A raglak ff – Because I loved u – 1

Thank u fr dropping ur valuable comments in d intro part..now lets start the very first epi

A beautiful girl of late twenties with a fair complexon and shiny hazel eyes is shown shedding her tears..tears are flowing endlessly from her beautiful yet watery eyes..the beauty reminises something and once again tears flow endlessly from those eyes..taking a deep breath, in anguish , pointing the little statue of lord Brahma she girls starts shouting : why god? ??why??hadnot u created me???hadnot someone gave birth to me??amnot I ur daughter??arenot u my father?? A father is always their for his daughter but u…where had u been when ur daughter was searching for help?u listened to million taunts against your daughter remaining idle??when she was called “nali k aulat” u kept on smiling..why didnot u shut their mouths??why didn’t u introduce yourself as my father..why??why didn’t you wiped my tears when tears flowed like a broken tap??why didnt you keep a broken girl into ur warm embrace and console her saying u are there for her???why didnot u accompany her to fight against this merciless world??her voice stopped and then she starts crying vigoruously…
“And why did u let go off my life..my heart ..my love..In this wide world I only had a person for whom i could say “yes he is a part of my life”..but u ..my happiness prevailed for a few days..my story remained incomplete..For instance the reason i left u was my love fr u…I love u Laksh and I’ll always do..God give me pains..give me hatred.but please give my laksh the happiness..the love he deservee..maybe i had done sins in my earlier birth so u have been giving dark shadows in my sunny day ..but please keep my laksh happy…
A phone call strikes..
The voice ” Ragini mam I’ll get those preminum ice creams very soon..u needn’t worry..our cafe will be the favourite of the tourists”

“Hope” Ragini uttered with a gentle smile which can enlighten anyones day..

Screen shifts
A boy somewhat of mid 22s is shown with a deep brown eye and a expresdionless face..he finishes a bottle of whiskey in his hand within no time..now when d drink was over the drinker throws off the bottle in the floor letting pieces of glasss scatter all over the floor..
“Raaaa,,….Ragini how dare u…how dare u b***c???how could u…damnn i loved u till eternity and wht ws ur return gift,…ahhhhhhhhhhhh” he starts shouting..” i gave u my heart and u cheat”.
I loved u damn it…I loved u..

“Laksh tum theek hona..” graunting these words a girl somewhat of similar age of Ragu enters thr room and hugs Laksh..

Epi Ends
so how was the epi raglakians??do comment ..

Credit to: Anu


  1. Ansa

    I’m a swalak ragsan fan yet I loved this ff love the writer the way u expressed each and every emotions the epi was emotional dear next part soon ???

  2. Saniya

    Who ws d grl at last ..next part soon… n loved d ff soooooooo much ????????won my heart just by this epi

  3. Riya

    Dear lived it bt plz don’t separate raglak plzzz and I guess d gurl who hugged laksh ws swara ? post next one plzzxx??

  4. Ruhani

    Omg poor raglak can’t see them in pain… Awesome epi anu… Plz do make it long … N do give us amazing episodes

  5. sonya

    my god ragini suffered so much
    but why did she leave laksh
    hope find out about ragini soon

    superb part dear

  6. Dafsi

    Painful epi yet loved it hatred or love it was still painful love the start keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

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