Raglak ff: She is my wife (Part 25)

Note: No Raglak scenes today!
Ragini was sitting in a room staring at a wall with blank look. Chiraag entered the room and gave her the food but she didn’t take it. He tried to make her eat but all she did was just giving him cold shoulder and blank stare.
Chiraag pleaded: Ragini please! Have this food, you look so weak. You are having a baby inside you Ragini. Look! I know its Laksh’s baby but still it’s yours’ too so I care for it too. So have…
He was about to complete but Ragini looked at him with her red puffy eyes: Care? You care for me? You care for my unborn baby? So Mr. Chiraag could you explain me what is mean by care according to you?
She asked in an accusing tone which made Chiraag feel guilt for a second but he masked his expressions and kept quite. Ragini shook her head and again stare at the wall and muttered: How could you say when you don’t even know about it!
Suddenly Chiraag felt so much frustrated. He said in a rude tone: Haan I don’t know! Ok? Now have this food and medicine.
Ragini in a cold tone: I don’t want anything!
Chiraag’s anger raised more and at last he shouted: Why? Why you are also like this Ragini? You are near me but still you are thinking about him, you love him, you care for him. Why? Why can’t you just leave him and come to me and love me and care me? Only me! Why? Don’t I deserve your love Ragini?
Ragini with calm voice: Because you are not Laksh.
Chiraag anger reached its peak. He pushed a vase in frustration. It falls on the floor and broken into pieces. Like that he broke most of the things in the room. Though Ragini feels scared she didn’t showed it up to him. She just sat like a statue. Finally he stopped and turned around. He looked at Ragini with teary eyes. Ragini was shocked to see tears in his eyes but still she didn’t say anything.

Chiraag in a weak tone: Why? Why it happens to me always Ragini? That God! He had made me and Laksh look alike but still he showed partiality for both of us. He showed his concern and love to him while he just cursed and ditched me. (Tears flow down his cheeks while Ragini frowned in confusion.) You know Ragini, he was brought up by the most caring mom and comfort giving dad but me? (He chuckled sarcastically.) I was thrown in garbage by my own parents and faced the life of an orphan when I don’t even know what ‘orphan’ means. He was pampered by everyone around him while I was abused and treated like a servant by everyone around me because I was an orphan. Though he didn’t get good marks, he was loved and cared by everyone. I had studied better than him and won many prizes. But there was no one to feel happy for me. Not even a single soul. He just had grown as a spoilt brat while I had grown as a well mannered and brilliant person. Ok I can take these things. I said to myself that one day my life will also change. And so it changed. You know when? When I saw you singing at a concert in your college; (The first episode of Swaragini) I decided on that day that you will be with me throughout my life. I got a wonderful job on that day. I felt that you will be the light of my dull life. But before I could cherish this little feeling, that Laksh (He clutched his hands in a fist.) As always that God given him more priority, he engaged you with him. I was heartbroken for the first time. But the love and happiness you had in your eyes for him made me to leave you for him. Then I moved to abroad so that I could avoid seeing you both together. When I had returned I found that that Laksh had ditched you and married some gold digger. All I felt is rage on that Laksh. I just wanted to punch him to the death at least by that he could have known how much precious you are. But I did opposite to it. I wanted to use that chance and make you mine but once again he crossed in my way. He doesn’t deserve you Ragini. You deserved better. So I decided to split you both and make you as mine. I was waiting for a correct time. (His eyes turn like of devils. Ragini was shocked to the core.)

On the other side,
Laksh’s car was standing under the shadows of tree. He was standing while looking at nowhere and lost in his thoughts. Sanskar was shown fixing a tyre. After he fixed it up, he comes near Laksh and touched his shoulder. Laksh jerked and looked at Sanskar with teary eyes. Suddenly he hugged him and cried like a kid.
Laksh in a cracked voice: I don’t know why he is doing like this Sanskar. She is pregnant with my child Sanskar. I don’t know if he was giving her some food or atleast water. I don’t know how he is treating my Ragini there. (His rage returns back to him) Why is he doing like this? Doesn’t he know that she is my wife? Doesn’t he have at least a little piece of mind to tell him that what he had done is wrong? (He broke the hug and looked at Sanskar with red eyes.) You know what he had done to me Sanskar? On that day after our fight, dad had called me and asked me to come home soon. So I moved towards MM in my car. Suddenly from nowhere a man came and asked for lift saying that his wife is in danger and he needs to go to hospital immediately. I felt pity on him and so gave lift to him. But in real he was a burglar. He had made me to smell chloroform and put into unconscious. While I opened my eyes I was in a hospital, I got to know that that burglar had stolen everything from me. I was too tired to even file a complaint against him. All I wanted at that time is to come to our house. But before I could come outside of the hospital a child comes and pulls my arm saying ‘papa’. It was Mishka! She said ‘why are you once again leaving me papa?’ I said that I was not her father. But she started to cry and said ‘Just now you came to me. For the first time I saw you papa. But suddenly you disappeared and now I found you. But you are saying that you are not my papa. Why are you saying lie to me papa?’ With that she started to cry heavily and suffered to breathe due to her health problems. So I immediately admitted there and went to chief doctor to enquire about what Mishka said to me. They said I was the one who had admitted her mom and said to Mishka that I am her father. They even showed me the documents where it was signed as ‘Abhimanyu Khanna’ and also a video footage. For the first time I had saw him in that video Sanskar. He was wearing a dress similar that of mine. In that video I saw him speaking to Mansi that he will take care of her and Mishka as ‘Abhi’ also said to Mishka that he was her father and hugged her; then he broke the hug and said he will be back soon. While he was going he looked at the camera and smirked evilly like he did in the recordings of our house’s footage. I didn’t know why he had trapped me like that on that day. I didn’t even know his name at that time. I can just understand that he was trying to trap in a very big issue. But all I wanted is to solve the mess without thinking about him and his plan. On the next day I was about to come to our house and say everything that happened to me to everyone. But I was stopped by just a phone call. (He clutched his hands in a fist like controlling himself.)

On the other side,
Chiraag: While Mansi and Nikhil were trying to kill Abhi, I accidently hit him resulting him in falling down on river. I found Mansi lying unconsciously. So I took her to the hospital and when she comes to conscious she started her drama of losing her husband and I was responsible for that. I felt guilty at that time as I didn’t know the game of hers. Then I promised her that I will act as Abhimanyu Khanna and introduced myself to Mishka as her father. In a fraction of a second, I got a superb idea. I thought how it will be if Laksh was in place of mine. That’s when I used my luck and made him fall for my trap. I escaped from that evil drama queen also I got you both separated. I felt happy, very happy. But the very next day he tried to spoil my plan by saying everything it to everyone. So I stopped him by calling him with my private number and threatened him that I would kill you if he tried to say the truth to you or anyone else. I also made a video where my men were surrounding you and keeping an eye on you while you were mourning for his disappearance. Idiot! He believed it and promised me that he won’t say anything to anyone. True to his words he didn’t anything to anyone but he always had watched you from distance. I felt very happy seeing him suffering Ragini. I then planned to come to you as Laksh. But I can’t come just like that. I wanted to be acting like Laksh the whole day, so I took time for some practices and it had became 4 months. Finally I was about to show up to you but that’s when I saw him carrying you to a hospital while you had fallen unconscious. I felt frustrated when I found you pregnant with his child. It was like he had once again won over me. I couldn’t digest that failure Ragini. So I took the ultimate step.
On Sanlak side,
Laksh: I stayed away from everyone especially Ragini because he threatened me that he would kill if say the truth to anyone. But I couldn’t stop myself from looking at Ragini, atleast from a distance. I also couldn’t trace that Chiraag. I lived like a lifeless body Sanskar. I tolerated everything. But the thing I couldn’t tolerate is when he asked me to promise on my champ that I am not his father and I am not Ragini’s husband. I was shocked to the core. I felt offended and dared him to do whatever he can and said that I would break down his every plan. But then he sent a video. In that Ragini was in terrace and a man was aiming her with a gun. He said that if I didn’t accept to what he was saying within 5 seconds, he would kill her instantly. I couldn’t think or do anything Sanskar. I accepted my defeat and did that sin. He made me guilty for hurting Ragini and son Sanskar. (He falls on the ground with a thud and cried his heart out while Sanskar was too shocked to even console Sanskar.)
On the other side,
Chiraag: I once again used you as my trump card and that poor idiot falls for it and did the thing which you made you hate him and killed him alive. (Ragini was just frozen at the place she was sitting.) I used the thing which could hit any mother’s nerve, isn’t it Ragini? (He chuckled evilly.) Then at last I made my entry but it was too late because that Laksh had already made you forget what he had done with his charms. He had a secret trick to make you forgive him easily Ragini and that is what makes me get anger on him more. (He takes a deep breath and looked at Ragini.) He doesn’t deserve you Ragini. See I have done these many things only to get you. You said naa ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ and so I did it Ragini. See even now he doesn’t search for you. He was just crying that he had lost you.
With that he switched on a TV and it showed Laksh sitting on the ground on his knees and crying his heart out. Ragini’s eyes snapped at him when she heard the crying sound. She immediately got down from the bed and went near the TV. Her tear falls down uncontrollably. She caresses the TV like caressing his face and sobbed heavily seeing at his state. She whispered ‘Laksh!’ and she heard him saying ‘Ragini!’ A smile spread on her face which made Chiraag burn in jealousy.
Hey guys! Finally the truth is out!! How is it? Have I made you confused anywhere? If so please do inform me and I would gladly clear it! Also 31/1/2016…is the day I had actually started writing this ff. So it’s been a year!! Yaay!!! First year anniversary to my ‘She is my wife ff’! Also it’s funny that I had posted only 22 in 1 year!! It’s okk! Only 2 more parts!! Then ‘THE END!!’

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