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Laksh POV

i was on the road, walking aimlessly, where should i go after all i have no way to go, i lost her, she is my angel who was like moon in darker night.

I saw a figure running towards me. It seems to be women. The street light illuminate which helped me in identifying her. Even though her face was not clear, i sure she is my angel.

She reached me and took me in surprise with tight hug, it seems like,life curving and longing hug. Like two souls merging together with pure relationships of love.

Pull out of hug.

” promise me, promise me that you will never leave me no matter what happens. Please, promise me.” i begged her. Without other word she vanished and missed in air.
I could do nothing but screaming

“NO… DON’T LEAVE ME. PLEASE I BEG YOU PLEASE.” i cried out for her in dark lonely night. Everything turned dark and blood.. It is her blood she is dead my angel is dead and she is my happiness, she is my breath, she is my each and every heart beat, she is my life, she is my love, she is my everything. And she is no more then i shouldn’t not live.

With sweat covered face, uncontrolled shaking i got up from sleep. It was just a dream but i felt it like real and hard true. In A/C room I’m sweating badly. I took my phone to check time, already 6:00 am. I got up still my dream seems to be true and painful. It’s was not only my sweat but my tears to.

Get out of the bed throwing dream back of my head. After doing daily activities, changing into track pant and shirt, i went to gym.

After workout of an hour, i went to bath and got dressed in official suit for office. And went to my dad room to say bye.

I walked down to dinning room,  i saw Ranjit in semi-conscious. I rolled my eyes away from looking at him.

As i sat in chair for breakfast, leela got me, some oats with orange juice.

“Again hunt for new PA” Ranjit’s mom frowned at me.

what can i do if all the PA are golden trigger and just sl*t who wants my body.

“yes” i said, continuing breakfast.

“what about Ranjit, did he learn something?” When i didn’t reply. she knew what her son is capable of.

” Keep an eye on him” she added.

I hummed in response.

I want her to know that, how much i hate her son, brat. Even though he is half-brother i cannot leave him to spoil like drink, drug and die. Being big brother i have so duty and responsibility. Unlike mother, She is so concern about him, after all he is her son,even i am but she never treat me as the one.

Sighing deeply i stood up, i should go to office soon. I don’t have a PA. Tomorrow is interview.

I hear heel sound behind me. I She must be wanting to talk to so i slow down, she was beside me.
“Laksh, i have a girl for you” i maintained my blank expression . “I know you’re just 25 very young” oh “just coffee and a date, can you save time for it, she is big business man’s daughter. Good family with better reputation” so this was the reason she is behind me.

“Then get her married to your son. I’m not the one who is searching for a woman for sêx”

“Laksh” she screamed louder. Woman voices has very high pitch.

“Madam it’s better if you stay away from my life” with that i got into my car for my work. I’m comfortable in office rather than being in home. I’m only here to protect my father i can’t believe that women and her son they may kill my father for his property. My grandfather full property is on my name. Only my father’s are on his name and he is in coma. I really love my dad.

Shit! I remember important meeting held on 10:00 am not 9:15 still 45 minutes but file is with Cabir. Through Bluetooth i called cabir.

“hello, it’s hot cabir here” he croaked out.

“Hey blo*dy ășś, get out of your bed and be ready for office we have meeting at 10 and i want you be there by 9: 40 if you’re late by a second then. I will throw your ąšş out of office” i yelled at him.

“cool bro! Did anyone break your head” he mocked at me. I was really pissed out from morning. Dream its not leaving my mind.

Went to my office. Got over meeting but still my dream the pain is fresh and it’s unbearable. Even a dream can give this much pain. I tried several times to remember her face but nothing i could remember rather than her eyes. Her eyes held so many emotions. I will find her soon and never let my dream come true.

“yo..! Man, what’s up” cabir voice sounded so joyful. He was one and only friend of mine we are friends from play school to till now. He knows everything about me. He is one who annoy me and makes me smile. Cabir, father and i we were like best friend. But last 5 years, nothing like before. My father in coma.

“Dude! down to earth,down to earth” cabir snaked his arm around my shoulder. “who is she? Bro” he took me surprise. He can read me that’s true.

“Nothing, no girl and all” he shook head not believing my word.
“This is office hour, so get to work before i throw you out” i tried to say strictly but he took it fun. Laughing at me.

” mam stop being ašš” i said in frustration.

“okay tell me what’s bothering you”
I said him everything. He listened very keenly, he’s indeed a good listener. He said dreams are just reflecting of movie or subconscious memory.

But I’m sure i will find her, my dream girl.

It was simply ordinary day with heavy work load. I need a PA very soon.

Next, i got up very late. Hurriedly  got ready to office. And to my luck i was not so late.

I bumped to a young lady before getting into lift. She mummer a sorry she went inside lift in hurry. This voice it’s same like her and she looked same skinny like her, same like dream girl. Is she?. I have never seen her before and this is first time, she is here for interview, then she is my PA.

I saw her looking at me from corner of her eyes, i wanted to tease her so, i cleared my throat she took her away making me regret for doing it. Without thinking twice i said “don’t be shy” she examined me with widened eyes.

Gosh she looked so cute. She look confused ” Do be confused, I’m the one who spoke” i said her opened in ‘O’ shape. It was difficult to control my laugh looking at her cute baby expression.

Suddenly light went off. Her smooth arms snaked around my stomach and her face buried in my chest. I wanted this moment to be stop. She is what i want. SHE IS THE ONE FOR ME. So i held her tight to comfort her. I felt her pushing against my chest but I’m not ready to leave her.

My girl was strong to defend me. She shoved me away with icy glare. I was on heaven.

I made her first candidate to attend interview. When i got phone from cabir. I narrowed my eye is it time for him to be here what he doing?.

“Hello ” i spoke

“Laksh can you spare me today. I’m on hangover” he sounds so dull.

“Okay dude” I’m not monster and he is my friend. So how can i be so strict.

Shiť! She must be waiting for me in cabin. When receptionist said Ranjit is taking her interview i ran to cabin . i wanted to stab him if he tried any trick on her. she is mine.

When i neared my cabin, i peeped in, head her furious voice yelling at Ranjit
” you baster what do you think after snatching my friend and job. What will i do rather than searching for job” without giving him Time to speak, she continued ” And again you are here to spoil my life. I don’t need this job anymore” wow, that’s my brave girl. You deserve a kiss and hug i though. But how did she know him?

“Miss. Your are not allowed to leave until i say so ” i said in authorised voice. Dragging their attention towards me. “because you are going to work for me” i smirk thinking of her working for me.

When my eye landed on Ranjit immediately i change from soft to harder expression.

“Ranjit out. Now” i said coldly.

I sat in my place comfortably. She gave me her file containing, certificates.

“OK Miss. let’s start interview” i told the world Miss husky.

“what is your age” i simply want to know about from her mouth.

” 22″ she braked out.

I know she is already annoyed with ranjit and lift part. I want her to be normal around me.

I stood up from chair and walked around her, stopped behind her grabbing her shoulders, in my arms, i bend down and askes ” Any experienced before”

“huh.. N. No” she shuttered. I’d effect her. My present effects her.

“How did you know him?” i asked out of nowhere.

“know whom?” she asked in confused.

“Ranjit” i said icy.

“yeah, we worked together before”

“Oh” only simple oh was all i could respond.

“who is he to you?” she asked.

“he is my half brother we share same mother”

“Oh” I wanted her to stay away from him. But now its time for her to be with me and love me.

” you’re appointed” i said, shock all over her face

Cast (addition)
Cabir : cabir from kyy

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