A raglak ff – Because I loved u – 2


Guys thank you for your love & support in the form of comments 🙂 Sorry for late update,I was quite busy with my assignments , school, homeworks and all!!! Anyways lets start, shall we?

Precap – Raglak’s hidden love in between their so called hate 🙂 A girl hugs Laksh

‘ Laksh , forget her , forget her laksh , she was not meant for you..I feel degraded to say that I treated her as my sister..Because of your good nature , she cheated you ‘ saying these a girl of somewhat the similar age of Ragini hugs Laksh..

‘Swara , you were always there for me , my true friend , you were there when i had everything & you are still there with me when I have nothing in my life..i don’t know what can i do to pay u back ‘ Laksh said reciprocating the hug , crying

‘Laksh….A girl will come who will fix your broken heart , she will come, she will definately come Laksh ‘ said she breaking the intense hug..

Lak: Swara , I dont want anyone to …………The girl whom I loved so much , left me in this confused labyrinth of life for no reason ….My heart has taken her shape , so Swara no one would fit in it ..(he said with his eyes drenched with tears)

Wiping laksh’s tears Swara says : No laksh..I don’t want even a drop of your tear to roll for a girl who doesnot worth it..don’t cry for your best friend

Laksh nods with a gentle smile

Screen Shifts
Laksh : Would you like to spend your entire life with this stupid , idiot , monkey ?
Every morning would you love waking up by listening to a tuneless song sang by the worst singer? By listening to laksh’s version of ‘Tum hi ho’?? would you??
Every night , would you like to fall asleep in my embrace?It maynot be as cozy as your pillow but I ensure you’ll be safe there ‘
Ragini , would you mind being angel of a demon???Would you mind ruling my life??Would you?
Ragini will you mind being Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari ???

Ragini : (she speaks nthing yet her eyes are watery and her lips draw a line upon..her glance falls upon laksh’s bright deep black eyes..)

Laksh: itna bura tha mera proposal ki tum ro pade???(laksh unknowingly has tears in his eyes)
Ragini plz dont cry , I dont want you to cry ever because of me..
Ragini I’m going, very far , very very far from you , I dont want to become an obstacle in your love life…Hosake to maf kardena Ragu ..

Ragini speaks nothing and hugs laksh tight , laksh wraps his hands around ragini’s waist and tears flow from their eyes somewhat like a broken tap…Laksh makes up his mind that she hugged him as a farewell …Laksh breaks the hug letting not a drop to fall from his eyes although his heart was crying …crying….crying endlessly……

Rag : yes laksh yes
yes I want to spend my life with a stupid , idiot , monkey !!
I want to wake up getting disturbed by laksh’s version of ‘tum hi ho’
yes laksh yes , i want to fall asleep in your warm embrace , in my heaven…
laksh i want to become Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari , banaoge na???

Tum Hi Ho

‘Ragini mam , I’ve purchased all what you had ordered’ Sweta , one of ragini’s helper shooks Ragini from her world, the world where she was lost ..

‘Sweta , how many times should I remind you not to call me Mam ‘

‘Umm..I’ll try to modify my habit’

‘I hope you’d soon’

Screen freezes at Ragak’s expressionless faces

How was the epi??
I know it’s not special or something..My mind is stuck in between my homeworks , exams , and all schooly tings!!! because of which i am not able to write creatively..Still, comment if you wish to..Your one comment can make writer’s day yet I wont force you to coment in this boring piece of writing 🙂

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Sonya

    awesome update
    both are in pain

  2. omg beautiful. .
    described emotions perfectly…loved it
    u r a perfect writer next part plz.?

  3. damn this girl is gonna make me fall in luv wit her ffs ..eager to know how raglak will unite
    n dea post a swalak ragsan ff- sanso ko jeene ka Sahara milgaya fast it’s my fav ff

  4. Superb episode dear and plz update next part asap

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  6. make it only raglak and next part soon

  7. Awesome yr.. Felt really very bad for raglak.. I hope their misunderstandings get cleared.. N laksh’s proposal was cute.. Keep writing dr

  8. Sitaram

    yeah its emotinal episode

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    It was such a lovely epi 🙂

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