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Ragini is looking at the pictures on the wall. She stopped at the picture which was the last time she met her father(the picture Raghav took in the previous episode) and cries. She was feeling very lonely today. Whenever she felt that way Laksh was always there with her. She switched on the tape recorder and slept on the floor hugging her father’s picture listening to her mother’s voice.

Swara was searching for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. At last she heard a beautiful song and followed the voice and reached the room where Ragini was sleeping . She felt very sad and tears rolled down her ears. There was another person also who was tearful seeing her condition. It was laksh. He was weeping seeing ragini’s condition.
Flashback( it’s past before swara’s kidnap)
Swara: Bhai are u sure Ragini will come after me?
Laksh: yes Swara Ragini is in a very vulnerable state by seeing this interview she will be angered and will definitely try to harm me. Bout she can’t hurt me as she loves me so she will target someone close to me that is u.
Swara: wow bhai u know her very well
Laksh: she is my heart Swara
Swara: oho please now don’t to go to the devadas mode but what will be the use of ding all this ?
Laksh: so that I can find her.
Swara but how bhai
Laksh: by these earrings
Swara: what?
Laksh: these earrings have a camera by using which I will reach u
Swara: and can see Ragini Bhabhi also
Laksh: shut up Swara and don’t call bhabhi in front of Ragini she will kill u
They both laugh
Flashback ends
Laksh cries and zooms the camera and touches her face on the screen and tries to wipe her tears.He gets mad as he is unable to wipe her tears. He runs and sits in his car and starts driving. He is not in his senses. All he thinks is to reach ragini’s house to wipe her tears. He is on the way when a call brings him out of his thoughts. He stops the car and lifts the cal.
Higher officer: Laksh when are u going to catch Ragini I want the operation to be done tomorrow
Laksh: ok sir tomorrow will be the last freedom day for Ragini gagodia.
Laksh cuts the call and hits the steering wheel
Laksh: I won’t let anyone to even touch my Ragini but to reach her I need to use police force. It is important to get her out of the den but how will I get her out of custody? Even last time I couldn’t bring her out of custody and that lead to her becoming such a big don. Oh god what if she again misunderstands me? Please help me god.

Laksh enters the college with red eyes. He is feeling lifeless when he hears ragini’s sweet voice. He looks up to see Ragini laughing and practicing guitar. His eyes filled with happiness on seeing her laugh. Ragini was jumping and playing like a small kid.
Laksh went to her.
Ragini: Lakshm
She hugged him. He also hugged her tightly. When she was about to come out of the hug he didn’t allow her and pulled her more close to himself. He was not ready to leave her. He was feeling as if she was going away from him.
Ragini: Laksh please leave me
He comes to his senses and leaves her. He mumbles sorry and leaves. Ragini also follows him. He sits on terrace and starts crying. Ragini comes and sits beside him and hands him a handkerchief.
Laksh: thanks
Ragini: no mention vaise if u want to share with me u can share
He looks at her and smiles seeing her cute smile.
Laksh: Ragini I will ask u a question will u answer it?
Ragini: of course laksh
Laksh: Ragini what if u are in a situation where u have to chose between ur father and ur love whom u consider more than ur life.
Ragini: chose?
Laksh: I mean to give ur dad his greatest happiness if u have to give ur love her greatest sorrow then.
Ragini: for me my father’ss happiness matters most as he means everything to me. I won’t give my love his greatest sorrow. I will try my best to reduce his pain
Laksh: but what if he won’t listen to u? What if he starts to hate u?
Ragini: then I will give my entire life to help him to move on. Maybe I won’t be near him but by being away from him at least I will try to fill his life
with happiness.
Laksh: will u understand ur love if he does the same with u? If for his father’s happiness he will give u ur greatest sorrow will u forgive him?

The episode ends on laksh’s curious face and ragini’s confused face

Credit to: Swati

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