Raglak ff : MOTHER OF HIS CHILD (Part 3)

Hi friends I’m again back… thank you so much guys all your comments gives me new energy to write more nd thank you to all of you those who have commented so many of u r asking me to write in English guys the story is like that that I can’t give it in full English according to the story nd along with Hindi dialogues giving English dialogues too hope u all understand so here is the next part hope u enjoy this too……

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               They both look up at same time,their eyes met Their eyes made contact for a moment only,but sometime only a moment is enough He took out her pallu from his watch,quitely walked inside the hospital while she followed him In doctor cabin she could feel the tension & lack of communication between them but she was not having courage of asking any detail or question to Mr.Maheshwari,who gave heavy donation to hospital every year Nurse took Ragini out for test,laksh quickly broke his silence

Laksh : doctor sab theek to hai naa? ( Doctor is everything fine?? )

Doctor : bohut weakness hai,lekin khatre ki koi baat nahi ph ir bhi aap ki tasalli ke liye test kar rahi hen,jese hi report aay gi,aap ko inform kardungi.( She is having weakness but there is no problem but still I’m doing some tests for her because of u as soon as the reports come I will inform you )

Laksh : woh kal sote huye bohut dar gai. . .( Yesterday while sleeping she feared….)

Before laksh finishes his sentence doctor interrupts him and says

Doctor : ghabrane ki koi baat nahi hai,is halat mein aksar darwane khawab aana,tanhai se,andhere se dar lagna wagre. .ye sab hota hai aur agar bachpan ka koi dar dimag mein betha ho to woh in dino zyada preshan karta hai.( There is no need to take tension in pregnancy fear is common nd like for dark , loneliness will make them to feel fear and if in childhood they are afraid of anything then at this time they will feel afraid of it more )

Laksh : aap vitamins ki suppliments likh den,sab se acchi medicine likh den,khane pene ka manual,daily time table e.t.c sab likh den.( U give vitamins supplements of best nd prepare diet chat too nd with time table etc )

Doctor ( smiles ): aap ke hote hue is sab ki koi zarurat nahi hai..i mean is waqt unhe sirf aap ki zarurat hai,aap ke pyar,care,time ki. ( She doesn’t need all of these except now in this period she wants urs care, urs love nd urs time for her )

By listening to doctor’s words He quitely lowered his gaze.

Doctor ( continue ) : phir bhi mein kuch medicne likh deti hun. ( Nd I will write some medicines too )

Ragini came inside with nurse,he took the prescription stood up nd Doctor too stood up nd says

Doctor : just a minute..

She took out a packet & handed it to ragini nd says

Doctor : “yeh kuch books aur cds hein,bohut helpful hogi aap ke liye..& be relax,pehla bacche mein sab aese hi confuse hote hein”.( These r some books nd CD’s this will be more helpful to u nd at first child all will be confuse so please be relaxed )

Laksh ( slowly ) : thanks. .mein medicine le kar aata hun,tum car ke paas jao.( Thanks… I will bring medicine u go to car )

He went out from there,she was about to follow him but Doctor’s call made her stop ragini looks her puzzled.

Doctor : wese toh humara doctor aur patient ka rishta hai lekin ek aurat hone ke naate mein aap se kuch kehna chahti hun. .zindagi humare paas ooper wale ki amant hoti hai,aur is halat mein yeh farz dugna ho jata hai kyunke ek jaan joh apne liye kuch bhi nahi kar sakti us ki zindagi sirf apni maa par depend karti hai.. is halat mein insecurities hoti hen,lekin do remember aane wala bacha do log ko alag nahi karta balke unhe ek krata hai so kush raho aur apna khyal rakho. .theek hai? ( See we both have an relationship of patient nd Doctor but as a woman I will advise you that a life which can’t do anything will be totally reliable on its mother nd it’s a god of God to women to bring the child in this world by bearing it in womb do remember one thing that this child won’t let it’s parents to be stay far but it brings the parents together so don’t worry on anything nd try to stay happy )

By listening to the doctor’s words ragini just nodded in reply After buying medicine,laksh walked toward his car His eyes fall on ragini who was so engrossed in staring something He followed her gaze which was fixed on a loving couple…Man’s arm protectively wrapped around his woman waist She lovingly kept hands on her big tummy,leaned her head on his chest He whispered something in her ear,they both brust into heartly laugh laksh looked away from them,went near ragini,to get her attention cleared his throat Little smile that she has on her lips were completly vanished now He opened car door for her,she quitely sat inside While driving he again stole glance of her,she was lookingking out through glass window but her mind was some where else Her lips were quite but her face changing multiple emotions He finally broke the killing silence between them

Laksh : “tumhari maa yahien hai naa city hospital mein,milna hai unse?” ( Urs mother is here in the city hospital na would u like to meet her???? )

She still didn’t look at him,to his disappointment she nodded in no.

Laksh ( annoyingly in his mind ) : me in kese ise khush kar sakta hun,jab yeh khush hona hi nahi chahti..( how can I make her happy when she herself doesn’t want to stay happy )

Laksh ( determintly ) : Ragini. .

Her eyes open in surprise,first time she heard her name from his mouth & she didn’t understand why it sound more beautiful He gathered all his courage nd says

Laksh ( continues ) : kal. .Kal jab mein ghar aaya to kaka ne bataya tum ne do din se kuch nahi khaaya. . .mein ghabra gaya tha. . .gussa aa gaya tha mujhe -long pause – joh kuch bhi hua tha woh nahi hona chahey tha…bohot galat kiya hai mein ne tumhare sath lekin joh kuch bhi hua woh badal toh nahi sakta…kuch waqt ki baat hai…Phir chali jana tum. . .( Yesterday…. yesterday when I came back to home nd when kaka told me that u haven’t eat anything for 2 days them I became so worried nd I got so angry – a long pause – what …..ever happened….
it shouldn’t have happened… what ever I did it is so wrong …..but …..what ever happened ….
we ….can’t change it….. nd also it is matter of sometime …..after that u can go )

He knew his broken words were not making any sense but her silence were killing him.

Laksh ( added ) : kal raat ko mere aur tumhare beech joh hua. . ( Yesterday night what happened between two of us…….)

He paused for some seconds as she turned to face him.Her eyes met with him. .eyes which had no questions,no complain but something else Something so big that he felt lost of words His ringing cell brought them in world.

Maya ( on phone ) : shukar hai bhagwan ka sab theek hai,mein mandir jaa rahi hun,beta tum aa jao phir baat karte hein apna khyal rakhna,aur ragini ka bhi.

She cut the call nd smiled karthik entered in her room nd says

Karthik : mom bhai kahan hein?bohut zaruri kaam hai! ( Mom where is bhai???it’s so important! )

Maya ( annoyingly ) : khud bhi kuch kar liya karo. ( At least try to do something on your own )

B listening to this karthik laughed nd falls on bed nd says

Karthik : nahi. .jo bhai ne kiya hai wo mein nahi kar sakta us ladki se shadi ki baat kya aam hui hi gaun mein,log unhe poojne lag gaeyn hein,wo jo HP hai naa,aadhi keemat par zameen bech dii hume pagal emotional log ( no….I can’t do what bhai had done nd I can’t think to marry a girl who is from low standard nd u know mom when the village people came to know about bhai had married ragini they all are treating him like god nd u know they even give their lands to us to low rate such an sentimental fools they are )

Maya proudly : tumhari mom ghate ka sauda nahi karti.( Ur mom won’t do anything with out any profit )
Karthik : wo to hai. .mujhe ab bhi yakeen nahi aata kya game khela hai aap ne sab kuch perfectly hogya.( S it is true I still can’t believe what a game u played nd also u did everything perfectly )

Maya : aur aage bhi perfect hoga. .jis din laksh ka baccha is duniya mein pehli saans lega wo din laksh ki zindgai ka aakhri din hoga mein laksh ki zindagi to kab ki khatam kar chuki hogi agar us ke marne se sari property trust men naa jati durga mujhe kehte the mein laksh ki sauteli maa hun is liye us ke sath bura vehvar karti hun,us se fark karti hun Par tum to us ke sage bete the phir bhi usne tumhare sath itni bari naa insafi ki..Sab kuch Laksh ke naam kardya… koi fayda nahi hua,hoga wahi jo mein chahti hun Ab laksh ke marne par us ki property trust mein nahi,us ke bacche ke naam par jaey gi jise tum adopt karo ge..aur sab kuch tumhara ho jay ga neeche chalte hein,wo log aate hi honge.( even in coming days too all will go perfectly according to our plan nd when the day laksh’s child come to this world that day will be last day for laksh in this world I would have murdered him a long back if durga haven’t written his will like that durga always says that I’m step mom nd I will always do partiality with laksh but what about u even u r his own son na then how could he writes all his property on laksh name nd if we kill laksh this property will go to welfare trusty directly but if he has son then his all property comes in the name of his son nd after his death u will adopt his son so that all this property will comes to urs name come let’s go down they will come at any time )

Karthik : kon? ( Who ? )
Maya : ragini , laksh. .shehr gaey the doctor ke paas,aate hi honge. ( Laksh nd ragini they went to town to meet doctor they were about to reach here )
Karthik ( in disbelief ) : kya?aap ko lagta hai aesa karna theek hai?agar us ne laksh ko sab kuch bata diya,un ke beech mein sach mein koi rishta ban gaye toh?( what do u think it is right to do like this if that ragini says everything to laksh then what ?? Nd what happens if they both have a relation like nirmal couples ?? )

Maya : agar kuch hona hota to pehle hi hojata aur mujhe aur tumhe ye sab karna bhi nahi parta wo ladki buht hi darpok aur bewakuf hai,us mein itni himat nahi haiwo apni maa ki jaan ko khatre mein nahi dal sakti agar us men itni akal hoti to wo laksh ki aankhon mein apne liye feelings dekh sakti uski isi naa samjhi aur masumiat ki waja se to mene use chunna tha aur laksh ko yehi lagta hai us ne us ke sath zabrdsti ki hai islye wo us se nafrt karti hai itni nafrt ke wo bache ko bhi nuksan puhncha sakti hai In ke beech mein kuch theek nahi ho sakta aur agr hua bhi to laksh ki zindagi aur choti ho jay gi.
(no if anything would have happened then till now it would have ha nd se both doesn’t need to do like this nd that girl is so naive nd she won’t let anything happen to her mother’s life she has no brain so that I choose her for this task if she have brain then she would have use it nd could have seen the affection for her in laksh’s eyes nd laksh thinks that he had forced himself on her nd thinks that she hates him to the core nd also thinks that by the hatred towards him she would try to harm his child too so there is no chance to them to be like normal couple nd if by chance they become like normal couple then laksh’s life time will be decreased )

Karthik : us raat jab achank ragini gayb ho gai to mujhe laga sab kiya dhra bekaar aap ne mujhe batana to tha us ko aap ne kidnap karaya hai aap ne mujhse bhi ek month tak ye baat chupaii.( U could have tell me that u have kidnapped ragini na I think that night when is missed I became so sad thinking that all what we did was fully wasted nd u kept it secret from me too for 1 month )
Maya : kese batati?dewaron ki kaan hote hein mujhe pehle khud toh confirm karna tha. ( How could I have tell u even walls have ears nd even I should confirm about it na )
Karthik : just suppose,agar itna sab kar ke wo pregnant na hoti,to aap kya karti? ( Just suppose after doing all this if she haven’t become pregnant then what would you have done ??? )

Maya : use chor dete. .aur phir gaun wale us ke sath wahi krte jo har gayb ho kar aane wali ladki k sath karte hein laksh kabhi aesa hone hi nahi deta wo khud us se shadi kar leta tab bhi hume hamari manzil milti,bas rasta thoda lamba hota.( I would have left her then those village people will do with her what would have they do if any girl goes away from there nd when returns back same torture but laksh would not let that happen with ragini he would have married her but ultimately we will get what we wanted but the destination would be little longer than this )
Karthik ( hugged her from behind ) :u r best mom. .pata nahi phir bhi mujhe dar lagta hai us laksh ko pata chal gaya to kya hoga mein neeche ja raha hun,aap bhi aa jao.( U r d best mom …

I don’t know but I still fear if that laksh will come to know about All this what will he do ok I’m going down u too come )

By saying this He went while maya whisperd in her heart

Maya : kisi ko pata nahi chale ga,jese kisi ko ye pata nhi chala ki mene durga ko zehar de kar mara hai.( No one would come to know about it just like no one till now come to know that I had killed durga with poison )

In evening uttara came in ragini room with jug of milk Her voice broke ragini’s thought

Uttara : apne pati ke khyalon mein khoii hui ho? ( R u drowned in ur husband’s thoughts ??? )

Ragini tried to gave her smile.

Uttara : chalo dudh pee kar so jao wese to maalik kal shaam tak hi aaeynge. ( Ok now drink this milk nd sleep sooner as sir will come by tomorrow evening )

Ragini confusingly looked at her.

Uttara : wo dubara shehr gaeyn hen. .Tumhe nahi pata? ( Sir again went to city don’t u know ??? )

She paused in shock nd once again asks Ragini

Uttara : tumhe nahi pata? ( Don’t u know )

By listening to uttara ragini stammers nd says

Ragini ( while stammering ) : n ahi. .mein bhool gaii thi. ( No I had forgotten )
Uttara ( by laughing ) : ab yaad aa gaya,chalo so jao. ( Ok now u remembered na now sleep )

By saying this uttara turned to go but stops nd again turn towards ragini and asks her

Uttara ( worriedly ) : tum akele so jao gii?tumhe to akele men dar lagta hai naa? ( U r sleeping alone ???but u will get feared to sleep alone na ??? )

By listening to uttara’s question ragini remain quite nd nodded in no nd says

Ragini : mein so jaungi. ( I will sleep )
Uttara : theek hai. .tum so jao,mein ja rahi hun.( Ok u sleep I’m going )

She went near door Ragini stood up call her from behind.

Ragini : tumhe sach mein pata hai aaj wo ghar nahi aaeynge. ( Do u know really that he won’t come home??? )
Uttara : haan. .abhi to maalkin baat kar rahi thin.( S I have heard mam just now )
Ragini ( hesitatly ) : mujhe kuch chahey. . .kya tum mujhe laa kar dogi? ( I want something will you bring me that ?? )
Uttara : haan bolo.( Yeah say )
Ragini : kisi ko batao gi to nahi? ( U won’t say to anyone right ???)
Uttara : nahi. .vada. ( no promise

 In late night,laksh entered inside his room Lights were still on nd his eyes instantly look for her Finally his eyes fall on her She was sitting on swing,in terrace She shocked look at him,throw something down from her lap,quickly hide something behind her back Ignoring her,he grabbed his towel walked toward washroom,but paused He again look at her through glass door Her eyes turned big in fear,he instantly walked to her nd asked

Laksh : kya kar rahi ho? ( What are you doing ??? )

She nodded in no,step back in horror He grabbed her arm tightly and again asks

Laksh : kya hai tumhare hath mein?dikhao? ( What is in ur hand ???show ???)
Laksh ( again yells ) : me in kuch puch raha hun? ( I’m asking something ??? )

Tears rolled down from her eyes in pain & fear He forcefully grabbed her wrists,pulled them infront of him He frozed seeing wool & woolen stick in her hands.

Ragini ( in between sobs ) : uttara ne bola aap shehr gaeyn hen. . .mujhe dar lag raha tha akele men. .mein moze(socks) bana rahi thi…baccho ko bahr ki pehne se kharish(allergy) ho jati hai. . .aage bohut thand hogi,mein to hungi nahi us ke paas. ( Uttara has told me that u won’t turn up tonight as u went to city….I’m feeling scared to stay alone…I’m making socks …for small child the socks from outside would cause some sort of allergies….Nd the coming season is winter I won’t be able to stay with him na )

He left her arms,turned his back He felt suffocated in guilt He frustratedly ran fingers in his hairs He turned to face her,embarrasment and says

Laksh : mein. .mujhe laga tum ( I..I thought that u )
Ragini ( looked at him,softly says ) : mein “Aap” ke bacche ko koi nuksan nahi puhnchaun gii, kuch bhi nahi hone dungi. ( I won’t cause harm to ” yours ” child , I won’t do anything )

He felt cold bucket of water,he was feelng so low,so cheap how over possesive & insecure he became in love of his child Holding her arm she passed away from him He didn’t miss the promise in her tone nor he missed hidden pain in da word of “Aap”  ( ” yours ” ) She was sittng on bed,hugging her knees She straightend herself as he stood near the bed He brought his hand forward nd says

Laksh : tumhe ye kaam aata hai naa,aesa bana sakti ho??? ( U know this work na can u make one like this ??? )

She hesitatly took it from his hand It was a small black socks,white dots on it.

Laksh : ye h meri socks h meri maa ne banaii thi mere liye.( It was my socks my mom made it for me )

She looked at him in surprised.

Laksh : achi hai naa? ( It’s nice na???)

She quickly admired it and says

Ragini : bohut achi hai. ( It’s so nice )
Laksh : ek hi thi isliye mene pehana nahi hai. .dosri banane ka meri maa ko mauka nahi mila.( It was only 1 so I haven’t feared it nd my mom doesn’t have an chance to make another one )

She looked at him in confuse His voice unwillngly become so heavy in pain nd he says

Laksh : mere janam par meri maa ki maut hogai thi.( When I was bored she died )

She looked at him in shock while he was lost in his world Lost in thoughts he continued

Laksh : us ne mujhe dekha bhi nahi tha. . .mein ne use ek baar bhi nahi chua wo mujh se dour bohut dour chli gaii,hamesha k lye.( She haven’t seen me…i haven’t touched her once too she left me and went far so far for forever )

“maa to maa hoti hai,wo dil men rehti hai aur jo cheez dil mein rehti hai wo kabhi dour nahi hoti wo humesha paas hoti hai” ( ” mom is mom, she will lives in heart nd those things which will stay in heart can’t be far away from us nd it will stay with us forever ” )

She paused as he look at her in surprised She lowerd her gaze,worried that she had spoke beyond her limit He walked away




‘ek pal ke liye mujhe aesa laga jese wo mujhe nahi khud ko tasalli de rahi ho’, ( for 1 minute I felt that she was not saying that for me but she was saying for herself to make sure )he said while staring at stars.

Laksh : mera bacha bhi meri trha bad kismat hai,wo bhi bager maa ke rahe ga jese mein raha tha par mere pass to aap the;world k best dad aur mein?. .( even my child too was unlucky he have to live without mom just like me but I have u the worst dad but what about me ??? )

So how is it ??? What do you guys think about it ?? please do share your opinions nd it means alot to me

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    1. Raglakholic

      I will update by Friday or Saturday dear

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