. Adding to your misery, I made you suffer a lot.
Those tears fall down while she faced the ground guiltily. Laksh made her to look at her by her chin and said calmly: No Ragini! You reacted exactly what a mother would have done if she was at your place. (He smiled and softly but still firmly) I can do anything for your and my champ’s happiness Ragini! Even if it costs my…
Ragini placed her finger on his lips and shook her head in ‘no’.
“I love you Laksh” Only these words escaped from her mouth.
“I love you too Ragini” A content smile forms on his lips.


Before you guys search for something to kill me, I would like to inform that epilogue 1 and 2 is on the way. There is something more to see! Hehe! Well have a nice day! Keep smiling! Bye!

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