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Meet cast of Lust to LOVE

Ragini :  Beautiful and Hot chic. With a single move she can make men’s fall for her. 22 years old,  social butterfly. About to start work for Laksh as his PA. Big problem of her talking. She always has short-tempered. Mother is no more. Currently living with pradeep who she treats as friends. she ashamed to use her surname. As her father is womanizer. There is no relationship between her and him.

Laksh Malhotra: Hot CEO of Mk company, 25 years

Laksh Malhotra: Hot CEO of Mk company, 25 years. Very hart to restrict. He gets what he wants. He never had believe in love and marriage. As his mother left his father when he needed her most. He this girls falls for money and last now his eyes on beautiful creatures. Ragini, his PA.

Pradeep  Chopra: Working in software company, 27 years-old

Pradeep  Chopra: Working in software company, 27 years-old . Earning for his family. love and care for  Ragini as friend . He very well knows about her. Very kind and strong person.

Ranjit Malhotra: Laksh half brother, 23 years-old, a play boy

Ranjit Malhotra: Laksh half brother, 23 years-old, a play boy. Behind ragini and only lusting her. He will get what he wants,as his mother does whatever he wants. Wanted girls for a night on his bed that’s it.

Tina: Friend of Ragini, she is cunning

Tina: Friend of Ragini, she is cunning. She loved Ranjit only for status and money. She acts as good friend in front of ragini.

Sheela Raj : Hire of Gk companies where Pradeep is working, 23 year-olds

Sheela Raj : Hire of Gk companies where Pradeep is working, 23 year-olds. She is happy going carefree girl. Has doubt on  Pradeep and Ragini relationships but at the same time she loves Ragini . Party, outing, dating is all she do. A spoiled brat.

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Hey buddies after think a lot planned for character into.
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