RagLak FF-A Perfect Bodyguard (Part 1 ) By Anaz


     PART – 1

First sceen :

Two persons were jogging  on the road one police jeep came near to them….they wished good morning to them while crossing……

Both persons signald them to accepting their wish …..

Suddenly one of the person bend down and tied his shoes laise

Another one turns back and called laksh come fast. … ( he was the hero of this ff )

Lsksh : only two min…i am coming…  sanskar ( friend of laksh )

Both r higher officers….. and a special squad trainers also…. both have individual teams too….

Both r intimate frdz from chilhood…. sanskar choose this field only for laksh…bcz laksh loved this field…. Sansky will do anything for laksh like laksh will do for sanskar

Both r kept jogging  

Scene 2

There was a very rich house with the name board of mehera mansion…… many securities r there…..

Mohan : who was the PA of mehera …. he goes near of him….

Mehera who was a highly rich man in socity….he is sitting on sofa and reading newspaper. …servant brings coffee to him…he sip it..

Mohan came near to him…good morning sir….

Mehra : yah mohan… what was the final decision of canada client….

Mohan : sir everything under our control….so dont worry about their decision. … It gonna appeal tmrw

Mehra : ok…. thats good news…

He saw servant going to upsatairs to bring coffee to someone. ….

Mehra ran near to her like a child…. and stopped her….

Without my order how dare u to do like this…..

He called mohan….

Mohan : yes sir

Mehera : y dont u inform her about the rules and regulations of this house its ur duty to control them

Mohan : yes sir ….

Then mehera went to upstairs…. and opend the door… slowly

He saw someone sleeping peacefully. … it was fully covered with blanket…so he cant see that persons face….

He went near to bed…and slowly removed the blanket….and shocked ??

Bcz only pillows arranged inside the blanket…. no one is there…

He starts to search that persons in that room but cant found anywhere…..

Suddenly he heared some noise of servants….

He came down fast…..

And asked what happened  ??

Then he starts to laugh ???? after showing their faces….

Bcz all faces fully painted by someone it was looking so funny ???

Mehera : where is she ??

All servants pointed their fingers to one pillar

He went near the pillar ….and called

Raginii betta come out….. ??? yes that was our pretty ragini… Heroine of this story

She shows her half face…..

Mehara : come forward

Then she stood infornt of him….

She was wore tshirt and shots. … her hair r bonny tied…..

She was looking pretty in that….her eyes resembles her childishness. ….she hold her ears and asked sry to mehera….childishly…. ???

Mehera : he pamper her….

Within sec she used brush and painted on his face ???? too

Then starts to  ran from their….

Mehera : starts to laugh after saw her kiddishness ???? she still not changed….

Mohan : she was always kid to us sir…. i wished to show her like this always ☺☺☺

Scene :3

Sanlak wore uniform and went to field….

Both starts to inspect all team who was under their controll…

Suddenly one officer came and inform them to attend the meeting. …

Lak : sanskar come lets go …

Both r in meeting :

Chief officer appointed laksh as a leader of one special team which was highly official…..and secret too…

Then asked sanskar to work under laksh team…

Laksh got irrittatted … he dislike that partiality….

Sanskar asked him to calm down through his eyes then hold his hand….

Cheif officer : see this is special req from higer officer….to protet mehera family….

Mr .laksh u r the response to lead the team….u can send anyone who was perfect to guide them

Laksh : sure sir …. he stood up then salute him.. and left

Lak sat lonely ….within sec sanskar came and touched his shoulder….

He turns back. …sadly

Sank : cheer up man….

Lak : how dare they appointed u under my team…. y they forgot u r also a higher and talented officer

San ; see laksh its an good opportunity man tried to fullfill ur dream insted of blame them….

See its ur passion to become a officer…not mine

My only passion is just to stay with u like this life long….

Laksh eyes turns to teary ??? then hugged him tightly 

Scene :4

On the other side

Raginii was speaking with her friend in mobile

She cuts the call then took dress and came infront of mirror

Then checking all one by one which dress will suit to her…. ( she dont know to choose best always  confused in her decision )

She took selfie in all dress then send to friend… then asked her to suggest which one was best to her

Suddenly her mobile fell down….

Ouch…. now how can i contact with her

Suddenly mehera entered her room and asked what happened 

Rag : dad nothing to worry my phone just slipped from my hand thats it

Mehera : okk i will say mohan to bring new mobile to u

Rag : dad plz dont do this …. i liked this phone…. i dont need new one

Mehera : no dr its my prestigious issue…. i cant allow u to use old things ….

Rag : nodded ok….sadly

But dad  shall i go out with my friends. .. to buy a new mobile plz plz

Mehera : but rag…

Rag : dad plz…dont said noooo….

Mehera : ok go….but with security

Rag : ok ok….

Guyz plz tell ur feedback about this….

Precap : raglak first meeting

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