This sucks, go to hell, everyone go to hell. My father just left me to start new life with his new lovely wife. My mother passed away when i was small. Now I’m doing job to pay my bills and for my needs. how long I’m going to live like this a lonely struggling life. Now renting a small flat near my Ex work place.

I have been working in flower shop for quite some time as it was easy and it’s my friend shop so i though it work well but that aşșhole just turned table made me as culprit. Tina and i had better relationship but when Ranjit entered. Tina fell for his charm but i know about him he is just waiting for some s*x toy. He used to flirt with me. Once he asked me out for a date i denied it, Knowing about him well. He forced me to accept it. Date where i found who he is, the real him. A s*x curving animal. Letting it go, i always been nice to him and after date i maintained distance. That baster spoiled my name saying i was behind him, Tina was in dilemma whether to doubt on him or me. Atlas she came to conclusion me as culprit and accused me for all her love failure and never got any proposal as i was the one boys prefer always over her. i let it go off and resigned my work.

Its had been an week after Loosing my job, still being lazy. I felt Tina as my sister but she just accused without any enquirer. That hurt.

I saw clock hanging on the wall, its 9:30 am already. I have to find new job, a better one. last night i gather all my certificates to apply for office job in some IT company. Flower shop was all ways awesome. Throwing the flower back to my mine with deep breath. I went for my morning rituals.

When i was done with my work. I went to out living room Pradeep waked in with warm smile and offered me coffee. I just sat there after greeting him and its his turn to make me coffee.

We are sharing the flat for an year, for now. He was always there for me when i needed him.

“Did you see this” he showed me a advertisement of Mk software company they are searching for a PA.” why don’t you apply for it and they pay hand full”

Yes, Mk company is very big and getting job there would be a good opportunity to start career.

“what is the requirements, qualifications, experience etc..”

“There’s nothing like that and i sure you can apply for it” he said with enthusiasm.

“yeah, I’m gonna try it. By the way i should be ready for interview by tomorrow 10 am. Can you help me with that”

He nodded and followed behind me to my room.
“how is everything going between you and sheela” i didn’t mean to ask it but i should know what’s happening in their relationship. Sheela was my classmate in college. He met her in get-together party and instantly fell in love with her, she is like a show Piece with over attitude. She never get satisfied with what she has. Where as pradeep is happy going guy with what he has. He works in private company with sufficient salary but to satisfy her need he should be born with platinum spoon.

“Nothing much we are in same status” his sorrowful voice made me regret,because i was the reason for their patch-up.

“OK then shall i take it as everything fine”

He nodded in response.

“okay tell me what will be this be  interview like”

“No need to worry much as you are applying for personal secretary job. They will some common questions be confident  and answer and about dress, try some pencil skirt and light color shirt”

“Do you think i will get this job”

” I hope so, Ragini. I have heard of your boss. It will be fun to work for him” he smirked,there is something wrong.

Yesterday i prepared for interview and now i am ready to face it but still Nerves Pradeep was very sure that i will get this job no matter what. There is something he is hiding for me! I will enquirer him later now interview is occupied in my mind. I should get this job at any cost. I need it.

I got in the local bus. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. Please god bless me enough to get this job.

Mk company really a super place with infrastructure. That dude really have so much money it had 15 floors. I asked in receptionist about the interview. She said its taking place in 14th floor. I waited for lift. When i got in i collided with someone. Saying sorry i went inside life. Interview will will start by 10 and it’s already 10. This local but really sucks.

I stood at one end while the person who i collided stood at another end.

I saw his face he is really handsome fellow. With fare complex, perfect five o’clock shade looking s*xy and hot. He cleared his throat making me to take eyes away from him.

“Don’t be shy” what the hell. I turned to look at him but he stood there like nothing he spoke may be it is my subconscious. Is it so? But do my subconscious have man voice. “Do be confused, I’m the one who spoke” again he stood their with void expression

Oh god still we are in 8 floor with only me and him. Why is it taking too much time. I still move opposite to him making enough space between us.

Suddenly light went off. I’m always afraid of darkness. Without any delay i move to his side  and hugged him. I don’t know what I’m doing in that situation i need someone to comfort me that’s all i needed. He even hugged me but i can feel his hand moving on my back and my front merged to his he can feel my front fully. Baster. I tried to push him, he hugged me strongly. I used all my force and pushed him and took my on flash light giving him death glare. When light came i didn’t bulge still i maintained with icy stare he smirked in return. Hell i want to slap across his face to remove those smirk.

Reached 14th floor it felt like an year to reach. I moved out not before giving his a disgusting look, he still stood there with smirk. I needed a knife badly to cut his lips with which he smirk.

I waited at the room to be called for interview as i was 25th candidate, they called me first leaving everyone behind. My god help me.

“May i come in” i asked with very sweet voice as much as i could.

” yeah come in have your seat” i have already heart this voice some where. I went and sat in chair in front of the table. Still confused with voice. While i couldn’t see who is taking my interview as his chair was facing backwards.

When he faced me it took all my will to stop from slapping him…

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