Raglak ff: She is Mine [Prologue 2]

It’s a full moon day…At sharp 12:00:00 am; the big white beautiful moon is suddenly clouded by the blue sky. When they moved apart, a new moon appeared…blue moon!
Its blue rays particularly falls on an abandoned empty large…very large ground. Suddenly the ground is filled with sand dust…nothing could be seen. A few moments later, in the same empty large…very large ground there was a castle!
A room in the top most floor of the castle is focused. There a girl in her early twenties was standing in the balcony seeing the blue moon. Her face was caressed by the moonlight. She was revealed to be Ragini. She felt someone’s presence. She smiled inhaling the fragrance of his. She turned around and faced him.
(Here this song while reading the post, it gives a beautiful thrill…I felt so…also sorry I didn’t get the translation of this song…so pardon me…enjoy reading!)
“Unnale Kangal Thallaadi

Urangaamal Aengum En Aavi

She looked into his eyes and said “My soul is longing only for you Lakshya!”

“Neeraaviyai Ennai Nee Mothinaai

Un Paarvaiyil Eeram Undaakinaai”

His stare was so intense which made her to blush andlook down but he holds her chin and made her to see his eyes again and said “Justlooking your eyes makes my heart fill Ragini!”

“Nee Thoda Thoda Naanum Poovai Malarnthen

Naan En Penmaiyil Vaasam Unarnthen”

His fingers moved towards her cheeks caressing them softly which made Ragini to intake air and close her eyes leaning into his touch “I feel my feminine only in your touch Lakshya!”

“Nee Arugil Vara Vara Aaval Arinthen

Naan En Aanmaiyil Kaaval Thuranthen”

Her words made him smile. He took her hand softly and placed it on his broad chest where his heart was beating rapidly and said “Only you can make my heart go crazy Ragini”

“Mun Jenmam Ellam Poi Endru Ninaithen

Un Kannai Paarthen Mei Thaanada”

She smiled shyly and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him more. She slowly looked up at him still inside his embrace and said “I didn’t believe in ‘rebirth’ until I look in your eyes!”

“Uruvangal Elam Udal Vittu Pogum
Ullathin Kaathal Saagaathadi

Lakshya kissed her eyes and said “Only the body dies Ragini not the soul which carries our love!”

“Unnale Kangal Thallaadi”

“Urangaamal Aengum En Aavi”

Lakshya merged his forehead with Ragini’s and in impulse a tear falls from their closed eyes… and the screen becomes black.


The black fades away and focused on Ragini who was playing in a beautiful heaven like garden. Her smile made the flowers shyly bend down their heads and spread out its fragrance to the world. Lakshya was walking slowly never taking his eyes off from Ragini. His gaze had an unknown expression. He moved towards Ragini who was now giggling while playing in swing under a large tree.

“Aetho Ondrai Unnil Kandaen

Eriyum Theeyai Naan Ennil Kandaen”

Lakshya stood infront of her and stopped her swinging moment. His hands were on the rope and his eyes were focused on her face like trying to find something. Ragini looked up at him innocently while he said “I don’t know what I saw in you but it made me to feel a new fire inside me!”

“Uyirin Uyiraai Unnai Kandaen

Ennai Alli Un Kaiyil Thandhen”

Ragini smiled fondly and forwarded her hand for him to grasp in his strong hands. She was pulled up by him and landed on his chest.

“Kaathal Kondu Kangal Kenja

Adi Kai Meeri Uyir Oaduthey”

Lakshya looked into her eyes and feels the love she had for him. Goosebumps erupted in his body.

“Unnale Kangal Thallaadi
Urangaamal Aengum En Aavi”

She touches his arms and slowly slides it towards his neck and hugged him tightly. The screen becomes black…


The black fades away with Ragini and Lakshya sitting on a swing in the terrace is shown. Her head was balanced on his strong shoulder while his hands were around her waist pulling her towards himself.

Muzhuthaai Nilavu Nammai Paarka
Kaatril Engum Athu Maayam Saerka
Kaigal Korthu Nee Veppam Saerka
Vetkam Thaandi Naan Ennai Thorka

Raglak’s eyes were closed. They were cherishing this moment under the blue moonlight and sweet scented atmosphere. The spark between them is getting stronger while the warm wind caresses them.

“Maranam Thaandi Vaazhum Kaathal

Un Vizhiyoram Naan Kaangiraen”

Lakshya whispered “From the corner of your eyes I could see the love living after the death!”

“Unnale Kangal Thallaadi
Urangaamal Aengum En Aavi”

Ragini’s eyes become teary. She looked at him with longing eyes.

“Neeraaviyai Ennai Nee Mothinaai

Un Paarvaiyil Eeram Undaakinaai”

Lakshya turned towards her and locked his eyes with hers’. They forgot the world around them.

“Nee Thoda Thoda Naanum Poovai Malarnthen
Naan En Penmaiyil Vaasam Unarnthen”

Lakshya noticed a tear rolling down from Ragini’s cheek. He immediately cupped her face and rubbed away the tear with his thumb while shaking his head in ‘no’.

“Nee Arugil Vara Vara Aaval Arinthen
Naan En Aanmaiyil Kaaval Thuranthen”

He slowly leaned down and kissed her forehead then her eyes and then her cheeks while Ragini’s heart swelled in happiness.

“Mun Jenmam Ellam Poi Endru Ninaithen

Un Kannai Paarthen Mei Thaanada
Uruvangal Elam Udal Vittu Pogum
Ullathin Kaathal Saagaathada”

They both looked at each other’s eyes again. They closed them and leaned forward. Their lips met.

Suddenly the castle burned into ashes and the clock shows the time 12:00:01 am. The blue moon turns into a normal white one. The ground once again becomes abandoned like normal!

Yeah! Within 1 second everything happened! Weird?! I know! So guys how is the prologues? Any guesses about the story line?

In this story you could see Lakshya in possessive, obsessive, dominating roles. Ragini will be your soft and normal girl.

I will continue this story after my exams over…atleast after model exams…ok? These tests, exams, assignments, record submission, practical, blah blah…everything is getting on my nerves. Urgh! I couldn’t get time to sit patiently and type something! *A deep sigh* so do tell me about the thoughts that were running in your mind after reading this prologue! Thank you! Have a nice day! Keep smiling!

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