That night. Ragini was really mad on Lakshya for his impulsive behavior. It’s not the first time he was getting angry, but being angry before those kids was definitely a bad thing. They are god’s children whom she always wishes to see smiling. So hurting them was equal to hurting god. Lakshya had returned home. Now he wasn’t angry. Issues had settled and so he is entirely calm. Now he really regretted for his act back in school. It was always the same, he used to get angry all of a sudden and then only he’ll think of its consequences. Now he could see it. Ragini wasn’t in the dining room. He called out for her but she didn’t come. She’s super angry now. He said in his mind. Even at the dinner it was ht servant who served him food. She said that Ragini was not hungry and so went to room early. Now he could see that his wife is not in a very good mood. So he too told he is not hungry and headed to his room. This was their relationship. They fought, they loved but one could not eat or sleep without the other. That has remained the same always. He headed to his room upstairs and opened the room door which was closed not locked.

He found Ragini changing her saree. This brought a mischievous glint in his eyes. He don’t know why he thinks so even in this situation. But this mischievous self of his cannot be avoided like his anger,. So he locked the door and then Ragini noticed him. She had already removed the pallu but she put it back realizing that his eyes are hungrily running over her. That definitely created a shiver in her spine but she ignored it and just removed her earrings. “Can I help you princess…” he asked holding the pallu. “No…” she said as she moved from him. “That’s not okay…It’s a hubby’s duty…” said he placing his chin on her shoulders. “She shoved him off but he pulled her to him. “I’m sorry Ragini …” he said solely. “I’m not going to forgive you…” said her. “I know Ragini…I did wrong shouting before that kids…but see, you know me right…i go and on little things…Sorry…” he said holding his ears. “No…I’m not forgiving you…” said her again. “See…when Lakshya says Ragini to forgive, Ragini obviously has to do that, so in that situation why should we waste time? Just agree yaar…” he said. “If you think, you’ve become expert in making me agree, you’re wrong…” said Ragini. But the next thing she knew was his lips pressed in to hers without a warning. She was shocked and tried to pull back. She wanted to be angry at him but his lips were creating earthquake in her entire body. His tongue encircled hers and she moaned helplessly and started responding. Her one little fist clutched his shirt and other his hair.

Finally he pulled back and not even waiting for her reaction swept her off her feet and moved to their bed. Ragini wasn’t in a situation to respond as he put her on the bed and his hands busily travelled on her frame. He dug his face to her neck and kissed her there deeply driving away her senses and little sanity left in her. He still hungry for her got free from all barriers between them and continued to pleasure her. She screamed and he smiled. He loves it when she screams her name. “I love to hear my name from you Ragini…I love it when you moan for me…” Ragini as s if, obeying his words moaned irresistibly. They were together and this merely a symbol for their love and relationship. The moonlight entered the room through the windows and let the couple enjoy their moments together. Their thirsts quenched as they took each other fully and finally slept in each other’s arm making sure that they have nothing more to give each other.

Thanks for your wonderful comments all the raglakians I’m happy that you liked it do say If I have to change anything in my writing



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    yaar its awesome amazing superb mind blowing loved it its to good plzz continue writing don’t stop in middle and plzz be regular don’t be late bcoz now its only way we miss or connected to our raglak or temish and big wala thanks to all those writer but still we are lacking as raglak are decreasing day by day as compare to swasan plzz try to give more ff ts os ss and most important plz be regular its a request of crazy raglak aka temish fan hope its full fill by another raglak or temish fan

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    awesome dear…angry man u know how to convince ur wife…superbbb dear…loved it dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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