Raglak ff hum tum episode 8

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Swara woke up in the morning with a start hearing to the screams coming from the downstairs. In hurry she forgot to wear her earrings. She rushed to see Ragini beating up someone furiously.
Rag: how dare u? Is this the way u handle things? Because of ur carelessness many peopl would have been hurt.
Person: sorry mam
Rag: just shut up and get lost.
She then turns towards a doctor and slaps him.
Rag: ur job is to protect people not kill them for ur illegal tradings. U have no right to sell people’s organs without their consent.
Doc: sorry ma’am please give me another chance
Rag: yeah I will give u another chance but by removing ur eyes
Doc: what please don’t do this.

Rag: why not u did the same thing with this boy right.
A boy comes there. Doc gets shocked to see that boy.
Rag: take this doc away and get him ready for the operation.
Her followers takes the doc away. The boy comes there and falls on ragini’s feet. Ragini makes him stand up.
Rag: what are u doing?
Boy: thanking my god didi
Rag: I am not god I am just messenger of my papa. U will get ur eyes back but don’t forget ur dream. I will take up all ur expenses but make sure u will become an ias officer soon.
Boy nodes his head and Ragini takes him out upto the door. Swara follows them and sees many people there. Ragini was distributing clothes to them and other necessities. Swara heard some people talk to them.

Person: bless her she is continuing her father’s good deeds. I thought after shekhar baba’s arrest no one will be there for us.
Other: yes God bless their family.
Swara gets confused and goes to her room. SHe and her brother always felt that they were wanted because they were involved in illegal things but what she saw here was actual opposite.
Sanskar comes to her room and hands her food.
Swara: sanskar what was going down?
Sanskar: well this happens every week. We distribute food.
Swara: who was that doctor?
Sanskar: there are many things in this world Swara which people like u don’t know. U people only care about money , clothes malls etc. But what u so today is the harsh reality of the society. Do u know Swara the money u spent on that dress of urs can be used to feed 50 children of this street. Do u know how many girls of this slum are kidnapped and shipped to places which we can’t even imagine? The torture they face. Do u know how many people are forced to part with their organs for a day food? Ragini and I are this street’s children Swara. We faced all these. That’s when dad and Shekhar uncle decided to get justice . I don’t know the method which they adopted was right or not but I do know that because of their step many people are leading a decent life
He leaves from there getting emotionally. She turns aside and sees her earrings broken.
Swara: oh shit!
Here everyone in the police department is getting ready to attack ragini’s house.

Midnight 12:00
Everyone is fast asleep in the house. Slowly people are entering the house quietly. They slowly enter a room and open the door. .
Laksh: Ragini gagodia u are under arrest .
They switch on the lights and get shocked.
Ragini was sitting on the bed eating chocolate ice cream like a small kid. Laksh was feeling like laughing at her childish face. But he kept quiet.
Ragini continued to eat the icecream. She looked up and smiled evilly.
Ragini: hi guys would u like to have some of this it maybe ur last meal who knows.
Laksh: enough ragini
Ragini: miss gagodia
Laksh(gets tears but controls himself):ok miss gagodia it won’t be anyone’s last day it will be better if u come with us without any help.
Ragini smiles and claps. Many armed men come there with masks and point guns at all police.
Ragini gets up and smiles. She wears a mask and presses a button on the remote. Gas starts filling the room everywhere.
Laksh starts feeling dizzy. He sees Ragini moving towards him. Her eyes were visible to him. Her eyes had everything which he expected- hate,anger but something else also a layer of tears. He slowly went into sleep.

Laksh’s PoV
I was feeling dizzy. I tried to open my eyes but failed. I tried to loose my body but felt myself chained. I slowly opened my eyes to see my angel before me so close to me. I moved towards her trying to close the distance between us. Our lips touched each other but she moved back.
I saw my surroundings. I was in a bedroom. It was in blue my favourite colour. The room had many things which I like. I smiled at the fact that she still remember’s my choice.
Flashback ends
Ragini: what u thought mr. Maheshwari? That u would catch me. U are here because I wanted u here. I defeated u in ur game only mr. Maheshwari
Laksh: itni nafrat Ragini
Ragini: don’t u dare call me Ragini u spineless idiot.
Laksh’s heart broke. He knew Ragini was anger but he couldn’t bear her hatred. He was scared that he lost her.
Laksh: Ragini I
Ragini: shut up
She catches his shoulders and shouts
Ragini: where is he? Where is he?
Laksh gets shocked

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