Raglak ff : MOTHER OF HIS CHILD (Part 1)

Hai friends…I’m back with another story nd it is ff of 15 parts it is inspired from an Taiwan serial if anyone finds it is relevant to anything please do let me know nd I’m adding some changes to it so I don’t say it was completely my story hope you all like it


Can you stop your heart to develop feelings for a person with whom you created a life?….

           She slowly bent down to pick up the broken pieces of pot Her eyes are floweded with tears She pressed her lips tightly to prevent any noise as her finger cut Blood was dripping from her fore finger, slowly but continuously She quietly stared at her wound,felt so weak for any movement Her dazed mind came into senses feeling his precense near her and Her remaining doubt cleared hearing his roar

He : get up.

But She remain frozed nd seeing no moment in her He hardly grabbed her arm,pulled her up Because of his rough,harsh way her white dupatta slipped from her head,left her body,fall on floor Her chest was rapidly moving up & down She was shivering in fear Instead of his anger,he couldn’t stop himself to stare flaw less beauty infront of him Her each feature it was perfctly created by God Her tear filled big eyes were shining like pearl Her skin pale, but it had glow of youth Her lips. . .she tried to free herself reading his gaze He tightend his grip more nd says

He : what the hell you think of yourself?

He dragged her to couch,pushed her on it nd he jerks her and says

He : i know what is ur intention.

By listening to his harsh words Silent tears were falling from her eyes but he haven’t paid any attention to her tears and He picked the ‘thali’ ( plate ) from side table and He forcefully stuffed ‘rotti’ in her mouth Painful sobs escaped from her mouth Her face became red,wet in tears she brust into loud cry She was looking like a helpless dear,who has left all hope of life nd after making her eat He throw the thali on floor,marched out of there She fall her head down,closed her eyes in pain He frustratedly ran fingers in his hair,look up helplessly at dark sky

He ( whispering ) : plz dad help me. . .mein kya kar raha hun?mein kya krna chahta hun?mein aesa to nhi tha. . . Laksh Maheshwari aesa to nahi tha. ( What am I doing??Nd what I want to do??im not like this Laksh Maheshwari isn’t like this )


  After completing his MBA from oxford university he returned to India-his village…For fullfulling his dad Durga prasad Maheshwari dream & for innocent people of village who blindly trust their “Maalik”( Maheshwari Family ).He felt flood of memories as he stepped in his Haveli He felt the same pain,same loneliness which he felt in his childhood at the time of his parents dead Maya (his step mother),karthik(his step brother) warm welcome gave him great strength He pushed open grand windows of his bedroom to welcome fresh air,symbol of new start Just then his eyes fall on a girl,working in his garden She was wearing simple salwar suit of pink colour The thing that amazed him was her concentration,her loyality to work She was lost in her own little world,unaware of anyone’s precense She was gently watering plants,furnishing flowers delicately Ramu kaka’s voice broke laksh’s stare ( he is an elderly person at his Haveli )

Ramu kaka : Ragini betiya yahan aana ( ragini come here )

She instantly turned to his voice Her dupatta slipped from her silky hairs His eyes got her clear view which made him realized she was just like her name Her long silky hairs tied in lose braid Few hair strands caressing her rosy cheeks Her eyes were big in happiness Her skin shining like gold in sunlight Her perfect figure of 19 was fully covered Her voice add ‘L’ in beautiful ragini smiled widely and a answered

Ragini : jii. .abhi aai kaka. ( Yes coming )

She arranged her drupatta,like a child ran inside ragini entered with breakfast tray He pulled da curtains,sat next to his mom maya lovingly served breakfast to him He refused to take juice,asked for coffee maya loudly called ragini’s name She hesitatly came inside

Ragini ( with nervous ) : jii .

For unknwn reason he didn’t look at her.

Maya ( softly ) : kaka ko bolo laksh beta juice nahi pii raha hai us ke liye coffee bana den. ( Say to kaka that laksh isn’t interested in drinking juice so ask kaka make coffee for him )

She nodded went out maya turned to laksh nd says that

Maya : laksh ye ragini hai. .hamari naukrani janiki ki beti us ki tabiyat theek nahi hai us ki jaga ab ye hi kaam par aati hai tumhe koi bhi kaam ho,kuch bhi zarurat ho is ko bula lena abhi safar se aay ho,breakfast kar ke rest karlo.( Laksh this is ragini she is daughter of janaki who within our havelli her health is not good so in place of her mother she came to work here if you want anything ask her now go and take rest I think you tired alot by long journey )

By saying this maya kissed his forehead nd left ragini came with coffee,silently placed it on table and asks laksh

Ragini : “kitni shakar?” ( How much sugar )

he looked up at her,she was looking more beautiful from close She again asked

Ragini : “maalik kitni shakar?” ( Sir how much sugar )

He looked away and answers her

Laksh ( rudely ) : me in khud le lunga. .tum jao. ( I will do myself u go )

In a moment she left He felt disgust….he laksh maheshwari only owner of 30 villages,hire of Maheshwari’s was wasting his precious time in drooling over some random girl He was here for his ambition His life had only one mission. . .Success of Projects which his dad started for progress of these villages.He determinely grabbed towel,rushed to washroom paused remembering her smile Two months had passed,things were doing according to his plans Things had changed,he was more confident,villagers trust on him grew stronger day by day He returned home after attendng his success party which karthik had throw in his honour, late in night asusual She was doing her duty, waiting for him She took bag from his hand and asks him

Ragini : “maalik khana lga dun?” ( Sir should I bring food )

He waved his hand in no He walked to stair case,trembled in effect of alcohol She hold his back to support him It was da first time,she touched him He felt strange kind of change inside him He pushed her away from him and says

Laksh : I’m fine.

She worriedly nd hesitantly asks him

Ragini : aap gir jaeynge….maalkin ko jaga dun? ( You will fall down shall I call mam )

He nodded in no,about to fall againShe hold him tightly,placed his arm on her shoulder She guided him to his room wit great effor He was not liking the feeling of her delicate body against his but was loving it Her musk scent driving him crazy She made him lay on bed,took out his shoes She leaned on him to lose his tie Her silky hairs falling on his face She was so close that he could feel her sweet breath He hold her arms & pulled her. . .

(flashback end)

   . He ran inside his room hearing her scream He could see fear in her sleepy eyes Her arms wrapped around herself nd mumbling

Ragini : saanp(snake)

He gently hold her shoulders nd says to her

Laksh : kuch bhi nahi hai,tum ne sapna dekha hai.( Here nothing is there u have seen dream )

By listening to this She clenched on his shirt,her palms are like cold ice in fear He slowly made her stood,guided her to bed She was not leaving him even for a moment He laid down with her,covered her wid sheet nd says

Laksh : mat daro. .mein hun tumhare paas.( don’t be afraid I’m here with you )

She is weeping nd she sniffed her face in warmth of his chest He protectively wrapped arm around her nd says

Laksh : stop crying,tumhari tabiyat kharab ho jay gii.( U will fall sick )

He again hugs her and He kissed her forehead and says

Laksh : sshh. .sb theek hai.( Everything is alright )


   . Absence of his warmth made her awoke She open her eyes,found the bed empty Her eyes noticed bandage around her finger She looked around,found him coming toward bed She hurriedly tried to sat up He stopped her,fix pillow behind her back to her comfort She blushed seeng him just in towel In a moment,she realized some thing she instantly pulled the silk sheet up to cover her bare body He sat next to her,gave her water She moved her right hand forward but paused She couldn’t able to hold glass with injured hand She looked at him in surprise as he pressd the glass against her lips She moved her face away after drinking enough water He softly to her

Laksh : breakfast karlo. ( Eat breakfast )

He fed her wid his own hand She quietly obeys him She was lost in beautiful brown ocean which was full of care He gave her medice & milk He wiped milk from her lips wid his thumb and asks her

Laksh : r u ok?

To that She just nodded then he again asked her

laksh : “tum tayar ho jao,hume doctor ke jana hai” ( you get ready we should go to doctor )

Ragini : mein sach mein theek hun.
( I’m really fine )

By listening to this He frowns like a child nd he says to her that

Laksh : tumhe zyada pata hai?. . tabhi tum ne 2 din se kuch nahi khaya tumhe pata hai tumhari ek choti si bewakufi tumhari jaan ke liye khatra ban sakti hai. .Agar tumhe kuch hojata to? ( S you know very well from 2 days u haven’t eat anything by this your stupidity your life is at stake if anything happened to you then ??? )

 They both lost into eachother eyes His care,his worry made her feel so special He broke the eyelock,got up.He turned his back to her

Laksh (dryly ) : mein nahi chahta mere bche ko kuch ho . .( I don’t want anything to happen to my child )

He grabbed his clothes went to washroom.His one,last sentence broke her dreamy bubble This is the only truth . . .But she was confused.Who was she?. . everythng for him or nothing to him. so close. .so far She was not his wife,not his love,not his friend . . .just Mother of his child. “JUST”? 

So how is it??? What do you guys think about it ???it will have some twists,romance,comedy nd much more do you guys want me to continue it??? please do drop your comments

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